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James Hibberd

TV Emmy Academy Vetoes Fox’s Green Carpet Plan

August 7, 2007 3:28 PM

In a move that would have parted with decades of broadcast tradition, Fox wanted to roll out a green carpet during its presentation of the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards. But the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which considers the traditional red carpet an iconic part of its brand, overruled Fox's request earlier today.

Changing the carpet color was an unannounced part of Fox's green-themed Emmy Awards presentation strategy, which includes employing hybrid vehicles for event transportation, using recycled materials and reducing carbon emissions from the production.

Fox pushed for the attention-getting switch as part of parent company News Corp.'s initiative to combat global warming and promote eco-friendly concepts, but the network was met with strong resistance from the more traditional Academy.

"They are so bound by 'this is how it's always done' that it's like moving mountains trying to get them to agree,” a production insider says.

An Academy insider said their carpet verdict has gone back and forth in recent weeks as the parties debated the plan. "It was red, then it was green, then it was red again," a source says.

The Academy claims sponsor Macy's denied the request, sources say, insisting the carpet remain red since the color matches the store’s signage. Switching the carpet might also have impacted arrivals coverage specials that are traditionally titled and marketed using the "red carpet" brand.

Though Fox was denied a green carpet, the network still convinced the Academy to have a “green” carpet—as in eco-friendly. The carpet will be made from recycled material and donated to a school or library after the event.

CarpetGate Update: A silly story just got sillier. Some representatives now say Fox's proposed recyclable, eco-themed carpet looked more blue than green -- which, follows their implication, makes the veto less of an eco rejection.


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Comments (152)

Barney Burgis:

A green carpet would also have allowed FOX to "Chroma Key" or "Green Screen" logos, images and advertising onto the surface of the carpet in the background behind celebrities. I'm certain FOX wouldn't have even thought of doing that, or would they?


Green is the aids ribbon of the 2000's.

Gary Pate:

Man, the extent these idiots will go to on the "Global Warming" bandwagon.

Climate change is constantly happening & will happen long after man is gone from this earth. Get used to it & adapt like our ancestors did. We can't change the Sun (the cause of climate change)

The sooner we stop listening to hypocrites like Gore & his ilk, the sooner we can go back to productive lives..

Mr Jones:

It is not neccessary to have a green carpet to "Chroma Key". Nice conspiracy theory though....

John Preston:

Lemmings, Lemming they are all a bunch of f------ Lemmings

Elicktrikul Injuneer:

You can chroma key on any color. Therefore it is a safe bet that they were not thinking of doing that.

But thank you for dutifully making a jab at one of the few networks who's news coverage includes material other than what comes off the DNC fax, as you have been programmed to do. Good sheep.

Hey...isn't FOX that rignt wing outfit that's supposed to be finding a way to destroy the environment? What is this world coming to?


If they are interested in being green why don't they just cancel the whole thing. The entire thing seems like a waste of resources to me.

Actually they don't need the green to key in ads or graphics.Watch a lot of sporting events,they use "virtual" signage with the same technology that they use for the NFL games,that show the scrimage line.
Just thought I'd toss that

Last Exit:

Who gives a crap what color carpet the pompous whiners walk on???


CrosSwords, it's quite obvious you don't watch FOX. Enjoy your Kool-Aid.

Dan :

they should never have asked!
"Its much easier to get Forgiveness, then Permission!"

all gorey:

I sayed.... ahh fogetit

@Gary Pate: if the sun was the lone cause of climate change, the changes we're experiencing would look a lot different.

You're right that we have to adapt, though.

I'm sorry, did I hurt your world view?

oswald czolgosz:

You should see the new billboard in Calgary, Canada. It makes a mockery of Al Gore and his lifestyle, as compared to what he advocates for the rest of us!


Some people **cough cough Barney Burgis cough cough** are so damn full of hatred for all things Fox, Conservatives and Republicans that they come up with some incredibly nutty conspiracy theories.

oswald czolgosz:

But then what would I know, I'm just some weirdo with a weird name...


The Green carpet idea was in comparrison much like red ribbons.

It wasnt because of the way the carpet was made.

and so what if Fox advertises on it? It's their right!


Of course they did it in Calagry. The Oil Capital of the North. I've been there and without Oil they'd be Tundra or at least permafrost. Alternate fuels are the enemy of Oil obviously so Gore therefore is an easy target.


You are all sheep.


Touche' joe. But since they won't cancel the whole thing, I'll do my part by simply not watching.


If you don't think the Jews run the media - count how long it takes this message to be erased. I lived in Israel 6 months and they were nice to me...
OK, start counting


5 minutes
C'mon moderator, I can hear you scratching your head from here! You're saying "what am I missing?" Read it again, I'll hold on...

(cue music from Jeopardy)


Besides the envirowhacky nonsense about it all...who the heck watches the Emmy Awards?


But now the Tonys - that a different thing sweetheart


James, I'll swap you a Tony Soprano for a Tony Orlando any old day!


Erin, i don't see how you can make comments like you did and get away with it. And what made those upstanding God-fearing well educated Germans do what they did is beyond me. How could they have done all that and why?


how about not have the emmys. that will stop the entire carbon footprint. i hate these people.


And I hate myself! Whoops...


The sun causes global warming


Horst, I think just because you have a reason to do something doesn't give you the excuse to do it - does it? I mean look at all those 9/11 guys, I mean how could you hate someone so much to kill yourself - I'd kill the other guy not myself.


I agree with RE, today it was cloudy and it wasn't nearly as warm as yesterday which was sunny. thank you

The real Trevor:

Blow me you lefty tool.

Mckinley's Ghost:

Czolgosz huh? Cute. Not foreshadowing anything, are you?

no I'm the real Trevor not him!:

And I'm farther to the right than Atilla the Hun. Look up right in the Funk and ..well you know - there's a picture of me. Carbon footprint? I don't even know what that is. And furthermore all my bank accounts are in Panama, is that right enough for ya?

Will I'm not:

Erin quit going on about 9/11. It's aways 9/11 this 9/11 that, get over it! Move on! What about that Cuban kid that they grabbed out of Florida - they forgot about him didn't they? And the little kid who fell down a well? I think she's even married now. After all didn't Bob Seeger say "Turn the page" ??


