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James Hibberd

Al Gore’s Victory Lap Continues

September 16, 2007 7:28 PM

You had to know Al Gore was likely to win the Creative Achievement in Interactive Television category for his Current network when Emmy producers decided to move the wonky category from the Creative Arts ceremony to the main prime-time show (tough to imagine somebody taking the Emmy stage to accept an award on behalf of fellow nominees MLB Mosaic or the BIAP Fantasy Football Television Tracker). Gore is a mainstream celebrity now, and his global warming campaign fits with Fox’s eco-theme (an odd marriage that’s taking a while to get used to).

When he took the stage, Gore was in shouty mode rather than cool-thoughtful mode.

"We are trying to open up the television medium so that viewers can help to make television and join the conversation of democracy and reclaim American democracy by talking about the choices we have to make,” he shouted, to thunderous applause.

Then Gore added: "Current.com next month!”

Backstage, Gore was asked, as survivor of media firestorms, what Britney Spears could learn from him. He wisely avoided the question. Later, he was asked another stunt question. Somebody backstage has been asking winners the slippery and presumptive query: “What is your guiding light?”

“Boy I’ve never been asked that before,” Gore says. “The answer involves more than a catchprahse.”

(“My Name Is Earl” actress Jaime Pressly, by the way, answered the question with the stony reply: “The sun.”)


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Comments (27)




Did anyone think al-gore would NOT win no matter how bad his network may be. The liberal hollywood type crowds have been going down on this guy to give him all the publicity he wants because they both share the same liberal views. Not only was his global warming movie FULL of half truths and misconceptions, but it was just plain HORRIBLE! If anyone else would have made that we would be laughing at its creator. Now he makes a TV network and we are supposed to be shocked by this? WE are not that stupid.

Al Gore the morons hero:

What a joke, pure politics.


I would have looked to hear what Sally had to say. GD something is what i got before she was cut. Nice going Sally, stick with the Boniva commercials.

Wally Weed:

An Emmy for mis-truths, half-truths and outright lies....typical.


i hate those liberal award shows..and they even gave him a standing ovation


Every time hollywood shows it's in bed with the far left, it shoots itself in the foot with most of America. When will they learn?


Isn't this an award for "acting" or "creativity". Funny they don't realize how extremly appropriate an award for make believe is in regards to ole AL.


Did the Emmy's buy any "carbon credits" from Al's company? Or is that double dipping? lol.

Mary Rosenbaum:

Al Gore could get in the race for President now and win easy. Why don't this man run?
Al it is your time, don't let it pass you by.
Thank you


Why my Family NEVER goes to the Movies. We will never support the Military,America hateing Hollywood.


I love how he wins in a faux category for a cheap YouTube knock off THAT HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET.


wow. the wingnuts are out tonight!

must suck to love bush as much as they do. the gop is a dead party. i can see a pres. gore with a filibuster-proof senate in jan. 2009. drive you anti-american warmongering gay-hating women-oppressors into hiding in alabama.


Hey now people, he invented the internet. go easy on him...not



learn to spell.

what? you didn't see passion of the jesus?

deezil's brain:

durrrrr hurrrr hurrrrrrrr make love not war durrrrrrrrr


its manbearpig, im super serial


global warming is caused by the sun's increase in the energy it releases!! more than half of the scientists in the field say that global warming is not caused by humans. liberals just want to control the american people do. it makes me sick. the liberals do a great job of getting simple-minded actors to support their theory without checking the FACTS!

Old Sarge:

Gore for President? Lots of Military hating, so called Americans, but Thank GOD there are not that many.


Al sure is getting the Hollywood-type smarmy, unapologetically egotistic thing down cold isn't he? It's like Richard Gere, John Travolta, and Sean Penn wrapped up in Susan Sarandon-Tim Robbins PETA bread. I know it's supposed to be pita, but, well it just woks better the other way.


The continuous media Gorebasm is climaxed yet again. Crickey! The media all wants to have this pastey-faced slobs illegitimate child.


I wonder if the "Creative Achievement in Interactive Television" category will remain prime-time next year if Gore is not nominated again.

Maybe Gore will win a CableACE Award next!


Should we be surprised people like Al gore Jane fonda michael moore win these awards?Clinton should make a short film about art of cigars They would give him an oscar.

It wasn't so much a Gore win as a Bush loss. Hollywood sticking it to the Administration. If someone was entitled to an award, it would have clearly been Barry Diller. Compared to Diller, Gore is a gnat's ass.


You walk into a room and its too hot.
To figure out why, do you?
a. start measuring trace gasses in the room for possible increases of 100 PPM?

b. attempt to take surface tempature of every person in the room?

c. check the thermostat?

How you answer this shows where you fit on the common sense curve of climate.


AL WILL win(be given) the Nobel peace prize!!?? Why? To sway opinion towards SOCIALISM and "beat" Rush sad but Where is Goerbell's? Alive in the Left

Setting the Record Streight:

Most of the comments are stright off a FOX news script. 95 percent of the scientific experts in the world know global warming is real...only a fool would make the arguement against it...but I guess too much testosterone causes the brain to cease functioning...the let's go out an kill something crowd has obviously taken over this board. Just because I happen to think this crazy war is insane does not make me a hate the military and it doesn't make me any less patriotic. It only means that I care about someone besides myself, unlike most of the authors of what's on this page. Get out of your pick-up truck and go back inside your trailer.

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