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James Hibberd

The Power of 'Big Brother' Boosts '10'

August 22, 2007 7:48 AM

A big piece of the "Power of 10" puzzle falls into place.

After writing yesterday about CBS’s mysterious “Power” double-down, last night’s episode of “Big Brother” cleared things up. CBS revealed that a pair of challenge-winning contestants get to leave the “BB” house, fly to New York City and appear on a “Power” episode.

The series crossover between the popular reality series and the modest-performing game show is sneakily synergistic and helps explain why the network ordered additional episodes: If you're going to reassemble a game show production, there's little point in taping only one episode. Smart-smart.


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Comments (2)

Myke Perrey:

What a crap-tastic idea! Ranks right up there with The Donald assuming the role of The Banker on Deal or No Deal! In fact, this kind of stunting is what we're starting to hate about DoND. I think if CBS shows patience and restraint, The Power of 10 can survive without help from Big Brother.

Dave L:

Ithought it was a great marketing what a way to build up the Power of 10 even though I sure it's going to make it any way I think it's much better then Deal or no Deal at least you have to think a little. any 2 year old could play D or no D good idea I know soaps have done it for years, Thanks, Dave- Detroit

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