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James Hibberd

The Pool, The Pool…

July 13, 2007 12:09 PM

HBO literally set the pool on fire at the W Hotel and stocked the BBQ grill with lobster. The scene played like a scene from “Entourage” and it didn’t hurt that most actors from the show were there. More commonplace were the actors from “John From Cincinnati,” which is awkward. Um, sure, your show is doing great, everybody really thinks it’s really, uh — hey, look, the pool’s on fire!

Larry David reluctantly gave an interview that rolled along for about 10 minutes until a critic asked him about his creative process, trying to pin down whether David’s secret is giving voice to the internal monologue that most people have. David struggled to professorially pontificate.

“It’s about you looking at me and …. I don’t know what I’m taking about,” he said. Then he tried again: “It’s about …I just can’t bear myself. Okay, that’s enough, I can’t take this anymore.”


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