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James Hibberd

Fox’s Eco-Party Report: A Tree Grows in WeHo

September 25, 2007 10:23 AM

If you’ve ever had an obnoxious friend who flirts with your dates and never picks up the tab, then finds religion and becomes serenely polite and empties his pockets for homeless panhandlers, then you know what it’s like to watch rascally Fox’s abrupt embrace of Rupert Murdoch’s eco-initiative. You respect and appreciate the effort, though you may have a hard time taking it all entirely seriously.

For its part, Fox leaves few stones unturned (or unprotected) when hosting its eco-themed events. On Monday night, the network hosted its second-annual eco-charity party at Area nightclub in West Los Angeles. From the e-mailed party invite: "Parking Password: 'Cool Change.' No other parking pass is required (we're saving paper)."

Arriving at the party, I was very much looking forward to using a secret parking password – “Cool change! [wink]” -- but the parking attendant didn’t ask for one.

Inside, Fox executives and talent mixed it up with the usual bar-and-buffet and casino games, with the eco-themed addition of a good-cause donation booth and charity spin. Executives were in high spirits following the performance of Sunday night’s “Family Guy,” which gave the network a clear win after a week of decent but unspectacular premieres.

On the way out, partygoers were handed gift bags made from recycled Fox billboards. The bags contained one of those energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs that “An Inconvenient Truth” recommended, a candle made from soybeans (no, it doesn’t smell like burning edamame) and a bottle of Icelandic Glacial bottled water.

The Icelandic Glacial bottled water has a picture of an iceberg on it. One can’t help but imagine a bottled-water company siphoning up the remains of a melting polar ice cap, then selling it to eco-conscious shoppers at Whole Foods for $2.80 a quart.

Finally, partygoers were given a tree. Not a house plant. A petite, potted tree.

“This will eventually grow into a tree that’s 25 feet high,” says the Fox staffer as she hands out the pots, not realizing how frightening a prospect this is to the apartment and condo dwellers of West Los Angeles.

Now at home, the tree sits on the coffee table like a challenge. Water me, see what happens…


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Comments (1)

Mike Rynolds:

I attended the Fox Eco Casino night and was very impressed with all their efforts. After receiving my gift bag It raised questions in my mind why they would include a bottle of Icelandic Glacial Water. I am a total "eco nerd" and actually did some research on the company unlike the person who wrote this article and the other useless minds who went along and commented negatively without doing their own research! I found that this is the one truly eco friendly Bottled water company in the world. And I don't mean they just buy credits to offset their carbon emissions. They even went as far as not installing lights in there new factory. The CEO said it was useless to waste energy lighting a warehouse with machines doing all the work. Clever... It is also a fact that Icelandic Glacials Olfus Spring is a natural spring which flows into the ocean. They are not pumping, melting or whatever else you can imagine. They simply catch the water before it gets drained into the ocean. The whole birth of the green community was people doing independent research and thinking for themselves. Please don't give us a bad name by assuming every company is the same. If this company has found a way to make the luxury of bottled water in an eco friendly way, why would we condemn them???? They are paving the way for other companies to follow in their footsteps and clean up their act! Isn't that what we want? A Prius is still a car made by a big corporate Auto Manufacture. However, Toyota has chosen to find more eco friendly ways for use to live our lives. Should we bash them too?? Of course not. Please think for yourselves and do your own research. Thanks! Mike

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