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James Hibberd

Subtle Signs Critics Don’t Like Your Pilot

July 17, 2007 11:46 AM

Questions asked during the TCA panel for NBC’s “Life,” about a detective who lands a $550 million settlement after years of being falsely imprisoned and rejoins the police force with a Zen attitude:

Q: “There seems to be a fine line between having a character that’s quirky and having a character that’s so quirky it might throw off the audience. … You may be close to that line here, and I wanted to ask you about that.”

Q: “In the pilot, many [critics] wonder why he would go back to the police and be a cop again after what happened to him … and I’m surprised, too, at the reaction of some of the police officers. … They’re still taunting him.”

Q: “Why did you decide to give him so much money? That $550 million seems like a lot of money.”

Q: “Going back to the ‘quirky character’ question, could you talk about that line from an actor’s viewpoint? Where do you see the line between quirky and annoying?”

Q: “For the producers, I’m wondering: Did you ever think about a more specific title?”


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