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James Hibberd

'America's Got Talent' Finale Tops Tuesday

August 22, 2007 11:52 AM

NBC’s two-hour finale for “America’s Got Talent” easily led Tuesday night with a 4.1 rating among adults 18 to 49, lifting the Peacock to first place for the night. NBC followed it with an outing of “The Singing Bee,” which scored a 3.3.

ABC and CBS were tied for second place, with ABC airing two episodes of “Just For Laugh” (2.0 and 2.5), then “I-Caught” (2.0) and “Primetime Crime” (2.4). CBS had “Big Brother” (3.1) and repeats.

Fox was fourth with the season finale of “On the Lot” (1.2) and a repeat. The CW, in fifth, had repeats.


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Comments (4)

ronald alvarez:

When I learned that America's Got Talent 1. only pays the winner $1 million, over 40 years, or just a few hundred thousand $ lump sum and 2. pays the rest nothing....this show is a fraud and may be run by a bunch of thieves that feed off of the average entertainer. To make these people perform over months and pay them almost nothing...is another example of the rich getting richer off of the poor and middle class. I will not watch this show any more!!!!

Ray newman:

Well, maybe the financial rewards are a little overblown but where else can a bunch of weirdo's and freaks have their moment of glory before the "X" falls? And where else can serious talent find the exposure it needs to be successful?
Let's face it, the world is full of performers being taken advantage of by record producers, show producers, etc.
I still like the show, even if the histrionics by the judges get a little annoying at times.


If they are going to say $1million is the prize,
it should be lump sum, otherwise it is misleading.Also, all the top 3 should get some cash for their efforts, although they will most likely get job offers, record deals,etc. But there is no guarantee of that. It wouldn't hurt
the producers with all they make off this show, to offer $50,000. or even $10,000. to the runners up.

brittany canale (12year old):

ya i didnt even watch it this year u pay them wayy 2 little and it gets boring really boring the i watched it last year but thats it u guys really need bigger prize moneyits not as good without that other jugde ....im owt peace \/

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