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James Hibberd

'Masters' Nearly Doubles Ratings

August 13, 2007 10:27 AM

Well, look who's getting all uppity.

After premiering to a dreadful 0.8 last week among adults 18 to 49, ABC’s summertime headache "Masters of Science Fiction" nearly doubled its rating Saturday night to a still-weak-but-much-improved 1.5.

Among the three networks programming in the 10 p.m. slot, "Masters" brought ABC into second place (below a “48 Hours Mystery” repeat). “Masters” benefited from a stronger lead-in this round, with the last half hour of "Charlie's Angeles: Full Throttle" earning a 1.6 compared to last week's movie finishing with a 1.0.

Before sci-fi fans get their hopes up, it’s worth noting that “Masters” still has some distance to climb before ABC executives have any awkward renewal discussions with producers. Though ABC’s summer effort “National Bingo Night” scored a stunning renewal with a mere 1.4 average, “Masters” has a higher production cost and the relationship between the producers and the network has been less than sunny. With only two more episodes remaining, the show will have to pull quite a Nielsen hat trick to turn things around.

For the entire night, CBS bested usual Saturday victor Fox, partly by launching with a “Power of 10” repeat.

On Sunday, CBS’s “Big Brother” led the night with a 2.8, helping the network to a first-place finish above Fox’s second-place comedy block.

NBC and ABC tied for third, with NBC’s “NFL Pre-Season Game 1: Seahawks vs. Chargers” down a steep 56 percent from last year to earn a 1.6 (note: the NFL figures are based on preliminary ratings. NBC's positioning and the game’s rating will likely improve in the nationals released later today since West Coast cities were under-represented in the early Nielsen returns).


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Comments (4)

Mr. HERB :

Tues. August 14th, 2007

The Sordid " Hype that has Attacked this

Perfectly scripted & overtly appealing

" Masters of Science Fiction " Program that

the Poor Tele -- Cinematographic

producers and High - Ass Ticket

Investors are pooling their

" Disposible $$ Dough $$ in a '3 ' Net -

work Fiasco to grab A Little of the Last

'O' Summer Sponsorial Capital Available...

Before The " FALL - Classics " Line up

(sic ). Sort of a -SORRY- Trial Balloon

Mentality that the Out -of- Sync. " BIGG

Three Are ..Famous for !! These jew --

Money - Hungry TWERPS haven't A Clue

When it comes to College -Trained & Grad.

School trained Populus That are WAY

Mr. HERB :

Beyond the Ol' Standard 1959 --64 Standardized

Insult to A Cultural Globally Savvy Economic

Intrigues ... Psudo Old Time BULL -- S**T that

the BIGG 3 Networks are SO well -- Worn In

Pulling! C'MON give the Viewer Some Sort of

Insight ...as Many of are Laying down $60.00 /

mo. for Dish Programming... Some sort of

Sophistication Is in this Investment !!

The DAMN BIGG 3 cannot hold a candle to DISH

T.V. and they sure as S**T KNOW IT !!

They would be Well -- Told if they sold this

FIVE Episode to The SCI --FI Net. or even The T.V

LAND Affilate and " Cut their Fine LOSSES..."

Oh, The'll Be THERE! The way these MORONS do

Buisness , they NEVER CHange..!

Sincerely.. Always Amazed at the

Bigg 3's Stupidity !!


-- 1953 --

Dave L:

I Can't wait for fall with the Great fall line up ABC has in line I think it's going to a run away season for them, I also think NBC better start looking they are DONE I can't belive how domb they are with all those flops from the 70's they were going down when the networks let them go the first time around all I have to say to them some one better wake up and smell the coffee!!! CBS I know will hold it's own, Thanks for being my sounding board

Masters of Sci Fi doubled it's viewers because this is the first week they made an effort to publicize the show! I cover TV and I didn't even know this thing was on until I was invited to a conference call on the series.

Maybe the additional viewership was just all the reporters on the call who decided they should check it out!

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