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James Hibberd

Sally Field Speaks Out at the Emmys

September 16, 2007 8:25 PM

Sally Field gave a heartfelt affirmation of motherhood on the Emmy stage when accepting her award for ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" that segued into a criticism of the Iraq War.

“At the heart of [her character] Nora Walker, she is a mother,” Field said. “May they be seen, may their work be valued and raised, and to especially the mothers who stand with an open heart and wait – wait for their children to come home for from danger, from harm’s way and from war. I’m not finished. I have to finish talking … if the mothers ruled the world there would be no goddamn wars in the first place.”

When she said “goddamn” onstage, however, Fox censors apparently took the opportuntity to bleep the rest of her comments.

“I wanted to say someting about the mothers who wait for their military children to come home from harm's way,” she said backstage. “I said at the end that if mothers ruled the world, there would be no wars."

When asked if she minded that her comments may have been cut off, she said, “Oh well.”

“I've been there before,” she addd. “If [mothers] ruled the world we wouldn't be sending our children off to be slaughtered. I shouldn’t have said the ‘god’ before the damn.”


Fox has released a statement on Sally Field's Emmycast bleeping.

"Some language during the live broadcast may have been considered inappropriate by some viewers," reads the statement. "As a result, Fox's broadcast standards executives determined it appropriate to drop sound during those portions of the show."

The network hit the button three times last night -- when Ray Romano joked about Kelsey Grammer sleeping with his wife (in reference to his former co-star Patricia Heaton and her new show with Grammer, "Back to You"); when Katherine Heigl mouthed, "Oh shit" during her acceptance speech: and when Ms. Field used the word "goddamn."

A network representative said Fox did not censor Ms. Field's comments for their political content, noting she did talk about the war before she was cut off.

Updated at 10:06 a.m.


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Comments (942)

B. Bailey:

My formerly tepid impression of Sally field just vanished altogethr.


Soldiers never have and never will get to choose their battles, thats what makes the military work, chain of command. If you don't want to fight in a war, don't join the military.


I support Sally's statement. She is correct. I wish she had not been censored. Everyone should be allowed to say what they want and the public can handle it.


Shouldn't this be considered a sexist remark? If a man were to say anything similar to this (i.e. 'If men ruled the home, we wouldn't have potpourri in this world'), wouldn't there be an outcry from the Code Pink crowd?

Dr. J:

Perhaps she's never heard of Catherine De'Medici.


Go Sally!!!


If mothers ruled the world, we would all have been thermonuclearly vaporized long ago. If anyone doubts that, then you've never dealt with a pissed-off mother.


If it weren't for our soldiers, I probably wouldn't be here today, because my grandparents wouldn't have survived to birth my parents. In addition, Sally Fields might be speaking German instead of English. How short sighted these Hollywood "brainiacs" are....

If that isn't reason enough never to elect a woman for president, I don't know what is. As a mother I understand the emotion, but the enemy shows no emotion other than hate and death to America.


When the Flying Nun goes off, it shows how low we have sunk. Can't blame her though because if a soldier dies for a lie, we have to ask why.

James Wilson:

I shudder to think of all the wars that would be started if mothers ran the world...


Well if you flaming Dems vote for Hillary you will see how flawed that comment is!!!!!!!

D. Y. Poi:

Just go up there, pick up your award, say your thank yous and shut up. Really, why is it that celebrities think they have a right to bring politics into an awards show.


These award shows are NOT for political comments. My once positive impression of Sally just went out the door. She is one of the liberal racial LWERS who obviously do not care about this country. These type comments are why fewer people watch these stupid self-awarding programs for the idiots in Hollywood.

Paul in Oklahoma:

If women didn't have Vaginas, men would hunt them with dogs.


if moms ruled the world, the us would have fallen to the nazi's...france would be part of germany....and maybe Japan would be emperor of the world. I hate it when b actors stand up and claim to know all about how the world works...and the tensions and more than anything...patriotism for the US...sally field...i liked you before...now you and just another hollywood wacko!!!!!!!!!!


If women ruled the world, we would never know what peace is. Have you ever worked in an office where more than one woman is working? They go after each other like rabid cats. Men get along with each other MUCH more than women.


Everyone serving in the military is a volunteer. Sally, these fine people are trying to wipe out the evil over there instead of your front lawn.


This is an award show, not a platform for Sally to cram her views down our throat. Geeze, relish in your honor, and keep your opinions to yourself. There are other times and places for your opinion.


If Sally Field does not care for the intentions of the war on terror, she should move to another country. The VOLUNTEER military in this country are proud to do their jobs with the assiciated risks, all in the effort to protect us from further actions. Get a clue, Sally!


She can't handle the truth. There are evil people in the world and we need a strong military to keep evil at bay. Sorry, Sally. We can't all sit around holding hands singing Kimbaya and pretending that we can all just get along. I'm glad to know there are still young people in this country willing to stand up to evil to defend the rest of us, including you, Sally.

OJ Simpson:

Sally you are a bitch

brian rosen:

Its a rediculous comment- no wonder its from a rich, spoiled celebrity that knows nothing of the world outside her Hollywood gated mansion.

I believe Margaret Thatcher is a woman and ordered Britain to war. To say woman wouldn't go to war undermines their intelligence, as many wars have been just and produced peace.


Just goes to prove that if given the choice between freedom and safety, women will choose safety.


Mother's do rule the world. They just don't realize it. That's why we have problems. A good mother means a great deal.


Sally Fields doesn't know my mother. Or dozens of others of mothers I know who get into petty fights with each other, and drag their families into fights with each other based on paranoia and other petty BS.


Sally Field should run for president. Go Sally!!! After all the crap everyone else says, why would they censor the rest of her speech? Why not just bleep the offense word like they do with all the MTV crowd and thugs?


We don't like you Sally, we really really don't like you.


I don't push my values or thoughts off on any one
but as for me I still belive in the 10 comandments
and I 'm pretty sure there is still one about taking the Lords name in vain. I could be wrong
maybe some one was offended and it was removed.


As if women do not wage wars? I cannot believe Sally Field knows so little about history. Women have played an equal role in the initiation of almost every major war in human history. Do you really think, Sally, that we are the kinder, gentler sex? Get real. We fight for what we believe in or we wear the burka! Wouldn't you?!


Another tired older actress with hoof in mouth.

G Hamilton:

if women were running things, there would be no war?
Is she joking? Women are far more vicious then men. Most have no boundaries. Look at Hellary. That's why the Nazis valued them so highly as torturers. Read your history.

Get real, Sally Fields.


What an idiot she is. Women rulers have waged wars for the entire history of mankind. Just read up on the history of the English Queens and Russian Tsarists. Also she has been alive to remember Thatcher sending troops to the Fauklands. She should also read up on Goldie Meir.


The show is lousy too. Her Liberal Friends voted for her

Paul in Oklahoma:



she really never recovered from her mental breakdown,oh well,to bad,lol.


Sally Fields comment was sincere and fervent. How refreshing to see her integrity and motherhood unite and reveal veritable depth of character – a bracing change to the usual shallow personalities who dread to say openly what so many believe.


Sally Fields is a true patriot. Shame on FOX for once again protecting Bush and his horrific policies.

Greenspan just confirmed what we all suspected...it was never about 9/11...it's about the oil.


A simple thought about what she thinks......

Who cares.

josh stevens, akron ohio:

Men rule and women drool.....maybe if she stayed home where she belonged, those comments would never had aired...cook a little more, talk a little less. = )

Rick Fowler:

oh really Sally?

if women ruled the world, there would be no wars?

men don't get pms, women do

I don't think your statement holds water

Barb M:

Sally, Sally, if mothers could prevent war then why are my three teenage boys beathing eachother up every chance they get?


Maybe she would like this one liner as well:

If a mother like you ruled this country, then we would be taking it in the backside from every tin horn despot in the world and acquiescing to their every demand.

Gee, that sounds like fun, or maybe not!


Not if MY mom was in charge...

The Guy Who Has OJ's Memorablia:

I second that OJ, sorry about your stuff.


So, if Sally Field is right, here is what the world would look like:

-There would be no United States (we would just be an extension of Great Britain).

-Presumably, slavery would still be the law of the land.

-If there was a U.S., we would be divided into two nations (Union and Confederacy).

-Germany would have murdered all the Jews and be currently controlling much of Europe.

That (and much worse) is the picture of Sally Field's war-free mother-ruling world!


Sadly,leftist eliteists like Sally don't understand that as horrible as war is it is necessary to defeat evil in the world. Perhaps she would have been happy had we not fought in WWII and defeated Hitler. If she doesn't want to stand up and fight for freedom there will be none. If the terrorists get their way there will be no Emmys for her to attend. By the way where all these so called anti-war people when Clinton bombed innocents in Bosnia/Kosovo without the sanction of the UN, might I add?????????? Not a peep from any of them. I guess they are selective in which wars they are against.


AND IF NAZIS "ruled the world" there wouldn't be any more wars. If ending wars was the only concern, we should have just let Hitler continue to expand and unite the world under one flag. But "war" cannot be ended for the sake of ending war. Not until radical fascists are eliminated and democracy is adopted worldwide will we see an end to war. Until then, we must remind ourselves that war is often a necessary component of freedom.


I am with B. Bailey and the rest of you that have a functioning brain.

OJ Simpson:

I hate big mouth women!


I am sick and tired of hearing comments like this from ultra liberal Hollywood loons! They live in their own little world and have no idea how dangerous the real world is. If they are so unhappy with the U.S. If she is so unhappy with the U.S. she should move to Afghanistan. She would look much better wearing a Burka!

D J:

Sally stupid is a sexist mindless bimbo that is as close minded and prejudice as david duke.


Sally is just another leftist without a clue. they understand niether the facts or the consequences of what they think we should do.
Peace at any price is slavery.


Who cares what Sally Field, Alec Baldwin, Tim Robbins, or any of the rest of the Hollywood elite think? They live in a make believe world. We should pay no attention to their innane comments. The irony is, U.S. fighting men and women are dying everyday so that these bozos retain the right to get up at the emmys and say whatever they wish.


Jo nailed it.


Thank God the Yankee/Red Sox game was on and I had something worthwhile to watch as opposed to listening to folks like Fields. When are these Hollywood types going to be able to separate their careers which for most of them were not attained through brain power and their personal feelings towards presidents, wars, etc. and then using a public space to express them?


Sally, many of us use to be like you, but then we learned to read.


A simple thought about what you think... Who cares?


Just another Hollywood wierdo who lives in LaLa land instead of reality. Somebody's got to stand on the wall so you lefties can speak your garbage. Just remember if the Islamists take over Sally, it's people like you who will face their fervor first. Got to love stupid actors.

richard krenko:

I agree with Josh...why is it that every woman has to say something rediculous like sally on tv?? Maybe it would be better if she stayed home and cooked a dinner for her husband that works hard I'm sure...


Sally Field's comment is yet one more confirmation (if I never needed any more confirmation) why I stopped watching these awards shows many years ago.


Sigh. Another moronic liberal who doesn't have a clue how the real world works. If she is so sure about her mothers wouldn't let their kids fight, all anyone has to do is look at the Palestinian women willingly giving up their kids for sucide attacks. Pick up a freakin newspaper once in a while and save us all your ignorance.


What an Idiot!


how trendy. someone missing the spotlight?


The stupid woman shouldn't even be allowed to vote.

If it was up to women like her, she'd be wearing a burka and wouldn't vote.

Bob :

Sally who?


Oh please leftwing loons do not read anything in to this just because it's on Fox. They bleeped the GD, plain and simple. Quit making fools of yourselves.


Sally is a NO-Talent has-been. Whay do we care? Who watches that garbage show anyway? I kept stealing the remote to watch the football game, but happened to see her ridiculous comments. She is an idiot! She should thank those who are proficiently operating the war on terror,
Great job guys!!!!


She talks like trash. Maybe that's for a good reason?


She was apparently censored for using the word "goddamn". She should have been censored for the other crap she was spewing.


My late Mother would have slapped you just for the "GD". If you want to win people over don't insult them with language - not to mention the stupid comment.


Just another self-important "celebrity" using her status to promote a personal opinion. Don't these people get it? We don't care what they think. Make your movies, sing your songs, and keep your political agendas to yourself!


Richard is right...Why do women have to rant at awards shows? At least if they cook they have something positive to provide their family...


Sally was right...
Waiting for a child or spouse to come home from a combat tour is a very hard thing to do.
All the sexist comments proves she was right or these people could have disagreed in an intelligent way!
The War in Iraq is wrong...always has been...
The War in Afghanistan is Right, we were attacked from there!
One thing these men and women fight for is our Right to Speak out on our feelings, And your right to disagree and speak out on yours!



Leftwing Nut:

Ooooh, they bleeped Sally for her views! Oooooh, it was on Fox! Ooooooh, it must have been Bush telling Fox to do it! Oooooooh, it's a conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy!!!


More power to her. I like her, I really like her.


What did Ray Romano say to get the same deserved treatment as Ms. Field?

florence tate:

i like her. i really really like her.

Tracy P.:

These left-wing nut jobs really need to take a cold hard look at reality. Those soldiers chose to go support the people of Iraq. How dare this stupid actress think she knows squat about what they are doing. Shame on her. I would bet the majority of their mothers (the soldiers) are a lot smarter them Sally Field and very proud of their children!

Sally, why don't you go over there so one of the soldiers can come home.


Inga, you moron, this is an awards show, not Crossfire. Geeeze, get a life.


figures, like most of Hollywood that has come up since the 60's, she went from gettin' high like a diety in her mind, to flyin' high like a nun, to livin the high life as a celebrity, having forgotten she was once considered a good and serious actor.




This is why we no longer watch award shows. It's just a mouthpiece for knee-jerk liberals who never think things through before they speak. All feelings, no facts.....


It's a big taboo to say "Goddamned" on Television. It had nothing to do with the meaningful content and everything to do with that word. The only person who got away with it a lot was Howard Stern on the radio. No one else gets away with it. It's considered too insulting to religious people. I am not offering an opinion, merely a fact!

Charles Bartleson:

Oh! Come On!

It's Hollywood. Big deal. You guys gonna swarm Sally Field over some amateur cussing?

Candy Asses!

more war:

more war more war more war more war more war more war more war more war


I really wish Osama Bin Laden would see an opportunity, and wipe out a few hundred celebrities at an award show. Maybe then they'll understand, that evil makes no distinction, they want us ALL dead, even Ryan Seacrest. The radicals won't show mercy for anyone who doesn't subscribe to their warped view of Islam. It's all or nothing for them, as it should be with us. My God preaches tolerance and benevolance. What God would condone killing innocents? None. What did Iraq have to do with 9/11? Nothing. What would Iraq have become under an evil dictator bilking millions from the UN and oil revenues? My guess is, not anything good. President Bush may not be the most skilled, or intelligent leader in the world, but he understands one thing. Evil must be confronted, and defeated. Not later, but sooner. When Abdul blows himself into a pink mist at your local Starbucks and you lose someone close to you, Sally Field, you may begin to understand the breadth of the conflict the lies before us all.

herb johnson:

Sally, make like a Pilgrim. Find a better place; but good luck finding somewhere with a Mayo Clinic and a runway long enough for your Gulfstream 5.


Sally.....You are an illiterate c*u*n*t.

Love Eric.


I'm still laughing at some nutjob above who said that Sally said what most of these Hollywood libs think but dread saying aloud. WTF??? You're kidding right??!! ROFLMAO. Saying this kind of stuff guarantees them accolades all over Los Angeles. All we hear all the time is this kind of political crap from these no nothing morons.

What planet have you been living on?


Nice going, flying nun.
Why can't these "movie stars" shut up and act?


Here’s the real thing, a war for OIL is as; if not more just than a war for independence, a war over land, a war over the seas, a war over the very survival of our nation… because if you look at the history of the US from beginning to now, we have fought over all those things… our national survival depends on oil and if you don’t believe me look at the ingredients to the plastic that your computer is made of… Sally Field needs to remember her Emmy wouldn’t have been forged without OIL either…


She's still HOT AS SH*T!!! I'd hit it anytime!!!


Who is Sally Field??? And why should we care?? Go away already.


why can't pro-war, anti-peace, nazi-loving conservatives spell anything correctly? or get their history correct?

democracy doesn't cause wars to cease.


If mothers ruled the world, Charles Martel wouldn't have defeated the Muslims at Tours and thus Islam would rule the world and Sally would be in a burhka.


David, you said everyone should get to say anything they want - the public can handle it. I wonder how quick you'd be to commit to that opinion if one of them got up on stage and said "Lynch the niggers, burn the kikes, shoot the spics on sight and torture all the sodomizing fudge-packers and carpet munchers"

I guess it all depends on which side of that free speech you're on doesn't it?

Janis :

Dear Sally,
Thanks for the compliment to mothers but....this country doesn't need mothering and it's very obvious that today's mothers are mostly old pot smoking hippies. A real mother?....speak softly and carry a big stick!!! Even animal mothers will kill to protect their young. You turned out to be just another moron.


isn't the real issue here the fact that her statement was censored by major network television?

yeah, she sounded like a moron. but is it up to fox to decide whether or not she gets to complete her thoughts? they gave her the forum, after all.

the debate here really shouldn't be about her point of view. in reality, that affects no one. if anyone who had posted here in this comments section were in the same situation and had ANYTHING they wanted to say, would it seem fair to you then if you were cut short of saying it? it wasn't hate speech or a threat, just a misguided but well-meant statement.

also, there is no comparison between this war and WWII. (that's not meant as a slight against our soldiers. they're my family.) this war is being run on the politics of greed. it saddens me deeply that many US soldiers have died for the economic and power gains of so few.

bless the soldiers. question your leaders.

erich kronberger:

Sally we need more like you, thanks for standing up.


Margaret Thatcher anyone? Now that is a strong woman, as well as a mother.


Obviously Sally has never watched the videos of the Palestinian "mothers" who have helped their sons into their suicide vests to go blow up Jewish families in bus stops, malls discos etc.


If women are so damn smart - why aren't they ruling the world?


Since when did we send children to war. I only thought the chinese did that. Last I looked it was a volunteer army of adults going to war not children.


I'm sorry, but who is Sally Field?!?


Shut up and act.


I'm sorry, but who is js?!?

T. Knight:

I served my country for 10 years. Served during the first Gulf War. Men and Women should not join the armed services if they are not willing to take up arms and fight. Weather I believe in what my President "Commander and Chief" and my Congress Men and Women have said I am fighting for or not. I took an oath to defend this country and to follow the orders of those appointed over me. Maybe the military recruiters need to explain the seriousness of the oath better, I don't know. But after all has been said in the media about the war in Iraq and our fighting men and women. If anyone who joins the armed services now or days do not realize what they are getting into, they should be booted out, because that means they are just too stupid to serve. All the brave men and women who served and the ones who lost their lives during WWII didn't get to choose when or where they were going to fight and possibly die. But because of the generation of Americans like them is why we still can call ourselves "The United States of America".

OIF3 guy:

Pretty impressive to see one more self-proclaimed Secretary of State who wouldn't think twice about abandoning the millions of Iraqi mothers who would be slaughtered by our hasty retreat from Iraq.

For all of the "absolute moral authority" that comes out of Hollywood, (not to mention superior intelligence) it's interesting to see how little foresight, hindsight and knowledge actually exists among the crowd. Not to mention the fact that not a one of these Hollywood "experts" is willing to put their lives (or more importantly, their money) on the line for the freedom of a people for whom they don't care.

I was a big supporter of the Iraq liberation before I was deployed from Jun 04 to Nov 05.

I'm a bigger supporter of the war now than ever.


On the matter of the war, I am in sympathy with Ms. Field, although no doubt her heart and emotion made her speak imprecisely.

It is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of character. Does anyone believe Jimmy Carter would have allowed the Iraq war to start?

Again and more to the point, Jimmy Carter had immense personal character and wisdom. George W. Bush has absolutely none of either.


Like most Hollywood undereducated, pampered, overpaid eliteists, who are surrounded by people who tell them only what they want to hear, she has no clue.


Hmmmmm.... I just don't get it.

A person dies practically every minute in a car accident... Over 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade… the list goes on…

Don't see any "mothers" protesting those issues.


Sally is as looney tunes as Algore! They both deserve an Enema, I mean Emmy!


Mother Superior should wash Gidget's mouth out with soap. "Thou shalt not take the Lord Thy God's name in vain." I'm all for free speech but the FCC has rules and guidelines about "offensive" material which Ms. Field knew in advance. It is also wrong to use an award show to sucker punch the unsuspecting viewers who tuned in to see their favorite "stars" compete for an award, not to get lectured by the had been "Boniva" spokesmouth on War and Peace. She knows she was wrong and probably feels stupid as she should. This too shall pass.


Hey erich kronberger...Is Sally Field your mom??

The Ghost of Patton:

Many brave boys died so that this misguided lady could spout her venom without fear of retribution - in many societies she would be imprisoned for her remarks. Always remember Rule #1 - the aim of war is to annihilate the other b*****d before he annihilates you. Human nature is what it is.

Burt Reynolds:

that's why i humped her & dumped her!



Got to call you on this one, ALL the reasons that the anti-Iraq war crowd (including those in Congress that approved, like Hillary) give for invalidating the war in Iraq also apply to Afghanistan. They didn't attack us. They posed us no threat. They were not thought to possess WMD. You cannot be consistent and support war in Afghanistan and be against war in Iraq. You say "but Al Qaeda was there". Well, they were everywhere, including Iraq (read the (9/11 report). And, btw, the 9/11 crew were largely Saudis, not Afghanis. To simply state "this war is wrong, and this war is right" is a gross oversimplification and, well, very Sally Field-like.


Hmmm...If women ruled the world. I have heard of PLENTY of crappy women. In fact, my own mother was a disgrace to the human race and because of her "nurturing" my sister is a crackhead prostitute with AIDS, my two older brothers are druggies, and my youngest brother is mentally ill. Thanks MOM. Please don't vote for Hillarious Rotten Clinton.


God bless Sally Field.


Dear Ms Field,

Plz remember it is because of those goddamn wars that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. For, were it not for the goddamn American War of Revolution, the Goddamn War of 1812, the goddamn Civil War, the goddamn WW1 and WW2 wars, you'd just be another piece of worthless trash singing and dancing on some two-cent stage in the middle of nowhere, praising the Queen of England or the Emperor of Japan or odes to the Third Reich.

Americans must stop viewing the works of such people, for the only language that they understand is that of money. As the ratings go down, so shall the ringing of their cash registers and then, maybe, for a change, they'll (reluctantly) learn to praise their own people.

The Right One:

"pro-war, anti-peace, nazi-loving conservatives"

Step away from the Kool-Aid and let the friggin' drugs wear off, son.


