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James Hibberd

'Jericho' Nuts Pelting Critics

July 17, 2007 4:39 PM

“I understand you will be out in California for the press tour. The fans are working VERY hard to recruit new viewers and we are always interested in any new information that can help our cause. … If you learn anything new or can talk/write about JERICHO to keep it in the forefront, the fans would be EXTREMELY grateful!!”

Critics are receiving e-mails like this from “Jericho” fans, the sort of politely worded yet fiercely annoying dispatches usually reserved for television executives.

The successful fan campaign to renew the show, which included sending thousands of pounds of nuts to CBS, seems to be entering a new phase.

The critics assume a fan site published a list of reporter e-mail addresses, and they are not amused.

“We are TV critics,” a critic says he wrote to one e-mailer. “We are not part of your campaign. You are making a serious miscalculation.”

“You’re responding?” another critic asks. “You shouldn’t respond.

“We need to give CBS hell for encouraging these people.”

UPDATE: Emails abruptly ceased yesterday afternoon. Unlike TV executives, critics write back.


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How dare the fanatics of any particular television drama extend their grubby paws towards such superior beings as television critics? Imagine what television would be like without critics, why without critics we may have missed the last four seasons of “Rosanne” or “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Just think of the absolute desert television would be today without critics to guide programming, no “American Idol” and no “CSI-(city of your choice here)”. How could any of the madding crowd know which show to adore without lines like, “the critics agree, it’s a hit” or the mesmerizing “critic’s choice” to guide them. So back down to your pit groundlings, let your betters tell you what you enjoy. Just as they tell you what to be afraid of, and whom to vote for.

Give CBS hell? Why? If the emails bother you this much, just delete them, or better yet, find a way to manipulate your mail filters so that you never see them.

Hey, at least they're "real" emails, not hate mail or ads for 1% ARM's, MLM schemes and penis extensions.


I think this person was just trying to do something good and meant no disrespect to any of the wonderful critics who do such a fantastic job at letting us viewers know what is or isn't worth watching. I'm sure they meant only to encourage not disrupt.

Denny Wilson:

I hope that the critics that responded negativly to the emails remember that when asked, thhe emails stopped.

Jericho fans are Persistent,but also respectful and non-militant.

I find it interesting that one critic said, “We need to give CBS hell for encouraging these people" - Where did CBS ever encorage fans to bombard the critics? This was done independenly.

Remember, ever person who sent an email is a reader of each and every one of the critic's features - with the advent of Newspapers,Magazines
and TV outlets having websites, you get readers from around the country,if not the world. The Critics should remember that.


CBS "encouraged" them by ordering more

I've had some recent experience with non-respectful and incredibly militant Jericho fans, and even though I had nothing against the show before then, I will find it hard to be sorry when it's finally cancelled. They did a great job of getting CBS to listen but they're doing a miserable job of avoiding a backlash from people who might otherwise be inclined to write about the show when its second season begins.


You have got to be kidding right? Why on earth would you even think about addressing an email recruiting you in support of a show that fans of this particular series seem to have a serious passion for? Be prepared to recieve tons of nuts at your door! And I do not mean the kind you eat! But rather the kind you meet. These people are just like Motmons on your doorstep once you invite them in they are like parasites and will never leave you alone! Nice going idiot! Or perhaps you are just seking attention? Just curious?!


Sounds to me like these whining critics are babies. They can dish it out but they can't suck it up. Ever heard of an e-mail filter? Besides, "people like us" are the reason why they have a job. Too fond of their own opinion to listen to anyone else's, eh? And exactly how does one become a 'militant' fan of a TV show? It's made to sound as if someone threatened to blow up their offices, not e-mail them polite requests...


In general I have found the Jericho fans to be rather polite and considerate, I am sorry if you have had a bad experience

The Jericho fans are charting unknown territory in respect to trying to grow a larger audience using grassroots momentum. It was certainly unprecedented when the head of CBS basically says to grow the show if you want it to continue.

Can anyoine suggest a better course of action than asking TV critics and others in the press to write about their favorite show during a press meet where the cast will be present?

John Hawkins:

Well said, Denny. A professional critic like Mr. Hibberd has their fan base too. If not, they likely wouldn't have a job.

I fail to see anything the least bit unpleasant, threatening, or intimidating in the quoted 'Jericho' email. Hmm... I guess some are more thin skinned than others? Perhaps you should invest in a better email filter, James. :)

You know, some readers hold their critics in high regards, and the fact that their fans might reach out and touch them via email, or by commenting to their blog, shouldn't be received as upsetting, I would hope. It's merely an expression of how the World Wide Internet brings a closeness, that was non-existent a few years back. But then again, perhaps this closeness is only one-sided. Oh, I hope that's not the case!?!

Oh, and Diane... well, at least you didn't attempt any sarcasm with your comment herein... And, your blog commentary about why you HATE Jericho did produce 55 comments. That's quite a bit of attention, and some were even intentionally meant to make you, and your readers laugh. A sense of humor is a good thing, right Diane? U2 Mr. Hibberd, eh?

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