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James Hibberd

‘Power of 10’ Rebounds

August 23, 2007 10:49 AM

Two pieces of news: CBS’ “Power of 10” reversed its rating decline and Fox’s “Anchorwoman” premiere stumbled out of the gate.

“Power” pulled a 2.2 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49, its best Wednesday yet and its highest rating since its premiere.

Granted, we’re not talking a massive comeback here (“Power’s” lowest rating was a 2.0). But Wednesday night’s performance was a key step in the right direction that enabled CBS to win the 8 p.m. time period. Perhaps “Power” was aided by “Big Brother” viewers checking out the show.

Fox’s “Anchorwoman,” about a bikini model hired at a small-town Texas newsroom, showed once again that reality/scripted hybrids are a tough sell to wide audiences. “Anchorwoman” opened with a 1.0 and tied a repeat on The CW for fifth place in its time period. Hard to see Fox showing the same patience with “Anchorwoman” as it has for the power-player-stuffed “On the Lot.”

Wait, better make that three pieces of news: NBC won the night with “Last Comic Standing” (3.1), “Dateline” (2.1) and a repeat.

CBS was second with “Power” and repeats. ABC was third with repeats, “NASCAR in Primetime” (1.4) and “Primetime: The Outsiders” (1.2). Fox was fourth with “Anchorwoman” and a repeat. The CW was fifth with repeats.

UPDATE: That was fast. Fox canceled "Anchorwoman" and will stream remaining episodes on Fox On Demand on Fox.com. The network will air repeats of "Til Death" in the slot instead.

Updated at 3:07 p.m.


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Comments (4)

Re: "Anchorwoman:"
Well, I tried to watch this show, but after about ten minutes of eyeball-pulling whip pans and fast cuts, all I saw was a meaningless melange of totally confusing YouTube quality video. So long, 'Anchorwoman.' So long, Tyler Texas; although you did get your ten minutes of 'fame.'
Incidentally, the required minority in a supervisory position duly noted


My wife and I found it very entertaining actually, kind of like a twilight zone episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. What, nobody's got a sense of humor ?

I seem to have called it right - see above!


Anchorwomen was great!!!! It Ruled !!!!

It showed what really goes on behind the scenes!

The only reason it was pulled was because to many in the business Could Not Handle The Truth!!!

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