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James Hibberd

Why Rosie Wasn’t Right For 'Price' … And Who Is

July 14, 2007 11:26 PM

At the GSN pool party, “The Price Is Right” announcer Rich Fields confirmed Rosie O’Donnell didn’t get the “Right” hosting job because she demanded radical changes to the show.

Media outlets first reported that O’Donnell and CBS couldn’t come to terms partly because the former talk show host wanted to move the veteran game show production from Los Angeles to New York City. Then O’Donnell admitted in an interview this week that CBS didn’t want her because she said she wanted to “gay up” the show with a chorus line of male dancers replacing Barker’s Beauties.

But Fields claimed O’Donnell also wanted to reduce the number of games per show from six to four and spend more time chatting with contestants, which would have slowed the pace of the show.

“CBS met with her for one lunch, she wanted to make all those changes, and that was all they needed to hear,” he said.

Industry sources said “Entertainment Tonight” co-anchor Mark Steines, reality host Mark Walberg, GSN game show host Todd Newton and actor Drew Carey are still in the mix for the “Price” gig. CBS went after Ryan Seacrest, sources said, but his price tag was too high. Carey is also asking for a higher rate than CBS wants to pay at the moment, but the network is still interested in him. Steines doesn’t have any game show experience, but tested really well. A couple sources claim (and others deny) that Steines was verbally offerred the gig before Rosie unexpectedly threw her hat in the ring. At any rate, he’s still considered a leading contender. Fields said George Hamilton also tested for the job and was very personable and smooth, except he relied too heavily on cue cards and couldn’t keep the games straight.

At any rate, the show needs to find a new host very soon. “Price” usually ramps up production by mid-July for its fall season. The new host needs to run through a couple weeks of practice shows to become familiar with the 77 “Price” games before shooting the premiere, which needs to be completed by mid-August. Staffers are being told to expect to return to work by the end of the month, suggesting producers and the network are near a decision. CBS declined to comment.


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Comments (4)


rosie would have killed price, her world is talk...

Kathy Hall:

When do you think a new host for TPIR will be nsmed?


Bob Barker had the contestants best interest at heart, he always made them look and feel good about the show and themselves. There isn't a celeb who has the heart to put us regular contestants first. CBS should look for a new face. Some one who actually HAS manners (not pretend manners), HAS common courtesy, loves to make OTHERS feel welcome and happy, gets them excited to just be on the Price is Right,and overall is just a nice, normal person (not someone who pretends to be any of the above, viewers see through that). The host or hostess should have making the game show fun for contestants and the Price as right as their agenda. There aren't many genuine people out there. People respond positively to loyalty and genuineness. If I am going to spend my time watching, wishing,hoping, and dreaming that I as just a regular person could be on this show, I want to see and feel the host is genuine. Vonn

Kathryn Grant:

I like Drew Carey. I enjoyed his shows very much. But why not chose Rich Fields to be the new Price is Right Host. He has bee on the the show for a while a announcer and knows how the game is played.

Don't get me wrong; Drew Carey is good, but Rich Fields would be better.

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