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‘Bionic Woman’ Highest-Rated New Show So Far; Beats ‘Private Practice’

September 27, 2007 10:29 AM

bionicwomanblog.jpg Finally, the buzz paid off.

After a slew of much-hyped new shows premiered to merely average ratings, NBC’s heavily marketed “Bionic Woman” conquered a tough field of new and returning shows to win the Wednesday night battleground.

"Bionic" earned a 5.5 rating among adults 18 to 49, topping the premiere of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff "Private Practice," which earned a 5.1. "Bionic" is the highest-rated freshman premiere so far this fall, with "Private" coming in second. "Bionic" won its hour despite "Private" having a stronger lead-in and ranks as the highest-rated Wednesday-night NBC series premiere since "The West Wing" in 1999.

“Bionic” fueled the debut of NBC’s cop drama “Life,” which earned a strong 4.1 rating to win the 10 p.m. hour and rank as the third best-rated new show. “Life” topped the season premiere of “CSI: NY” (3.7, down 26 percent from last year) and the debut of ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money” (3.6, down 22 percent from the premiere of “The Nine” last year, which benefited from a stronger “Lost” lead-in).

The “Bionic” vs. “Private” showdown wounded the rest of the 9 p.m. field. CBS’ “Criminal Minds” was down 22 percent from last year to a 3.5, Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” dropped 22 percent in its second week to a 2.4 and The CW’s “Gossip Girl” fell 25 percent to an anorexic 1.2.

At 8 p.m., the “Dancing With the Stars” results show won the hour (an on-par 4.0), followed by the second week of “Kid Nation” (2.8, dropping 10 percent). NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” (2.6) and Fox’s “Back to You” (2.8, down 10 percent) and “Til Death” (2.4) followed. The CW’s “America’s Next Top Model” stayed strong with a 2.4.

Overall, ABC nudged out NBC for the nightly win by a tenth of a point, followed by CBS, Fox and The CW. Among total viewers, ABC's Wednesday night victory was more pronounced, and "Private" topped "Bionic" in overall audience.

Ever since the May upfronts when networks unveiled their fall schedules, Wednesdays have been the most-discussed night, given the intense array of competition. “Bionic” has topped buzz-tracking measures all summer, while the reputation of “Private Practice” was dented by a backdoor pilot that aired in May. In the past week, however, any sense that buzz produces viewers seemed to go out the window as the drumbeats of publicity for CBS’ “Kid Nation,” NBC’s “Chuck” and The CW’s “Reaper” went largely unheeded.

The only safe bet for breakout numbers seemed to be with returning hits, such as NBC’s “Heroes” and Fox’s “House.” Both “Bionic” and “Private” (the latter of which, had it aired on any other night, would have likely dominated headlines this morning) show that freshman premieres can still draw significant tune-in.

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Comments (67)


I suppose after being a fan of (and a 13 year old in love with), of the original Bionic Woman, I should have not expected much. Well I was right. The show was too damn complicated with too many story lines going on at once. Too dark and too deep. She had her accident and was repaired and "fighting for the cause" all in the 1st episode? Please. Ahhh for the days of Lindsay Wagner. :)


Honestly, as a fan of the original, I was really happy with the way this turned out. The original was campy. While that was fine when I was a kid, campy just doesn't cut it for me anymore. That's why I like the new version of Battlestar Galactica so much. It pays homage to the original without being a goofball farce.


I agree with Dan. It's a great reinvention of a cool series I liked as a kid. Camp doesn't really work much anymore. With Sci-Fi like shows anyway. I hear a pilot movie for "Knight Rider" is being prepped at NBC and it also seems to be going in this direction. More than one car, plus cars that "Transform". Galactica is great, and now we have "The Bionic Woman" as well!


It was O.K.... Nothing to write home about. I liked the darker side of Jamie, but it needs more action packed rockum'-sockum'. And what about our bionic british star, a few to many meals of fish & chips, me thinks. Inflation is killing me too, the 6 million dollar machine now costs 50 million, and all you have to do is inject her with some fancy-smancy steroid steel.


So far nothing I've seen beats Life for good, intelligent and entertaining writing. There were a few bugs to work out in the pilot, but it's smart and funny and seems to be headed in a very interesting direction.


Give Bionic a Chance....most critics who saw the next two episodes say it greatly improves. The pilot was pieced together because of dispute with producers and one left because of creative differences.

I liked Bionic, life and found Chuck and Journeyman well worth the time.