Ray Romano was censored too and I doubt it was about the war. Sally said a taboo word (GD). Quit making it more than it is.


Sally, what a pathetic fool you are. I used to enjoy watching your TV program (Sons and Daughters) but after your assinine remark, I will NEVER watch it again. Besides, I still cannot believe or understand your winning the Emmy, let alone be nominated.


We've all should have learned long ago that given a soap box, Liberals will always take the low road and try to ram their ideology down people's throats at the most inappropriate time and place. Wellstone Memorial anyone?

Sally Field is just one in along line of Hollywood types that can't resist an opportunity to speak their point of view when nobody asked for it. The Sopranos acceptance speech was another example - "maybe if America was run by gangsters...I don't know, maybe it is". They sure don't know how to pick their moments.

Do they realize that people from every political persuasion watch their shows and perhaps, maybe, you shouldn't tick off the viewers who may not agree with your ideological and/or political views? It was no accident that Al Gore was the only winner to get a standing ovation. They were preaching to the choir tonight.

I just wonder what the reaction would have been if Robert Duvall (a rare outspoken Republican Hollywood actor) had given a pro-war statement - would he have been booed? Would he have been bleeped too?


I didn’t tune in last year, and I didn’t tune in this year, there are more important things to do than watch Hollywood celebrity award shows.

Why do they even televise this anyway?

Who cares?

The marketing gimmick/buzz from years ago has lost its appeal.

There are many professions--far more important than entertainment--that have annual meetings, ceremonies, and awards and they aren’t televised on national TV.


Dear Sally, please do not drink and drive, or drink and give acceptance speeches. Both would destroy our image of you as a smart women. Ooops, you did it again. Oh well, the truth comes out...you are an idiot!


And another actor goes into my 'do not view pile'. Just SHUT UP and act. UGHhhhhhhhh


It's the Left that hates the military, so please spare us the concern and compassion for mothers with sons in the war, Sally.

The Right One:


G--damn right.


Forgive her, she knows not of what she speaks... she is your typical, do-gooder liberal who works off feelings and not facts.


Unbelievable people still defending this war. I'd guess when we inadvertently kill innocent men, women, and children we are creating hatred and evil faster than we can wipe it out. Now let me guess some brainiac is going to say lets just nuke them all. Enjoy the nuclear fallout pea brain.


Fuck the goddam Liberal cunt

Forrest Gump:

Life is like a box of chocolates. Mama is an idiot. Support our multi-national coalition when we move to Syria and Iran. The French get it, why doesn't Sally Field?


JIMMY CARTER!!?!?!?! It was Jimmy Carter that allowed Iran to be taken over by Ayatollah Khoemini and put us in this mess with radical Islamists in the first place!!!




I am a mother of a marine that has served in the war on terror. I have waited worried and scared for my son while he has served two tours in Iraq. I am VERY proud of his service and of the service of all our military. I thank them all for their willingness to protect us. If it weren't for them and for all the military that has served in previous wars we wouldn't have all the freedoms that we ALL, including Sally, have today.

The Right One:

"Now let me guess some brainiac is going to say lets just nuke them all"

Cue Ahmadinejad in 5... 4... 3...

Kate 2:

Sally, shut up and act!


Maybe Al Gore should run for the President of SAG. Those guys love him. The American people do not.

So, Sally, was I a fool to have served in the army in Korea? Please compare the Republic of South Korea and the brutal dictatorship in North korea. Freedom is worth dying for, and not just my own freedom.


Sally Freakin Field, typical white hollywood liberal. Lets save the freakin world. Pathetic




Sally, we work so hard to build respectability as mothers, and then a fool like you tears it down in one brief speech. Thanks Sally, we really didn't need your stupidity.


Every person in the military is serving after making an adult, voluntary decision of their own, with or without their parent's approval. This is a volunteer military!! It's a well known fact that mothers, whether in the animal kingdom or human are the most vicious defenders of their offspring. To think that mothers would not make war on those who would kill their children is ridiculous. Ms. Field's emotional outburst is one of the reasons why many people will not vote for a woman for President of the USA. We need a president who thinks logically and not emotionally.

G Hamilton:

Were the Emmy's on tonight?

elvis presley:

sally baby ya need ta shut up and go fix me some more peanut butter and banana sandwiches. girl you belong in the kitchen! i am so sick of hollywood and their crap filled ideas...hell they gave the darn guy who inventer the internet an ward tonite!! thank ya thank ya very much...catch OJ he's runnin again

The Right One:

"Were the Emmy's on tonight?"

Not that you missed anything of actual value, but, yeah, they were.


heartfelt but stupid. not all dems are traitors
demagogues or mrs bill clinton.perhaps sally should have sung" i did't raise my boy to be a soldier" That was written during World War One.
but then history only exists as hollywood presents itfor sally and many others. soviet russia is warren beatty's laughable film 'reds' and so on...


Just another Hollywood Lib MORON, whose head is so far in the sand they can't see straight. No, we don't want a skirt running things, they cause enough problems.

Celebrities like this should be drafted... and sent into Iran. Then the Iranians would be begging for mercy.


if the left hates the military, the right gets off abusing it and using it for purely political gain. time and time again, the right feigns interest in the well-being of the wives and children of soldiers all the while doing everything they can to extend their political capitol at the expense of democracy, freedom, and the morale, welfare and effectiveness of the great u.s. military.

by the way, the left doesn't hate the military and anyone who believes that doesn't believe in a truly democratic america.


Dlaws, I'm with you. And I'm still laughing at whoever chose to bring Jimmy Carter into this. Jimmy "I've never met a dictator I didn't love" Carter? ROFLMAO.



God bless our soldiers, their mothers and all the morons on this post


I only watch the first 30 minutes. I got tired of it turn on Babylon 5.

If we got out of Iraq now, millions will die. Like the US got out of Vietnam, millions died.
6 million Cambodians died,

millions of Vietnamese died when the North took over.

3 million chinese died when the Communist took over. They even took Tibet after killing thousands.

Millions Russian died when the Soviets took over.

Millions of Jews died during WW2.

All because the Left and Liberals wants nothing but peace and leave the others to die.


If women ruled the world, we'd be conquered and enslaved.


Ya know Sally, even if you and the Moms of the world can't wrest control of the military from the bad old Patriarchy, you could channel your passion into spearheading an effort to bring aid and comfort to victims of war.
Imagine, hundreds of thousands of moms like you voluntarily putting your lives on hold to go halfway around the world to administer aid. Hmm, kind like the dads (and not a few moms) already voluntarily doing this--and at much greater risk--in the military.
Or you could just relax in your mansion, pop another Boniva and dry up, you self-righteous sexist windbag.



Jack Meoff:

What a stupid comment - I guess that is why they call it hollow-wood! What a pie eater on display! Thank God she is not in charge! She probably liberal loon mothers!

G Hamilton:

"Were the Emmy's on tonight?"
Not that you missed anything of actual value, but, yeah, they were.

I was busy cutting my toenails.

Dr. Jim:

Soldiers are not heroes, they are accomplices to murder and should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this slaughter of innocent people. A true hero would lay down his gun and say "enough is enough".

A GoreJr:

please sally stick to the script about global warming, how it is going to kill our little ones. please go back to your old-age home.


Some many conservatives belonging to the party of life are so ready to accept the death of others for absolutely nothing. These Kool-aid drinkers think we could of 'won' in Vietnam. What was there to win, what we did not win seems to me they are a trading partner of ours and the dying ended. With only a million dead after we left with 2 to 3 million killed while we were there. Same thing will take place in Iraq let them finish their war. They hate each other no way to stop this, at least get a brain and realize the only chance is three separate independent states with a weak central government.

Lets leave we can always go back! Heck if there really do turn into terrorist haven we know where they are and can easily wipe them out. Do you think the Iraqis want terrorist in their neighborhood my guess is they will get rid of them for us.

Drink up Kool-aid-oholics


Sally Fields thinks if mothers were in charge, there would be no wars? Hmmmm, Hillary is a mother, and she voted and lobbied for the war in Iraq back when it was popular. That she's re-writing history now is no surprise.. Maggie Thatcher was a mother and she was no shrinking violet about the war for the Faulklands. Golda Mier of Israel cleaned up around the edges, too.

Sally Fields is a little too insulated in her perfect little world of roadside tomato stands in the Boniva commercials. Clearly the stuff works because reality doesn't make it through her THICK skull..



Jimmy Carter?! "Immense personal character and wisdom"? I'm fascinated. Did you actually live through the Carter years? I did. If you did, I would love to hear an example or two of either. If you didn't, then I would love to know from where you get your information.

If ol' Jimma' is the best example of what you consider character and wisdom, you might want to re-think your hero hierarchy.

The Right One:

"Soldiers are not heroes, they are accomplices to murder and should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this slaughter of innocent people. A true hero would lay down his gun and say "enough is enough"."

How many more people do we have to keep away from the Kool-Aid tonight?


Sally, I loved your speech. Please go to Iran and repeat it to those warm hearted islamo-fascist that are the real reason why people are still dieing in Iraq. Oh that's right, you can't do that...they will kill you, and well, you wouldn't look to good in a burkah anyway.


Dear Ms. Fields:

Are you really that stupid?

We are fighting an enemy who's mothers strap bombs to their babies chests and send them out to blow up innocent women and children.

When were you elected to speak for all mothers?

What arrogance!

Richard Krvaric:

Sally FIeld is a great actress. That's it...
Sally, you're a puppet for the masses... dance for us, make us weep, and make us sob...
Do the little dance you're paid for...

Nobody pays you to try to think on your own!

The Right One:

"Drink up Kool-aid-oholics"

Another aptly-named Kool-Aid-oholic practicing what he preaches, I see.


Mike, go to a leftwing anti war rally and read the signs. The Left hates the military. Fact. Whether or not you choose to believe this really doesn't matter.


The world is run by women. Men go to battle every day to fight for money and power, and at the end they give it all to women.


If mothers ruled the world we would be getting our faces spit washed every day.


Ah yes...

The joys of being linked to by Drudge.


All of you who are so full of piss and vinegar, patriotic, and pro war. VOLUNTEER your fat asses and shut you fat mouths.

The only qualified people to comment about the merits of war are those who have had the privilege of experiencing that fear that most of you will never experience.

Shut up and go to bed but please do not forget to leave the light on


Make sure woman never get in a postion of power in the USA. There is enough male bashing on TV and media and men are sick of it.

Sally, shut up and act,by the way,Brothers and SIsters sucks.liberal trash


She sure pissed off all the mysoginistic men and the frustrated mangirls. haha

It takes the strength of both to do anything right.


Mike...I don't believe is a "truly democratic america". America (capital A) is a Constitutional Republic...a large difference...look it up...
The left doesn't hate the military? Then why is the San Francisco city supervisors (all leftists) trying to kill things like Fleet Week, the Blue Angels flyover and home porting the USS Iowa as a WW2 memorial?

Stop eating meat:

sally, who cares about the war. what about the animals that were slaughter for the show. its disgraceful that you can talk about murder, when your sitting there eating steak. good day, maam.


If mother's ruled the world there would be no wars? Sally should go to a children's soccer game! Whoa!


It's too bad that Hollywood totally misunderstands the motives of our enemy! Note to Sally and all other Hollywood blockheads: They (our enemy, i.e., terrorists, etc.) are out to kill us!! How can you possibly think that they will be real nice people and will quietly stay in their own countries and not try to spread their radical Islam throughout the world? Are you people asleep, on drugs or what???

The Right One:

"VOLUNTEER your fat asses and shut you fat mouths"

Ever stop to ask any of these so-called "fat asses" if they didn't already volunteer?


She just boned her stupid self off the Boniva gravy train. Typical Hollwood twit.


why don't we all just move to san fran, smoke dope, drop acid & hope for peace to arrive while were all too stoned to even recognise it??? war "is" hell & always will be. but, sometimes hell must be challenged, if goodness is to overcome evil. kinda like the armageddon. who do u want to win???

linda :

Hollywood should take over the military...they claim to know so much about world situations and life in general. They embody all that is wise and moral in this world! Their lives are a testament to their intelligence and high standards.
Just who do they think they are? !! Idiotic hypocrites with a 5th grade education at best and the morals of a street walker on a good day (or night)!


I dislike it when celebs use their forum for politics and encourage our enemies and weaken our own resolve.

This will be an easy one to avoid as were sean penn, harry belafonte, and so on and so on...

And they WONDER why we are watching their movies less!!hahahahahahahaha


Dr. Jim

I am offended. Soldiers are heroes. You say a true hero would lay down his gun and say "enough is enough" Well, I would feel sorry for you. Laying down your gun in middle of a battle will get you killed. Or yelling

"Enough is enough"

"Lay down your gun and I will lay down my gun!"

"Okay." You stood up with a white flag and a bullet shriek from the barrel of the enemy gun to your head.

"I lied."


Oh, right. Wars never accomplished anything, huh?

So what do we owe in back tariffs to the British crown?

And won't my neighbors down the street be surprised to find out that they'll have to go back to being slaves like their great-great-great grandparents!

These Hollywood idiots. I think they should be required to get high school G.E.D's before they're allowed to comment on current events.


Hollywood libs don’t hesitate to express opinions like this? Then why didn’t more of them use this forum like Sally did? It looked like there were more than a few dozen guests there. I guess the rest auditorium was filled with Hollywood conservatives who were just sitting there being polite. Please. How insulting. How shallow. How easy it is to identify the “intelligentsia” who are so easily upset by such trifles. There are still true conservatives who respect the opinions of those who agree with them, and those who don’t. Imagine that. How American.

Sue Darby:

Sally was literally correct. This bush war is damned by God Himself. I do not understand the pious Evangelicals who have bloodlust for Muslim souls they also count as the condemned because they are not Christian believers. It seems peculiar we are so willing to kill them, knowing (or mistakenly believing) they will wind up in Hell.

I believe there is a special spot in hell reserved for those who started this war and those who refuse to end it.

I love Sally Field. She gets it.


When do Hollywood libs come up with this nonsense? Oh that's right, they have lots of time to think in between those trips to rehab.

The Right One:

"kinda like the armageddon. who do u want to win???"

I already know who's going to win, and I'm on His side. :)



Zzzzzzzzzzzz....wake me up when you get back to reality.

Charles :

Liberals like Sally Field have no idea of how incredibly stupid they are. It has nothing to do with their acting ability. When they open their mouth they spew total political nonsense. Their political IQ is a negative number. Like Michael Savage says "liberalism is a mental disorder". Liberals prove that to be true everyday. I guess a mentally ill person(i.e. LIBERAL) does realize their illness. Sally is the latest example.


Dr. Jim,

Soldiers are not heroes, they are accomplices to murder and should be ashamed of themselves for participating in this slaughter of innocent people. A true hero would lay down his gun and say "enough is enough".

Remember doctor, proctologists are supposed to work on other's rectums, not stick their own head up one.

I give you the famous proctology one finger salute.

Kalifa Hamza:

Shut your tripe Sue Darby. I would gladly kill an american in battlefield of america



bush's lapdog rove was an ardent student of the propoganda techniques of the third reich.

conservatives have more in common w/ fundamentalist muslims than they'd wish to believe.

if the right could read, they comprehend the signs aren't against the military, they're against an unrighteous and unjust war.


Hey Sally: Shut up and entertain me.

The Right One:

mike's overdosing on the kool-aid.

Peter North:

People in tinsel town live a life that is not of this world. They are so used to being surrounded by boot lickers who will say, "Yes Sally, anything you want Sally. Sally, you are so intelligent. Sally, you are such a visionary." Soon, Sally begins to believe everything she is being told and soon, Sally thinks that people really care about, "What Sally thinks." What would Sally think if this nation was invaded by the Taliban. Peace, love and Bobby Sherman? Wake up Sally, take your meds and understand that you are disconnected to the real world because you live in a world of boot lickers. And Sally, no one really cares about what you think.

Kalifa Hamza:

Mike, you are wrong. The world belong to islam. The infedels will die like you Mike and Sue


Libs can yack all they want with their "feelings." But please do not try to run things. Save that for the adults.

Sally, your job is play acting. Please continue to do what you do best.

J. Martin:

Sally is now the new poster child of terrorist World-wide.She is a Socialist and proved without question that she is anti-American.My wife and I enjoyed her show but all the calls tonight from our friends indicated none of us will ever watch her again---in anything. She needs to be picked up and deported to Pakistan.She is a disgrace.

G Hamilton:

Dr. Jim

You're so full of crap! My son is a corpsman in the Navy in Fallujah doing his very best to SAVE lives, whether they are our service men and women, Iraqi's or al Qaeda.

People like you are the scum of the Earth. Why don't you go volunteer to save lives like my son did.

I'm damned proud of him and you should be too, you ungrateful ingrate.


Mike, you're humiliating yourself again. Please continue.

Kalifa Hamza:

I enjoy the divide in america. The more divided, the morale they give us.

The Right One:

No, the "infidels" are people like this Kalifa Hamza pork-fetishist.

Kalifa Hamza:

G. Hamilton, I think I almost shot your son. Next time then I wont miss.

Brilliant commentary from Gidget. Guess she skipped history class...........


Al Qaeda:

Go Sally go! We love you Sally, and everyone else who thinks like you. With people like you, who needs a PR dept.


Lets not forget all the "goddam" wars...War of independence, WW1, WW2.... I guess Sally would have us living under "goddam" German Nazi facism in the name of motherhood. My guess is she has armed security guards that protect HER life. Somethings, afterall, ARE worth killing to protect.
What a "goddam" freak...


the right one:

if by "kool aid" you mean i don't just get my news from one source and blindly follow one person or party, then yeah. i'm drowning in it.


Its a sad day when the Flying Nun has to be bleeped.

I love how every one is so eager to speak for the soldiers, but no one is interested in what the soldiers have to say. The vast majority are proud of the job they are doing. We should be proud of them and the job that they are doing as well! All men (including Arabs) are created equal, and endowed by their creator (God or Allah) with certain inalienable rights. Among them life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. We were once a country that believed in these ideals and were willing to fight for them. Now we want to turn and run when fighting is inconvient. The next Hitler to come into this world will not be turned back. Pull out now and millions of innocent Iraqis will die at the hands of a few millitant islamists.


Sue Darby:
Sally was literally correct. This bush war is damned by God Himself. I do not understand the pious Evangelicals who have bloodlust for Muslim souls they also count as the condemned because they are not Christian believers. It seems peculiar we are so willing to kill them, knowing (or mistakenly believing) they will wind up in Hell.

And I don't understand the sanctimonious lib women who are dying to wear a burka. Read Revelation and get back with us in the morning.

Kalifa Hamza:

Al Qaeda, you are a personator.

The Right One:

Mike, you are obviously "drowning in it" but you sure as shooting don't know what I mean.



City officials trying to kill off fleet week and the Blue Angels has more to do with how awful those events make it for us San Francico natives to get around...fleet week makes the city a nightmare. Crammed to the brink with tourists. The Blue Angels rattle my windows and are pointless. San Francisco can axe Fleet week and still support the military. You should stop stereotyping.


She was pandering to her leftist audience. Trust me, had a Dem been in office while we were at war, she would keep her uninformed mouth shut.

Sally, we dislike you, we really really dislike you.


Oh, what a shocker. A pompous left-leaning Hollywood celebrity uses an acceptance speech to make a political statement.

Once again, the whole show was littered with anti-Bush remarks, jokes and references. Even if one happens to disagree with the Bush administration's policies, it just looks so juvenile for a bunch of grown men and women to try to one-up each other to see who can make the biggest impact. I'm sure they're all at the after-party, slapping each other on the back for their cleverness.

And yes, someone on here earlier correctly pointed out that Al Gore got a standing ovation. For what? Seems like every awards show lately has to make sure it goes out of its way to heap praise upon Al Gore. What a joke.

The Right One:

"The next Hitler to come into this world will not be turned back."

He's already here, and his name's Ahmadinejad.

Osama Bin Laden:

Sally, your check is in the mail.


The Right One:
No, the "infidels" are people like this Kalifa Hamza pork-fetishist.

Hey Right One: Amen brother!


I am far more upset that Edie Falco got robbed. What a ridiculous win for Sally Field.

Kalifa Hamza:

Iraq is hot. I blame it on the American infedels for global warming.


Matt Drudge has a hard on for Sally Field.


Really Sally?
How do you explain the jubilant arab mothers who jump for joy after hearing their children just murdered innocents by becoming suicide bombers? Many mothers in the Middle East have expressed pride if their children would choose the way of the "martyr"=translates into murderer.
Sally's sentiment is honourable but very naive. You can only have peace with those that would have peace with you. Hope for peace while you prepare for war.

G Hamilton:

Hey raghead,

islam is a dead religion. It's an excuse to make war. islam is only for the weakminded and immature infants and babies who populate the world. muhammed was a pedophile who was murdered by his wife. All islamic men lose their virginity to another man on their 12th birthday. The missing imam who fell down a well died in a pile of pig shit.

May you forever live and be buried inside a pig hide.


Mike, I was given the kool aid starting in the public schools, then the public universities, not to mention in the MSM all my years growing up.

I rejected the kool-aid. It is you and people like you who are still drinking it.

Think for yourself. You might enjoy it and learn something.


This RARA bravado type patriotism is missing the point. Its like this war is a football match and at best, the scores are even. The scorekeeper is trying his utmost to skew the result but the truth is that just as in the other football matches the strongest team losses.
The spectators are tired of the supporters of this team that talk big but just never deliver the goods. Please just go home and get on with your lives. Play your games and politics in your backyard. Protect what you have with your lives that is worth dying for.

Kalifa Hamza:

John, convert to islam or die. Ahmadinejad is a kind brother who only wants one thing. Destroy isreal.

Ben Wright:

Oh puh-lezze. Jimmy Carter? President Malaise? He was without a doubt the most damaging occupant of the Oval Office in history. It was his foriegn policy that brought the Mid-east it's first radial islamic republic. The whole world has had to deal with the ramifications ever since. He was, and is the consummate fool. All he lacks is the hat.


Maybe someone should point out to "Sally" and others that the number of murders in America last year was higher than soldiers killed in this entire war. Safer to be in Iraq than in some American cities including her precious LA.

The Right One:

"Ahmadinejad is a kind brother"

And you need to step away from the "kind bud."


Try making that statement in a Communist country and you'd be imprisoned for life (or worse) - unless of course you are being used as a propaganda tool by one of these countries against the US. You limousine liberals are such goddamned fools. Freedom ain't free, Sally.



Do you think we'd be in this quagmire if Jiimmy Carter was the current president?

Jimmy Carter helped restore honor to the White House after another Republican crook (Nixon) nearly ruined it.

Jimmy Carter brought peace to the middle east.