What a bunch of hypocrites. The Academy, along with the rest of those afflicted with BDS, have consistantly attempted to portray the right as mouth breathing neandrethals. Fox has long been in their crosshairs. The moment their feet are held to the fire they show their true colors. The left is once again exposed as liars, telling everyone else to be green but the only green they care about is money.

Only Libs and homosexuals (let's face it, they're the same thing)care about the Emmy Awards.

No red-blooded, God-fearing American would ever watch such limp-wristed programming.


Kudos to the Hollywood liberals, aka The Academy, for banning the green-themed carpet which was supposed to serve as a subconscious visual in the promotion of global warming....


The green carpet would have been better for celebrities, by the way. The red actually makes people look fat on camera by flattening the curves in the picture. The "camera adds 10lbs" thing is more apparent on a red carpet than on a green one.

If I were a celebrity I'd prefer most colors over red.

As for Fox, they should instead cut the head of their propaganda machine over on cable instead of making empty and inconsequential gestures towards solving the global warming issue. Make Hannity endorse Kyoto Protocol, screw the carpet color.

Charles Miller:

Global warming is a hoax. This "green initiative" is just a marketing ploy to move consumers into more expensive buying patterns.

Jinga Nasmas:

Amazing the lengths these idiots will go to SHOVE the FAKE Idea of man made global warming on us to enslave us all.

Remember folks, the green nuts want us in CAVES, with nothing.. then the earth will be "safe" from us.

Good for the Emmy's for not going that sickening shade of "green"

oswald czolgosz:

"Make Hannity endorse Kyoto Protocol"

Yeah - that's the Leftoid ticket. Make everybody toe the line to the watermelon agenda - Green on the outside, but Red on the inside.

Hmmm. There's that red & green mix again.

Silly BillyGoat:

I'd rather see Fox make Hannity shove a pineapple up Tom Cruise's a$$ than endorse Kyoto. Kyoto doesn't even include China or India, which is 1/3 of the world's population.

Tom Cruise come out of the closet!!

oswald czolgosz:




An Inconvenient Fact - Occidental Petroleum & the Gore Family go way back!

An Inconvenient Fact - Gore owns a company that sells carbon offsets to suckers who believe his lies.

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore drives a Cadillac Escalade and not a Prius. Gore's daughter drives a v12 Lamborghini.

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore’s 10,000 square foot estate in Tennessee with an indoor swimming pool uses more energy per month than you do in one year. His other two homes use lots of energy too!

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore flies in private jets, lecturing us to reduce our carbon footprints by flying and driving less.

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore’s home in Carthage, Tennessee sits on a zinc mine receiving $20,000 a year in royalties from Pasminco Zinc – a company that pollutes the nearby Caney Fork River.

An Inconvenient Fact – Mars and Pluto are also warming up without any SUV’s and crude oil.

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore served endangered Chilean Sea Bass at his daughter’s wedding last month in Beverly Hills. He demanded a recount of the fish to learn if they really are endangered. Florida surfer Dude “Hangin’ Chad” is in charge of the recount. Then Gore bought “fish offsets” to feel less guilty from the company that sells “carbon offsets” – the one he himself owns.

An Inconvenient Fact – Gore dropped out of Divinity school, Journalism school and Law school – but he is now an expert in environmental studies with no degree?


Try this link to see how crazy envirowhackos are:


oswald czolgosz:

BTW, my middle name is Booth.


I don't usually post, just read for entertainment but this post worries me
Am I just too stupid to understand ???
Global warming is the globe warming -- just HOW would/could it look any different no matter who or what is causing the warming????

Disclaimer -- I DO believe in global warming and I DO believe it to be a TOTALLY natural occurrence
Green nutjob:
@Gary Pate: if the sun was the lone cause of climate change, the changes we're experiencing would look a lot different.

Silly BillyGoat:

Tom Cruise,
COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!! We know you are gay, not that there is anything wrong with it. homo....

....sapien. sike!

Silly BillyGoat:

Is James Hibbert really the doctor on the Simpsons?


"Ray: Green is the aids ribbon of the 2000's."

Clever Connection.


I thought Hollywood types shaved their carpets and preferred bare floors.

I say make it green from all the puke that comes out of their wacked lefty mouths!


All Greens sell out for the Green!

You Would:

Things to ponder:

1st- Who cares if Global Warming is man made/ a myth/ hoax/ or not even happening. What's the harm in being more harmonious with the Earth?

2nd- As far as I know, I don't know of any other media company other than News Corp. (Fox) that have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2010. They offer many incentives to employees and have made many changes on the lot to help them to their carbon neutral goal. People hate on Fox left and right, but at least they are putting their money where their mouth is. Come on Viacom.

Peace, Love, and Harmony.

TomRoberts in Tokyo:

I find it amazing that so many people out there, clearly 90% or more of the posts here show a deep disdain for celebrities, TV and movie actors/actresses. I can only assume this comes from the almost 8 years of Bush hatred that liberals in Hollywood have let shine thru with such veracity and open ended stupidity that they have hurt Hollywood for some time to come.

Can any of you recall a time in the past, pre Bush, when celebrities were disliked so much? I cannot. Their efforts to remove him and any republican, but particularly Bush, have backfired like nothing I have ever seen, since Stalin, Mao, or Hitler. Funny coincidence, that all of those also were liberals or socialists, focusing hatred and using divide and conquer on their own people.

Of course Hollywood liberals will blame the republicans for the mess they are in, boxoffice-wise, and popularity-wise. Sorry, it's just good ol' American common sense that's answering the dogma of out of control self righteous liberalism in our media. So, keep talking, Liberals. Keep whining, keep chastising us, keep telling us how great you are, and how dumb we are, keep showing us the way to your 'wisdom', because you are only exposing yourselves for what you are.

Compare how many actors from the golden age of Hollywood signed up for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and/or supported the troops any way they could, and compare those overwhelming numbers with today's Hollywood, which is so busy in denegrating our troops, our leaders, and our nation's history to even think about helping. No, all they wish to do is hurt Bush, and they don't care how much damage they do to our nation, as long as it hurts Bush. They may not realize they are hurting our future. We have to suffer with them, ignore them with the pocketbook, until they are replaced with hopefully a better generation than Sean Penn, Decaprio, and Rosie and Maggie Cho. I'll take Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly any day over those talentless jokers.

