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James Hibberd

CBS Orders More of Carey's 'Power of 10'

August 21, 2007 8:03 AM

CBS took the unusual step today of announcing additional episodes and a second night for a show that’s losing viewers.

The 18-to-49 rating for the Drew Carey-hosted game show “Power of 10” has gone from a 2.7 premiere, to a 2.1, to a 2.0. So why is CBS ordering four more episodes and adding the show to Tuesday nights in addition to its regular Wednesday slot?

A CBS representative’s official answer is “because we like the show.” The representative also pointed out the most recent and lowest-rated episode was up against Fox’s popular “So You Think You Can Dance” finale, but it’s tough to argue there’s too much broadcast competition in mid August.

Maybe CBS ordered more “Power” because it will replace “NCIS” repeats, which have only averaged a 1.9. Maybe the network figures more exposure will help the show. Maybe CBS is trying to boost Carey’s game show presence before he takes over “Price Is Right.” Or, heck, maybe CBS really does like “Power of 10” and simply figured four more episodes isn’t going to hurt anybody.

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Comments (2)

I can't help but wonder why Drew Carey is suddenly so indispensible that he has to have TWO shows? There must be hundreds of clever personalities laboring in the thousands of TV stations; not to mention all the stand-ups in the night clubs; among whom there has to be somebody who would catch on as a Money Show MC!

This just looks like the typical decision of the 'suits' to overbook and overmilk anything that has the faintest trace of success, rather than take the trouble to develop a unique personality who could light up their program.

At this rate Drew Carey might well bomb on the "Price is Right," just because of the overexposure. Let's face it - he's no Groucho!

Myke Perrey:

You're right...four more episodes won't hurt. The game is quite good, actually. Drew is pretty good as host of The Power of 10, and the buzz coming from the set of The Price Is Right is pretty positive where Drew is concerned. Why not add few shows for a couple of weeks? The Tuesday premiere did good numbers...and it was up against that dancing crapfest on Fox on Wednesday, but still improved the numbers for the time period. It's a shame that tonight's episode is a repeat, but I think if CBS is patient, they'll have their first prime-time game show hit since What's My Line.

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