Jimmy Carter had a long-term energy plan, which if Reagan had continued it, might have made us independent of foreign oil by now.

And many years after leaving office, Jimmy Carter continues to be an example of what genuine self-sacrificing Christianity is.

Rockcreek perhaps you use a history refresher yourself!


Everybody has an opinion. But why do they feel the need to share them with everyone else? Whether we want to hear or not? Everyone is created equal, but obviously some are more equal than others. She's had her fifteen minutes of fame. Back when Burt was a big star. Go quietly into the light Sally.

The Right One:

If Jimmy Carter's "an example of... genuine self-sacrificing Christianity" then Bobby Knight is an example of genuine self-sacrificing calm.

Seriously, there's a reason Carter only got one term.

Rock of the Marne:

Ok, you want to hear it from an Iraqi Veteran. I was in OIF 1 and 3. I love my country and as conservative as you can get. It really bothers us to hear stuff spewing from Holly weird. I have quit watching movies for Alec Baldwin, etc. Rock of the Marne!!! I love the USA and love to defend it as all of us Soldiers do!!!

Kalifa Hamza:

I love the Dems, they are traitors and they should fight by my side against their own troops.


Another actor with a big head who thinks she knows how to run the world. The gall! Can't you smile and say thanks for the award? Nobody cares what you think about international affairs. Your a ACTOR.


Kalifa Hamza - the next laser guided bomb has your name on it, insha allah. Happy Ramadan.


Who is this Sally Field and why are so many of you paying attention to her?

How about Pvt. Sylvia Field; she helped birth 25 new Iraqi newborns today. Or Sgt. Serena Field; she stands guard duty tonight in South Korea.

Can Sally Field, the US citizen and "sometime" actor, even be counted on to do her God-given and lawfully protected civil right to participate in her own county's election process?

Sally, put on your spectacles and read every one of these comments.


Kudos to Fox for censoring this nit-wit and peace lover. If mothers ruled the world we wouldn't have soldiers to secure future oil supplies, and expand freedom and capitalism, and put the muslims in their place. Perhaps celebrities could start making themselves useful by helping put a positive spin on Operation Iraqi Freedom.


If moms ruled there would be no more wars? Todays moms cant even stop their kids from gang banging down the street. We would have Al Quaida patrolling our streets. Moms aint like they use to be--strong.



Are we in a communist country? Are we turning into a communist country? Well maybe so...if jackasses like you are in charge! Sally has as much of a right to say what she said, as you have to say what you think. This Liberal-Republican nonsense really tires me.


Paul: And many years after leaving office, Jimmy Carter continues to be an example of what genuine self-sacrificing Christianity is.

I keep trying to remind myself of that after I read Dhimmi Carter's anti-Semitic rants. And as far as restoring honor to America, which solar system do you live in? How about 21% misery index and 444 days of licking the Ayatollah's sandals? The American public as so pleased with Dhimmi's honor they gave him the boot.

That stupidity was hard not to laugh at.


Sally said if mothers "ruled the world", that's the whole world - not just the US (leaving the rest of the world ruled by male homicidal maniacs).
If mothers had ruled Germany there would have been no Hitler.

Sally Field:

Pssst, I really don't feel this way, but to make it in this town you have to be a part of the group think. Plus I want some more awards.

ur an idiot paul!:

jimmy also got a peace prize for his wonderful peace accomplishments w/north korea, a year later they went nuclear! ur dumb!

Oh Sally! I had such high hopes ... but your ignorance of the real world has so disappointed me. I just burnt your autograph and will never be your fan again. You should have stayed an actor. You were good at that.


Sally Fields has more balls than most of our politicians. I agree with her on the point of this stupid war. To me it resembles the Vietnam stupidity. Congress is still trying to fight the war. She is a great actress and still looks good. She is proof that free speech is still alive and well in this country. I don't think her detractors have done as much as she has. I don't care who speaks out against this war, as long as free speech is still being allowed.

tom wright:

Sally Field remains an irrelevant, over the hill dried up c**t........and a yawner.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Well, another celebrity goes and proves their complete lack of intellectual honesty. Big surprise.


I didn't watch the Emmy's but Sally is only parroting what everybody in her town thinks. If there were actually an original thought on the left coast then we'd have more conservative actors.

The fact of the matter is that "war" is a necessity. When there are enemies that want to kill you because of their hatred for you, you have two choices: 1) Pick up your rifle and fight, or 2) Allow them to kill you. Actually I guess if you're a Hollywood type you have another choice, you allow others to fight for you and then criticize them while they do it.

Let's just open up all the borders and offer free flights from Baghdad to Hollywood and then see who wants to keep the military from fighting.


Don't worry Vietvet1. There's plenty of time to spit on the troops when they make it home. Woodstock is first door on the left...


Hey, Sally you don't speak for me.

I am the mother of a son and knew from early on that my job was to not only raise a good person but to raise a _man_ who would fight for himself, his family, and ultimately his country.

"As for me, give me liberty or give me death!" Still rings true to me.

When the sh*t hits the fan, how good are you going to feel, Sally, when you and your son are gunned down without a whit of defense? Or are you going to depend on the sons of mothers who did their jobs to protect you and your family?

Shame on you, Sally Field! You are a failure.

Kalifa Hamza:

Jimmy Carter interfered with our live, that's when hell broke lose. We never forgiven Jimmy Carter.


Vietvet- oh yes, because heaven knows we don't know any politicians who speak out against the war!

By the way, do you live in a cave?

Patrick Leidheisl:

I was a fan of Sally Field, BUT NOW....well I am no longer a fan and I think she should be removed from the Company that she doing add for.

Respectfully yours,
CMSgt USAF Retired


We don't like her! We really don't like her!

This is the kind of behavior one can expect from an osteoporosis pill addict.

From what does she derive her foreign policy acumen? Was it the years of playing "The Flying Nun" or her riveting performance in "Smokey and the Bandit"?


If the current set of Hollywood actors and actresses ruled the world, their reign would end within the year as armed opportunists filled the power void. But I am ashamed of Sally Field's sexist comments. Worse, she is also anti childless women. She should not flaunt her sexual attractiveness and reproductive health and habits as some sort of badge of superiority. Her meanspirited and insensitive rambling shows her as elitist. Shame on you Sally Field, but then a woman who gained her wealth and fame by portraying some hollywood fantasy of ne'er resolved sexual tension between a priest and a nun is not the kind of person from which one might expect enlightened comment.

Ihafa Bonur:


You, me, Mike and Sue

Then 72 virgins we will screw

Allah Akbar

G Hamilton:


Jimmy Carter also drove the interest rates up to 22%, crippling the economy. He gutted the military. He gave away Iran to the ayatolla assahola and the mad muslim mullahs who now want to nuke Israel, Europe and the United States. He collects millions in consulting and speaking fees from the muslim pigs, kings and dictators all over the Middle East. Biased? Why he's the best ex-president money can buy. The American people loved him so much he lost 49 out of 50 states in the election against President Ronald Reagan.

if you think he was a great president, you're a bigger fool than he is.


As the black lady on Forest Gump said....."Is 'ya CRAZY?.....or just plain STUPID?
Answer: Both. Just more of the same liberal commie psyhco-babble from the left. Most of that pathetic audience looked like a Keith Olberman family re-union, at least the 4 minutes I watched. After vomiting, I flipped back to FNC.




The Right One:

More like 72 virgin demons screwing you.

Kalifa Hamza:

That's alright Ihafa, I'll screw Sue and bear me a chosen son or daughter.


Women have vaginas so that men can carry them around like six-packs. Its a proven fact.


Hey Brent

What have you done for your country you snot nosed arse wipe.

The Right One:

JD: Because Kathy Griffin hasn't come out of the "irrelevant" cave yet. Probably never will.


Why is it always "Hollywood Liberals"? If you can just ignore Reagan, Thompson, Sen. Tap Dance Murphy, Shirley Temple Black, Mr. NRA president, Sonny Bono, and that Gopher guy from the Love Boat.


Right...your poor windows get rattled once or twice a year. What a tragedy. SF trying to get rid of the tourists? That's a crock. How hard is it to get around when all the bicycles saturate the streets during their Critical Mass events, like every week? The Blue Angels can rattle my windows any time. If you think that's the agenda then you haven't been listening to Gerado Sandoval.
San Francisco native...

Kalifa Hamza:

They believe in our lies that they wont be killed when we take over America.

The Right One:

"They believe in our lies"

Shoulda stopped right there and said it all.


David: Hey Brent
What have you done for your country you snot nosed arse wipe.

Well, how about supported it for starters? MoveOn.Org Davie?

paul is dumb:

& now his north korea is taking syria nuclear! smaaarts!


I have fought and bled in that sandbox hell called Iraq,held good men in my arms while they slipped there earthly shell to touch the hand of God on a battlefield far from home,and I can say that hollywood values are not american values,I have watched the show that sally is in and was entertained-but she forgets that in the end she is just an actress-the place for such comment is not the emmys-the emmys is an award show only and that is all.
I will no longer watch her show nor will I watch the emmys next year nor will I patronize the companys that have ads on that show or that network.
Why is it that the networks will allow these traitors free reign but will not show the good we do over there,the schools the hospitals the power plants the freedom of speech the locals giving flowers and hugs to our troops-I got back 2 weeks ago and I know it all to be true
all these hollywood types care about is a political agenda and not truth nor victory have a thing to do with it,but the companys that have ads might get the message when there $$$$$ decrease


Did I arrest Kalifa in Iraq, those bastards.


Sally, like so many other "Stars", believe they know what it best for "all the little people". This true left-wing thought, and none of the people who think for themselves believe it for a minute. These liberals are running a numbers game: There are more people/voters mindlessly watching the TV than there are people who read, think and study. It's really sad that they and MoveOn are so willing to give away our blood-earned freedom simply to have power. They don't care about anything but power. Disgraceful.


I love how when you say you are against the Iraq war you start getting branded Anti-American...or a Commie...Shouldnt the term Commie have gone out with Sen. Mcarthy?


I am so grateful that the Fox network decided to bleep your bad language. My young daughter and son were up viewing the show but we made them leave the room after this happened because we did not know if anyone else was going to do the same.

We were all surprised and very disappointed in your behavior. I don't want to know your political and liberal views, but now that I do, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.


If american soldiers didn't stand up, Sally would be the a nazi Flying Nun,probably performing on her back.Maybe she would have preferred the womans comfort program in japan,of course she may appreciate the surrendering crowd of burka enclosed housewives who can't leave their house to visit a doctor...ever!


Prisons are full of loving, caring, murderous mothers

The Right One:

"Shouldnt the term Commie have gone out with Sen. Mcarthy?"

Maybe it should have but I'm sure the Commies are glad that it didn't.

Debbie LaBanca:

Sally, you dont speak for military moms. My son is currently serving his country, my country, your country, in Afghanistan with the US Army. Yes, I want him home with me, I want him home in one piece, God willing. But aside from my selfish wants, I want him to do the job he was sent over there to do, I want him to complete the mission. God will do with him what he will. Hes a soldier, and he volunteered for this, and I am a very very proud mom. You dont speak for this military mom.


Are there such things as Flying Burkas for Sally?


Butch, your the man


Note to Kalifa: How's that Grande double-caramel Mocha Latte? BTW, no charge for the good 'ole US salty-slippery spit.

Kalifa Hamza:

They SPal, my brothers in Iraqi police uniform freed me.



G Hamilton:

Hey Hamza, you pig,

All US soldiers dip their bullets and cannon shells in pig fat before they shoot muslims like you. So even if you don't die, you'll never get to your heaven.

You people are so incredibly ignorant.

If your buddy I'm a dinner jacket pushes us too far, the plan is to kill him first, you second, then nuke all the muslim holy sites.

So when did you lose your virginity muslim boy?

Do you shake hands with your right hand, or left hand?

Buy any underwear lately? Or toilet paper?


Kalifa, tell me where you are so I can shove my boot 12 inches in your ass.

The Right One:

Practice what you preach, moe.

Kalifa Hamza:

Got to go. US patrol near. Love to chat.

M. Santi:

Sally Field is certainly entitled to her opinion, however, I'm also entitled to my opinion that she is totally off base and doesn't know what she is taking about. What makes her qualified to be an "expert" in international affairs? I'll leave that up to our Secretary of State (who just happens to be a woman) and others in government who are working on our behalf. My idea of a true hero does not include anyone in Hollywood, but those that are fighting to keep us free and safe. Why doesn't Ms. Field ask our soldiers how they feel about what they are doing. God Bless our troops!!!


Microsoft Tech Support: Can I help you?

Hi, my name is Moe. How come all of my typing comes out in capital letters?



The Right One:

Later, Kalifa. Give our regards to Beelzebub when US troops finally send you to your due reward. He'll be waiting with an extra slice of bacon for you.

G Hamilton:

"Got to go. US patrol near. Love to chat."



could track his ip address.



Jesus Christ had some similar rants too.

Are you saying Jesus Christ was also an anti-semite?


I wish Sallys mothers could have formed a ring around the World Trade Center and prevented 19 jihadists from killing innocent Americans. If these mothers are really powerful enough to stop wars that would be my first request.


Pussy. LOL

The Right One:

SPal, I bet our little Islamofascist pretender's just some 15-year-old troll tapping away from his mom's basement in the North Bay.


fox censored sally and the us is in Iraq 2 give them freedoms like SPEECH. Fox is sick. i never watch that freak station. boycott the fox republican station


Sen. Joe McCarthy was right on in describing Hollywood as a nest of COMMIES. Sen. McCarthy was an American HERO that got slimed by the revisionist history of the LIBERALS.


Paul: Brent:
Jesus Christ had some similar rants too.
Are you saying Jesus Christ was also an anti-semite?

Oh great. A lib cracking out the theology. I live for this. Yeah, why don't you give me those rants Paul.

Undoubtedly Dhimmi had a change of heart after the Jews woke up to him. He's been groveling ever since.

The Right One:

viper, the network censored her for saying "G-Damn" not for her political views. As a couple others might have pointed out here, there is still such a thing as "profanity" that gets the censor button.

Dennis Kucinich:

Hey Kalifa Hamza, I love ya buddy...

The Right One:

"A lib cracking out the theology"

Funny, I don't recall asking anyone to go out and pick some cherries today...


I had this troll who criticizes my story on fanfiction.net. His name is Samael3, I read his work and I found it terrible. It's called infinite convergence.

Mr. Right:

Ummm, where shall we start... Volunteer Armed Services, Chain of Command, oh and we didn't start this war... we are responding to Saddam going back on his word to the U.N. concerning the resolutions he agreed to so we wouldn't take him out of his power in 1992 after the Gulf War, remember?!


Sally Fields, just another ultra-liberal living in LA LA Land. Don't know anything about the real world. Always saying what they think and not what is the truth. Stop listening to Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn. Start reading up on your history and the sacrifices that these fine men and women have made by volunteering to serve their country so that you can run your mouth, even while both your feet are in it.
Thank-you to all our men and women serving over there, so that we can live our lives here free of suicide bombers.


Hey Brent

That is the way to do it. Moral support sniping from the comfort of your recliner sipping from your sippy cup.
The problem with all of these I guess Right Wing political pundits and experts in warfare “Soldier of Fortune” type “I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning” bunch of hoodwinked pathetic war supporters is that soldiers do not start wars but politicians do. The trap that you have created for your selves is that you can absolutely support your soldiers without supporting a political ideology.
The only conditions is that you place your hand around your neck, squeeze, and pull you enlarge head out of you rather fat arse. How’s that for some cheap advice. I will not send you a bill.


All we are saying, is give peace a chance.



Sen McCarthy a hero? ahahahahah! He was nothing but a fearmonger. I can't really believe you think that? But careful I have a different opinion so I must be a Commie...please save me from myself!

Johnny LaRue:

When will Hollywood ever learn that most people could care less about their personal views. Just shut up and accept your award.

G Hamilton:


Well, it was fun while it lasted.


Sally may be right to a point, but she forgets something. If kind loving mothers were in charge of every country in the world, there might not be any wars, but that is not the case. Every fight that the US has gotten into was started by someone else, usually an evil somone else. Why couldn't she have said something like, "If wealthy evil leaders in the middle east where not financing terrorism, American sons would not have to be at war. Many of those like Sally are detached and insulated from reality, so it is tough for them to think it all the way through. I have no doubt many are well intentioned, but they are just wrong.

The Right One:

"...Right Wing political pundits and experts in warfare “Soldier of Fortune” type “I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning” bunch of hoodwinked pathetic war supporters blah blah blah..."

Step away from the Kool-Aid.


yeah right and i guess you belive sadam had weapons of mass destruction and you belive iraq had something to do with 9-11 you repugs always have excuses ohh i bet it's clitons fault rofl


David: The only conditions is that you place your hand around your neck, squeeze, and pull you enlarge head out of you rather fat arse. How’s that for some cheap advice. I will not send you a bill.

Wow. What a comeback. How deep did you have to delve into the Bill Maher/Michael Al-Moore playbook to come up with something that original?

The Right One:

"...you repugs always have excuses blah blah blah..."

(puts the "Step Away From The Kool-Aid" alert on repeat play)



Bill Clinton:

Sally.... Do you like cuban cigars?


ViperTuTu: pick up the phone, Hamburg's calling!!

Osama Bin Laden:

Could all of you pipe down? I'm trying to write my speech for the Democratic National Convention.

Patricia J. Mayer:

Sally-you blew it, you really blew it--
I predict within a few days Boniva and other drug companies whom you pitch for will drop you like a hot potato from their commercials


Hey Sally! When it comes time to negotiate with terrorists, we'll send you first. For pointers you can ask Paul Johnson or Nick Berg how they feel about Muslim compassion. Of course, you would have to re-attach their heads in order to hear their answer. Stick to acting. It is the only reality you are half way decent at.


What amazes me most is people actually watch this crap? Do you figure they'll know America has been dhimmified when their MasterCard won't swipe?

Patrick Curry:

If you think that the country is screwed up under Bush, go ahead and vote for Hillary. She'll screw it up so bad you'll beg to get Bush back in charge. Does anyone here remember Jimmy Carter? Does anyone remember how bad he screwed up the country before we kicked him out after four years of misery, stagflation, government interference and international humiliation? Well, Hillary will make Carter look like a savior. So go ahead and vote for her if your want to foul up the country even worse than it already is.


Does this mean that if America had been led by a woman we would not have joined the allies in WWII and liberated Europe and emptied the death camps? Well then, I guess that's another reason not to vote for a woman.


Commies/LIBERALS need lots of help in life from their beloved government because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. They are pathically helpless. That what makes them a COMMIE!


The Right One

You obviously listen to too much talk radio. Cool Aid dates you. Get with it. Its an Organic Energy drink. Try some. You cannot knock something when you have never tried it. It may change your perspectives O Right One.

John Kerry:

Anyone know if Sally is married? I hear she's loaded..


She's not Gidget any more - showing her age with her bumbling attempt to be political! So sad OLD gal - sit down and shut up!!!


Thank "GOD" Liberal Socialist Woman like Sally Liberal Field, Don't and Never will Rule the World.

Ps: Boycott Present Day Liberal HollyWeird


It's also terrible that animals kill and eat other animals, but this too is a fact of life. It is not, however, worthy of stupid overgeneralizations like "if all animals were plant eaters then the world would be a nicer place."

Note to singers and actors: your right to say what you think is trumped by my right to stop buying your songs and movies. If I ran a business selling widgets and spouted off my political and religious views to every customer who came in the door, I would probably run off 50% of my business on any given day.

Obama 08!:

Barack Obama for president! OBAMA 08!

The Right One:

"You obviously listen to too much talk radio blah blah blah..."

Gee, this is fun. Kind of like that old shopping mall parking lot game we used to play as kids, "Tap The Car Window And Watch The Poodle Go Off."

Seriously, thanks for the laughs and good night.


The Flying NUNS....Hillary and Sally...nutcases really do fly.

Bill Clinton:

Osama...Obama It's all so confusing.


"I am so grateful that the Fox network decided to bleep your bad language. My young daughter and son were up viewing the show but we made them leave the room after this happened because we did not know if anyone else was going to do the same."

Huh?!? If the word was bleeped out why would you make your kids leave the room?!? First of all, the "offensive" word didn't make air and second of all, it's proof that FOX had their fingers on the button and weren't about to let any salty language slip by. Something tells me you weren't even watching the show at all. And you probably don't even have children.

"My young daughter and son were up viewing the show but we made them leave the room after this happened"

So you made their children leave the room after FOX bleeped out the "naughty" word? Logic really isn't your strong point, is it?


Sally: Yesterday, I thought you might possibly be cool and I might possibly want to watch your idiotic television show. Tonight, you make me want to puke. You are an ignorant slut.

Piccolo Angelo:

Sister Bertrille, Gidget, Sybil and the girl with something extra need to keep in mind that they live in this country. If they want to be bitches, that's ok, but they need to remember that they are allowed to be bitches because they live in this country.


I'd still bang her.


RightOne, you cruel bastard. I had a pony - I mean, poodle. I luft my poodle.

The Right One:

"What amazes me most is people actually watch this crap?"

Well, somebody's gotta provide Matt Drudge with "quality" filler.

G Hamilton:


Do you own anything made with plastic? Where do you think the oil for that plastic comes from?

Of course Bush went to war for oil. I'm glad he did. And most of the Dems and Liberals supported him because they understand what's at stake too.

If Saddam or "I'm A Dinner Jacket" and his mad mullahs decide to shut down the Straits of Hormuz (you can look it up on map), it would effectively shut down half of the oil transport in the world.

Who do you think keeps it open? Who do you think keeps open the route from the Middle East to Japan? Who protects Europe? Canada? Australia? New Zealand? Who's the counterbalance to Russian and Chinese hegemony? Who's stopping N. Korea from attacking S. Korea?

Yeah. We're a superpower in the world. We're not perfect. But you and the rest of the critics and ungrateful ingrates ought to be glad it's us who is the superpower and not someone else who would be far worse.

LIbs don't understand anything about world politics, economics, the military or much of anything else, they're so busy pleasuring themselves.

Be grateful for what you have, boy. You could lose it all in a heartbeat.

desperate republican female:



Sally Fields is a nut case to say the least. She is an OLD has-been actress whose life is in the “pretend” world. We need to stick those whose requirements are nut cases into the pasture for the senile old cows!


Thank you Sally, now next time shut the grub hole, accept your award and sit your bung down. Enough of the Hollywood wack jobs. I don't need a lecture from the flying nun. Get on your knees and pray that our military will be here to protect us from Islamic nut cases that want kill all of us in the future. That would be the best thing for you to do.

Bill Clinton:

Heu Russ, that's what I'm talking about.