Bionic Woman is brought to us by the same innovative creators that are behind the new Battlestar Galactica. Besides BSG stars Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas being in Bionic Woman, you can hear that signature haunting wind instrument background music in BW that exists in BSG. Bionic Woman will be a huge success.


Chuck sucks...they gave an actor John Krasinski eyebrows and the same "aw shucks" persona and hoping it sells. Ugh.


"a few to many meals of fish & chips"...based on that picture, I'll say!


I have to admit, as a kid, I was more of a Six-Million Dollar Man than a Lindsay Wagner Bionic Woman fan. Having said that, I DO think this can be good. I've hated watching network TV for so long due to the mediocre crap the networks have been putting out for years, but I've got to give NBC some credit. I loved Heroes and I think this new group of shows is at least peaking my curiousity. It's about time.

*NOTE: I was a huge Battlestar Galactic fan as a kid, but cannot stand the new version. I like the harder edge and I DO like what they've done with the Cyclons, but that's about it. All the other changes seem so PC to me. The Galactica a rust bucket? Starbuck a chick now? Rockets instead of lasers? Bullets? Col. Ty a drunk white guy? Come on! They had a chance to do it up SOOOO much better! Just me, though. Others I know love it. I just can't watch it!


Damian Lewis of Life should be the biggest Englishman playing an American since Hugh Laurie. He has already distinguished himself in Band of Brothers and the Forsyte Saga.

Life is the only new show this Fall that is now on my "must see" list. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Hollywood networks are run by know nothing "suits". A new creative show has an incredibly tough time getting past their safety first "let's redo BIONIC WOMAN" approach. So far, I'll watch LIFE and BACK TO YOU and then go to cable to enjoy DAMAGES, MAD MEN THE CLOSER, PSYCH, et al on cable. Even when a show becomes a big hit, the suits get the reason it's a hit wrong. Sometimes even the series gets it wrong. I loved HOUSE'S diagnostic brilliance not his rude, sadistic demeaning behavior. They lost me with his sadism midway last season and I'm so disgusted I'm watching David Mamet's THE UNIT instead and wish I hadn't missed the first season or is it seasons? Where are reruns when you want them.

Jeff Williams:

WAIT JUST A MINUTE. "Ate too much fish and chips?" Is that some veiled way of insinuating that Michelle Ryan is fat?

I'm living on another planet, I swear to God.

First, if you don't like the show - don't watch it. I don't understand why that would be an excuse to make a desparaging comment like that about Ms. Ryan's phisique.

It's a re-imagining. Like Battlestar. Like the forthcoming Trek movie. Some people will love it, some people will not. There won't be much grey area. Wierd how that works with these things.

FWIW, I thought the story was complex, but they wanted to jump start us into the series. They have the whole season and hopefully beyond to get into the meat of the story. It was well done, and I think it will be successful.

And as to Michelle Ryan, I think she is GORGEOUS. I'd take her out to fish and chips any day... and buy her seconds... and laugh at how much better lookng she was than your dates. Between her and Sackhoff, I am completely twitterpated for these gorgeous leading women. Sha-wing!


I watched the debut of Private Practice. The is one hour of my life I can never get back. What a horrible show.

I saw the show and I actually prefer this version to the original. Also, Michelle Ryan is hot! ;)

Tony Capuzzi

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I'm calling this LesBionic Woman from now on. The sexual tension between the two Bionic women was so thick I could cut it with a knife.


Michelle Ryan might be one of the least attractive people on TV. The show was awful too.


Life was so good.

I can't wait for next week's episode!

clever and funny dialog and premise
and sexy too

loved it


Where's Oscar Goldman?


Bionic woman=average. The effects were good, but the pilot really needed a 2 hour opening. They tried to do way too much in a single hour.

Now Life on the other hand hit a home run. It was just awesome and I'm hooked already.

I got home late, clicked play on the old DVR, previously set up, and watch both back to back (skipping those damnable commercials) - watching The Bionic Woman first of course. Private Practice was lame as expected - don't how that lazy eyed dumb slut from Grey's Lobotomy got her own series - screwing the producers?

Somebody say "LesBionic Woman"? and another say "Michelle Ryan might be one of the least attractive people on TV"?
Man, some people are real le' duche-bags. Still, BW was very cool, let's hope it improves - Michelle Ryan is a babe, anyone who says different must be a pathetic Paris Hilton fan.


