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James Hibberd

'Bee' Halts Descent

August 1, 2007 11:20 AM

Last week a reporter at another publication hit "reply all" (presumably by accident) when responding to an emailed NBC press release about the network’s Tuesday night "Singing Bee" ratings.

The reply, sent to dozens of media outlets on NBC's distribution list, contained two words: "Sinking Bee."

Not only was the poke accurate, but the writer scores points for refusing to use a pun. "Bee" had a far better premiere than Fox's similar "Don't Forget the Lyrics," but the NBC show dropped alarmingly during its first three weeks on the air—from a 5.1 rating among adults 18 to 49, down to a 3.7, then to a 3.2. By contrast, the more modestly rated "Lyrics" seems like a model of stability.

At TCA, rival executives were crowing about the drops because NBC announced that “Bee” will air on Tuesdays this fall right after seeing the premiere numbers, which is sort of like proposing on a first date.

So the sound you hear this morning is the collective sigh of relief coming from NBC’s Burbank offices. “Bee,” it seems, for the moment, has stabilized. This week “Bee” held at 3.2. Together with “America’s Got Talent” (3.1), NBC won the night.

ABC came in second with the series finale of ”Shaq’s Big Challenge” hitting a series high (2.1) and back-to-back episodes of “Just For Laughs” dipping slightly (2.0 and 2.5), and a solid “Primetime: Family Secrets” (2.1).

CBS was third with “Big Brother” earning a solid 2.8, plus repeats.

Fox was fourth, grimly determined to run every episode of “On the Lot” (1.0), followed by a repeat.

The CW was a very distant fifth, with repeats averaging a 0.5 for the night.


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Comments (3)

On the Lot is still on the air?


Does it run in a parallel time warp or something, because I don't even see it when I'm channel surfing through Fox.

I feel bad for Carrie Fisher. It's so obviously written on her face that she's embarrassed to be there.

Dave L:

I was shocked to see that the Nobody Cares Network was doing so well I know it has a few hits but I would not mind if it was gone for good,just don't care for any thing it stands for took it out of my programing and will not view it in my home or let any one put it on at work!!!


Congrats NBC for the night. However, it was with reality. I think if NBC wants to loose their "Nobody Cares" nickname, they need to consider some newer and creative series and get away from long-running favorites, Law and Order and ER.

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