Lou Stool:

The reason Fox News has such high ratings is that they don't have to share the stupid viewer. CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN all have to share the viewers who can actually use their brains. People who still think Saddam had WMD's watch Fox. People who think Atta met with an Iraqi in Prague, watch Fox. The 25% who still support Bush, watch Fox.

How is it that all the commentators on Fox News says Global warming is fake, but then the network is helping to fight global warming? Hmmmm

TomNotinToykyo but in NYC:

TominTokyo, you've got it half-right. The reason the Hollywood Left has been so easily villified is because the right wing has learned from the marketing and PR efforts of Hollywood: Lie constantly, construct fake narratives, play off the emotions of Good Americans who always want to believe the best about their countrymen, etc.

I'm amazed by the vitriol and ignorance in this thread. All the facts are out there: The only thing the Bush Administration does well is spin and create narratives. The run up to war, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, right on back to the very first days of the adminstration when they successful lied their way into massive coverage about the trashing of the White House by the Clinton staff.

It's despairing how many people now put their ideology above their country. I'm not against conservatives, I hardly place faith in Democrats. But the Republican machine is nothing like the party I belonged to 15 years ago. And because of that, our country isn't, either. Enjoy these last few years (months? weeks?) of freedom, because the Bush Administration has been systematically setting up all the tools to take it away from you.

But why should you care? You're in Japan.


Gore and his acolytes are making millions promoting global warming fear. One day it will be revealed for what it is; the greatest scam in history.


It is hilarious to see all the right wing tools here talk about how FOX is balanced, how Global warming is a hoax to make money and blaming "liberals and homosexuals" for all the evils in the world.

You people are just as naive as those who you are trying to fight against...bot conservatives and liberals in the US are sheep who would repeat anything that their masters tell them to repeat.

The day you all wake up and realize that you are being used both by the same people, you are going to cry like children.


Good lord, nice to see how many people Bush and his monkeys have brainwashed. Anyone who thinks that 6 billion humans aren't effecting climate change by pumping so many chemicals in the environment were not paying attention during school. Didn't Bush recently flip-flop from denying climate change, to stating that it is a growing problem? I'm still surprised that Bush still has a 25% approval rating. Dance monkeys, dance! If that 25% ever comes in control, a world like Fahrenheit 451 is just around the corner.

Lou Stool's a Fool:

Lou, you truly are a stool.

CBS (Constant BS) revenue (an actual measure of who's watching) fell precipitously this year over last.

NYT subscriptions are declining. CNN, used to be the undisputed #1 on cable, can barely hang on to last place to keep from falling off the scale altogether.

Dumb? I think we see where dumb comes in here.

Tom In NYC? PS in STL:

Tom, hysterical. First, you state that the "right" is using the tactics of the left, "lie, fake narratives . . ." Now, if the left is lying, and the right is countering the lie, you mean they're countering a lie with a lie?

So, which is it?

I'll agree with you on the Repugnican party right now. Headless is what they are. No vision, no leader. But that is the same for the Demoncrats right now too.

But to sit there and claim that Bush is setting us up to take away the country, when you already have made the case that his detractors are lying, is quite funny.

What we need in this country is more people who can think rationally, logically, to pick apart the idiotic arguments offered by the political class (Biden, Schumer, Hagel, McCain . . .) Thank the NEA for creating a generation of Americans who can no longer think for themselves as anything other than how Curly did "I'm a victim of soicumstance."

Joe in Philly:

Global warming - prove it! Its all a theory just like the theory of evolution. Go ahead and teach it and research it but don't tax us on it until it is a proven fact.

In Singapore Al Gore said, "This is one of the strongest of scientific consensus views in the history of science,"

What is a scientific consensus view? Its an opinion that cannot yet be proven. Other scientific consensus views were, the sun rotates around the earth, the world is flat, warp speed, etc.

Science uses the "scientific method" Currently science cannot even agree as to how to determine a uniform global temperature (too many variables).

Science cannot prove imperically what amount of influence, percentage-wise, humanity's activities have to do with the consensus opinion (not fact) that the entire globe is warming.

In all of this, make your assertiions, be passionate about your beliefs, but for all of our sakes, don't allow our politicians to tax us on the basis of a "scientific consensus view"!

If you don't know where Island Grove it you should not comment on "global warming".
The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings House and Farm Yard at Cross Creek, Florida, was the home of the author of the same name from 1928 until 1942. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings was born August 8, 1896, in Washington, D.C., where her father was an attorney for the U.S. Patent Office. After high school, Marjorie entered the University of Wisconsin, where she majored in English. Following graduation in 1918, she went to New York and obtained an editorial position with the National Board of the YWCA. In May 1919, Marjorie married Charles Rawlings, a classmate at the University of Wisconsin and a co-worker on the college literary magazine. Eventually both became newspaper reporters, first in Louisville, Kentucky, and then in Rochester, New York. Marjorie wrote feature articles for the Sunday supplement and became a syndicated poet. Wishing to find solitude to pursue her writing and in hopes of solving marital problems, in November 1928 they bought a 74-acre citrus farm near Island Grove, Florida.

A friend who is "well educated" said to me a few days ago,"They used to grow oranges near Jacksonville! My God I forgot that when hearing the global warming stuff".

Three tenths of one precent of "greenhouse gases" are made of of stuff that man could make. CO2 is wonderful and we need more! Gore depends on the Stupid. His fields are abundant!

mike Hunt:

I say make one out of the Koran and let them walk down that

Roy Smith:

I understand that Fox is pushing eating "recycled" foods,i.e. human feces & urine. Thank you Al Gore perverted Eco-Commie deviant!!!!!


The stupid Gore crowd trys to appear so morally superior with their "green" addiction. When Fox gives them a chance to follow it through - it's not a "tradition". They want us to change our life styles but can't change their tradition. What a bunch of crap.


Make Hannity endorse Kyoto Protocol, screw the carpet color.

Posted by Torossian

Yeah, that's it. Make people fall in line with your beliefs. If the Kyoto Protocol is so important, maybe Clinton should've submitted it and pusher for ratification. Instead, he never sent it over.

Regarding the green chromo key thing, I repeat what others have said: You don't need green to chroma key.


As for Fox, they should instead cut the head of their propaganda machine over on cable instead of making empty and inconsequential gestures towards solving the global warming issue.