Bionic Woman? Well, we have seen this strong, mysterious, crime fighting woman type series before in recent time, only Dark Angel had Jessica Alba and Alias had Jen Garner. Michelle Ryan just is not compelling to look at for an hour. Poor casting for the lead will ulitmately doom the show.

Ballsac Teebagher:

I didn't watch either. I was too busy playing Halo 3.

Paul Anderson:

Being a musician I was amused to here the theme "In the House In A Heartbeat",from "28 Days Later", which is the driving building guitar theme during her climatic fight scene.
All in all I enjoyed this show.
Best regards to all


I hate commercial t.v. shows. always have. only past t.v. show I enjoyed and watch steadily were 'x-files' and 'seinfeld'. But now i just found a commercial t.v. show I think I will watch every week: Bionic Woman (Michelle Ryan is hot...)


Biggest complaint I had with Bionic Woman is the choppy features of the fight scenes. Badly done and much too choppy. Fight scenes are unbelieveable and very hard to follow. Any extended fight scenes that are poorly edited are due to actors failure to know how to do fight scenes or the directors inability to show continuous fighting. A formula for disaster.


LOL I think poor Michael is having horrible flashbacks to a high school beauty they looked like Ryan and would never give him the time of day. She's beautiful by any definition, short one by retarded alien from Omicron Persei 8 lmao.


Bionic lame. How easy for them to use CGI for the so-called 'bionics'. It looked like a bunch of silver CGI minnows swimming under her CGI skin. Just plain cheap and Shtoopid, just like the new Battlestar. The actress slightly resembles Lindsay Wagner in the nose and eyes, but other than that she has zero charisma, a common trait with today's empty, shallow and talentless acting pool. Normal guys want less drama-intensive psuedo-lesbian sexual story lines (see Battlestar for reference) and more good versus evil, OSI versus mad Fembot scientist, USA versus bigfoot, that kind of stuff. The problem is that the screen & tv writers of today are all a bunch of PC, effeminate homosexuals who can't understand concepts like tradition and nobility.

That's why guys in their 20's-40's, who have the most spending power BTW, do not watch network TV anymore and rarely go to movies unless it's a Marvel or DC comics creation. Stuff it homo-fagual hollywood!

Bring me back Oscar, Rudy, and Jaime to the good ol' days of feathered hair swooshing while slo-mo battles with sparks a-flying from the 1970's servo-based nuclear bionic arm clashes against the robotic arms of the Fembots.


Katee Sackhoff performed her role flawlessly which gives the show a high performance dynamic since she has a huge fan following because of BSG. When folks love the villain and wanna love the heroin it gives birth to a magical combination. Kudos to NBC for pulling it off. I was very pleased with the debut of the Bionic Woman. Scifi done right is always fun. The Heroes season opener was well done which makes believe that NBC will have a good year.

I am awaiting Jericho and hopefully CBS will listen to Jericho's fan base and put the show back on soon. Otherwise instead of nuts they could find chips, which are plentiful in Kansas, on their doorstep.


How bad was the 8 o-clock hour that Dancing won? Three crappy game shows up against each other? Thank God there's Tivo.


Personally, I thought Bionic was terrible. The dialogue was predictable and cliche. Nothing original in it. She is not at all believable in the roll.

For my money, Chuck was better entertainment.


Bionic Woman was better than most new season openers. It moved quickly and had almost enough action. It will do well.


This is the first time in nearly 6 or 7 years that I've actually come back to network tv. Its a point of pride with me that I have never seen one episode of any reality tv show even including the very first survivor. Once I heard about the hype of survivor several years ago before it preimiered, I knew network tv lost all its creativity, I also never saw one episode of any of those music contests like idol thing.

Now that new creativity is back, I also welcomed my premiere back to network tv. I still go for cable tv much better.

Bionic was reason enough to try network tv again and led me to Life and then new csi and others.

Thomas, St. Petersburg, FL:

As a fan of the original "Bionic Woman", I eagerly watched the new version on Wednesday.

The new storyline was all over the place, and therefore a little difficult to fully follow.

Also, while the new special effects are more realistic than the pre-computer age of the 1970s, I do miss the "bionic" sounds when Jaime is using her bionics. Where are my bionic sounds?

Michele Ryan is very likable and attractive. However, Lindsay Wagner will ALWAYS be Jaime Sommers to this kid of the 1970s.


I also was a fan of the original series. However, I had no problem following the story lines of this new show. It's not difficult.

Story lines? Easy

Jamie gets into a car accident caused by BW1 and becomes BW2.

BW1 wants revenge against the entire organization and is now setting her sights on Jaime.

