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James Hibberd

Leave Seacrest Alone Guy

September 16, 2007 5:38 PM

There’s something patently impressive about Ryan Seacrest taking the Emmy stage for the first time moments after hosting the E! pre-show. Though Seacrest can do celebrity interviews in his sleep and is known for stuffing his schedule with on-air commitments, hosting the Emmy Awards is a globally telecast career keystone. Critics are sharpening their pens. To spend the several hours leading up to his performance doing another television show is an act of true nerve.

As Seacrest takes the stage, he seems excited but in control. He’s the opposite of an character actor. His face is opaque, you're never sure what he's thinking. It's a reason he's a solid broadcaster, but also a reason why he's a target for critics. They aren't sure he has feelings that can be hurt and hurl their snark extra hard.

Reports that he’d sing came to naught. And reports that he wasn’t going to do a monologue were seemingly Fox’s way of lowering expectations for a relatively brief attempt to warm up the crowd with a few light jokes.

“All of [the Emmy-goers] are talented, all are looking incredible and all passed on hosting this year,” he says. Then: “I’m the first host in history in the Emmys who cared enough to ask, ‘Who are you wearing?’”


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