Posted by Torossian

You mean like hosting concerts that produce so much carbon it'll take 100,000 trees to be planted, just to reverse the damage?

Fox's purpose was to raise awareness. Just like cancer walks don't actually stop cancer, they just raise awareness.

Funny how Hollywood finds it important for me to change my life, but they won't change their carpet for the same cause.

Hugh Jorgan:

I loved when the practitioners of the liberal arts screamed when the NYTimes "broke" the story on the overseas phone surveillance and the financial tracking of charitable organizations. They screamed that our civil liberties were being taken away and it was their god-given (sarcasm) right to participate in phone calls originating from terrorist friendly countries undisturbed. Who and how many Americans did this effect? I didn't hear of any group or person who was falsely accused, and something like that would have found it's way to any East Coast paper. Maybe it only effected people who wished to do harm to this country and its people? How many people's civil rights are going to be effected by limiting what we can drive? what we can eat? and what we can do for fun? That is what you should be screaming about. "But we are trying to save the environment" you say. As stated many times in this post, Global Warming is a theory not yet proven. It is somebody's atmospheric masters thesis that has run amuck. Terrorism is real and we need to deal with real problems. By the way, it is summer ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT!

Gore Lover...NOT!!!!!:

There is no doubt that the earth is warmer now, but this has occured thoughout the earths history as far back as we can study it.

It is the Gore types that can not understand this fact, but the real damage will occur when the taxes on "Global Warming" start getting passed by the present Dimo group now in the house and senate.


Cancel the whole stupid Emmy thing, and save the carbons for something really important, like Al Gore,and Barbara Strisiann, and the rest of the global warming wacko nut cases who fly in private jets...just a thought


to Joe in Philly:

Just so you get educated regarding your statement:

"Global warming - prove it! Its all a theory just like the theory of evolution. Go ahead and teach it and research it but don't tax us on it until it is a proven fact"

A Theory can be a fact, for example, evolution IS a fact (that we evolved from a common ape ancestor is not, but evolution as a process of nature IS a fact) or the Theory of Relativity, which is fact, unless you want to tell us that nukes or relative speeds of moving mass are bogus and don't exist.


To Gore lover...NOT:

"There is no doubt that the earth is warmer now, but this has occured thoughout the earths history as far back as we can study it."

It is not a matter of earth warming up, it is a matter of the RATE of this heating up...as it would be as if it was cooling down more rapidly than ever before.

You are free to think that those factories pumping CO2 into the air are doing nothing to the earth's atmospheric balance, but deep inside you know that there will be negative effects to this, and no one rational doubts that.

Ross Graham:

With everything going on in the world, what do the Emmy's really matter? Much less, a carpet ...


Al Gore, Global Warming and environmentalism are distractions. As the mass media creates climate illusions, Big Brother clamps down by opening our mail, suspending habeas corpus, stealing private lands, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, rigging elections, conducting warrantless wiretaps and starting wars based on blatant lies. Soon, the sinking of an Aircraft Carrier(by Mossad) will occur and the US will 'retaliate' against Iran. Which AIPAC-lobbying country benefits from that? How much will the environment matter after a Nuke attack on Iran? Not much. Stop Iraq, Prevent Iran then work on the environment.
Last link (before Stark County District Library bends to gov't Will and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

Jeff at the beach:

I was at the beach on the Isle of Palm yesterday and in only 6 hours the ocean came up 5 feet. I'm getting out of here in a hurry so I don't drown. It went back down again in another 6 hours but I'm not taking any chances. Gore is right and has people like me with superior intellect on his side. Gotta run, the ocean is coming back up.

Jeff at the beach:

Allen, you are so right, They banned another 2 books at the library this week. I've never read them but one was Huckelberry Finn and one was Tom Sawyer. We can't get rid of this facist Bush fast enough to stop this cencorship.

Joe in Philly:


I agree that evolution is a fact to a point but it is still an unproven theory with respect to the "man from ape" leap of faith.

My point remains, if you tax an industry such as the oil industry for carbon emissions or the cattle industry for methane emissions based on this as yet to be proven theory that man and his SUVs are the straw that is breaking Mother Nature's back, I for one would like to see the proof before my wallet gets any thinner.

Eyvonne Meyer:

I personally think Fox was trying to see just how serious the Hollywood crowd really are about global warming and the eco BS. One would think they'd jump at that...but then again...it was that right-winged television network! *L*



I understand your concern about your wallet getting thinner, but do you ask for proof that the war in Iraq will provide a better security before you support it (if you do)? Do you ask for proof that the bridges your taxes pay for will not fall when you drive on them? Do you ask for proof that the development of the JSF fighter will be a success?

The point is that we have big leads that are a cause for concern when it comes to carbon emissions, and control of how much can an industry pulute is a good idea, I don't care much if I will be paying 1 more cent a dollar because of this, even if it turns out that we are not a big player in global warming...I rather take the small economic hit than run the risk of making irreparable harm.


Don't worry about Florida being under water. Charlie has enlisted Arnold to help! Visit Charlie and Arnold at http://www.brandonfla.com/charlie

Florida survived global cooling of the seventies. The growers were told they must not plant oranges north of I4 (Daytona to Tampa) so Groveland has few groves. Maybe we can return to the old days. Wouldn't that be great!
The Old Days
A post office was established in Island Grove on February 17, 1884. By 1888, ten thousand boxes of oranges and ten thousand crates of vegetables were being shipped annually from the Island Grove station of the Florida Railway and Navigation Company. In 1894 the town had three general stores, a moss factory, cigar factory, and "several hundred inhabitants." Fishing was also an important industry. The name Island Grove reflects the fact that the town was originally surrounded by water; Orange Lake on the south, Cross Creek on the west, an unnamed body of water to the north, and cypress swamps on the east. In 1911 local citizens began drainage projects and raised funds for building the hard roads needed to connect the town with surrounding communities.

Do real fact enter the picture when dealing with algore? You think he will lie for profit?

Joe in Philly:


One other point, "scientific consensus views" as quoted by Mr. Gore; is there any proof in this debate? I suspect not.

If Mr. Gore could prove his assertions time and time again with raw data, it seems to me there would be no opposition to his position.