Jaime has issues with her younger sister & now has to keep secrets. (A future plot obviously is going to include kidnapping of her younger sister in some form, I can see that a mile away!)

Jaime has issues with her new make-over but comes to terms with it.

Jaime's love interest who saved her life is torn between his loyalty to the organization and to Jaime.

The organization wants Jaime to be part of their...well...hasn't quite been defined yet what they truly are about.

There...now what was so hard about that?


One of the points in the article is the contrast in drawing power of 'new concept' shows vs. remakes on network TV. BW appeals to both boomers and gen-X'ers: boomers remember the original, gen-X'ers live for sequels and/or repeats. "Private" really only had a grip on GREY'S fans. Big grip, tho.

Ryan has a great body for a 'real' person. She just can't measure up to gamers' virtual gals. They'll have to wait for BW on Xbox.

Dave L:


Rex B:

I thought Bionic Woman got off to a great start. Of course I had heard it would be darker, more serious (moody, like everything else is right now). And overall the show was that. But I was surprised that Jamie herself is pretty happy and together. She is dealing with all of the angst around her (sister, government people, boyfriend to some degree).
I very much agree that there was WAY too much in the first episode, but it still felt pretty good to me. I'll watch it again to see what happens.
Gotta' comment like others on the extreme close-ups and jumpy cutting; I want to SEE the fights NOT just know they are going on and get glimpses here and there - that's no fun. All in all, a pretty good experience. You go girl!!


Watched Bionic (kind of) while reading the paper. Okay but not noteworthy. The deep dark conspiracy stuff is really pretty old. And what little girl these days would be so impressed that "a girl" could do something cool? Life was certainly more promising. The part where he told a dying guy who had been trying to kill him that everything bad had just been a bad dream and that he could go back to sleep really got me for whatever reason. Quite a change from the usual "cute quip" or snarling "die, dirtbag!" that is usually heard. Just hope they wrap up the "Who framed him" plot in one season. No tv mystery should last longer than that. (See "Lost", or like me, don't anymore.)


First of all, you can't compare the two shows..the orig.was perfectly cast and did not need to rely on any violence or hyped up special effects, or show a dark side to it's character.
Lindsay Wagner is a Beauty with earthy california looks, classy and a great actress then & now.
That being said, the new show is all hype and just another numb attempt to get an audience any way it can, and not a family oriented show.
Michele Ryan, is no Babe! she is plain and very boring to watch, and a bad actress...Period!
Bionic Woman was a bad attempt for a lame network like NBC to even try to bring back , after their horrible treatment of the orig. show back in 79.
I'll watch Privat Practice!

Thought Bionic was pretty good, but I'll always remain a fan of the original series. Too bad they're not planning to have Bigfoot on the new show.

With NBC remaking so many television shows from the '70s, I'm wondering how long it takes their sister company Universal to remake timeless '80s classics like Back to the Future?


I'm wondering when these 'late male baby boomer' writers and directors are actually going to come up with something original. A Finale Chick Fight! Yeah,how original(yawn). After remaking all those nostalgic 70's shows into modern day politically correct angst and anger showcases what's next. Bionic Woman, another case where the women are strong and everyone else is props.
As in BSG where Katie Sakhoff plays herself I predict a fine career for her. She's the new Bill Shatner(twist) but she's a girl. I'm also getting a little fatigued of all the foreign actors and actresses(i.e. Canadians also) being forced down our remotes because they're cheaper to hire. I guess America doesn't have talent but rather higher union costs. Campy as it was the Jaimie Sommers I remember was an All-American girl with an All-American boyfriend. Besides bigfoot and Helen Hunt as an alien on the run, she gave us All-American hopes,compassion and dreams. As a kid I was inspired by her to be a better person and do the right thing. I'm not an isolationist but I don't forsee that in the future of this show. I forget it's the "Me First" generation running things. What's next a bitter post-menopausal Wonder Woman?


Last night I saw a little bit of Bionic Woman and the show reminds me of Alias. I really like it and I will watch it next week. Huge fan of Life. It's funny and intense.


Lindsay wagner rules i love her

I totally agree, this show is nothing close to the original and the actors can't even act. It's all commercial and its turned out to be a hot mess!


i never saw the original and i have now seen 2 episodes of bionic woman but I'm gonna give it one more shot. If the story line gets better as well as the acting then maybe I'll stick around. In my opinion heroes is so much better. another show they could do away with is chuck i wont miss it if it's gone. Life and Journeyman rule though check 'em out people.


