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James Hibberd

'Hell’s Kitchen' Finale Ties Record

August 14, 2007 10:43 AM

The season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” matched its highest rating ever among adults 18 to 49.

“Kitchen” pulled a 4.5 rating to tie last season’s finale. The figure bodes well for Fox’s upcoming “Hell’s” spin-off “Kitchen Nightmares,” which will compete with the fall season fray. Fox won the night with “Hell’s” and “So You Think You Can Dance” (2.9).

CBS was second with repeats. ABC was third, with “Fat March” improving upon last week’s premiere to a 1.8, and bracketed by repeats.

NBC was fourth, leading off with the return of improv series “Thank God You’re Here,” arriving just in time to come in fourth place (1.4), followed by a repeat and “Dateline” (1.9). The CW had repeats.


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Comments (17)


It turned into another racial theater. I think I am going to quit watching TV, I am sick and tired of the polital correctness that networks pass off as good for society. Next time just pick a black man and give him the money. Don't waste peoples time with imaginary level playing field shows.




i think that stan is just jealous rock can cook and he proved it stan you probably just wanted the little blonde to win. so please quit watching tv and get off the high horse you think your on


wow! stan. you have some very REAL issues...stop watching TV all together? your comment gave me the chills.


In response to Stan, why do you have to lower yourself by suggesting that Hell kitchen was just a stage for racial theather, that is never the case when a white contestant wins, and it shouldn't be.


Stan, you're a prick. Rock was the best cook. How good does a black man have to be to get the award? He outcooked everyone else on the show. Spouting racism-- from a racist!


in response to stan,if you think this was a racial theater, why did you watch the show in the first place? rock wasn't the only colored person in the show you know.i thought rock and jen would have been in the finals from the beginning and was totaly surprised to even see bonnie making it that far.rock is a sexest male shovenist which i did not like but he knew what he was doing and sure as hell knew how to cook.i just think you are a racist pig who thinks it should all be about americans always being on top of other ethnic groups. please do all of us who don't think like you a favor,stopppp watching t.v


in response to stan...

it is amazing how ignorant your comment is. rock was by far the best cook. i guess in your racist mind all black people can cook is fried chicken and macaroni and cheese with corn bread and not 5 star, high quality, sophisticated cuisine. well jump into the 21st century and get over your racist ways.


I get sick and tired of people like stan. He needs to WAKE UP and look at all the different types of people that are here in the United States. Rock deserved it and thats why he was awarded top honors. Please stop watching and go read some books to educate yourself. Its seems you need to. Just Racist.


STAN is just stupid, stupid as hell


I agree, Rock was most solid cook of season. My wife and I make 2 picks on debut episode, and I chose Rock and Julia. I too was surprised to see Bonnies undecisive a** in the finale, but that sealed the deal for ROCK. I would much rather see a well accomplished black cook or and other race or sex win overtop of a mediocre cook of any race sex or physical appeal. Stan is ludicris in his opinion and makes normal americans seem like ignorant fascist pigs. This from a white hick from WV. Congrats Rock and I will continue to watch HELL'S KITCHEN and any other Chef Ramsey show on TV be it british or american. He has a unique stance towards quaility control in a kitchen, and chose the BEST of the available chefs. I would have ditched Josh long before Vinnie, guess Ramsey saw something or FOX saw a big head on collision in the works!




Stan, do yourself a favor and go get a education.


Hey, Stan...I guess you have no one to back up your ignorance. I suggest you stay in the little cave you came out of. The world is changing, and you are obviously behind the times.


To be a good chef has absolutely NOTHING to do what what ethnic,nationality, or color you happen to be. Its your skill at cooking that counts Stan. and ONLY YOUR SKILL AT COOKING. Obviously it just happened to be a black man THATS ALL!!!


I did not watch the complete season of this year's Hell's Kitchen..but when I did watch I trusted Chef Ramsey and supported many of his decisions..he said, that he felt that Rock was a great chef..not a great black chef..just a great chef..when your food is prepared most times u have no idea what ethnic background your chef has..and guess what.. it doesn't matter..Bonnie was good at somethings but, to me she was not a great chef....I am proud of Rock and all of the other contestants..they had a great challenge before them....Racism is alive and old but, a good people accomplishing goals and living dreams is our present and our future.


Stan I agree with you how bout you just stop watching tv all together! Better yet look at the news or read a newspaper and just hopefully you'll see the difference in the time zone your stuck in! Its 2007 get with it! Your a ignorant stupid motherf***, and people like you don't last very long!Its sad to see that people with your type of ignorance still exists get a life.

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