The fact of the matter is, opposition does exist to man-made global warming as a primary culprit and it comes from scientists just as reputable as those who have aligned with Mr. Gore.

Conclusion: There is as of now, no absolute proof of Mr. Gore's belief.

I am all for cleaning the environment as much as possible. Just don't tax me on a theory.


You are right, there is no "absolute Consensus"...only just the majority of the scientific community.

"opposition does exist to man-made global warming as a primary culprit and it comes from scientists just as reputable as those who have aligned with Mr. Gore"

Thay is, of couse, debatable

This is not about "Al Gore" or his political affiliations, it is about the future of humanity.

As I said before, you have problems on being "Taxed on a theory"...now, do you have problems on being taxed for the Iraq war?


I find it interesting most of the posters here on the subject of "FOX" (both pro and con) have missed a very important distinction:

FOX is the entertainment end of News Corp's broadcasting - this is the outfit contracted to broadcast the Emmy's.

FSN is the cable news network.

If FOX was "conservative" then the Simpsons would more resemble Mayberry...


Any day Faux News gets smacked down is a good day indeed!

Joe in Philly:


I like your points. I agree there are some things we have to take by faith. Your examples are good ones.

If my understanding is accurate (feel free to correct me), if we adhered to the Kyoto Treaty which we rejected, the net improvement would be 4% in reducing global carbon emissions.

I have also read that there is a consens (there's that word again) that caron dioxide is a greenhouse gas. This that true, we are not even sure about this gas?

If Mr. Gore's assertions good ones, why are there so many proponents of the rememdies do not practice what they preach. That makes me wonder how dedicated they are and how dire the consequences.

There is an old saw, "Follow the money." Excuse me for being suspicious but if you watch the movers and shakers in this debate and the Congress you will notice alot of them are getting real rich.

By the way, 1 cent per dollar may be a bit naive, my federal state and local taxes on a gallon of gasoline are now $.60 per gallon in PA. And the House of Reps just passed a tax bill on the oil companies. Guess who is going pay those taxes on the oil company - you and me - higher gas prices.


Fox CNN, MSNBC, Green Red, Hot Cold, Jews, Germans, Blacks, Whites I mean really?
Did all of you forget something today?
How about stop for a second put the brakes on your little world, hug your loveones and smile, The rest is Bull Gas. And if you are so concern about Gore, Bush, Fox, CNN, MSNBC up side down left rigt center homo no homo lesbo no lesbo, Clinton, Sharpton. You have way to much time on your hands to hate. Be productive get to the senior center in your area and volunteer, cut your ill's neighbor's lawn. Do something no more Bull.

Dean Martin:

In 1 week 26 American troops died...and this is what we're worried about?
The F%$#&^% carpet color and who it's offending...

Idiots...we're all a bunch of selfish brainwashed idiots....

God help us.

Voice O'Reason:

The only way to be “carbon-neutral” is if all the Hollyweirdo guests arrive either on foot or by bicycle to a candle-lit auditorium. And the Academy does not film or broadcast the program, so that no one will “waste” electricity watching it on their televisions at home. Rather than air-conditioning the venue, each guest should use a paper fan (made out of recycled paper) to keep themselves cool. And the bathrooms will be closed to all guests so that no paper or water is “wasted.”

Not only is man-made “global warming” a sham, so are the foolish pudding heads that believe an ultra-wealthy, bloated and failed politician, who has concocted this global warming fiction in an attempt to shame, extort and bankrupt America and force socialism on our nation. We who believe that God is ultimately in charge and sovereign over all things (including the climate) pity those who have arrogantly and foolishly fallen prey to this global warming nonsense.

Joe in Philly:


The Iraq war is a more volatile and emotional debate due to the immediate loss of life on all sides.

I will say this, "know your enemy"? This war is a religious war from the jihadist point of view. Many in the US and elsewhere do not understand this. OBL issued a fatwah and declared it a religious war (I believe in the Clinton Admin).

This is why they use suicide as a tactic. Japan did it for the glory of their emperor-god. Islam teaches that you take your adversary to paradise if you kill him as you die in a religious war. If you buy into this theology it makes some sense.

Miltanat Islamists are seeking to proselitize by the sword on a global basis. They will not stop attacking us.

Therefore, I look at these facts and say the best defense is a good offense. Fight in their back yard, not here in the US.

I need no further proof that they want to convert or kill those who do not agree with them theologically. Paying taxes for protection from their movement - I have no problem with it.

A Bi-Colored Strategy?:

I'm not about to read all of the posts above (so perhaps someone already suggested this), but it seems like a fairly simple compromise has been overlooked by the parties -- what about just using a green fringe or green edging on the otherwise red carpet. Fox could then call as much attention to the green as it wants to (including marketing and otherwise profiting from their purported environmentalism, as others have suggested), and the Academy could continue to cling to "the way it's always been." Thoughts?

Frank Higgins:

This planet tires to exterminate you every minute of your life from the moment you are born.
Infection, disease, accidents, bugs, republicans, fast food...etc...

We fat overfed americans need to think. We use energy and resource like it'll never end. Then get offended when a point is made about discretion and forethought. No one knows about climate change for certain, but would it hurt to curb some of our reckless habits?

For Gods sake, we actually have to have surgery to help loose weight cause we cant stop stuffing our faces with fast food. That is nuts to say the least.
We should be ashamed for being so indulgent, thoughtless and protected about our over-consuming way of life...



"I have also read that there is a consens (there's that word again) that caron dioxide is a greenhouse gas. This that true, we are not even sure about this gas?"

There is no doubt about this, it is basic chemistry. CO2 traps the heat inside the earth athmosphere...this doesn't mean it is bad, as a matter of fact it is absolutely necessary for life (breathing, photosyntesis (sorry my first language is not English), the warmth of the earth...), the problem comes when the delicate balance of the gas percentages is changed...just look at how little it took to make a hole in the Ozone layer.

The earth of course would survive a drastic change in temperatures, and so would life...but we and many other species might not.

The Kyoto Treaty is not going to fix the problem, that is a given, but it is a good start. The issue is that we need to move from the current technologies into cleaner technologies...at the end this must be done wether we like it or we don't (there IS consensus on the fact that coal and oil are finite)...the question is: Do we want to start now or later?
In the end we will be paying the cost of R&D anyway, but the sooner we do it, the sooner we will be getting the benefits.