I love the 70's bionic women show as a 9 year old kid and the new bionic women is different but for me a good different. I hope the show gets more action for jamie aka Michelle Ryan. Also as a adult who was a fan of the show as a kid , I now can say I like the darker version, its more fitting to the times. I am sure there are people who hate the new bionic women show, ofcause I bet they still listen to 8 tracks and cassettes and only will buy a ford, chevy or dodge.


also remember the plot was messed up because of producers leaving the show and changing the story lines. I predict by the 6 or 7 show, all the kinks and stuff will work itself out, besides it's raking in the top 20 so it must not be too bad, I know I will keep watching it. I Love it and I think also the Evil bionic women should be in most of the future story lines, Maybe let the virus in her fade away that is making her do evil stuff. Let her be more of a not a hero but a rebal who's not evil but still for herself but with a few good moments where she could help jamie or others.


Bring back The Black Donnellys


The show's starting to get its groove on by the third episode. I hope people give it a chance because I'm already hooked. And yes, Michelle Ryan is TOTALLY gorgeous and a good actor to boot!
I do agree that the fight scenes are a bit too "choppy" at times. Too much handcam. Also they seem to be a weaker version of bionics than the original - so far they've not been shown to be strong enough to, say, lift up a car. I want more of that! They do seem strongn in the legs though. Otherwise really liking the show so far.


Bionic Woman was amazing!
Nowadays we tend to look for the negatives in such wonderful things.
It's not really up to us to decide whether a show sucks or not because we don't know the hard work that comes into making a show that will keep people watching from the begining to the end. It's good it isn't all punching and wounding scenes, taking it slow isn,t so bad.
We must hold on to these precious treasures because they become a large part of our culure.

Blis Donz:

The new Bionic Woman is like a cross between Alias and La Femme Nikita. Now I am befuddled as to why Isaiah Washington was added to the cast. The role was irrelevant and the show can do away with the character. Even if his character evolves, I think it will still be shallow. He is out of place in that series. Was it in the name of diversity that Washington was cast? Or the fact that he was fired from Grey's Anatomy and NBC resorted to some grandstanding. If indeed Isaiah will be in Bionic Woman, maybe he could just be a recurring guest. And c'mon, a trainer-supervisor? He had not shown a damn thing to Bionic Woman. My personal opinion is that he is just occupying space in that show. Miguel Ferrer (Jonas) and his posse is definitely enough to carry the show plus the real good chemistry between Ryan and Sackhoff.


I Like Bionic Woman. But love LIFE. Let BW get all the 'hype'....because the best show on tv this season is LIFE. Damian Lewis is awesome. Clever writing and great acting.

Tracy :

Where is the action. I was really hoping for more action and less talk...the show is beginning to lose my interest and I keep giving it another week. I know you have to build up a story line; but it is now the third or fourth week and we still only get about 5 minutes of action and 45 minutes of commercial and talk. This is the problem with network television, they really don't know how to balance a series. Alias was know for the action and stories; but these seem to be recycled stories with a bit of action thrown here and there....Please rethink the series before it is too late....Bring on the action and enough about the little sister...disgusting.

Tracy :

Where is the action. I was really hoping for more action and less talk...the show is beginning to lose my interest and I keep giving it another week. I know you have to build up a story line; but it is now the third or fourth week and we still only get about 5 minutes of action and 45 minutes of commercial and talk. This is the problem with network television, they really don't know how to balance a series. Alias was know for the action and stories; but these seem to be recycled stories with a bit of action thrown here and there....Please rethink the series before it is too late....Bring on the action and enough about the little sister...disgusting.


Michelle Ryan is cute. I don't mind seeing a beautiful women that looks much like women I see on a weekly basis. Jessica Alba is hot but does not seem real to me MR has the everyday look much the same way Katie Holmes pulled it off in DC. I find bionic woman a very entertaining show. I never miss an episode. I am so glad more television shows are coming back on and less reality shows.