Sally Field just shut down her career again. The hollywood left wing kooks just do not know when to shut up. Americans do not need the Hollywood druggies condeming our troops. I remember Sally's oscar speech."you like me, you realy like me"...NOT

The Right One:

Undertaker, I think there's another forum for that... ;)

Obama 08:

"Osama...Obama It's all so confusing."

Now that was very clever! I see what you did! You took the name Obama and made it Osama because they sound the same! That is so funny! You must have been the very first person EVER to have made that connection. You are so so funny! I expect to see you at the emmys next year.


I think this war has turned into a mess too however the fact remains that the FCC fines the standard networks when what is deemed an obscenity is aired on a channel that doesn't have the level clearance for that.

A censor hits the button when the curse goes out and the Emmy rule as well as Fox, is that the speech is cut out then.

She could have been saying ANYTHING and it would have been cut off. It isn't about the war, about Fox or anything else. It is simply about the FCC.

Stop making something out of nothing, even she realizes her remarks ended due to the obscenity.


Well, somebody's gotta provide Matt Drudge with "quality" filler.

LOL. I can agree with that...

I just know lefties hate it when something gets posted at Drudge. It's like their world has been turned upside down when they find somebody that doesn't share their bong water.

gerry giordano:

No wars hugh? Sally, here's a few references from

Historical references to women fighting -
Prehistory and the Ancient World
Ancient warrior queens included Vishpla, Aahhotep I, Zabibi, Samsi, Tomyris, Himoko, Jingo Kogo, Mavia, Saimei and Dihya al-Kahina. There are depictions of Hittite women warriors dating from 1300 BC. The Bible describes the Judge, Deborah, as a war leader and the Greeks had legends of the Amazons which may have been based upon Scythians or women from Turkey or Libya. Vietnamese rebels included Trung Trac, Trung Nhi, Tran Thi Doan, Phung Thi Chinh and Trieu Thi Trinh. Fa Mulan fought in the Chinese army.
more information and pictures

Celtic and Roman
Roman gladiatorial shows included "women of rank" in 63 AD. There was also a female chariot fighter competing against men. Women gladiators were described again in 88 AD. Women were members of the venatores, (gladiators who fought wild animals in the Roman arena). Emperor Alexander Severus issued an edict prohibiting women combatants in the arena in 200 AD.
A display of captured enemies in the 3rd Century included several women warriors.

Legendary Celtic women warriors included Medb (Maeve) of Ireland, Aife (Aoife) of Alba (Scotland), and Queen Scathach of Skye.
The Romans in Britain fought against Queen Boadicea (or Bodiecia, Bouddica, Voadica, Voada) of the Iceni in 61AD, but they were allies to Queen Cartimandua of the Briganties in a war against her consort in 43AD.
more information and pictures

Vikings and Saxons
An English Saxon Princess led an invasion of Jutland in the 6th Century. In the 8th Century Queen Aethelburgh destroyed Taunton. In the 9th Century Queen Thyra of Denmark led her army against the Germans.
In the 10th Century Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia led troops against the Vikings and Olga of Russia ended a revolt in which her husband had died.

The Viking Sagas and Saxo Grammaticus' "History of the Danes" mention many warrior women. Hetha, Visna and Vebiorg led companies of the Danish army. Sela and Alvid were pirates. Stikla ran away from home to become a warrior. Rusilla fought against her brother for the throne. Gurith took part in a battle to help her son. Freydis Eiriksdottir, Auðr and Þórdis all used weapons against their enemies.
more information and pictures

11th Century
Aristocratic ladies who led troops in seige and battle included Emma Countess of Norfolk, Matilda Countess of Tuscany (and her mother), Sichelgaita Princess of Lombardy, Urraca Queen of Aragon, and Teresa of Portugal.
Matilda of Ramsbury (mistress of the Bishop of Salisbury) held the Bishop's Castle in his absence.
more information and pictures

12th Century
Aristocratic ladies who led troops in seige and battle included Alrude Countess of Bertinoro, Eleanor of Castile, Queen Urraca of Aragon, Marguerite de Provence, Florine of Denmark and Berengaria of Navarre, Queen Tamara of Georgia and the Empress Maud (also known as Matilda, Empress of Germany, Countess of Anjou, Domina Anglorum, Lady of the English, Matilda Augusta and Matilda the Good)
Maude de Valerie was a Welsh revolutionary.
Women took part in the Crusades in the armies of Emperor Conrad and William Count of Poitiers in spite of a papal bull forbidding them to do so.
more information and pictures

13th Century
Nicola de la Haye, daughter of the castellan of Lincoln defended the town against several raids and was made sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1216.
Jeanne of Navarre led her army against that of the Count de Bar.
Ladies were admitted to the Chivalric Order of the Dragon, The Order of St Anthony in Hainault and the Order of the Garter.
more information and pictures

14th Century:
Isobel MacDuff Countess of Buchan, Jeanne de Danpierre Countess de Montfort (also known as Jane, Countess of Montfort), Isabelle of England, Christian Lady Bruce, Marjory Bruce, Mary Bruce, Phillipa of Hainault, Lady Agnes Randolph (also known as Black Agnes), Agnes Hotot of Dudley, Adelaide Ponthiey, Jeanne de Belleville, Margaret of Denmark
Ladies were admitted to the Chivalric Order of the Dragon, The Order of St Anthony in Hainault and the Order of the Garter.
more information and pictures

15th Century
Margaret of Denmark, Jacqueline of Bavaria (Countess of Holland, Hainault and Zealand), Jehanne la Pucelle (better known as Joan of Arc), Isabella of Lorraine, Maire o Ciaragain, Isabella I of Castile. The Bridport muster roll (a list of ordinary citizens called up for a battle) of 1457 lists Alis Gare, Alis Hammel, Sally Pens, "Condefer Wife" and Margaret Athyn, three of these women brought their own weapons and armour with them.
Ladies were admitted to the Chivalric Order of the Dragon, The Order of St Anthony in Hainault and the Order of the Garter.
more information and pictures

16th Century
Graine Ni Maille (also known as Grace O'Malley) was an Irish pirate. A group of 350 girls defended fortifications in Paris. Ameliane du Puget led a troop of women in Marseilles. Beatriz de Pardes and María de Estrada fought with the Conquistadors in the New World. Lilliard led the Scots into battle against the English. Isabella I of Castile led her army. Marguerite Delaye and Captain Mary Ambree fought in battles. Explorers in South America reported seeing native women leading warbands.
more information and pictures

17th Century
Kit Cavanagh (also known as "Mother Ross") started her military career disguised as a man, but later fought open;y as a woman soldier. Mme de Saint Baslemont de Neuville and La Maupin, as well as two unnamed aristocratic sisters fought duels. Other notable women included Lady Ann Cummingham, Blanche the Countess of Arundel, Brilliana the Countess of Harley, Alyona of Russia, Anne Chamberlyne and Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans Montpensier.
During the English Civil War ordinary women frequently reloaded guns, as well as carrying powder and bullets to the front during battles. The Scots army which marched on Newcastle in 1644 is reported to have included women regular soldiers.
more information and pictures

18th Century
Women involved in the Jacobite Rising in Scotland in 1745-6 included Jean (Jenny) Cameron, Lady Anne Macintosh, Lady Margaret Oglivy, Margaret Murray and Lady Lude.
Women soldiers included Ann Mills, Phoebe Hessel, Virginie Ghesquiere, Angelique Brulon, Margaret Catchpole, Olympe de Gouges, Rose Lacombe, Theroigne de Mericourt, Mademoiselle de la Rochefoucalt, Jemima Warner and Hannah Snell
Duellists included Mademoiselle La Maupin, Mademoiselle de Guignes, Mademoiselle d'Aiguillon, Mademoiselle Leverrier, Lady Almeria Braddock, Mrs Elphinstone, Comptesse de Polignac and Marquise de Nesle.
Catherine the Great of Russia led her army in several campaigns.
more information and pictures

19th Century:
Women soldiers and rebels included Augustina the "Maid of Saragossa", Marie Schellinck, Gertrudis Bocanegra, Elizabeth Hatzler, Dr "James" Barry, Mary Ann Riley, Ann Hopping, Jane Townshend, Louisa Battistati, Clemence Louise Michel, Sylvia Mariotti.
Duels were fought by many women including Princess Pauline Metternich, Countess Kilmannsegg, Lady Almeria Braddock and a Mrs Elphinstone.
more information and pictures

20th Century:
Increasingly accurate records and improved communications mean that many more women are recorded as regular troops, pilots, rebels, partisans, martial artists etc.
more information and pictures

Warrior Women in Scotland
These include the Celts, Aife of Alba and Scathach of Skye.
Isabelle of England: (A.D. 1285?-1313?) took up arms against her husband and she was forced to flee to Scotland by Edward III.
In 1297 the Countess of Ross led her own troops during William Wallace and Andrew de Moray's battles with the English.
Isobel MacDuff, Countess of Buchan (1296-1358) fought for Robert de Bruce.
Christian, Lady Bruce defended Kildrummy Castle from the English during the Wars of Independence.
During the same war, the widow of David of Strathbogie defended the island fortress of Lochindorb against three thousand Scots.
Lady Agnes Randolph (1300?-1369?), known as Black Agnes, fought for de Bruce. In 1334, she successfully held her castle at Dunbar against the besieging forces of England's earl of Salisbury for over five months.
Phillipa of Hainault, Queen of Edward III, led twelve thousand soldiers against invading Scots in 1346 and captured their king, David Bruce.
In 1545, Lilliard led the Scots at the Battle of Ancrum.
The Scots army which marched on Newcastle in 1644 during the English Civil War is reported to have included women regular soldiers.
Jean (Jenny) Cameron, Lady Anne Macintosh, Lady Margaret Oglivy, Margaret Murray and Lady Lude were all involved in the Jacobite Rising in Scotland in 1745-6.

Rush Limbaugh:

She let me - even before I got into radio.

Ihafa Bonur:

Kalifa Hamza: Got to go. US patrol near. Love to chat.

Don't go Kalifa. I think its just Sally. We be havin some Geeeeee-Haaaaaaaaad tonite my brother.


Also, Doesn't Sally Fields advertise a medicine on TV. Lets boycott that medicine.


Sally just proved you can OD on bone loss pills. Learn something everyday!

The Right One:

"We be havin some Geeeeee-Haaaaaaaaad tonite my brother."

So that's the new code for "D&D at my place tonight, Chip!"

TV Addict:

Sally, HOW DARE YOU interject your political philosophy into an awards ceremony the purpose of which is to keep us from thinking about the atrocities of the world! Your sexist blah blah (insert random roll-back-the-clock-to-pre-womens-suffrage-comment here) would not save us from the hell my mother unleashed on my backside as a kid! I disagree with your thoughts and therefore your freedom of expression should be banned!


Also, Doesn't Sally Fields advertise a medicine on TV. Lets boycott that medicine.

What is it? Geritol?

Uncle Chuckie:

Another reason why men never pay attention to the babble of women.


What ever happened to Gidget?!


What do you get when you cross Sybill with the Flying Nun? A complete idiot.

The Right One:

"your freedom of expression should be banned!"

Nahhh, not really. We need people like Sally Field to keep showing us the beautiful irony of the First Amendment in order to preserve it.


Please spare us the drama. If you are really concerned about mothers who wait for their children to come home
from harm’s you would reach out to our inner cities. Did you know that in 4 years time ( 2002 through 2005) 3606 people were murdered in NYC? If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/nycrime.htm
That is only one city in this great country of ours. I’ll bet you have a little apartment in NYC. So why don’t you reach out
to those mothers? You know, like, reach out to the community you shop and work in. Won’t happen because you care as
much for us military Moms as you do for the mothers from the inner cities.
Proud Mother of a US Marine

william sadler:

Sally Field and other white liberals, american women, who have gotten so much, still demand so much, for doing so little. Sally the flying nun, says if mothers were in charge their would be no wars, sweet heart mothers have slaughtered close to 50million babies, oops fetus, in their womb, dont tell me about mothers, you tramp. Shame on all the baby killing liberal broads in america, maybe islam should take over your world, see what true oppression is all about, american women


Another mindless actor without any insight into anything. Most of them seem to have dropped out of high school, and are easily manipulated because of their ignorance. They are emotional people and unaware of what underlies actions.

Right Sally, we don't want to go to war. We can unilaterally avoid it. Historically, people with wherewithal have their countries ransacked when they become weak and easy prey. Remember Rome being sacked by the Huns? Oh? You "Don't know much about history?" You're just meeting expectations.

Mindless Sally.

Also, start to walk everyplace. We don't really really need oil for energy. We could grow food in our backyards (if we had one), and tote water from the well, heat our houses by burning dung, and - er, things would be tough.


Josh: she tried to stop the Sudanese in West Africa: 'nuff said.


"She is an OLD has-been actress whose life is in the “pretend” world. We need to stick those whose requirements are nut cases into the pasture for the senile old cows!"

Does this apply to Fred Thompson as well? Maybe he'll trip Sally with his jowls to get back at her for being an American and expressing her views (as you all are doing in your comments. Bravo!).

Someone shaking ones head:

I find it ironic that people who claim to be inclusive and welcome diversity are so quick to pass judgement on the whole male population. I see this a lot with the so called open-minded liberals. Sorry liberals you are really the narrow-minded and closed-minde people. How clear is it? How can you look yourself in the mirror you are a senseless contradiction.

man coulter:

why am i the only chick on tv with an adams apple HMMMMM


Well, she's old. I guess that can be an excuse for a plethora of evils. But still, she was Sister Bertrille, whom we should love, and Gidget, whom we should love, and the Girl with Something Extra, whom we should love, and Sybil, whom we should have sympathy for...
How come Sally Field has become such a bitch?


Patrick Curry..Here's what you mean right here. Billary's commie health care plan. $110 billion per year and manditory.



Obama 08
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quote from David the drunk!

All of you who are so full of piss and vinegar, patriotic, and pro war. VOLUNTEER your fat asses and shut you fat mouths.

The only qualified people to comment about the merits of war are those who have had the privilege of experiencing that fear that most of you will never experience.

Shut up and go to bed but please do not forget to leave the light on.
First of all you sound like you are drunk while writing your reply. If so, you are a stupid ass!

If the only qualified people are to comment about the war, why are YOU commenting? You sound like a dumb jackass and never reported to duty! What a moron!

If I want to leave the light on in Motel 6, I will! Gads! What kind of idiots are living in American besides the illegals?


Miss Fields does a commercial for Boniva made by Roche Pharmaceuticals. Flood Roche with emails and get Sally Fields off the air.


You IGNORANT NARROW MINDED person. You live in a fantasy world created by the socialist network of Hollywood traitors that surround you. Peace and security are beautiful things to be cherished while they are here and to die for when they are not. So many wars have been waged over the millenia... but the ones that count. The ones that are NOBLE are for PEACE. We are all imperfect fallen children and long for the day when we war no more. But sadly even if the US decided to leave the Middle East.. heck even if we had NEVER set foot over there.. WAR would eventually find it's way to our door. And the BRAVE who VALUE TRUE FREEDOM would rise up to DEFEND this nation and land.

We are the land of the free BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Honor them and stop thinking so much about YOURSELF.


Hey, I see on Drudge were the "scientist" Al Gore won an emmy too! Cool...oh, no I mean warm!

Sally and Al in one evening. A lefty twofer. No wonder libs are gleeful. Did every American hater win an emmy tonight?


Anonymous sounds like a turd.

The Right One:

"Did every American hater win an emmy tonight?"

Our little friend David here didn't, so, obviously, no. ;)


upset turd at that.

Bill Clinton:

gerry giordano .... are you smart or what. Where did you learn all that stuff. Do you like cuban cigars ? Do you have anything made of plastic?

Charles :

News Flash! Billary's COMMIE health plan comes out tomorrow! All you helpless LIBERALS - The government is coming to wipe your arse for you


"You IGNORANT NARROW MINDED person. You live in a fantasy world created by the socialist network of Hollywood traitors that surround you. Peace and security are beautiful things to be cherished while they are here and to die for when they are not. So many wars have been waged over the millenia... but the ones that count. The ones that are NOBLE are for PEACE. We are all imperfect fallen children and long for the day when we war no more. But sadly even if the US decided to leave the Middle East.. heck even if we had NEVER set foot over there.. WAR would eventually find it's way to our door. And the BRAVE who VALUE TRUE FREEDOM would rise up to DEFEND this nation and land.

We are the land of the free BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Honor them and stop thinking so much about YOURSELF."



actually women rulers have been some of the most bloodthirsty in history. Many felt they had to prove their worth.

Why cant actors just keep political views to themselves and I dont care if that is pro war, anti war, pro bush, pro clinton, anti whatever....just act and shutup.

if you or I went to our company awards banquet and made asses of ourselves by spouting off political opinions we would be fired


The flying nun forgets one thing. It is so critical to remember this when it comes to being in charge. Men do not get the curse every 28 days which is bundled with PMS. If a woman with a powerful bomb was having a bad PMS day, nothing the U.N. says would prevent her from "going off". On second thought, why don't we pull all the male soldiers out of Iraq and only send the women who are having their monthies. The taliban would be wiped out in about 5 months. Of course there would be a lot of "colateral damage" such as kids and old folks but "what the hey". That's war. lol

tommy jefferson:

hey if you don't like FREEDOM of SPEECH move to IRAQ the home of the Republican National Convention


Well Good Night Boys

Hope you all sleep tight dreaming of empires that you can conquer and little maidens that you can rescue in the name of Democracy. The irony is that these dreams of grandeur are illusions of idealism flavored with backing the wrong horse in the dirty tricks of politics. Americans escaped the European juggernaut 300 years ago and here we are colonizing and occupying countries. Why? Just because we want to help them. Make a pact with the devil and end up in Hell


Real men like going to war! Why? Honor, Glory, Victory and a little T&A afterwards so they can make babies. I don't agree with Sally's statement. It's (precisely) because of women why men go to war. If "Mothers" were in charge, every man, 18 and up would be in perpetual competition with other males. Sally is naive.

The Right One:

hey if you don't like FREEDOM of SPEECH move to IRAQ the home of the RepublicanDemocrat National Convention

There, fixed it for ya. Good night.


She's right. And she doesn't mean World war 2 shouldn't have been fought, or anything of that sort. She meant the pointless war we are in currently. I love when people get upset at others for opposing the war, saying we need to be there, since there's a war being fought regardless if we were there. There are wars being fought all over the world, and we're not there. We are a selfish country, looking out for the great US of A. That is wrong sure, but saying we're doing something good by being in the middle east, you're wrong.


And after I banged her, I'd bang her again.

The Right One:

Hmmm, guess "strike" doesn't work for HTML tags. Oh well.


If Sally is correct, then she would have had to say that in German. Or if wanted to say it in Arabic, she would have had to take off her burqua and take the chance of being tortured in public.......She needs to shut the hell up and understand the children "sent to slaughter" gave her the freedom to say those stupid remarks!!!

Pointing Out the Obvious:

The Emmy's, that's Hollywood, right? What do you expect from them? After all they gave Gore an Emmy for "you can reduce your emissions to zero"[if you don't breath]!


Many of our enemies mothers are proud of their martyr children who strap a bomb to themselves and try to kill innocents. She needs to wake up to the real world.


They Flying Nun Miss Fields needs to light her tampon and blow her box apart because it will be the only bang she will get off with.


Well, anonymous, I gotta say you hit it on the head this time.

Kevin Gregg:

Oh, the blasphemy of it all!

Thank gosh we have FOX to protect our souls from that heckbound woman Sally Fields.


Does anyone recall how Sally's flying nun series ended? I believe she was flying in concentric circles of decreasing diameter and she eventually flew up her own ass. Am I correct?



tommy jeffersaon:



she couldn't keep her big mouth shut and just let it be about entertainment - she had to throw in her political views while she had the 2 minutes on the soap box.


i guess she's never heard of catherine the great of russia. what an ignorant broad


The Hollywood Kooks are doing more harm to the Democratic Party than anything else.

The Right One:

"airport bathroom"?

Such a stooge.

Now, get back to that threesome you were having with Larry and Curly.

The Right One:


Story of your life, I see.


Oh would you pathetic war mongers relax... please, the U.S. will be in Iraq, Afghanistan and where ever else they decide to spread their "good cheer" for many, many, many years to come. And there will be plenty of mothers pumping out "suckers" to do our killing for us so that we'll be always able to "fight them over there so that we don't have to fight them over here." What do I know, I'm just a simpleton.


Well, Anonymous, you really did me a disservice by spouting off your ridiculous crap. I had thought you were a reasonable person, but I was wrong. I hope everyone who read my posts will realize, as I do, that you are a troll. And I am unanimous in that.

The Right One:

"What do I know, I'm just a simpleton."

Seriously, that's all you really had to say.


Another Commie in Hollywood is exposed!

These elites know nothing of the love and sacrifice for one's country.

God Bless our men and women doing the dirty work to keep us safe, free and able to get up and say these un-American rants such as this. She should have burned a flag while she was up there. That would have rallied that crowd.

Keep up the good work Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines and let’s kick the crap out of Iran and Syria better late than never!




Charles :

Communision(i.e. LIBERALISM) has a perfect record in world history. In the end, it ALWAYS fails. That's ALWAYS! GET IT! (I forgot, LIBERALS are mentally ill-they are incapable of getting it)


Ditto RPSharpe. Sally Field is a troll.


Silly Sally. It's a cute thought anyway. The thought of no wars. I just wonder what she thinks of the enemy. I don't think she thinks about the enemy.

George Washington:

Oy Vey!

She does have a point. "If" has so many meanings. If the queen had balls she would be the king.


This is what happens when the Emmys are on Fox...those trolls will censor anything that doesn't trumpet the war and the GOP.


Tune in to the Emmys and Oscars and Tonys and MTV to see the USA bashed. Tune in the the Country Music Awards and Cma Awards to see the USA praised. Go figure. Proud to be an American.


Well, what does she think of the enema? She needs to know that even if we aren't thinking about it, it's thinking about us. And Fleets is not particularly forgiving. So there you go.

Ron Leslie :

Tonight there are some real bad to the bone bitches fighting for all our rights to live free in this great country.

The clueless Sister Bertrille is NOT one of them. It just shows pure ignorance on her part to not understand just what is at stake.

So will a real "hollywood mayonnaise jar" just sit down and shut-the-hell up! Yes I am talking to you Sally Margaret!

Ron Leslie

tommy jefferson:

hey RIGHT ONE.... do you even have thought of your own cause all i see is just the same ol crap them crooks, that hijacked the republican party, have been feeding you. i guess when they ask you brain washed freaks to go to jonestown you will be first in line

The Right One:

Tommy "George" Jefferson:

Perhaps you should follow your own advice when it comes to "thought of your own"... no, perhaps nothing. Definitely follow your own advice.


