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James Hibberd

Reality’s Rough Night

July 25, 2007 11:38 AM

NBC came in first place Tuesday night, but it’s tough to declare any network a winner due to key reality efforts draining viewers.

NBC’s “The Singing Bee” and “America’s Got Talent” were the top two shows, but hit season lows (3.1 for “Bee,” 2.9 for “Talent.”)

CBS came in second, but “Big Brother 8” declined to 2.6 this week. CBS canceled “Pirate Master” this week and replaced it with a repeat of “48 Hours,” which fared better (2.1).

ABC’s reality block came in third with back-to-back episodes of “Just for Laughs” (2.2 and 2.7) coming in second place for the hour, but both dipped from last week’s premiere. ”). “Shaq’s Big Challenge” (1.9) was on par with last week followed by “Primetime: Family Secrets” (1.8).

Fourth-place Fox had another edition of “On the Lot” (0.9) and The CW had repeats.


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Comments (3)


Reality shows are sinking in the ratings because TV execs can't get off the same dumb formula!! Enough with worthless game shows, dating shows and ridiculous situations. How about offering viewers something good - something fun and exciting - with some substance?

It's offensive how stupid these guys think the American public are! Or, maybe its they that are the stupid ones. Probably.

Jill from Western Australia:

AARGH!!! our local CH 10 submitted us to one hour of THE SIMPSONS! I watched this for about 3 minutes...many years ago...gave it the "flick".
PIRATE MASTER is a GR8 show, please let us see how the finale works....TOTALLY SICK OF SIMPSONS!!!! GOING BACK TO WATCHING FOX!!!


I love reality shows..but the only one that would REALLY REALLY upset me if cancelled is BIG BROTHER. I hope it goes on for years and years. It's fun to watch and lets us see that other people have worse personalities than we have. I JUST LOVE BIG BROTHER!!

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