Dan Q:

Bionic woman has got to have some of the worst writing of any show this year. As an actual fan of Alias I'm offended by any comparisons of the bionic woman to that show. The spy aspect of Bionic woman seems like it's an afterhtought. Jamie's acceptance of saving the world took all of 5 minutes in the series 2nd episode. Ruth Treadwell so far is the only character who seems to know what's she's doing and the rest of the cast seems to just be floating around waiting for direction. Any and all attempts at espionage-related aspects of the show are purely superfluous and laughable, without any shred of realism or suspense. The character of Sarah Corvus adds some depth and gives Jae Kim some direction but it is far too little. The series should have stayed truer to the origional and perhaps taken a queue from the series that spawned it. The scripting so far seems geared to a pre-teen "Dawson's Creek" audience and less to a large built-in following that it could have had based on the origional series. This series is sure to fail rather quickly even witht he introduction of more semi-regular characters, without any of the payoff that a show with decent writing has going for it. Unfortunately this show has doomed a franchise that could have been taken in the exact opposite direction, and been given a quality revamp. The only way that it could potentially be saved is by firing all their writers and starting from scratch.


What a pleasant change from camp. Linsay was great for the times but this is better. Guess what no sounds effects when she uses her Bionics and she runs fast rather than slow motion. Its about time by the way she does need some hilites in her hair, alittle to dark.


What a pleasant change from camp. Linsay was great for the times but this is better. Guess what no sounds effects when she uses her Bionics and she runs fast rather than slow motion. Its about time by the way she does need some hilites in her hair, alitle to dark.


What a pleasant change from camp. Linsay was great for the times but this is better. Guess what no sounds effects when she uses her Bionics and she runs fast rather than slow motion. Its about time by the way she does need some hilites in her hair, alittle to dark.


I tried watching the New Bionic Women and couldn't get past the first episode and a half. Way too many problems I just couldn't get past.


1. No adjustment period to get used to her new powers. How does one go from nothing to 60mph, leaping tall buildings, smashing things up with no adjustment? WTF?!?

2. Let's make her a genius despite the fact that she works as a bartender/waitress. Why not...

3. Let's also make the younger pre-tard sister a genius also. A computer hacker so good the law says she can't use a computer anymore. Let's also make the sister a rebelious pot-head because we all know that it takes no work at all to be elite.

4. Let's make the Bionic Woman super caring for having to put up with her sister and try and make a life for them all on a waitress' salary.

5. While we're at it - let's give this new bionic woman incredible fighting powers. SkillZ so great she can make a fighting adjustment from normal human to bionic being against a superior and well-trained bionic foe within a day of leaving her hospital bed. Yeah, right... because her super hard head was able to withstand those bionic blows...

6. Let her call all the shots. So she demands of her new boss how late she can work (7pm), about giving her bratty sister a health-plan, etc.. and etc..

7. Let's also make her a slut because adult female rebellion is about making out with strangers in public bathrooms. She's gotta' be cool now...

8. Let's also make her completely at ease in this new world she enters - with people trying to kill her and hers. We all know that rebellious waitresses are better trained at espionage and murder than the rest of us - particularly when they have also been accepted to Harvard.

9. Finally - let's have her moan and cry and complain about her new powers even though they saved her life and limbs. While everyone else would be having the time of their lives, this boring excuse of a character with no interests in her life... save for the clothing and makeup she wears, makes these new powers seem oh... so... humdrum.

The show does feel like it was written by a 13-year old girl for 10-year old girls. Or by an angry old fat woman playing out a private fantasy.

maryann perone:

this show better then all of the show are
now with strike on please help save this show

maryann perone:

I think that michelle ryan play her part
be the old show and should come back 2008
please say her show

I can't disagree with the naysayers here.

Don't think I've been so disappointed in the progress of a show since ...

... oops, it was last year and it was NBC and the show was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

All of my Bionic Woman posts are at this link, if you read along you can chart my crestfallen-ness.


james van dalinda:

im wondering was the new bionic woman canceled?
because it has not been on wedensday in over three weeks. please e-mail me at mustang09@earthlink.net and let me know thanks
james van dalinda


Ok if the Bionic Woman of today is so great, then lets forgo acting lessons and that something that Jamie Summers had. Lets look at it for the technical its 2007 and in one sceen our BW is jumping from one building to another and in the next she can hardly kick a guy across a room...Your dealing with a smarter audience these days and alot about your show is so bad, can anyone get it through this producers head that his trailer was cool and drew alot of fans out to support this lame slow starting project...I hope it gets up to speed, but without alot of changes its going to fail. PS It is funny that ABC does not have a web site to poll tv watchers...The people who are watching this show are hoping for it to get better as I was...


The last time I had really good fish and chips was in Avalon in Sydney (Australia!), Brits don't make good fish and chips....The new national dish is Curry!.

Maybe Meg's been on the Chicken Tikka or a real hot Lamb Buna!

Still she's still a sizzling dish anyway!

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