Dang an Epiphany:

Seriously. Why trawl the high schools and campuses for recruits for this war. I have had an epiphany. I mean just trawl forums like this. Develop some type of “secrete” tap and all of the war freaks will crawl out of the wood work and enlist, and, and, wow we can have a great time spreading our love and compassion and way of life and McDonalds and “Lets get it Done” you know what mean. The phrase is American Hospitality. If you all can fight as well as you talk the Dem’s will have no chance in 2008. You would have all won the war in a snap of you stained fingers.




Tune in to the Emmys and Oscars and Tonys and MTV to see the USA bashed. Tune in the the Country Music Awards and Cma Awards to see the USA praised. Go figure. Proud to be an American.


Has she ever heard of Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands?

Sally, find your own stage to on which to spout your political ignorance. Then again, she did graduate from high school, so I have to give her credit for that.

Sometimes I wonder if we would have won WWII had these ignorant, lying traitors been in charge of Hollywood and the media in the 1940's

angry woman:

This comment board has gotten a bit crazy. there are so many grotesque remarks by men - sexist, fearful men. What are you so afraid of? Why are you afraid of a woman speaking her mind? How can you be so certain that we would be worse of if a woman were in charge? American women are some of the most intelligent, insightful, creative women in the world. You should be proud of your mothers, sisters, wives and neighbors. If we are to grow as a country, if we are to TRULY be a LASTING force in the world, in the MODERN world, then it is about time for this fear to end. Men, it is time for you to grow up.
If it is Hillary or someone on the republican ticket, a woman should not be counted out just because of her gender. That will be the end of us --- America is built on its people --- all of its people. Men AND Women. Maybe there wouldn't be so many lives lost if women ruled the world. Who knows for sure? I don't. but --- I'm certainly willing to find out!
And ---- let's get real. Whoever wrote "if women ruled the world we'd all be speaking German" is an idiot. It took us a long time...much too long to get into WWII. MANY people lost their lives in that horrific war -- in that genocide. Maybe if a woman were in charge back then, we would have gotten in earlier and saved even MORE lives? Maybe. Who knows for sure.

linda :

Doesn't Hollywood understand that they would be one of the first U.S. cities to be nuked by the radical Muslims with their immorality on display...including the homosexuals? These terrorists are not their friends...I'd like to see them invite some of these arabs over for dinner to talk 'peace!"
Hollywoodites are sooooo stupid...unbelievable!
I've already stopped going to most of their movies and watching their crummy tv shows...why make a bunch of socialists, communists, and brainless idiots rich????

The Right One:

Well, what can I say, it's been fun poking these garden variety liberals with the same old stick, but even that gets boring, so... sleep well, everyone.

Oh, and Sally... nice try, but "G-D" will always get you bleeped, no matter how much certain misguided people will try in vain to say otherwise.

Honest Mom:

Blame it on the Boniva!!!! Honestly has this woman never had PMS. There are months we would be capable of pushing the button because of a lack of comfort food. Please...I'm happy to be a woman but I know we are fully capable of getting down and dirty. Sally that stint as the flying nun really got to you.


>>When she said “goddamn” onstage, however, Fox censors apparently took the opportuntity to bleep the rest of her comments.

Um... that's how a "delay" works, 'ya paranoid. All it took was 'Goddamn' and the finger hit the button, which then cut things for the duration of the delay period and thus included the rushed end of the comment. Compare to the duration of the delay used on Ray Romano earlier in the broadcast "What! Ray Romano was censored?" Yes, but you didn't notice since he wasn't being political so it wasn't that evil, evil rightwing Fox agenda there, just the same hypercautious censor (given some comments at other awards shows that have gotten networks in trouble, though, they probably figured you can't be too cautious). If Sally hadn't cussed she could have completed her statement.

tommy jefferson:

you poved my point you need new material but thanks for using mine... BROWNIE YOUR DOING A HECK OF A JOB


Sally: We hate you.

We really, really hate you.

The Right One:

And you need a spell-checker, Sparky. Now go back to your D&D match.


Anonymous, that was cute but stupid. You say, "but saying we're doing something good by being in the middle east, you're wrong."

As impossible it may seem to you we can help countries in the middle east in many ways as possible, is the U.S. wrong for trying to help rebuild? To reduce the enemy down? Why is it wrong to be generous? Hey, the world isn't flat!


After flying around like a super hero gotta think up stuff that's out there to stay in the game-

-PS Juice - Real sorry to hear about your stuff ;)

Mark Jaggers:

What a sick sick idealist woman

James A. Morales:





Sorry I didn't fill in the top part. Know I am gzeena. I repeat:

Anonymous, that was cute but stupid. You say, "but saying we're doing something good by being in the middle east, you're wrong."

As impossible it may seem to you we can help countries in the middle east in many ways as possible, is the U.S. wrong for trying to help rebuild? To reduce the enemy down? Why is it wrong to be generous? Hey, the world isn't flat!



Now doesn't that sound MUSLIM????????

kit hogan:



Sally is SO NAIVE. She probably thinks OJ didn't do it.

Jack Frost:

Regardless of the context of what she said, the thing that offends me the most is the fact that she got censored for using the words "god" and "damned" together.

Whatever happened our 1st amendment?
Since when is using those two words together profane?

For all you religious wackjobs who created a scenario in which utterances such as this are considered profane, I only have two words:
fuck you.

Larry Green:

They bleeped her for the GD just like the bleeped Ray Ramano for his Fbomb over Patrica Heaton and they bleeped whats her name from Grey's over saying S@#T. It is because of not wanting to pay a fine for swear words, It had nothing to do with her views. If they hated the views they would have cut off Joel Hyatt and Al Gore too.


"If women ruled the world..." We could use a few women in the U.S. like Maragret Thatcher or Golda Meier... women who knew when it was time to kick ass and worry about the crying later.

My son has just informed my wife and I that he plans to join The Army upon his graduation. He knows the potential consequences of that, as do all the men and women serving in our military. Serving, I might add, so that Sally has the freedom to show her stupidity on national television.


Most of the time, women manipulate men to promote their adjenda. Why rule when you can rule the ruler? None of the risk - all of the power!

Examples of rulers and manipulaters:
Helen of Troy...
Condoleezza Rice...
Margaret Thatcher...
Hillary "Clinton" (the next big Joseph Stalin/Charmin Mao/Adolph Hitler for the modern era)

tommy jefferson:

ROLF D&D whats that, and of course you repugs stay way so away from away from what matters... but hey if D&D means Democratic Deliverance GOD BLESS YOU


Yeah all you foks who think that actors should shut up right on...I mean it reminds me of that time when that guy Michael Moore said the whole war was a fake that we went to war for fake reasons I mean really what would he know........... What ....you say he was right......Oh never mind..... move on nothing to see here.


james, mark, and the rest of you ---
So, you're sitting on-line complaining about women and how they are useless and incapable of doing ANYTHING. And I have to ask myself.... is it because you don't HAVE a woman in your life? Are you just angy and lonely and frustrated? Then again, maybe you're alone because you're just not a very nice person? Whatever the reason, you're sitting at your computer ALONE on a Sunday night writing TERRIBLE things. The funny thing is, I'm sure you were the loudest ones singin' in church this mornin', huh?
Shame on you.


So Sally hates war? What a wonderful, enlightened commentary. Why is it that these Hollywood clowns hate war, Bush, and anyone that doesn't believe that this Country is to blame for evry wrong in the world, but they never have anything bad to say about the animals actually killing our sons and daughters? Place the blame where it belongs Sally. Oh, by the way, the standing ovation for Gore was a hoot! I guess he's what passes for a hero in La La Land...


I wish the Hollywood elite would shut up and make their tv shows and movies. These actors live in a dream world where if we just be nice to everyone and give chocolate chip cookies to our enemies everything will be fine.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease....if you are an actor or actress just shut up and make your millions. The soldiers who fight and the battles we wage are the very reason those in Hollywood have the freedom to do what they do. Otherwise they would be walking around covered in head scarfs.

General Patraeus:

Sally, take out a map of the Mideast and notice that we are in both Iraq and Afghanistan which borders Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism. Think this might be to our advantage sometime in the near future? Or are you too busy looking for work to notice the big picture?



G Hamilton:

Hey angry woman.

While you're bashing men, try this one on. You are ignorant of the English language.

Gender has nothing to do with sex. It refers to masculine or feminine words in languages such as French and Latin.

What gender are you? Uh. Feminine.

What sex are you? Uh. Female.

You should have properly said "a woman should not be counted out just because of her SEX" Not "gender".

Why should anyone take you seriously when you are obviously an uneducated, inarticulate boob?



Yeah and if any group of people know about not having their children serve in the Military it would be Repulicans Just ask George Bush 'Dick Cheney'Wolfowitz etc etc etc......all of them who wanted this war and especially that absolute idiot WIlliam Krystalmeth...that guy is always high on something i'm sure off it.

Thank God someone has finally figured out that when you are watching entertainment, you expect entertainment. I don't care what any narcissistic actor thinks about foreign affairs. The night was for us to make fun of these self-important egomaniacs as they tell each other how special they are, not politics. If she wants to say something to the nation, I understand the NYTimes will sell her a full page add for 65,000 dollars. Stars have every right to speak out about what they believe, like anyone else. They don't have the right to hijack an audience that is there for something entirely different. These dopes that can't even remember their prerehearsed script, (I mean, she only had, what, MONTHS to remember that tripe, and she forgot halfway through. Thats how important it was to her. SHE couldn't even remember it!), have the gall to start preaching to people that actually work for a living? Hey, Hollywood, do what you do, make us laugh, cry, scream and dance, but unless your running for office and ready to subject your ideas to open debate with a willing audience, STFU. Bravo, Fox entertainment for not being dragged into the political arena. The sad thing is, now she will get what she wants, publicity, but at least it will be on Fox News and political shows, where it belongs.
Ron Reale realetybytes.townhall.com

Ron Leslie :

"angry woman" the only reason we men talk to you is that you have what we want. I get what I need, finish up and towel off BIG JIM and the twins and then I get the hell out. Off to Miss Next.

I do not need any woman's drama not Sally Margaret's, not Hil-liars and certainly not yours.

Dear, Men do not need women it is you who need us. Usually that takes the form of our money and our sperm. That is all.

Ron Leslie


Umm...if all of you uneducated, red-necks hate actors so much, why do you all sit in front of your TVs EVERY night?
Actors have just as much right as every other american to speak their mind. Or...do you think we should start censoring like the Nazis. I'm so confused....I thought you guys HATED the Nazis? Pick a side! Either you're FOR free speech or you're against it. You can't have it both ways.


All and all a good night for humanity OJ is in Jail where he belongs with out bail. He could be in there for weeks and thats a good thing!


it is so infuriating!!!
it is amazing to me what a bunch of sheep there are in Hollywood or should I say Hollyweird...
the only reason they spew this stuff is because the media spins it and then they repeat it.
No I do not believe it was for oil, just be glad there have not been any more attacks..thank you President Bush
and remember when that coward Clinton was in office-all I heard about was attacks here and there. He did not know how to stand up to the enemy he only did when it was convenient to take our eyes off of the Lewinsky matter.
he was busy fooling around in the oval office, instead of taking down terrorists


Hey stgephen, what Democrat has a child serving in the military?

That is more about position than it is about Party.


what the hell is wrong with all of you retards? So she said "if women were running the country, there would be no wars" - so what? it's just an opinion. Shut the hell up you pathetic losers.

Warrior 07:

What color burka do you prefer, black or blue?
Do you prefer to embrace Islam or die like an animal, e.g. decapitation. That's why we are fighting, the Muslim declared war on us in '93.

Oh by the way, Oil is the number on commodity. Who ever controls it controls the global economy. Our way of life. The al Qaida and Iran want that control. That's the reason for the "Long War."

Hillary or Obama as Commander in Chief is a harrowing nightmare.


i have never in my 76 years of life seen so many folks that are PRO WAR. Nobody wants war as much as the PRO WAR RIGHT.. do you understand what war is. do you know what it is like to be IN A WAR. how can anybody be PRO WAR like the sick republicans that seem to LOVE WAR.


Oh Sally! Go take a Boniva and stick with rubbing your good friend's hump that you "told" about Boniva. I am a mother of a Iraq war veteran. I couldn't be PROUDER!

Jack Burton:

we arent sending our children.
They are mostly young adults that joined voluntarily. Duh.
And they fight to prevent a future war against a united islamo facist empire that we could lose.

Wake up Hollyweird. Wake up.

angry woman:

G Hamilton....
You actually had me...until you called me a "boob"
And - Do you REALLY want to be associated with that Ron guy? Did you read his last comment? Have you no response for HIM? Honestly!

Peter :

I've read the comments here and the only one I truly agree with is the one that states that actors should not hijack tv programmes meant to entertain. Really, if these bubble-heads have something to say you'd think they'd have the integrity to buy a pay in the NYT and say it there; rather than make a show of themselves which is really meant to say: " hey! look at me! I'm still alive!!!"


She wasn't cencored because of the anti-war talk, the network cencored the God D***. You can't use the Lord's name in vain on TV. She had every right to say what ever she thought, but she should have left out the G.D. - Made her look bad.


How sad that so many whining Republinuts still stupidly and blindly follow their lunatic leader and just lap up all the goofy propaganda the Limbaugh freaks want to spew out for big bucks. Speaks volumes about the mental acuity of these redneck macho-wannabe Republinuts -- there isn't any.... They are trying so desperately to stay relevant when they are so laughingly irrelevant. Fortunately, the destructive conservative fad is well on the way out. Good riddance.


Religion & Ideology, the reasons for most of the world's problems.

linda :

I bet a lot of us "red necks" who "hate actors" didn't watch the Emmy's but got linked to this article through Drudge!!!!!

And, yes, because of past wars and brave soldiers, these actors have the freedom to say anything they want to. And we have the freedom to say anything about them! And the freedom to not go to their movies or watch their tv shows!

I've picked my side! And it's not with the Hollywood socialists and communists!


George Bush: Saving your sorry liberal asses whether you like it or not.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Destroy the Caliphate.


SUSAN - You are my Hero!!!!


No one is "pro war" but when war is thrust upon you why is it that the Left wants to retreat? The Left are like the French who have always found themselves in submission to others.

At least be consistent... your comrades in the Communist realm at least were up front about their desires to use military force to further their cause. Why must you hide behind an "anti-war" banner when you desires are the same as Lenin's and Mao's?


I like her, I really like her. Maybe more than before. She is a great actress. I really have no problem with anything she said tonight. I'm a little disturbed by some of the comments here from so many "normal" people. We have the graetest military in the world. Our leadership, not so much. The good thing about our country is we get a change in leadership. If we have a stinker in office, they only get to stink things up for 8 years, then we let another group take a stab at it. Not always a different party, but at least a different leader. Maybe in the future the awards shows should be on HBO.


Remember When? Remember when the Actors and Actresses in Hollywood Supported our troops? Now they denegrate them! Screw Hollywood!


rusty. iraq did not thrust war on the US. why does war give you such pleasure. do you enjoy the war on tv and all it brings you such joy and happiness. WAKE UP from the cool-aide


Just a note from Jesus for all you God-fearing American warriors:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."


THIS war was not "thrust upon" us. The war in Afghanistan was. We were attcked on 9/11 by Osama....who was in Afghanistan. I think it is an embarrassment to our country that this insane man is still out there sending us tapes. WAKE UP PEOPLE! This administration used us. They used our men and women in uniform - they used 9/11 as an opportunity to go after oil. The blood of our soldier is spilling for oil NOT for revenge, NOT to ensure our safety! There are MORE terrorists now then before 9/11. WAKE UP, PLEASE!!!!! You have to staop supporting this terrible president. Put another republican in office, I don't care. Just elect one that understands the world, understands war and has a PLAN to make this world a better place for future generations of Americans.

Ben There :

When Sally was the flying nun, she should have taken a flight to the Middle East where mothers encourage their children to be suicide bombers. Many Muslim mothers are just as evil as the rest.


Obviously she's never met my mom.


Other than our own civil war name one we have won? Korea, nope, Vietnam, nope, only the people with a stake in the civil war will decide the ultimate outcome. Bush tit sucklers remember this when the inevitable pullout comes. Speaking of pullout to bad your sperm donor daddy didn't. Too selfish I guess like most Republicans its all about them. He got his rocks off and now we are stuck with you idiots.

Ron Leslie :

The sad reality is that most women have short expiration dates and are not here for the mental long haul. Just look at how much time they spend on vanity, all for not, they end up at 30 starting to prune up. What happens on the outside is happening at an even faster pace with their limited brain logic. Just say no to Sally Margaret and all these other women with touchy feeliy crippled brain ideas. Thinking will always conquer feelings. Period

Ron Leslie


Sally Field must have had a sheltered childhood. She has always been like this. Doesn't she know that when boys an girls join the military, they are submitting themselves to be slaughtered in war. Soldiers kill, destroy and are killed. That is what they are all about. Anyone stupid enough to volunteer to join the military is asking for it. Those brave people who were drafted, in the past, and decided that since they had no choice they wanted to be the best, are heroes. Not those stupid idiots who volunteered.

G Hamilton:

Dear angry woman,

You have no sense of humor.

I'll bet you really have making your kids feel guilty down to an art and a science, don't you?

And I just bet they LOVE you for it, don't they?

I'm too old and too known too many women to buy into your crap.

BTW, I could have said "boob, or two".


The Muslims are winning as we are dividing! Who is the enemy? Hollywood, wake up............

jimmy cricket:

how long does it take the worlds super power to win a war against a bunch of guys with diapers on their heads. 4 years and counting,, but hey what can you say when the leader of the worlds super power has the brain of a child that still wears a diaper

angry woman:

George Hamilton -
So, you're a smug asshole? Is that all there is to you?
I gave you the opportunity to address that gross comment by your fellow woman-hater and you put ME down, again, instead. How do you sleep at night? All of you? How do you sleep? Hmmm.... I guess you don't. You're sitting on your computers feeling big and important --- is this the only time of the day when you feel beg and important? Do you have some unimportant job? Do you hate your life? Why IS IT that you're so angry?
I'm out of here. You guys are pathetic. I'm going to bed in my big, wonderful house next to my intelligent, evolved, sexy, successful husband.... who is not afraid of me or of any other woman. You know, his fearlessness is one of his sexiest qualities.


you should never vote a chickenhawk into a 2nd term because we will be in over our head


Put a burka on, Sally. You deserve it.


I live in Israel and have no right to comment on American internal politics or morality.

I just wanted to say that I am really surprised to read so many pro-war statements. If you go by the media you'd think that the whole of the USA was dead set against this war.

WWII Combat Vet:

Dont blame Sally, blame the people that voted for her. The Hollywood crowd should watch the History Channel and get educated! There was a long line of rulers that were women. AND it appears if Hollywood has it's way there will be another Queen in the White House. GOD help us.


Sally must like the idea of women being being raised ignorant, forced to succumb to the male and wearing a Burka, because thats a mothers life if we lose this one............

Frigmund Seud:

Sally, you ignorant slut! Now you've REALLY pissed Motherhood off.

G Hamilton:

angry woman

Actually I thought Ron Leslie's email was hysterically funny. It was both true and satirical of men - and the women who let them get away with it. Very subtle. Obviously below your radar. Very clever writing and just the right tone to get your goat. I admire that. Now you're getting a little back for what you gave out.

Kuddos to Ron! Great job!

Take the English lesson to heart, darlin'. It will help you sound more educated in the future.


Hey, everyone give poor sally a break!!! she has a right to her opinon. Ok, sally!! see I stood up for you!! Now return the favor, get on your knees and suck me off!!!


We're not pro-war, but pro-freedom! We need to win this war!
The mainstream media does not represent most Americans. But it has poisoned the minds of many!

James E. Viney:

Sally Fields needs to watch the movie PATTON. In it, they show Patton saying along like "don't think about dying honorably for your country, your job is to make the other S.O.B. dies honorably for his country". In other words, the role of the military is to kill people and break things. No mother ever sent her child off to be slaughtered in a war, she sent her child off to war with the goal of his coming home, after slaughtering the other mother's child. At your age, Sally, do we really have to say "it's time to grow up". Why do we pay so much attention to what these hollywood idiots say? After all, most of them never got an education past high school, and they are calling someone else stupid? Yeah right. Just stick to reciting lines that someone with a brain has written, as you continue to let your own brain atrophy from lack of use. Don't think, you haven't got the tools for doing it well.

G Hamilton:

angry woman,

"So, you're a smug asshole? Is that all there is to you?
I gave you the opportunity to address that gross comment by your fellow woman-hater and you put ME down, again, instead"

Witty retort.

I sleep fine, btw.

jimmy cricket:

seems the ultra evangelical right is kinda embaressed by the ultra conservative muslim right,,, must be a war on conservatism... oh but conservatives in america like 2 play footsie in airport bathroom stalls. guess we need a referee where is tammy fay baker and jim jones

Bush's Rt nipple:

Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan in a newly published book of memoirs, in which he wrote, “Whatever their publicized angst over Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ American and British authorities were also concerned about violence in an area that harbors a resource indispensable for the functioning of the world economy. I’m saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: The Iraq war is largely about oil.”

Sep 14th, British polling organization ORB: Estimate of 1.2 million violent deaths in Iraq since the US invasion. American news silent.....

Six months ago, by contrast, an ORB survey in Iraq was hailed by the White House because some of its findings could be given a positive spin in administration propaganda

American children are not dying for your freedoms or protection they are dying for corporate interest and profit.

Remember kiddies WAR IS A RACKET!!!!

linda :

SHE NEEDS REHAB! Watch the video!!!!!!!



That's why actors are known for their intellectual prowess ...oh wait, theyre not. Nevermind.


Wow. What are you guys doing here at home? I served 2 tours and might be heading back over. I could use a break and I know the rest of them could. Why don't some of you sign up and help your brothers out? Sounds like you believe in this damn thing.

Ron Leslie :

Say "angry woman" make sure that intelligent, evolved, sexy, successful husband.... who is not afraid can move your huge fat apron and may Allah grant him the power to ignore the smell of sour wheat and allow him to get down to business. Cheers

Ron Leslie


Did'nt it state that FAUX cut her off????
It figures!

Sally Fields is Oh so Right..

Who do you suppose is responsible for ALL of evil and wars????????

Hint: it's not mothers!!!!


Ron - you're sick. I'm certainly not puttin my life on the line to defend THAT kind of bullshit. We would put a boot in YOUR ass if we heard you talk to a woman like that. You make me sick. You sound like one of THEM. We're over there fighting against that kind of sick hatred!

jimmy cricket:

ronnie regan played a president on tv. dang that guy could act.. he should of got an emmy...oh wait maybe he just needed an enima


Hell, if the people ruled the world, there wouldn't be wars. Wars are started by the rich and powerful who never fight them but who send the lower classes to.

