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James Hibberd

The Web Fanboy Post

July 17, 2007 9:50 AM

RE: "Farscape": The new order of 10 “Farscape” webisodes is causing a degree of concern among executives at Sci Fi Channel. Nobody’s worried fans won’t watch them. They’re worried fans will watch them.

When Sci Fi canceled “Farscape” in 2003, irate fans launched what is arguably the longest saturated bombing campaign ever organized to try and save a show. Network president Bonnie Hammer says she still gets an email a day lobbying for the beloved, low-rated, puppet-friendly series. So she knows if you give fans “Farscape,” they will want more “Farscape.” And they won’t be quiet about it.

A reporter jokes they could simply make the new webisodes so terrible that fans won’t want any more. This idea is initially intriguing to the executives, in a cocktail-party-musing kind of way, until head of programming Mark Stern correctly points out, “Then they’ll just blame us for screwing it up.”

RE: "Bionic Woman": NBC is reworking a couple aspects of its “Bionic Woman” pilot. Jamie Summers’ grating hearing-impaired sister has been replaced by a younger, non-hearing-impaired (and presumably less grating) sister-character played by Lucy Hale (“How I Met Your Mother”). As for the hiring of Isaiah Washington, who also may get worked into the pilot in a minor way, one top NBC executive shrugged off the “Grey’s Anatomy” controversy: “He’s an actor, they’re all fucking crazy.”


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Comments (9)


I've always hoped to see more FARSCAPE, so this is fantastic news. Whatever they come up with, my wallet and eyeballs will be there.

Mary Ellen:

I'm glad we're still making the Skiffy execs uncomfortable; bad decisions should never be forgotten.


But at least they're prodding it, testing the market despite it stirring up Feelings. They still have some belief, or just Scapers infiltrating the system. But this is Frelling great regardless!!

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