Are there people getting richer exploiting Global Warming...of course there are!! Gore is a prime example...but there are quite a lot more people getting richer by OPOSING it!! Why do you think Texaco or Shell are getting record profits every quarter? Those are the main players in the oposition to emissions regulations.


The part no one's mentioning is Fox's self serving motivation for the green carpet. The theme of this coming season of "24" is global warming. It's promotion, folks.

jeff at the beach:

I hope they serve the actors watermellon. It would be appropriate. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

Joe in Philly:


You do good in a second language - have to go for now but I will come back later.

BTY - getting rich by providing a product that is useful for our lives is capitalism - in which I believe.

I see Mr. Gore getting rich on something I don't believe in - namely, carbon credits and hypocracy.

Talk to you later I hope.

Enjoyed your observations.


Green my ASS! How many of those left coast hypocrites are making their way to this awards show on their Private Jets?


The only green I'm interested in is some fat green skunk while listening to Al Green.

This "green" craziness is more evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder.


it is amazing to me how idiots bag on global warming and try to say that it is not man made. It has nothing to do with republicans or democrats as they are working together to try and help the environment! Is that so bad? How can trying to make something better and preserving our environment be such a hateful thing? Maybe Fox was just trying to do something small to make people more aware? What's the big deal? I'm amazed at how angry people get at something that is nothing but a positive. Then again those are the same people that are jealous of what others have because they are too lazy to put in some hard work, educate themselves and actually be leaders instead of sheep. Sooo pathetic!! Ignorance is bliss for so many...


Jen sez:
"Sooo pathetic!! Ignorance is bliss for so many..."

Jen you are ignorant and pathetic if you thing global warming is caused by man. Evidently you never studied the 7 ice ages and meltings that occurred here on earth before the invention of the SUV. Get a clue you arrogant narcissist!


Those darn SUVs are so powerful that they are causing GloBull Warming on Mars and Pluto, as well as here on Earth!



"I need no further proof that they want to convert or kill those who do not agree with them theologically"

a) What makes you think that invading Iraq is a sound strategy to fighting Islamism?

b) You have no problems believing just one point of view (That the invasion of Iraq is the best way to fight Islamism) but disregard the very "respectable" experts who also would tell you that it plays just the other way?

c) You need "Absolute proof" when it comes to Global Warming, yet you need no more proof than the Islamists are radicals to support Iraq?

I am sorry, but for my point of view, you are supporting one argument that lacks all the qualities you are asking of the argument you are oposing.



You would do well in learning what the real issue about Global Warming is before you call other ignorant.

The problem of Global warming is not the fluctuation of temperatures, this is a normal process, but the rate of fluctuation...which is NOT normal.

I remember:

Jen, no one has proved that it is man-made yet. It may be. Are you old enough to remember when the same folks said we were causing global cooling in 1974? I'm all for helping the environment. Flying around in a private jet so he can tell me not to use so much fuel is not the answer, neither is destroying our economy. But then, you have already told us we are idiots. It seems the global warming lemmings feel that people who use COMMON SENSE in their judgement are idiots. Have a nice day.


I have no problem with calling attention to making our environment better. However, doing it under the guise of "Global Warming" is just crazy. Until and unless someone can prove conclusively that WE are causing the planet to warm up rather than simple weather patterns, or the sun (look up what's happening on other planets) do not shove global warming down my throat!

I am happy to recycle, drive a hybrid vehicle (okay that one is selfish as I want to spend less on gas), use energy saving devices in my home and teach my children about respecting their environment. I do this already, but only for my selfish reasons. It has nothing to do with the planet getting warm.

By the way, does anyone here remember global cooling in the mid 70's? That was proved to be wrong, or rather just a normal part of the never-ending cycle. This cycle will be proven to be wrong too, then the "problem" we are actually being forced to spend money to "fix" is something that's, ultimately, not broken.


Be green and... er.. recycle the carpet by keeping it and not buying a fresh one each year. Crazy.


Just a reminder for "voice of reason", who believes that "God is ultimately in charge and sovereign over all things (including the climate) pity those who have arrogantly and foolishly fallen prey to this global warming nonsense." I should remind you that while God is ultimately in charge, we (his creations) were also given free-will to make choices. Most of the time we make bad ones which have consequences. To think that man is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the climate changes currently happening is either extremely arrogrant or extremely naive. Neither of which is flattering.

Seems like most people on this board oppose the theory of global warming based on their view of Al Gore. Which is ironic because this very same group will accuse the other side of opposing whatg they agree in because of hatred of George Bush. Somehow when they do the same thing it's not so bad I guess. Which explains my disdain for followers of either party.

Anyways, the point is that this issue is not a partisan one. Al Gore didn't invent the internet and he didn't invent global warming either. Companies have alot to gain if we keep on the same track and this is why they will pay to make sure the status quo isn't interrupted. Remember "voice of reason" greed is a human trait that God allows people to act on. And they do and they do it regardles of the consequences.

Usta Werkthr:

I spent several years working for the Hollywood freek shows, what a bunch o' ...well you know what! I think the carpet should look like a diaper, that would complete the theme perfectly!

Pal Joey:

All reports on this matter have neglected to mention that this year's Bollywood International Indian Film Academy Awards featured a Green Carpet in place of the usual Red Carpet.

Ahmnodt Heare:

The irony is the conservative company wants to go green and the liberal company wants to maintain tradition.


What's the Emmy's????


I have lived in 5 major regions of the US of A during my adult life and I have made a major observation that no one on either side of the global warming debate can contest.

Meteorologists, people trained to study the weather patterns, have great difficulty forecasting what the exact temperature will be as close as ten hours into the future. If they are within five degrees, they consider it a success.

Now, according to the global warming debate (I don’t care if you think it is caused by people or the sun), we are to believe that the temperature will be two or three degrees warmer thirty years from now.

Think about it.

Bob Concilio:

Thanks, Pal Joey. Finally we have a consensus.
'Where two or more are gathered in my name, etc..." It is nice to see a real thinker and not just a mental self abuser. Makes me feel warmer already. As for the Tony Awards, Pal Joey sounds like a winner o me.


The rich have special problems; and having to suffer indignities from the mouths of fools over carpet-color-branded-themes is one of them.