Anyone from the rich and powerful Bush family fighting anywhere? from the Cheney family? from the Clinton family? from the Greenspan family?

thinks the same almost:

you go sally

Bush's Rtnipple :

Genrally speaking you guys should read more and quit watching TV news....

The 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.
"Two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers had a support network in the United States that included agents of the Saudi government, and the Bush administration and FBI blocked a congressional investigation into that relationship, Sen. Bob Graham."

That begs the question shouldn't we have invaded Saudi Arabia. Oh wait ...they are our friends..(hugs)

ban speech:

I always love the attitude of how these boys and girls are fighting for Sally's right to free speech and yet in the same breathe say she can't exercise it.
which is it?
secondly all this war gives sally the is right to bitch about according to your logic, is the price of oil.


Way to go sally fields....you just insulted 1/2 of you audience. If you are such a great mother then why don't you worry about all of the children that are aborted each year or the dying children in Darfur and other middle east countries or the thousands of children that are raped/murdered by pediphiles each day. Does your "mothers movement" just end at insulting the Troops that in fact keeping your children from getting blown up by extremeist terrorists????? If you think the world is bad now, just wait until you let the terrorists take control because of your naivete`.

Can't you guys ever keep your stupid, socialistic politics at home. In the end your PCedness is going to be your demise. Wake up! THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!!!!


If you would like to join your fellow hippy, liberal, unrealistic, semi-capitalist (bordering on socialist) hollywood elistist group near you: please call (555)IMA-HOMO. Join the people you all love to listen to but have no realistic point of view, such as:

Sean Penn
Susan Sarandon
Michael Moore
George Clooney

And if you join now, for a low price of $19.99, you'll get the advice of famous politicians and world leaders such as:

Al Gore (Hell, if he says it's our fault, it must be! Damn those other 60% of scientists who say it's just the natural cycle of the climate)

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Let's all succumb to the power of Allah!!)

Hillary Clinton (Health Care like Canada! Long lines, over-populated hospitals, and yes...that's right...inflated taxes!!)

While we're at it, we're going to include a ONE-TIME, SPECIAL OFFER!!!!......

A free subscription to "People" and "US" magazines to further degenerate the respect and integrity of Western Civilization!!!

Ron Leslie :

Yo, vet: comradeship or armchair navigator - understand my back? I would defend your back even if you had tats and chewed.

Or was that over your MOS?


To the US troops:

Lay down your weapons. Retreat, and protest the war! It's that easy!

I cannot believe that there are people in the US that have sense enough to post ignorance backing this up.


ET states: "if we lose*? this one, ALL mothers will wear burkas"????!!?????

Who told you this morsel, genius???
Dildo O. by any chance???

The statement is tooo ludicrous to respond any further...


Whenever I ask my warmongering friends what benefit the US is getting or has gotten from this war, all I get is a blank stare and a change of subject. I guess they don't think almost 4000 dead soldiers and many thousands more crippled for life are a benefit. What are they? Some kind of cowardly quitters? LOL?


fact: men are more violent than women - check out the prison population/crime stats- it's not even close. i wish there was a "man cancer" disease that killed half the men on this planet. this planet will be much safer for everyone when Mother Earth returns to her sisters as leaders. but not for women who just act like men to get their way. Go sally Go


F-U asshole. You're a coward who disrespects women just like the towelheads.



ummmmmm, hey bright eyes. You forgot to add Alen Greenspan to your 'list'................

Bush's Rt nipple:

TO TAKE A NATION TO WAR.. by Herman Goering

Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

Oh by the way some noted lefties at work just to balance out all the Right in this thread...

The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by a leading Christian socialist, Francis Bellamy, who was fired from his Boston ministry for his sermons depicting Jesus as a socialist.

The words to "America the Beautiful" were written in 1893 by Katharine Lee Bates,whose book America the Beautiful and Other Poems includes a sequence of poems expressing outrage at US imperialism in the Philippines.

Woody Guthrie's song "This Land Is Your Land," penned in 1940, to be our unofficial national anthem. Guthrie was a radical with strong ties to the Communist Party. He was inspired to write the song as an answer to Irving Berlin's popular "God Bless America," which he thought failed to recognize that it was the "people" to whom America belonged

You guys should really read more.. watching the history channel dosent count..LOL



If our stupid fuck cunt of a president told you pro war retards to eat shit, you dumb fuckers would be eating shit. Bush would say, if you eat this shit freedom burger it will make our country safer from the evil that wants to destroy our freedom. You dumb ass people with your heads up your asses would be lining up to eat each others shit.


If you want to understand why we went to war in Iraq read Mearsheimer and Walt's new book, The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. Answer is there.


To Richard:


Just like when Al Gore says Sh*t, you sh*t... but enviromentally correctly!

get over yourself douche

Just another stupid, feminist, left-wing, washed-up Hollywood thespian trying to make headlines with an inane remark.


Well, looks like the BushHitlerCheneyHalliburton crowd are here...

Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya while the radical Islamists plot to explode dirty bombs in the US...


To Pinko:

keep on sucking Bush's dick

G Hamilton:


Fact: my exwife raped my two sons when they were little

Fact: she got away with it with a woman lawyer, a lesbian court appointed "therapist" and a woman judge

Fact: my sons are grown up now and both have nothing to do with their mother

Fact; in 1990, the report was less than 5% of the prison population was women who sexually assaulted men, women, girls and boys. Today it's moving toward 20% and growing every year. Read the list of women teachers who rape boys on WorldNetDaily.com

If you think women are less violent then men today, you're living in a dream world. They're every bit as violent as men. Maybe worse.


Hey all you warmongers, I have a question for you. What benefit has the US gotten from the war in Iraq? I never can get anyone to give me an intelligent answer.


Hmm... do you mean all of the NEW radical Islamists that our illegal occupation has created?



Good one... I am awestruck.

Nice work. I am impressed. If I suck Bush's dick, you can go suck Hil's. Deal?


Oh... so NOW we know why G Hamilton hates women!!! We finally got the answer. Hey "angry woman" are you still here?!? He let us into his narrow little world! It's a personal thing! Wouldn't you know.
Go cry on a couch dude. Your personal history with women has no place in a political discussion.

Hal: Should we all read Mein Kampf as well? How about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

Mearsheimer and Walt are almost, but not quite, as accurate as those two pieces of trash.



Woman are, have always been, great COMMUNICATERS.

Men are, have always been, hardwired for

Come to your own conclusions..................

G Hamilton:

Sorry Anon,

Most of my friends today are women.

I'm merely pointing out that women, from personal experience and from public reporting, are just as violent as men and more so.

And if this story doesn't make you puke, not some made up trash about men like that worthless crap from angry woman, then you're just as sick as she was.


I juast stopped watching brothers and sisters..
Sally is just another hollywood wacko...How dare her make a remark like that ...What makes her and the other idiots in hollywood think they know so much......Our soldiers sailors and marines are all volunteers and are in Iraq saving the sorry asses of the hollywood crowd


you're lying. I can't believe that any self-respecting woman would befriend a man like you. Be honest.


I believe there have been many women who led their nations into war, you may need to read some history books for that. The Amazons may have been among the earliest. Greater evidence of the female capacity to kill would be the number of abortions that have occurred in the last few decades. I believe women have those. If you are willing to kill your defensless unborn children by the millions, who knows what you would do if totally in charge.


I just finished reading this board from the top and.... there are som many lude, sexist comments on this board. What have we become? So many men here have been writing really terrible things about women. I agree with "Vet" that you sound just like the men we are fighting against.


'George' is a Troll. Totally ignore..........


And - G. Ham -- from what I could tell, "angry woman", from her first posting was trying to point that out. You should go back and re-read it.


Who cares what Hollywood says anymore!! And who watches the Emmys anyway? It's all a joke!


Who cares what Hollywood says anymore!! And who watches the Emmys anyway? It's all a joke!

Rita Mcdonald:

Well let's see, I can no longer see movies that these people appear in,
George Clooney, Sean Penn, Susan Serandon, Charlie Sheen, Barbara's man, what's his name, oh yea Brolin, Alec crazy Baldwin, Chevy Chase, Drew Barrymore,Julia Roberts, Ben Afflect, Matt Damion, the list goes on and on. I think these people should move on down and embrace Hugo their good buddy and that would leave me with let's see who is left to watch?

Robert Duval
Ron Silverman
Bruce Willis
James Woods (love him)
So far as I know , Densel Washington, pretty much keeps his mouth shut,
I thought Sally Field had been reduced to advertising Boniva for good bone growth, didn't know she had a show. Why can't these people just keep their mouths shut, their arrogance astounds me. It's not that I am so much for war, it is just I want to keep it on the table, we we can retaliate when the dirty bomb goes off in Hollywood, or maybe it already has gone off in the mouth's of these insane left loonies. I prefer watching lifetime movie network and lifetime movies to most of the movies these people are putting out anymore!


Bravo to Sally! Good for you, doll, for saying it like it is. Boo to the fundie idiots at the Faux network for bleeping out your anti-war comments.

G Hamilton:

Then you don't know any self-respecting women.

Hmmm. Let me add it up. Why yes!, I do have more women friends than men friends. Good friends, by golly. Friends who respect me for fighting hard to protect my sons.

You see, incest and rape are not a one sided game. There are a heck of a lot of women predators out there today, preying on boys and girls. There are still more men than women, but women are working at closing the gap. Are you a predator too? Is that why you hate men so much? Were you raped too? Or abused by a man. Because it sure sounds like you're a man hater.

So what's this nonsense about "Your personal history with women has no place in a political discussion."

I suppose blowjobs and the rest of the trash talk do?

Does the word hypocrite mean anything to you?

Ron Leslie :

Ha, Fau-Vet, I respect all women up to and until I tell them to leave and they don't.

Say Sparkey I am many things an asshole is one for sure and a son-of-a-bitch for a fact. But unlike you at least I know how to make the hurt come out of a M240 among others. My opinions of women is not the same as the Hajj, I don't beat them with my left hand or my right for that matter, I don't put them in the dirt at waist level and throw stones at them, I don't drag them through the street because my Imam told me to do so.

So, Sparkey this hollywood bitch that has never had to hold a shit in the heat of the desert inside a HUMMVEE while some Hajj or Ali Babba with a Dragunov tries to ventlate my head. Bottom line is this idiot hollywood woman has NOTHING to say to you or me about a GODDAMN F'ING thing. You feel me my brother?


If we could just stop those mothers from sending their kids off to be suicide bombers.......

Jason the Expert:

If mom's ruled the world we'd all be broke. Look at the socialized health care bill hillary is trying to get going $110,000,000,000. That's 110 BILLION dollars a year, so we can stand in line at the doctor.

"DES MOINES, Iowa - For months, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has promised a plan to bring health care to every American.

She was to make good on that pledge Monday, unveiling a sweeping proposal requiring everyone to carry health insurance and offering federal subsidies to help reduce the cost of coverage.

With a price tag of about $110 billion a year"


Ron, you're a disgrace to our great nation. You have no honor. You have no respect. You are a coward. Live with it or change.

rubb nelson:

If men ruled the world --- we'd have no liberal democrats.


Wow, now I know where all the Rethuglican freaks go to comment on TV.


Dude, you guys are idiots. This war was never about freedom for anyone. Get your heads out of your asses. Iraq is a much better place today, isn't it? They really wanted their "freedom" didn't they? Osama has been caught, hasn't he? Does anyone remember Afghanistan? And ask any soilder that comes home, we shouldn't be there. GW has ruined our country and theirs.

Women can be just as lethal as men, but we are hardwired to protect life and have to be a bit more subtle and a lot more cunning.

G hamilton, this ain't a therapy session.

And Sally's comments were relevant because her character's son was sent to Iraq. There was a huge commentary in the show about soldiers and war.




Ref: Ron Leslie

Oh booo hooo. cry us all a river!!

What the hell did you expect to happen when you invaded and occupied a soviergn country??!??


Kudos to Sally Field. Good for you, Sally, you're right on. It kills all these Republican numbskulls to hear it, but the majority of good Americans are with you.


Jen. Here! Here!
We are NOT better off. We are more hated. We have dug ourselves into a hole, lost alloes and have become the laughing stock of the world. Why? We just got ANOTHER tape from the guy who planned 9/11. He is still out there. He's still alive! He's building his terrorist empire as we fight for oil. OIL!


I am truly tired of celebrities using their privileged positions to espouse their personal beliefs. No one else who works hard and does well at their job gets the added benefit of telling the whole world what they think. And does Sally Field really think that there are no "bad" mothers out there? I think there are a few - some that have done unspeakable crimes like kill their babies and small children. There are prisons around the world with female murderers and drug dealers so I am sure the world would not be quite as bucolic as Ms. Fields seems to think.


I agree with Sally. Bring my son home NOW! No more lies.


Why is it that it is always the godless liberals who use God's name in vain in moments like this? Why is it that it is always those with no concept of real peace and security who always blather on about the evils of war? And why is it that those who cannot recognize evil even while it is torturing, raping, shredding, and destroying innocence as Sadaam's minions were doing before WE took action while the world watched and whined and profiteered, are always the ones who preach to the rest of us about THEIR idea of what's evil and what's good?

Clearly, even faded celebrity is no proof of sense or intelligence, but only of luck and a certain set of skills that are exploitable....until those of such limited abilities wear out their welcomes by exposing their shallowness. But meanwhile, if you think she said the censorable word by ACCIDENT, you're dreaming. She set out TO get censored for being a "hero" to her side, who are, after all, the people who HIRE her for acting roles. The retromingent nature of Hollywood makes it more and more irrelevant day by day.

What can WE do? IGNORE them. STOP watching, STOP buying the tabloid press that lives parasitially on them and our interest in them. STOP paying their salaries and START avoiding the products they shill for. One may only need "Boniva" once a month, but we need idiots like Sally telling us how to live....NEVER.


Sandy, hon

TRY to get a grip and stop screaming, K?????

Not getting any lately, huh???

Still fixated on Clintons penis..

Maybe someday Sandy, maybe someday..........


Bush has practically destroyed the United States with his insane quest for oil. We've gone from a country that had the world's sympathy and support to a country that is hated and viewed with suspicion by the rest of the world, and deservedly so.

We're far less safe now than we were before, and that's due entirely to Bush and his administration.

In the 1980s, The USSR was the Evil Empire. Now the US is the Evil Empire.

G Hamilton:


Makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe even a little sick, doesn't it?

Good. That's what it's intended to do.

How do you know I didn't make the whole thing up? How do you know it isn't someone else's story? Why would I tell my life story on this list for people to criticize or make fun of? LOL

Point is, women are just as dangerous as men and Sally Field hasn't a clue what she's talking about.

Never liked here show anyway.

a woman:

Hey Sally, Osama Bin Laden called. He thanks you for your support, and wants you for his next burka-swathed, female circumcised, second class, sub-human, cave dwelling, male fellating, sex-slaving wife-b****

Hmmmm, oh, Allah Ackbar!!!!


George Hamilton -
You are a sick man. Get the f!*& off of this site.
Better yet, go join up! Put your anger to good use.


Entertainers give themselves more credit than they deserve. I pay actors/entertainers to lie to me, to make me believe if only for a moment that something looks real on the screen. The better they lie, the better the movie. I don't pay them for their political views and since they're paid to lie, why would I give any thought to what they have to say politically. Sean Penn is a fine example of someone trying to exploit his fame by keeping a camera crew with him while he markets his "caring" nature. I never did care what a fake had to say nor do I care now.

a man:

I had no idea how truly sick and depraved conservatives and Republicans could be until I logged on to this website. The terrorists must get great comfort from knowing how loony the American "heartland" is.



"Why is it that it is always the godless liberals who use God's name in vain in moments like this?"

Bright Eyes. When God starts whispering in our ears and telling us he wants us to go to war, LET US KNOW ASAP!

astute reader:

Ron, don't pose as "a woman"! Though you might want to be one inside, it's totally transparent here on this site.
Grow up.


What a totally ridiculous statement! First of all, she took the Lord's name in vain and for that, I definitely DON'T LIKE HER NOW! I never much cared for the little, plain, twerpy twerp anyway. She's just another rich, OLD celebrity trying to make a statement against the ‘establishment’ - just like she did in her hippie days.

I'm a mother and I definitely DON'T WANT WAR, but what happens if a country declares war on us and starts bombing us in the USA? Our children would get killed in their own back yards! She probably has an underground 'pad' filled with years' worth of food and water so she doesn't have to worry about anything. Still, what a dumb statement. She’s had several bad relationships with men, so I guess she’s down on men, too. Can’t keep your men, Sally?

But the main reason for the statement is she's a far-left liberal, who is a rich and famous celebrity with no morals, who think since they are 'celebrities' they are smarter than the average American; therefore, they have all the answers. I'm sure she's pals with Billary & Hillary Clinton and undoubtedly will vote for her idol – Hillary, another good ‘mother’.


War gave her the right to say what she pleases. It will continue to live Free. Think about the movie Not Without My Daughter.


Thank you, Isis. What's so amazing about these war-mongersand conservatives is that they shout loudly about God and Christianity, but the reality of the way they live their lives and the "values" they espouse show that they are they true Godless ones.

Jesus would puke if he could see that crap that was being pulled in his name.

G Hamilton:


Well, it's plain to see that you're waste of a perfectly good human body that some other soul could have used.

Have you considered anger management therapy. You sure have a lot of issues.

People like you are so filled with hate and anger that baiting you is like shooting fish in a barrel, if you'll pardon the expression.

Hey Ron, nice crowd tonight, isn't it? This is great fun.


The american "heartland" has no heart...or soul...or intellect. And most of them don't own a passport. They've never gone outside of this country so they have no reference. They live in fear of everything that is NOT american. They are brainwashed...just like the Germans in WWII. It is a sad time in our history. Keep them ignorant and they will follow you into hell.


Thge article failed to note that before she was cut off Field's was so incoherent and babbled on as it she was totally out of it....my God She's just another Hollywood leftist idiot...if our welfare were in her care she would be wearing a burka and headscarf and every jew, or christain would either be knelling toward mecca or have their heads cut off! So pathetic and naive!

a woman:

Actually, this is, indeed, a woman. A vengeful woman. A patriotic woman. A woman whose father served in the military. A woman whose son is currently in Iraq.

A woman who is mad as h***, and not going to take it anymore.


Seriously, come on people.
She's voicing concern, love, and empathy for all the mothers-of-war out there.
If you want to take that personally, then that's your problem.
Honestly, Grow Up.
Does the word compassion no longer exisit in North American culture?


Okay, Bush-lovers... Your ignorance is baffling. Americans are hated all over the world, thanks to people like you. That's just sad, you know, really really sad. The USA is a beautiful country, so I've heard, but I will never visit it, ever, because of this POTUS.

Oh, and if you think you're safer now: you're wrong. 9/11 was comitted by Saudi's: let's bomb Iraq!! Why? Sure, WMD's!! Nope: OIL.


Stuck in the sixties? Get a clue Sally. Iraq ain't Vietnam.


Oil, we could drill in Alaska, mine in Colorado, drill offshore, except for the Dem's opposition. We import it from Venezula, Mexico, Canada, and get very little if any from Iraq. If we wanted their oil, all we had to do was lift our embargo. We did not do that because their oil was not our primary purpose.


Well now. Two leading female politicians that immediately come to mind to have sent people off to war are Margaret Thatcher and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Both are mothers too.

Uh oh, that's contradictory to her bold claims.

a woman:

And, Sally, if you weren't already long past menopause, you could have given him many more fundamentalist jihadist sons, which you would then be required to strap bombs to their asses and praise their martyrdom when they blew themselves into oblivion.

All for the sake of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Heh. How about Allah, the murderous, the sodomite ... and Hollywood's grand solution is to bend over and take it in the ass.

Richard Z:

When someone of Alan Greenspan says the Iraq war was for oil, it was FOR oil. He is not some nitwit VFW stormtrooper getting soused on liquor, he is the pre-eminent Establishment guy.
Bush/Chaney/Rove and now Petraeus.


God weeps when he hears the kind of s**t that "a woman" and her sick ilk spew.

There's certainly not going to be any room in Heaven for war-mongers like them. Thank God.


Well another one bites the dust in my book of outstanding actors/actresses who have opened their mouths and spoke their political views. If only they would keep their opinions to themselves...I support our military no matter who is our President Man or Woman..Why do people use their fame or opportunity to speak in public to make a political statement? This was about the Emmys...


One small word of advice for all the millions of people that feel left out by this 'president': if some Bush-loving idiot is shouting USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!, you should reply by shouting USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dig it?


Why can't entertainers stick to entertaining and let the real actors stick to politics?


Now I remember why I have no interest in visiting the US. From all I can tell, you guys can't see past the tips of your nose.

If you're all in such support of the war, enlist, or go live in Iraq and get a taste of what it's really like. Stop cowering behind your computer monitors in your safe houses where you know you won't be killed for being a citizen.


If hollywood ran the world, we all would be in

what Ms Fields does not understand, is that we never asked for "this" war. We didn't ask for WW I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan or Iraq. The Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo, the Soviet Union (to an extent) Saddam Hussein and finally, Al Qaeda and terrorists in general, declared war on us first. OBL and Saddam were at war with us long before we knew it. We are only protecting our interests and more importantly, our lives and our childrens.
Our military, the finest in the world, are not forced to go to war (they signed up) and any solider will tell you that they are the last to want war. I had no feelings toward Ms Fields either way, but now, I think they have gone to the negative.
I am willing to bet if Terrorists hurt or killed any of her relatives, she would be the first in front of a microphone screaming, "why didn't the military do anything?" Please, why do these people think comments like these do anything more than embolden our enemy? Oh, I forgot, the left doesn't remember 9.11 or the fact that Saddam had broken every condition of the cease fire he signed in '91.

former fan:

She has a right to voice her opinion; and I have a right to never pay a dime to watch her movies ever again.

a woman:

I notice that you failed to address my points, and simply resorted to petty name-calling, as if that contributes anything substantive to the conversation.

A pity. I would gladly engage you or anyone in true discourse, not play-ground bantering.

what Ms Fields does not understand, is that we never asked for "this" war. We didn't ask for WW I, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan or Iraq. The Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo, the Soviet Union (to an extent) Saddam Hussein and finally, Al Qaeda and terrorists in general, declared war on us first. OBL and Saddam were at war with us long before we knew it. We are only protecting our interests and more importantly, our lives and our childrens.
Our military, the finest in the world, are not forced to go to war (they signed up) and any solider will tell you that they are the last to want war. I had no feelings toward Ms Fields either way, but now, I think they have gone to the negative.
I am willing to bet if Terrorists hurt or killed any of her relatives, she would be the first in front of a microphone screaming, "why didn't the military do anything?" Please, why do these people think comments like these do anything more than embolden our enemy? Oh, I forgot, the left doesn't remember 9.11 or the fact that Saddam had broken every condition of the cease fire he signed in '91. Liberals are a lot like children, except not as cute.


