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James Hibberd

Fox Pulls 'Nashville' For 'K-Ville' Repeats

September 25, 2007 5:46 PM

Looks like Fox isn’t going let “Nashville” coast after all. After two episodes, the network is pulling the Friday night docu-soap reality show in favor of “K-Ville” repeats for at least two weeks. The show debuted to a 1.0 rating among adults 18 to 49, then dropped to a 0.8 last week.

“K-Ville” repeats will run in the slot Sept. 28 and Oct. 5, then Major League Baseball will take over. Fox claims “Nashville” will return Nov. 9 (which is a shame – a network officially canceling a fall show on the first day of the season has a nihilistic ring about it).

No word whether Fox will make like NBC’s “Heroes” and take advantage of Nielsen’s new repeat-cume-ratings combo opportunity.

Also: Tonight is the debut of The CW’s much-loved “Reaper.” Since the re-shoots, the pilot has the bonus entertainment value of Bret Harrison’s hair and eyebrows switching from brown to dark blonde every time he shares the frame with newly cast love-interest Missy Peregrym.

Also: Rouse the Emmy voters, ABC’s “Boston Legal” returns. Plus, CBS’s reasonably entertaining “Cane” debuts. The show is burdened with the lamest marketing tagline of the fall season – “Power is Sweet” – while “Reaper” has the arguably the best – “Meet Satan’s Biggest Tools.” Not that such things count for much, but you gotta give points for style.

Plus, the return of Fox’s “Bones” and “House;” CBS’s “NCIS” and “The Unit.”


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I did not notice the hair thing.

Liked the show. Thought it could have been even a little more rambunctious.

But I'll watch again. Ray Wise is too good in this role.

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