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James Hibberd

Emmy Ratings Lowest in at Least 15 Years

September 17, 2007 1:29 PM

Despite some critics calling the 59th Emmy Awards the most entertaining in years, the Fox telecast was the lowest-rated Emmy presentation since at least 1991.

Sunday’s awards telecast, facing heavy competition from NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” earned a 4.3 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49. That’s down 17 percent from last year’s telecast on NBC.

The Emmys still won the night among non-sports programming, good enough to land Fox in second place.

The numbers continue the Emmys’ recent downward ratings spiral.

Fox’s Emmy red-carpet coverage garnered a 2.9, but that number is even more approximate than most due to NFL overrun coverage.

Fox wasn’t the only network taking a hit, however. Although NBC topped the night with its football game, Fox’s Emmy competition took its toll. The San Diego Chargers vs. New England Patriots match pulled a 5.8 rating, down 24 percent from last week’s game. The pre-show “Football Night in America” earned a 3.3.

CBS was third, with football a strong lead-in for “60 Minutes” (3.4), then “Big Brother” (2.6) and repeats.

ABC was fourth with repeats and a second-run movie. The CW was fifth with repeats.


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Comments (4)

"...Despite some critics calling the 59th Emmy Awards the most entertaining in years..."
....I have a list of critics I show people sometimes of all those who voted a top rating for the movie, "Kill Bill." All of them gave the Emmy Awards a high entertainment rating. Clearly the editors, publishers and producers who are supposed see to it that despite any editorial freedoms that their reporters or editorialist enjoy; their publications and programs are not suposed to disseminate lies or otherwise create a disservice to the communities they serve. The giving of praise to Fox’s version of the Emmy’s represents yet another example of failed editorial supervision.
....For the most part, except for putting the presentations in the round, this year’s Emmy’s looked like a news cast. Who every thought up putting a presentation in the round should be permanently barred from employment anywhere in the media industry. The first thing they teach media students at all college communications schools is to avoid continuity breaks. There was no place to create a camera shot that was not a major continuity break. They are so lucky that none of the dancers didn’t literally break legs – and if anyone is truly wondering why the ratings are so low just check-out the well premeditated overt homosexual suggestions during the singing by the Gay Four Seasons sound-a-likes. The majority of audiences are still outside of L.A. and N.Y. and most of them are offended by overt homosexual inferences and they don’t want their children exposed to it either. Until the two Gay guys started singing to one another this was a family program. Afterwards, it was just another bad L.A. joke that people turned it off and appropriately sent the rates strait to hell.
....What is the lesson for Fox or any other media creators? Don’t hirer Gays or Morons to do family programming because they cannot be trusted.

AJ Ensor
Media Analyst
Gerson Lehrman Group


Emmy Awards? What Emmy Awards? Does anybody really care about the Emmy Awards?


It's like watching "Hollywood goes to Washington". Gone are the days of actors being admired for their craft and talent. Today, supporting Hollywood is no more than supporting the likes of MoveOn and other far right political agendas. I turn them off .... they need to stick with thier craft. They all think they're politicians. Disgusting.


Emmy award? Is there one of these Hollywood we love ourselves shows monthly? and how is it Al Gore wins an award at all of them? Current?
Does anyone watch that? How about if I did a parody of Al dressed as the Michelin man? Of which he resembles, would that make it on Current? No one cares anymore about Hollywood!

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