The far-right in the United States is absolutely breathtaking in its collective stupidity and arrogance. But then, I guess that's how Bush got elected ...

Oh, wait a minute -- he didn't!


Can you spell Boudicea?


it's Boadicea.


No, G. You're just an idiot and I don't want to read your crap. You add nothing of value.

So, people are tired of celebs using their status to shout out there opinions?

What is this? its a forum where people like get to pubically share their opinions. Should this be shut down? What about that guy on the street corner calling for people to read their bibles? Freedom of speech, was that against a commandment or something? i missed that bible class.

or is it that you don't like it when a celeb of an opposing position says something. Ann Coulter is a different kettle of fish, isn't she? Because she's a politico? She certainally does not shun her celeb status.

And what happened to separation between church and state. America is supposed to be better than a muslim state because we have freedoms. "God" doesn't belong in politics. God is a delusional state that has started more wars than any other issue in the history of man.

You believe in god, great, more power to you. Can we make it a don't ask, don't tell kind of thing?

This war was about oil. No amount of support our troops bumper stickers on your SUVs will change that.


"If mothers ruled the world... there would be no war - but intense negotiations every 28 days" What a bunch of feminazi propaganda. I hope Rush tears her a new one tomorrow.


This war was about oil. No amount of support our troops bumper stickers on your SUVs will change that.

jen: you tell it to him straight, girl. Way to go


uuft, you may be confusing hatred with envy. What the "hating" world should do is learn why we have what we do, and they don't. I think it is called capitalism. I think the organizers of 911 found it was easier to recruit Saudis, after all that is where Bin Laden was from. Remember that most of the hijackers had no idea of the actual mission, that was knowledge restricted to only a few in the operation. That should make sense to you, you do not tell everyone what your operational plan is.


Slayur says

"Oh, I forgot, the left doesn't remember 9.11 or the fact that Saddam had broken every condition of the cease fire he signed in '91."

The short yellow bus has pulled in.
Putting Hussein and 9/11 in the same sentence..
Of course, thats what his leader, the pResident brain washed him to belive...

BTW, Hussein had every right to shoot at foreign planes flying over his country..
What would we do if Russian planes were flying over this country????????



it's not the cold war anymore, hopefully you'd let them fly.

David H. Grisham aka " Texasdave":

If mothers ruled the world there'd be no war? Unless somebody attacked her kids. Then she'd be handing her husband a gun saying, " come back when those @!%$&'s who hurt my kids are dead" Try messing with a mama bear's cubs and see how fast she goes to war.


JD says

"What a bunch of feminazi propaganda. I hope Rush tears her a new one tomorrow."

You're not talking about Rush ( I love little boys )Limbob are you???



You guys are totally missing the point.
I truely doubt that she was implying to any extent that mothers should rule the world- what she was saying was that if they did hypotheically, there would be a lot more compassion involved around war. Body count wouldn't be seen as just body count, but sons, daughters, husands, and wives.

You know that there is something wrong with a country when someone makes a heartfelt comment like that, and the population jumps up to defend itself. Hiding something in there? Guilt, remorse, or uncertainty maybe?


Richardz, You are only reading excerpts of Grreenspans book, as presented perhaps by a journalist with an agenda, I would suggest you wait to reach a conclusion until you have all the facts. Unless that is you have already read the text, and understand the context.

John Bull:

She doesn't have a clue, but we like her, we really like her.



You call it compassionate to have killed millions of innocent unborn children! We call unborn children, unviable pieces of flesh. Where you see compassion, I see greed, selfishness, and cruelity.


War is hell but sometimes a fact of life. All parents of those in harms way worry about their kids and Sally is probably right if mothers made the decisions there wouldn't be a war or possibly freedom for that matter. I have the biggest problem with her offending my God by taking His name in vain.


When she was on TV as the Flyning Nun in the 1960s, My mother was making war with my dad, every single day!


Good catch. It was a trick question.
The spelling is actually contested by modern historians because Boadicea was the Roman variant spelling of her name, which many now find ironic for obvious reasons. The Iceni spelling was Boudica. Although Tacitus recorded it Boudicea, an error(perhaps?) which I, in my haste, unintentionally repeated. Proving, I suppose, that irony is alive and well.

Regardless, she was Queen of the Iceni and one hell-on-wheels warrior in her day. Just another example of a mother driven to war by the treatment of her children, both actual and metaphorical.


I THINK MOST AMERICAN PEOPLE are just as tried of the LIBERALS pathetic, stupid and unpatriotic words as I am. This is why Hollywood has seen such a decline in movie ticket sales. They don't get it, and any LIBERAL I have met seems to suffer from one thing... dishonesty!! I have never met an honest, truthful liberal, they ALL will say or do anything to rape our country of our freedoms. I hope they enjoy the mess they have created. Liberals really are stupid!


Liberals are not the only people who are against this war in Iraq. I believe that a noble war is worth fighting, but Iraq is not one of them. We allowed less than 30 people who planned and carried out 911 change our nation fundamentally. No Habeas Corpus, Patriot Act, wire taps, etc. - Then when most of the Islamic nations were sypathetic to us and gave no quarter to those that attacked us, they (the terrorists)went into hiding. They virtually killed their own cause with 911. Now with our blunder into Iraq we have given them what they wanted to start with... a recruting tool! a great holy war! To them "we" are the "evil ones" duh! Our leaders are inadvertantly doing Al Quaida's bidding. Stop this stupid war in Iraq and hunt the real terrorists. btw, I am a lifelong Republican who voted for Bush twice and lost my grandson to an IED in April 2006. Think people, patriotism does not mean we stop using our brains.



I'm assuming that the innocent unborn children were those in the 9/11 attacks? And therefore the war in Iraq is justified because "they hurt us, so we'll hurt them"? Right..
I believe that there is a time and a place for war, and I believe that this was not it.
Taking other's lives simply because they hurt yours is only a way to create more angst and revolt. Can you not see that by America responding the way it did to those attacks, they are proving to the world that the US is (on a smaller scale) what the terrorists claims it is?

Ron Leslie :

The truth be known it works like this: Raise your Army, Move it to the theater of operations, Get some, Go on R&R - come back, Control the devastated former Islamic Republic of Iran, I am done.

Translation for the women: - get it up, get it in, get it on, get it out, get it off, I am done.

Now when this war gets a ripping on the short little islam-o-tard Mockmeadinnerjacket all you fools will understand what this war is about. Unfortunately some US city will have been nuked by these people enslave to their religion of peace. All because of their crossed wired perception of God. And you liberals want that, Ok which city are you willing to make black? I am not willing to comprise one US city for their religion that is what their country is for, sacrifice, Thanks God.


Sally, Sally, Sally . . .You miss the point entirely. We need war. We need it in order to control the population. We need it so men with balls can go out and kill each other and blow up things. Try to imagine how boring life would be if we didn't occasionally go rabid and slaughter each other. That being the case, all there'd be for us to do is lie around and eat, sleep, poop, and screw. How boring. What a drag.



I actually looked Boadicea up after you mentioned her name- thank you for a good read, she's in my bookmarks.

mother superior:

to my dear young sister: bite your tongue!

signed, mother superior


""They Liked me. They really Liked Me". How is it so many smart, talented people can be so wrong?

Anonymous (michelle):

Deadbeat: Your a deadbeat

yes we need war for somereasons (population control I can understand), but not simply to blow things up.

Jack R LONG:

Paleez! gemme a break sally. mothers aren't the only ones who care and love their children. it seems amazing to me that you are still flying around in you nun's habit. i would have thought by now that you had learned some lessons from good ole burt. a product of the sixties and still unable to face the world's realities. woe is me.


Sally crawl back in the same hole you came out of, please.


Dude, you guys are killing me. the republicans have stripped more of our rights away than any jihadist.

You bring in a woman's right to choose as some sort of strawman arguement, but it is right on target. Again, the republicans have stripped rights away from us.

Your god ends where my ears begin. My freedom of speech is actually more important in respecting all freedom, including your right to believe and use your god in an arguement than you god any day of the week, including and not limited to Sunday.

Your ability to even have this type of debate is a freedom that is not allowed by half the world.

However, war in iraq has done nothing to ensure any type of freedom and has only ensured that we lose that freedom.

Hitler started cutting back on personal freedoms with the fire at the reichstag with a little doctrine very similar to that of the Patriot Act. and in case you don't know, it didn't stop there. It continued until every freedom was lost.

In Berlin, there is a memorial, thanking the American people for their efforts in the war and for keeping part of Berlin from the Russians. that was a war worth fighting for. Iraq is and never will be.

I'm sorry, but when was disagreeing with the gov't unpatriotic. It is how our country began.


lets all give each other big hugs in the world.....THAT will solve everything. Jeezus people, wake up. These people want us dead. Black, white, atheists, christians. DOES NOT MATTER!!


The innocent unborn children are those who have been aborted in the last decades by the millions, dwarfing anything Hitler or Stalin ever did. Taking the life of an unborn child because it may be an inconvience is hardly justifiable. Seeif you can factor that into your feelings. Notice women are always asked how they feel about things, and men what they think about things.

You would refer to those unborn children as unviable tissue, while you want a body count in terms of relationships. How about mention of someones grandchild being aborted, or the name of father mentioned somewhere, No we could not have that!

Iraq and 911 are unrelated. You may be unaware that Iraq tried to shoot down our aircraft on an almost daily basis while enforcing the "no fly rule" That Iraq had refused to comply with the UN resolutions.

John Doe:

Didn't Margaret Thatcher knock the
stuffings out of Argentina in the Falklands War? I believe she is a mother.


I think we are all missing the point here. It isn't about actors having political statements, that it's the Emmy's, or even on what network. It is about sensorship and what the government controlled FCC isn't telling us. They could have just beeped the "god-damned", but chose to sensor the complete statement. Imagine just how much more anti-war sentiment there would be if our news channels were able to show footage of the war. They aren't even able to show the casket of a fallen soldier. Things have changed since the Vietnam War when footage of men being killed execution style was daily news footage. Interesting too that back then people actually took to the streets in protest because there was video to ignite their emotions. Our government is suppressing our feelings with its sensorship of the war. I think it is good that those that have the means to express themselves on a national scale are doing what they can to inpire our generation. We need it!

I'm thinking it's comments like Sally's that actually keep women from ruling the world. Thank you Sally.


Sally Field, is sadly ill informed, silly and altogether clueless nonentity, who simply would not and could not have survived in the real world other than the make belief stupity call show business.
When she and others like her are brought up and trained over time to twist and contort realities for the sake of entertainment (she's one of the best), then in return, are paid well and praised for her craft and for doing a job by an incestuous peer group, you can see why there's nothing much to these people beneath the surface, but vacuous and fragile egos. These lost souls have nowhere else to go but to gravitate to each other (Hollywood/liberalism) and to forment ways to make the rest of us believe that they know what the hell they're talking about, in order to seem important and protect their fabulous lifestyle. Incidentally, it's their movies, musics and other liberal messages that are causing the 'radical, fundamentalist' muslims all over the world to hate us.
Fortunately for saps like Sally Field, I dislike 'Radical, fundamentalist Islam' far more than I do her, so I shall continue to support our 'all volunteer' soldiers to go out and fight to ensure that she and her kind will always have the freedom to spew their diatribes.



again, off topic. When you have to make that decision, you can have an opinion. hands off my body. Live by your morals and allow me to live by mine. As long as I don't hurt you (more than your feelings of rightousness), what do you care?

let's take care of the children that are born and ensure that every woman and man has access to birth control and when that happens MAYBE we can broach the topic of a woman's right to choose.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Iraq is still a very bad situation that was prompted by oil, not by a right to freedom.

D. Watkins:

One responds to what one faces.

Women don't rule the world, thus her comment is senseless.

Helen Smith:

Sally, I love my kids, too. I really hate war and all that it entails. But, we have to have these wonderful,heroes go fight over there for us and keep us safe out of harm's way. If our military was not in Iraq and Afghanistan,honey, I tell you, your home would be the first bombed over here. What do you think they are gonna do, go bomb Republicans only? I hate war, too. But, it has been around since the beginning of time . Wake up, our men and women in uniform are the true heroes in any war. They are my heroes. God bless them all. I have got a great idea. Why don't you go over there and see what is really taking place and then report back to us peons who you think know nothing and see what happens in your heart. God bless America, liberal and conservatives included.. By the way, I am a mom, too.


will sally wear a burka to the next emmy's?
will there be any gay's still wearing their heads for the next awards show?


TO: Victory6

You said EVERYTHING perfectly! I agree 100%!


You know at one time actors and actresses were not allowed to stay in local hotels (when the play came to town), and thought of as trash. So what's changed (?), except now they are treated like gods? Says more about today's people wanting to worship trash than the folks in Hollywood; they're still the way they've always been. . . TRASH

daughterof a soldier:

Absolutely, Jaime. Absolutley.

Helen: Yes, our soldiers are heros. They don't make the decisions about what wars to fight. I don't think anyone blames the soldiers. I just don't want them to suffer needlessly in vain for a war that has only stripped american freedom domestically and abroad for oil.


WHY don't women "rule the world," Sally?

You're not mindless sheep or clueless dingbats. You are a strong, vibrant, superior gender.

So why don't you "rule the world" already?

You're wiser than men. You're stronger than men. You're better than men in every conveivable way.

So if you aren't "ruling the world" already, blame only yourselves.

And that means the fact that you aren't "ruling the world" is nobody's fault but your own.

Congratulations on your failure to achieve what you have no excuse for failing to achieve.

Have a day.


I recall an actor called J.W.Booth.


uh, women don't seem to have a problem coming into power in other countries. Perhaps its just an American thing.


Sally Field has joined the ranks of Hollywood's bozo list. Perhaps she and her fellow fading stars should go to Middle East and sing "Kum Ba Yah."

I suspect she has forgotten that she is on a hit list for her negative portrayal of Islam in the movie, "Not Without My Daughter."


Ok When Iraq attacked us for our freedoms on 911... Our Government responded by restricting the constitutional rights of American citizens. Only half of this statement is true. Hmm which half?
Wake up People!
I can't stand Liberal (progressive)(socialist) views on just about anything; However, they are right about this war. Sally tell it, tell it!

Kentucky Red Neck:

Sally baby should stick to hocking Boniva.

Tom Hatcher:


You Hollywood people have no idea what is coming.
Mothers are just as ruthless ans men, who aborts children? Mothers

They allow a machine to go inside them and rip their little babies apart


Anyone who thinks there is censorship is an idiot. You can say or do whatever you want. Ever hear of the internet?


Anon: Sorry, I am an aethiest. If I believed in a religion I would not worry about abortion. All those aborted would go to heaven. Have you ever considered the mathematical probility of existing. Have you ever experienced the joy of existing. Consider the probability of existing. We need an ovum, an egg, that can become fertile within a narrow window of opportunity, a sexual encounter during that time, one sperm (out of how many) for that human being to develop, and it will only be that one human being. Trace that back to the begining of time. What then is the probability of existence. If the word sacred can have any meaning, as imputed to human existance, this has to be it. And then to casually discard that as unviable tissue, seems to me to be at least callous.


Maria Theresa, Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Catharine the Great, and Hapshepsut would all disagree with her and then have her executed I think.

I like Sally Field. I think she would be better off laying in my bed with her mouth full though.

Sharon M Robinson:

When the dishonorable women in this country, like Sally Field and the rest of her ilk, march and and use the t.v. airwaves to stop the murder of innocents in the womb, I might be interested in hearing what they have to say. Until then, they'd make more sense if they just kept their disgusting mouths shut.

Peter Aldrich:

Gee.....I thought all the seats on Baba Wawa's THE (LEFT WING) VIEW were filled. Maybe she was auditioning for the future.


Fox has shown its true colors, and how it feels about the US Constitution _ except, of course, that bit about guns.

Sally's an American with a right to free speech. Nothing more, nothing less. She didn't even criticize the Iraq war. It was nothing even remotely political, and so what if it was? Anyone criticizing her for simply speaking her mind in public has a treasonous, traitorous mindset, and is contibuting to the death of our great country.

Fox is privately owned and therefore has a right to censor _ but it has to accept the criticism such actions will draw from loyal Americans sickened by the Fascist crap overtaking our country. Rock on, Sally.


Richard, I would love to have this debate in say an existentialism class. but let's leave it at that.

Not every sperm is sacred. Let's focus more on nationally and globally available birth control. Until that day, please don't legislate my right to choose. Even then, your decision on what to do in your situation is up to you as mine is up to me.

I am an american living (and voting)abroad and truthfully, american christians have so much more in common with muslims than any other cultures i've lived in.

Abortion isn't even an issue throughout Europe. it only becomes a topic of debate in America or
countries that are incredibly religious.


Let's summarize shall we: If you like to pay taxes - you'll LOVE Hillary.

A mother:

Has no one ever heard the old adage...."The hand that rocks the cradle RULEs the world?

ExUS citizen:

Lots of comment here by the usual rightwing, warmongering, oil-stealing American arseholes.


I've never understood the compulsion to attach the word "damn" to the name "god."

And I've never understood the compulsion to use the name "Jesus Christ" as an expletive.

They are crass, neither makes any sense, and they serve as de facto evidence for the prophetic statements in both the Old and New Testaments of the world hating God and cursing His name.

You never hear the same thing being done with other "deities." Why?

If you believe in Him, why do you curse His name? If you don't believe in Him, why do you bother mentioning His name at all?

Gloria A Hogan:

I always liked Sally until tonight. There is a place and time for all things but talking of war on an entertainment show doesn't get it. I feel all entertainment shows should be just that...entertainment. If she wants to talk of war go to Washington before Congress and the Senate..They will let anyone speak...Look at Angelina Jolie..


Just like liberals...not one soldier asked, but everyone of them spoken for. What fantasy world do they live in that makes them think they even remotely speak for anybody, but their ego driven coke snorting selves? If I had to pick a spokesperson, it sure as hell would not be Sally Field or Sean Penn. Even Tim Robbins would get a miss. Next they will be saying, "I support the troops". Next time you hear a liberal spout that nonsense, ask them how they support the troops.


Hello ? Joan of Arc? Margret Thatcher? Queen Elizabeth I? Isabella of Spain? She must have a public school education.


In a perfect world this womans statements would work. Unfortunately however, the world does not work this way. There are people right now as I write this who are building bombs and considering ways to kill innocent and peace loving people on this planet (like Sally Field and myself). Also there ARE mothers in this world who view suicide/homicide bombings of their children a blessing to their cause. As sick as it may seem, the world does not work the way Sally Field and I would like it. I'd like to stand by for what she says, however, but until people on this planet quit using violence in the way terrorists use it as opportunistic and offensive way for political, religious, cultural and racial differences then there will always be war. To stop war, we need to stop hate from all sides. Global acceptance would help make world peace. Does anyone remember something that Ronald Reagan said once in a speech? Though NOT IN VERBATIM it goes something like this: "Imagine our planet that one day had mass amounts of beings from another planet or galaxy living among us. How fast would our hatreds and biases towards others go away?" I know that this is not the way he said it in verbatim, but it does make a good point. Think about this.


According to John Knox, the reason women were not fit to rule was that they were "idolatresses" who set reason aside and ruled by their emotions.

Take a look at Bloody Queen Mary Tudor - one of the most ruthless leaders ever. Or look at the women in the Middle East strapping bombs to their children's backs. Or better yet, who is responsible for the millions of babies aborted every year in this country!?!

Women are the modern murderers of the world - murdering in the name of "choice". If they were in power, they would rule with an iron fist and men would be their slaves. If women were leaders, oh yes we'd have wars, likely more petty wars, more emotional wars, at least once per month!

Female government is "a deviation from the primitive and established order of nature, it ought to be held as a judgment on man for his dereliction of his rights just like slavery." John Calvin


Well . . . another rich, spoiled Hollywood attention-whore confrims herself as an idiot. Is anybody surprised? Guess its a rite of passage. As far as the no-more-war philosophy, Jeez, don't these hippies know ANY history. Without force and authority and organization we'd still be in caves, with the bigger meaner huamns stealing your food from you. Besides, only a functioning, protective society that has time to pamper and over-pay rock stars and actors. Drop Sally in the middle of Iran and let her start running her mouth. She badly needs a dose of reality.


We likED her, We really likED until she made her stupid remarks!


If women ruled the world all U.N meetings would be held in the ladies room.


The fact that so many posters are parroting the "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" proves that if you repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough, people will believe it.

Clinton(no relation):

Sally I am sorry that there will not be a Smokey and the Bandit 4, but from a retired military person trust me when I say give it up. This show was not intended for your political views, it was to award you for the work(pretending to be someone else)you have done. But it is your right to speak out, and I am glad I could afford you that opportunity with my servie to our Country. By the way when is the last time you protected America's freedom?


I believe Ms. Fields is forgetting about all the mothers in the Middle East and else where whom feel it is a great honor to send their son(s) off to be martyred during the act of killing the innocnt women and children. It's not gender that is import here. It is ideology. When you have people that feel that there is nothing in life worth fighting for, that is dangerous. Pacifism does not work when you have people that cannot be pacified --people that have been brain-washed most their life, starting at birth. Especially if they believe it is good and holy to kill us.


That may be one of the most recklessly erroneous comments I've heard in a long time. Even the statement itself, with her choice of language, proves that it's wrong.

One more reason to repeal the 19th amendment. I'll give up my guns and ammo when she stops breeding the assholes I've got to kill to keep them out of her house. Ah, Life at the Top of the S Curve


Awwwwwwww Sally we hardly knew ye... Seems like even the (what I thought were) the nice people in that bastion of hatred (Hollywood) can be brainwashed!

Bye bye Sally, I now no longer have a crush on you. I thought you were one of the bright spots out there I was wrong again.


Another Hollytard High School dropout weighs in with a vapid, stupid opinion. Whoopdee friggin' doo. Stick to the acting honey and leave the current events to those of us that can read.


What made you think I wanted my hands on your body? You suggest that I cannot have an opinion on abortion until I have to make that decision. I can have an opinion on anything I choose to have an opinion about. That is something that takes place within my mind. Another reason why women should not be in total control, you presume the right to control my thought processes! Why do you presume me to be rightous? If you want to kill your children that is your business, if they would inherit your charactistics, I would encourage you to do so. There are suficient means to prevent pregnancy, if women would exercise the necessary means to prevent it, that abortion would not needed as often as it is.

