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James Hibberd

Star Jones Wants Guests In Her Box

July 15, 2007 5:55 PM

Star Jones sat on the TCA stage looking a hundred or so pounds thinner than when she was a co-host on “The View.” Critics instinctively scooted any goodie-filled gift bags closer to their chairs to keep an eye on them.

Jones was here to talk about her upcoming TruTV talk show, which is about “top stories, top guests, celebrities, real people, but, more importantly, what the audience wants to hear.” Jones self-described herself as “Star Jones the prosecutor, the journalist, the talk show host that tells it like it is,” and if there’s one thing Jones is good at, it’s self-describing.

Re: “The View”: Jones said she doesn’t want to “do anything that damages that warm feeling that I had” about the show, then proceeded to say she’s “disappointed” in “ the fact there is still no person of color who has been permanently placed as part of the cast.”

Re: Her absence from the airwaves: “For the past year, I’ve spent some time getting to know Star. … All I want to do is TV that matters again.” This seems to be a Jones strategy: Switching from third person to first person to make it sound like she’s talking about herself slightly less.

Re: Why she won’t discuss her weight loss, which was likely due to oft-reported surgery: “This [panel] is really to talk about the Star Jones show on Court TV … and I wouldn’t want to take away from what everybody here has worked so hard to get us to.” In other words, Jones doesn’t want to disrupt news about herself with news about herself. “I will address it in a more appropriate forum,” she added.

Asked a critic: “What forum? This is a room full of reporters. Isn’t this a good forum?”
The conversation quickly descended into 20 Questions about the mysterious media forum. Jones gave fragments and hints, and critics seemed to vacillate between trying to pin her down and trying to decide if they cared. Finally, she admitted it’s a column in Glamour magazine.

Re: Her show’s format: Jones said she will have a “witness box” where she can “interrogate” her guests.

A critic, unable to resist, asked: “Do you expect to get a lot of people in your box?”
Some snickering in the gallery.

“There’s some people who… would be fine with being in the box,” Jones said. “If you can handle the truth, being in the box is a good thing.”

More snickering.


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