First things first: The "symbolic" carpet is red. The "greenifying" of it would be to assure it is made responsibly, of recycled or sustainable materials, in a place where the people who made it earn a living wage. Actually making it green was a whorish idea to begin with from someone who got to thinking in terms of dollar-bill green.

Second, to Gary who thinks Al Gore is a hypocrite and all this climate science is bunk: Do you really want your grandkids to remember you as an ignorant curmudgeon who, as it turned out, were the biggest problem of our century?


Oh, and third, anyone who is screaming to debunk the known realities of climate scientists and who has not seen "An Inconvenient Truth" or looked into the evildoers at places like The Heartland Institute (sounds nice, doesn't it?) ... anyone debating this who fits this description should leave the debate ... not the carpet debate; that's a fringe issue. Ha. Ha.


@Oswald Csolg... whatever. I get it. We get it. Ooh.. scary ...

On to cogent topics: the website you list as the God's honest truth is propaganda. If you want to know what REAL FACTS look like, as opposed to someone ELSE'S perception of them, watch CSpan. Read MediaMatters or Center for Public Integrity.

When we all can shed the slimy skin of partisan propaganda and use our f****** brains, the world will be a better place.



Wow! You've bought it hook line and sinker!

oswald czolgosz:


You dismiss one web site as propaganda, then list 3 others that are funded by George Soros - which are actual propaganda. We are not the brainwashed who will accept your word for it.

The fact that you vouch for them tells me all I need to know about their accuracy.


Is this a broadcast about the Emmy's or about Global Warming???!! I think I'll just skip the whole thing - I have NO interest in watching a bunch of Global Warming yahoo's push their propaganda!


"using recycled materials"

yup, that's TV

Mr. Desert:

I propose red and green stripes.
If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas!

Joe in Philly:


Read the texts of the tapes from # 2 in the Base & the American member - it removes all doubt.

Invading Iraq may not have been the best or even a sound strategy but it has been effective in keeping the fight off US soil.

BTW - I do not believe there is precedence for negotiating with religious warriors because their very nature precludes compromise.

I never said the Iraq invasion was the best way to fight the threat of forced conversion - what is the procedure to negotiate with OBL? Do you have any suggestions?

Absolute proof for man's contribution to global warming is in fact an exact science - no a priori baggage - no isegesis (reading between the lines) - it has to be provable in the lab.
Absolute proof in the political realm of waging war where one protagonist is religious and the other is secular is not adaptable to scientific method.

GW and the war in Iraq are apples & oranges.


Fox is not balanced, it's still hollywood. Fox news is not anywhere near as biased as everyone else. CNN doesn't even allow commentary from republicans. It's true. Unless it's a pretend anti-war republican taking the sides of the Dems.
I don't watch the emmy's and the only person I know who watches the emmy's would be my ex who I despise as the no responsibility taking liberal freak that he is. I can't even understand the obsession, who the hell cares about play acting and who does it best. I have more important grown up things to do than watch mindless crap from mindless people who have know clue about the real world. They don't even raise their own kids.
It could be red or green and I still wouldn't see all the pretty people with their limos, clothes and hair/make-up.


Recently, the Global Warming crowd tried to use the 116 degree days in Vegas as proof that our world was coming to an end.

Sorry to say, but after living in Vegas for over four years, I can safely report that it was the same temperature all four summers in a row as it was before I got there and obviously, after I left.

Point is, that most of America, never living in the desert, runs screaming from their homes yelling the "Sky is falling" all because some people said that Global Warming is killing the Earth because it was 116 in Las Vegas.

It's amazing but this whole global warming issue has proven without a doubt that the collective stupidity of the liberal left is overshadowed only by their mind numbing intellectual dishonesty.



Is Dakota Fanning still at Promises?

oswald czolgosz:

Just about every generation has some horrific evil that it must fight. For the Democratic Party today that evil is carbon dioxide emissions. For the rest of us, it is an ideology that teaches that its deity is sanctified by the blood of innocents, just as the Aztec deities were.

The choice to me is clear!


I'm yet another person who's grown quite tired of private-jet-setting, hypocritical, uneducated celebrities pretending to care about saving the environment. How dare these sleazy Hollywood folks tell us how we should live? I am also tired of these self-celebrating award ceremonies. I haven't watched them in many years and I look forward to a time when the media won't insist on hanging on celebrities every word.

Charlie Peters:

* NO on “car tax” AB118 (Nunez)

* Clean Air Performance Professionals (CAPP) supports a Smog Check inspection & repair audit, gasoline oxygen cap and elimination of dual fuel CAFÉ credit to cut car impact over 50% in 1 year.

* Some folks believe corn ethanol in gasoline increases oil use and oil profit

* Ethanol uses lots of water

* A Smog Check audit would cut toxic car impact in ½ in 1 year. Chief Sherry Mehl, DCA/BAR, has never found out if what is broken on a Smog Check failed car gets fixed, never

* A corn ethanol waiver would stop a $1 billion California oil refinery welfare program coming from the federal government @ $0.51 per gallon of ethanol used

* About 60,000 barrels per day of the oil used by cars is allowed by the "renewable fuel" CAFE credit



I'm a television technical director. I'm the person who actually makes a chroma key happen. A chroma key can be done with any color, including red, so that would not be motivation for Fox. Green is generally used because it's the least common clothing color for on air people. There are newer, better ways of superimposing graphics into an image which don't rely on color. You'll see this technology used in football games to create a virtual first down line and other informational elements to be superimposed on the field.

It's good to see the television academy and Macy's have such a strong commitment to the environment. This does not reflect well on them.

Barney Rubble:

Fox trying to pretend it's going green! This is the same company that mocks global warming scientists as alarmist sissies! Fuck Britt Hume and Bill O Reilly!

Mark in NY:

Thank you Voice O'Reason! I read what you wrote to all of my co-workers at a meeting this afternoon (we're meteorologists) and we got a good laugh out of it. According to the global warming nutjobs, not only can we blame "greedy and wasteful" America (but not China or India - who have no regulations) for the average temperature rising 1/10th of a degree over the past 10 years, now Al Gore is able to successfully predict the weather 10 years in advance when meterologists know that the climate is constantly changing due to numerous factors beyond human control. Therefore, as meteorologists, we are continuously modifying and amending our weather forecasts. What's your benchmark, folks? There are record highs and there are record lows. Look up the definition of cyclical. It will do you gw nutjobs good to enlighten yourselves before you open your mouths. Has anyone out there done any research linking global warming to the sun? Ah duh! And you don't even need a degree in meteorology to figure that one out!

