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James Hibberd

Monday ‘McBride’ Mystery

July 31, 2007 12:04 PM

Sometimes a morning ratings report contains a program title so utterly unfamiliar, so brow-furrowing and spit-take-inducing, you have to Google the show just to make sure it isn’t some spectacular typo.

Such was the case with ABC’s two-hour Monday night special called “Six Degrees of Martina McBride.”

Luckily, the Web search reveals an epic-length ABC News story titled, handily, “What Is ‘Six Degrees of Martina McBride’?” to explain the program is “a new show that combines [a reality] competition with country music and the social theory known as ‘six degrees of separation.’”

The show’s full description is dizzyingly complex and seems to involve contestants stalking, then serenading, a country singer in hopes of getting their song released on iTunes.

ABC News also produces the show, which adds to the weirdness: Why is the network’s news department producing a musical reality show, then running stories about it?

Having recently teased ABC for stocking its Mondays with reality repeats, it’s probably unfair to turn around and mock its reality originals. But … wow …

As for the ratings, “McBride” got a 1.3 among adults 18 to 49, tying an “Age of Love” repeat as the lowest-rated show on the major networks for the night.

Fox won the night with “Hell’s Kitchen” (4.0) and a “Kitchen” repeat.

CBS was second with repeats (including a “Two and a Half Men” that ranked second for the night). NBC was third with an original (2.1) and a repeat of “Age of Love.” ABC was fourth, followed by The CW.


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Comments (5)

Parallel Reality :

Not sure what's going at ABC, but they haven't had a hit since 'Dancing with the Stars' - AND now they rely in that like it's the holy grail.

Last year they had the worst summer in the history of TV with 6 monumental failures (anyone remember 'cheese- grating drift cars')?! And, this year isn't much better - with that 'FAST CARS' thing and the 'Shaq Challenge' - I can hardly wait for 'FAT MARCH' to a quick cancellation!

They need to get some new people in there right away - ones that can spot good, original ideas and not retreads of other networks junk! Who's in charge now anyway now that Ms. Wong grabbed her lifeboat over to Lifetime?


Martina Fan:

I enjoyed 6 Degrees of Martina McBride, and would very much like to be on the show next. The concept is more fool proof than shows like American Idol, where people vote online, and sometimes vote for the worst just to be funny. With Martina's show, it starts out as an adventure, and then you get to prove yourself. Just the people that attend your performance can vote to thin out the contestants, which is better than people who haven't seen them perform in person. Then real judges get to evaluate your recorded song, and decide who's best. It's not just random people that don't know a thing about music. I don't think the show was advertised well enough, because a lot of people I know had never heard about it. I heard something on the radio, and immediately jumped online to see what I could find out. I then started telling a lot of people I know about the show, because I knew they'd be excited to see it too. So for the most part, a lot of people didn't even know it was going to be on, or they would have watched it. I know I could win this show, and would love the chance to prove it!


Dave Lefforge:

I think it just bad times for everyone,the whole summer is not doing good for any of the networks,we will see once the summer ends i'm sure ABC will be on top of it's game,I do think they know what there doing I think it's great maketing,low viewership,keep it low budget,GOOD FOR THEM!!great way to save money.

Dave Lefforge:

I say I know what ABC knows what they are doing all the networks are down do to summer & once the fall comes they ABC will be back on top of ther game. lower viewes,lower budget,way to go and save money!! GREAT JOB!


I really enjoyed 6 degrees with Martina McBride! It wasn't all high production and fake. It was true to how it works in the industry and would love to see it again. Martina is a class act and very down to earth and real. Not like most celebrities who will do anything to be noticed. Please run it again and advertise it more! No one knew about it.

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