Thanks for the yucks!


3 Things to ask "Global Warming" alarmists


1. Why is the temperature on Mars getting warmer? (It's spelled SUN not SUV)
2. Explain past warming and cooling cycles (e.g. Medievil Warming Period)
3. If man is solely responsible for increased CO2 levels then explain the higher CO2 levels during the Ordovician Period 16x, Cretaceous Period 8x) - 80% of man-made CO2 emissions occurred after 1940.

As always, to understand "Global Warming" which now is being renamed "Global Climate Change" to cover warming and cooling (how convenient), just follow the money... e.g. Al Gore's carbon indulgences for sale.


The real Trevor: "Blow me you lefty tool."

a perfect example that makes it clear that it's the right wing that are the most educated/informed.
he told you, you damn hippie!!
....never underestimate the predictability of stupidity...

Silly BillyGoat:

If libs are so concerned about senseless death of innocent people: 46 people are killed every day due to Drunk Driving. Drunk Driving costs $1 Billion a week.

Tom Cruise: Come out of the closet!!

Martians drive too many SUV's...Blame Bush!

oswald czolgosz:

And let's not forget how last year's hurricane predictions blew up in GW supporters' faces. NOT ONE hit the US mainland.

And this year's dire predictions were the same, with a similar result so far: NOT ONE!!!


Watermelon? Green on the outside, red on the inside? Classic. . . thanks, Jeff at the beach, that made my day!

Me @ home:

Both Mark in NY and Think_for_Minute are making the same point and seem to be the only ones that are looking at this from a logical view point, not looking for liberal kookiness or vast right wing conspiracies. And I, for one, have to agree with them. Several days ago, the professional meteorologists predicted that today’s high temp would be in the mid 90’s. This morning they thought it would be in the upper 80’s. According to the “WeatherBug” sitting on my computer, the current high temp for the day is 82º. Considering it is now past 6 pm, I seriously doubt we will get anywhere close to either forecasted high temp. This just goes to show that forecasting the future temperature, whether it be just a few hours, days or decades, is just a crapshoot.


Remember the ozone scare? oooooooooh! I'm going to start building a cave to live in deep underground with no light, heat, or sound. That kind of sound like where a lot of these people have there heads.

oswald czolgosz:

. . . and don't forget the alar scare with apples - and all the computers crashing in 2000!

john C:

If Owlgore thinks we should all live in caves and wear loin cloths, go right ahead. Don't tell us - show us. And how about that cave John Edwards calls home. Does he REALLY need 28,000 sqaure feet?

Link to Edward's cave. How can thinking people take him seriously regarding climate change? Liberals are not fools - many are quite clever, but where is their common sense?


Compare Edward's link above with Bush's link here. Who's greener?



.3 % of greenhouse gasses are made of things that man can produce. That is three tenths of one per cent!

What else does a person need to know? As one reads the posts here it becomes apparent that the USA population is too stupid to survive. Hillary may even be elected! God help us!


Red carpet, green carpet, who the F*** cares! How about turning off the idiot box entirely. That we we can all reduce our carbon foot print and avoid watching a pack of self-congratulatory D***Heads.

Save the planet turn off Hollywood!

Mark Jeffries:

This blog is from TVWeek, moron. It's *about* television.

And just what is your problem with "Hollywood," WSmith? And please do not curse and tell us in your own words.

And oh yes, trailer park trash Drudgie morons--what is your opinion of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Jews, women, gays and lesbians--as if we didn't already know?


This is funny. Almost too good to be true.

oswald czolgosz:

Mark said:

what is your opinion of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Jews, women, gays and lesbians--as if we didn't already know?

Of course you know! You have made up your mind when you went to bed last month. You assume that anyone who disagrees with you on this one topic is a racist, homophobe, anti-Semite, & a woman hater.

Get a grip, pal! Your template is as wrong as your theory on Globull Warming.

Mark Jeffries:

Would you believe that global warming existed if your idols Loofah Felafel, Rush Vicodin or Sean Insanity said so? Of course you would, unthinking sheep.

And may we have your documented proof that George Soros funds C-SPAN? You know damn well you don't have proof, because, as C-SPAN says in their IDs, they are "Funded as a Public Service by the Cable Television Industry." All of their funding comes from cable subscriber fees. NOTHING ELSE.

oswald czolgosz:

Media Matters is funded by Soros. KOOLAID DRINKER!


In response to Bryan who says ":3 Things to ask "Global Warming" alarmists

1. Why is the temperature on Mars getting warmer? (It's spelled SUN not SUV)

A: The Earth is not Mars. Human beings and future generations of humans DO NOT live there. While there are similarities between Earth and Mars, there are obviously enough differences too that make in unable to sustain human life. So stop bringing up the "other planets in our galxy have changing climates too!" theory.

2. Explain past warming and cooling cycles (e.g. Medievil Warming Period)

A: No one, or at least I didn't, ever deny the fact that there have been climate changes throughout history. All we're pointing out is that this time around, with all our industrialization, we're contributing to what the Earth already does...therefore speeding up the process and increasing the damaging effects.

3. If man is solely responsible for increased CO2 levels then explain the higher CO2 levels during the Ordovician Period 16x, Cretaceous Period 8x) - 80% of man-made CO2 emissions occurred after 1940.

A: See the previous answer.

As always, to understand "Global Warming" which now is being renamed "Global Climate Change" to cover warming and cooling (how convenient), just follow the money... e.g. Al Gore's carbon indulgences for sale."

That last part about the notion that Global Warming is a myth created by Al Gore to fatten his pockets strikes me as oddly hypocritical. Since it comes from a group of people who would brush off the notion that wars are started for corporations economical gain as some "crazy conspiracy theory". Even regardless of all the evidence which proves that some companies experience massive economic gain when wars happen. How is it again that Al Gore gets rich off this? Because I can tell you how companies profit from war. While I'm no fan of Al Gore, I fail to see how he gets rich from this. I also am not willing to stubbornly sit by and ignore what could be a disatrous future for us just because I may not like Al Gore. I'm not that stupid.

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