Iraq was not about oil, we have it in Alaska, offshore, and Colorado, the Dems will not permit that to be developed


She didn't have a problem sending "Forest" into War. It actually made her a great deal of money.

Oh well, just shut up Sally.


You hate America and the troops can get in front of the troops since you don't wanna get behind the troops!

Nuff said!


Does Sally Field still have sex with goats in lesbian porn? Or it it still just the corpses of little boys?


Another hollywood know it all, Since I am in the military (army) You do not speak for us, you do not think like us and you sure the hell don't represent us.

Tom Roberts:

In most cases, actors were ex math, ex lit, ex everything majors in college who flunked out and became theater majors. Why shouldn't we let them run foreign policy? lol.


I watched televised interviews of Palestinian >Mothers

I guess Sally chose to ignore that program or any information like that.


This is why I don't listen to actors, musicians, etc. opinion on military matters. It's hard to get dirty on a nice, uninformed, sheltered high horse.


Jen: If killing unborn childred is accepted worldwide, then why protest war, killing born childen?

Tom Roberts:

In most cases, actors were ex math, ex lit, ex everything majors in college who flunked out and became theater majors. Why shouldn't we let them run foreign policy? lol.

Brent Woodard:

Hey, wasn't she in "Cannonball Run?" Yeah, I want MY view on war and peace from THAT chick...


We can not win the Iraqi CIVIL WAR. Start to bring home our troops now. I'm sure most of you chickenhawks here never even served. Sally F, you're right. Our troops can not win the Iraqi CIVIL WAR.

Bob North Smithfield:

Sally Fields Speaks For the 70% of Americans FED UP with the
Bush/Oil War.

Thanks Sally!!!!!!!


I'd say I'd love to give Sally her own personal Insurgent - my drop off truck would also stop at the Baldwin's, the Penn's, and so forth.

Cookoos like her are why I don't listen to Hollywood people, why they're irrelevent, and why I don't watch the the Loony Left's award shows.

Dottie Goodell:

It is sad to say Sally Fields needs more than one pill a month and probably a lot more treatment for her mental pain. She was obviously playing to the audience for in La La Land one can get a movie or TV show if one is on drugs, booze, sex addiction, whatever, the crazier they are the parts and scripts start coming in. She has now proven to the Left Loonies, which is most of Hollywood,she may stand a chance of getting a new role instead of the tired and old ad she does on TV. I for one am sick of hearing the ad and sick of seeing her.


Richard, I agree with you on abortion (generally), but I think Greenspan would disagree with you about the oil. If "we" were stealing it as someone else posted, at least the prices would go down, but we are not stealing it, we will allow the big 4 to take control of the development of those rich Iraqi fields. It will break the back of OPEC (aligator tears lol) while I don't agree that this war is soley about oil it is a major factor.

Tom Roberts:

Posted by: Anonymous said at September 17, 2007 2:41 AM

"Dude, you guys are killing me. the republicans have stripped more of our rights away than any jihadist.""

Dude, where did you go to school? Doesn't matter, they're all lib brain washing stations now, anyway.You are misinformed beyond belief. FYI, Republicans were the first to fight for voting rights for Blacks, Republicans wrote the first Civil Rights Act in the late 50s! Stopped by dems both times. Democrats fought to keep slavery in toto and it lasted as long as it did due to democrats. This is elementary school information. If you don't know this, you are hurting.

It must feel wonderful thinking you know everything when are so misinformed. When you die, your life will be a wasted one, based on fallacy and fiction, that even then, you may not realize. Haha. Get your facts straight, or better yet, stay stupid and democrat. Good sheep, drink your Kool Aid.

Louise Paquette:

Hey Sally shut up and act/sing! its a good thing Hollywood actors were not stupid during WW2 or else you be speaking German or become a lamp shade. btw its a volunteer army and l am proud of their service, what have you done for human kind Sally?

Martyn Weir:

To Sally Field: Ask the mothers of those who died on the Argentinean warship 'The Belgrano' during the Falklands war how they felt seeing Margaret Thatcher (a mother) shout "Rejoice" on world TV after the Royall Navy sunk her. Sending armadas is not entirely a male prerogative...


rock on Sally Fields! we like you, we really really like you. you and kathy griffin say what's on your mind!


Who watches the Enemies anyway? What a waste of time and $$$...


If Greenspan says that Iraq is about oil then Greenspan has some serious problems with research.
There's more oil in Colorado than Iraq.
If Sally Fields wants to make political speeches at awards ceremonies we all have the option of changing the channel.
I quit watching awards when they gave one to Algore for his fake movie.


Hal: Whenever I ask my warmongering friends what benefit the US is getting or has gotten from this war, all I get is a blank stare and a change of subject. I guess they don't think almost 4000 dead soldiers and many thousands more crippled for life are a benefit. What are they? Some kind of cowardly quitters? LOL?

Your warmongering friends? Hal, if your friends give you a blank stare, then it is obvious you're still hanging in the Dimocrat circles. Libs are even worse liars than they are politicians - but I guess for the lefties the two go together...


I read somewhere that Sally Field is really Mike Vick. Does anyone know if that's true? I always thought Mike Vick was smarter than this.


There goes another "entertainer" I won't watch. T. Robbins, S. Sarandon, W. Goldberg, D. Devito, C. Chase, S. Field, M. Damon and the list goes on...

Janett Star:
Being a Joe Liebermann liberal, radical feminist and having been in Newark New Jersey during 9-11 I have to agree with Mrs. Fields. However, I recognize wars are necessary and the world is not a nice place. Why do we not use every thing at every thing our disposal when we fight a war? Why do we have to have our children wounded when a nuclear bomb, a barometric bomb, or a chemical weapon? The reason is the current administration is involved in war profiteering.

BTW Go Hillary


That is why there are so many MFers in the world.

For Wendii:

Cursing is not compassion. Read the post by the guy who was in Iraq and how appreciated the soldiers are. My husband met with Iraqi women and asked what they thought about the war. They replied, "What took you so long? My sisters would not have been brutally raped and murdered had you gotten there sooner." Was it compassionate to allow a thug like Saddam to continue in his torture, his rants, his oppression of women and freedom, all the while, harboring Al Qaeda? It IS a volunteer army. Most people who join want to stop evil people like Saddam. History tells us that Hitler could have been stopped earlier with much less loss of life. We all hate fighting, we hate war; but while we ignore evil, it becomes stronger, resulting in greater suffering. Do you see?

Janett Star:
Being a Joe Liebermann liberal, radical feminist and having been in Newark New Jersey during 9-11 I have to agree with Mrs. Fields. However, I recognize wars are necessary and the world is not a nice place. Why do we not use every thing at every thing our disposal when we fight a war? Why do we have to have our children wounded when a nuclear bomb, a barometric bomb, or a chemical weaponn would decimate our enemies? The reason is the current administration is involved in war profiteering.

BTW Go Hillary


Johncj said at September 17, 2007 3:39 AM

"The fact that so many posters are parroting the "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" proves that if you repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough, people will believe it."

Lovely. And you are parroting this quote, are you not? So, is the 'dissent is patriotism" phrase not included? How about the "Bush lied" phrase we see parroted everywhere? How about "Rove lied" how about "stolen election"? How about "No WMDs"? How about "illegal war"?

Are all those oft-repeated, parroted phrases also lies that have become truth simply because they are repeated enough, and in this case, in print in every major news outlet? Are they not included in your borrowed logic? Or is this, like all liberal arguments and catch phrases, one sided, only applicable to others?

-Lol. You been slammed by the Schizoidman


Sally Filed, like most liberals, talks with her emotions instead of her common sense. Sure, in a perfect world war would be non existant, but tell that to religious zealots,Bavarian crackpots,power hungry warlords, and just plain criminals.As for woman ruling the world, just look to Catherine the Great, Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra for some of your better warriors.

Jeff S:

I guess I can move on from being a Sally Field fan. What a nitwit.


Sorry, Sally, but mothers don't "send" their "children" to war - these are young men and women who choose to join the military and how dare she imply that these are youngsters to get "sent to war" like they get "sent to school." How dare she impune all those parents who have sons and daughters in the military as if it's their fault! They should be praised and lauded. I use to like her - not anymore;


THAT'S why they call them actors. They don't live in the real world. If you Juuuust close your eyes and speak the words it will all come true. Maybe we should have sent Ms Fields over to Iraq preinvasion to "talk" to Saddam. No wait, women's opinions aren't given much credence in Islamic countries, are they?

Why didn't anyone think of this before we had those 2 silly world wars. Just talk to the despots and everything would have been peachy!

Freedom isn't free and the left coast is a vast wasteland of nuts and fruits. You can include Gotham and most points north in that.


Remember, Sally... We don't "send" our babies to war. They volunteer. Our babies grow up to be men and women with their own convictions and patriotism (despite all attempts by the Woodstock crowd to brainwash them).


Don't worry libs. With your anti-America screed the last six years, your going to get the opportunity to show your superiority, your worldliness, your intellect, and your fighting skills sometime soon.

Think about us dumb rednecks right before the first stone hits you.

Pass the potato chips....


Another fine opinion from someone whose greatest accomplishment is playing dress-up and memorizing lines. feh.


Finally some recognition for Cannon ball run!

Sir Rodney Stiffington:

"Good onya Sally!" Ms. Fields spoke a truth which may be realized when Hillary gets in the White House. Oh, and Duck...you dare mention WW1/WW2 and this pathetic invasion for oil, Haliburton and Dicky Cheyney in the same breath? You need to read a history book boy.


LOL !! What a moron. The human condition is what it is Sally. Get over it.

The problem with a statement like this is everyone ELSE has to be on the same page, which makes it moot since everyone is NEVER on the same page. The 'women are morally superiour' theme is complete claptrap to begin with and sexist when you think about it. So, in keeping with that theme I give you Camille Paglia, who has more brains in her left pinky than the Flying Nun does in her entire brain:'If women ruled the world, we'd still be living in grass huts.'

As my wife told me a few years after we had our first son, 'Now I get it.'

Bill O'Neill:

Fields insults fathers, men and women alike with her idea that women should rule. Tyrants rule. Slaves submit and serve. I'm free at this moment in history but pity the children that people like Fields would raise into slavery and oppression to be ruled by people tyrants like her.

No slaves, No Masters.


I disagree with Sally that women leaders would make the world safer or more peaceful, but she is wise to question the war. We are fed a daily diet of lies and the world is ruled by Macchiavellian people of both genders... both sides in major wars are usually financed by the same bankers clique who use agent provocateurs to incite the conflicts that allow them to make money selling weapons and offering loans. Al Qaeda is run by CIA/MI6/Mossad insiders in the upper levels and the war on terror is a sophisticated ruse that easily cons most Americans, who are mostly unsophisticated in their thinking. Any child looking through the evidence, testimony, and timeline concerning 9/11 would realize it was an Inside Job staged to justify a series of wars and the generic "war on terror" which is a ruse to establish domestic tyranny and attack any country whose leaders challenge the New World Order and take too much of a cut for themselves or their citizens out of the imperial theft of natural resources like oil.


Single Parent Mothers dominate inner city neighborhoods. And these are thee most dangerous places in the States. High crime, gang terrorized hell holes. Sally your a fool. And a tool of the leftists.


Ok, when does life begin? If life is a process of a female and a male giving birth, would you assume that death had occurred in between that process, or would you assume that it is a continuim of life? If you do not see it as a continuim of life, you must presume a resurrection of life has occurred for each conception.


Sally Field Fonda say no more


Why did Fox censor her remarks? Of course her comments will have supporters and dissenters but as Americans you all must concur with her right to say it and be heard.


I turned on the Emmy Awards to be entertained, that's why they call those people entertainers. Ultimately their pay check comes from the fans and I for one want to be entertained not lectured. I do not need Gidget telling me about the war in Iraq.


Why did Fox censor her remarks? Of course her comments will have supporters and dissenters but as Americans you all must concur with her right to say it and be heard.


Why did Fox censor her remarks? Of course her comments will have supporters and dissenters but as Americans you all must concur with her right to say it and be heard.


Sally, my mother said never to say God and Damn in the same sentence.


Killing BORN children is wrong, because they are actually people. They have brains with neurons, firing in patterns. This gives them sensations, makes them able to reflect reality and enables them to be aware of both their environment and themselves.

Unborn "children" are no children at all, at least not in the first trimester. They are a gob of cells. Most of these gobs get rejected by the mother's body anyway, without anyone ever noticing. So is "God" the gratest abortionist - or nature in your quasi-atheist world view?

So, can we get back to the topic of an unconstitunial war now, in which our fine armed forces have been abused by the most corrupt administration since 1776?

(BTW - As an atheist and friend of the gay culture I'm all FOR stopping Muslim extremists. The war in Iraq is NOT how to do it. Giving them porn, teaching them about female sexuality, working against the phenomenon of youth bulge and multiple wives for the rich [=noe for the poor, who become suicide bombers] IS how to do it. Read your Clausewitz, your Sun Tzu and your Machiavelli, people!)


I am so glad Sally is making a living acting instead of using her brain. Using God's name in vain? You blew it Sally!

Conservative Joe,

Nice arguments by the way!

While I would identify myself as "secular rationalist" above all, I tend to be liberal (i.e. on the side of personal freedom and equality!) on social questions (gay marriage, abortion, environment etc.) and conservativein fiscal matters (VERY pro-capitalist and free market).

What you say makes a lot of sense. Keep on!


A few things...
The war is not immoral or illegal and not "Bush's war". 14 UN resolutions, and authority granted by congress. Don't even try "bad intelligence" either...that info was compiled years before Bush was elected...some of which may have been put there after a certain rapist needed to "wag the dog" to take attention off a stained blue dress. And, don't say "selected" either...it was Algore who intitiated the suit because he only wanted counties re-counted where he know they could stuff the box and not all counties, as Fla law dictates. Jimmy Carter? I lived through his presidency and the man was a living, breathing joke (liver pills, "Carter Country", gas shortages, ridiculously high taxes that killed many many businesses, high un-employment.....and "malaise"). You can also thank him (Carter) personally for making Bin Laden a reality. If he had done ANYTHING when the Soviets invaded Afganistan (OBL gained his skills fighting the Soviets), things would be much different today. You can also thank ol Jimmy for the current nutjob running Iran...he was one of the hostage takers in 1979. And about Ms field's comments...she obviously never heard of Indira Gandhi or Golda Meir, not to mention the Iron Lady - Maggie Thatcher.

Conservative Joe,

Nice arguments by the way!

While I would identify myself as "secular rationalist" above all, I tend to be liberal (i.e. on the side of personal freedom and equality!) on social questions (gay marriage, abortion, environment etc.) and conservativein fiscal matters (VERY pro-capitalist and free market).

What you say makes a lot of sense. Keep on!

Jerry Gatewood:

At last I checked, we live in a free country, our military is an ALL VOLUNTEER force, and the parents who raise their children at some point in their lives need to let their children make their own choices for their generation, as they are the ones who are the future.


Another foul-mouthed dimwit heard from. Never heard of Queen Boudicca? Queen Victoria? Golda Meir? Oh, yeah - while we were getting an education, you were playing Gidget. My bad.


Sparky, I need some time to digest your comments, does the development you describe occur at the moment of birth, quite that suddenly?


And that is exactly why we should not elect a woman to be President, I want a President that is willing to sacrifice when it is necessary.

catherine t.:

'If Mothers ruled the world, there would be no wars'. . .

Does this dictum include the Mothers who embrace radical Islam? You know; the ones who wrap their young in explosive baby blankets - or put high-powered back-packs on their two-year olds - just for laughs, of course. The same Moms who pray to Allah, that at least one or more, of their children will blow themselves up - as they kill non-Muslims or rather, infidels?

Does your 'apple-pie' philosophy, Sally, include that Mother who pleaded her own version of 'self-defense' after she shot her Pastor husband - in the back? (It was mean of him, of course; to tell her she could not forge checks. . .)

And how about those Mothers who just leave their children in hot cars for a very long nap. . .or just roll the car into a lake, to cool them off?. . .

And where does this Mother fit into your if women ruled. . . 'formula for peace'; a Mother - who ferociously insures that her lust for power is never threatened or thwarted; and does so; by ANY means possible?

(Sally, can you say - like Nancy sang - 'These Boots Were Made For Walkin'?)

Yes, Sally, that grinding; soul-destroying boot mark that is left behind on the faces of past and present populations, around the world, were not just made from a man's boot.

Meantime, thank God, for the Mothers of the world, who raised altruistic, patriotic and brave sons and daughters; all whom have contributed and sacrificed to make your lifetime possible.

(. . .almost forgot to consider the latest invitation sent to Brittany, by a couple of terrorists for thisMother-of-the-Year to participate in their spiritual weight-loss program. . .Cannot help but wonder how the 'Mother Brittany' might weigh in here on your comments, Sally. And Madonna as well, as she was included in the invitation.)


Now it's my turn for "offensive free speech" (as Liberals see it)

Sally Field is an idiot cunt.

"Supposedly", that is covered by the First Amendment.


Sally, you're an actress, not a politician. That's not what we hire you for. And we don't buy pills cause you push 'em either. Now you're a disappointment. Remember, you're a dummy words are fed to, nothing more. Opinionize in private. I frankly don't care what you're opinions are, but I don't pay my electric bill to hear 'em either.


Sally is an actress who lives in hollywood. That means, though I love her work, she is out of touch with reality just like all the other actors in hollywood living in there multimillion dollar homes with a staff that takes care of all the normal day-to-day activities. I gladly served in the military and we must not forget that like it or not part of the reason our soldiers are being lead to slaughter is so all people that live in this great country of ours can express their feelings in public without fearing for their lives like in many other countries.
The fact is we were attacked in our own country and we have to defend our country at all cost. If you like living here then you must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life.


Sally, you just made my list. What's Sally sign---LOSER. I will remember Sally's name when the nuclear bomb goes off because we couldn't tap some terrorist's (non-U.S. citizens) cell phone or land line call coming into or going out of this country. My list is getting longer everyday Senators Reid and Pelossi.



Sally, you're an actress, not a politician. That's not what we hire you for. And we don't buy pills cause you push 'em either. Now you're a disappointment. Remember, you're a dummy words are fed to, nothing more. Opinionize in private. I frankly don't care what you're opinions are, but I don't pay my electric bill to hear 'em either. I've taken you for an air-head ever since the Flying Nun.

bobby sue crutcher:

I just saw the video. It's not as bad as 'they like me, they really like me' but it's close. Just another hollywood type that thinks they are more important than they are and abuse their 'right' to free speech. I think for every hollywood actor type that gives a political speech there should be a law that that network that carries it is required to give the rest of us 299,990,000 get equal time to babble rant and rave. Honestly, I don't think they realize how despised they are.


Sparky, JEN

My email is rsye42@charter.net loosing the internet connect


Our modern military is all volunteers. I volunteered and I fought in the current war and last war in the Gulf. I'm sick and tired of the "Do Gooders" who would rather our country collapse than stand up for anything runner their mouths about how wrong the war and defense of this country is. Sally Fields, like Cindy Shehan is a disgrace making comments like that. Cindy Shehan's son is likely turning over in his grave due to the way his mother has disgraced the service he gave to his country. In short, if you don't have the guts to stand up for this country and/or have never served in the military keep your mouth shut and quit trying to speak for the majority of us who have served/are serving honorabley. Again, we have an all volunteer service and we know what we are getting into when we sign up. If you are one of the Vets that opposes the war because it interupted your "free education" and your beliefs have been sabotaged by the "Liberal Do Gooders", I'm sorry but defending this country is part of the trade-off for that education. Further more, take a close look at all the "Liberal Do Gooder" programs that they have pushed to "better society" and you will see they do more harm than good.


A huge number of mothers have gone to war against the child in their wombs to the tune of approximately 48 million abortions in the US since Roe v Wade. What makes Sally think mothers are always so peaceful.

Osama Bin Laden:

Women are pigs.


What a Putz! Thanks Boniva.


David, well, technically those women aren't mothers.

Sally Fields is crazy. There are plenty of "mothers" that have their kids blow themselves up in the Middle East.


Momma always said, "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES".


Military guys, I was in the 101st, brown shoe, 38 years in law enforcement, I love you, too old to re-enlist, but I wish I could be with you! I would be there if they would let me. My best wishes! "Go Airborne"


This woman could make a big man come to tears. If only she realized something. Nothing in life worth anything came cheap. Our right to complain about our elected leaders, policy about controversial issues, the way elected officials govern, my time served in Korea are all things that I have chosen in my personal way to shape this nation. I hope my actions have helped shape this nation for the better. Just because we beat the British twice in our history does not make us leaders in the free world. It does say alot however. We are perpetually committed to keeping what we have fought hard for. Mothers during our first fight let loose their sons. If that did not occur, the United States as we know it today might not have ever become a reality. No sane person ever wished for war, but if provoked, and in a circumstance that cannot be avoided, a fight is necessary. No other path can be tread upon. If you run from an angry dog, he will chase you. There comes a time that you need to stand your ground and fight if necessary.


Military guys, I was in the 101st, brown shoe, 38 years in law enforcement, I love you, too old to re-enlist, but I wish I could be with you! I would be there if they would let me. My best wishes! "Go Airborne"


Most of the award winners graciously and admirably accepted their accolades while acknowledging other folks who helped them achieve their moment of recognition.
The only way liberal left has-beens like Ms. Field (and the majority of so-called Hollywood "stars") can get attention is to do something outrageous. Now she ranks right down there with O'Donnell, Goldberg, Sarandon, Streisand, Madonna, etc. She should stick with her osteoporosis commercials and hope that someday she'll be promoted to doing adult diaper commercials.



I don't know. When my wife was pregnant with our first child, we celebrated her first Mother's Day. I know she considered herself a mother.

Michael in NH:

Sally who?


you Republicans are just OLD FUCKERS that need to die.

What Sally should have said is to kill the Republican so the US can live without war and oil that the fucking Republicans want.


If young folks who loved America stopped going off to fight wars, then the freedom to spew anti-American hatred on national TV might not exist. Such is the dilemma of liberal morons.


you Republicans are just OLD FUCKERS that need to die. Hang them by their tiny dicks!

What Sally should have said is to kill the Republican so the US can live without war and oil that the fucking Republicans want.

n danger:

this is what i despise about the left, in general, and the hollywood left, in particular, to wit, simplistic answers to complex problems. if ms. field believes she has solidarity with,say, arab muslim women in gaza who raise children to become martyrs then perhaps we have a larger problem in this country than we realize. ms. field is the face of the willful ignorance of the idiot left.

Mother of 6:

Mothers in Palestine are the ones snapping and framing photos of their 2 year olds in suicide vests. Just sayin'. Maybe you should think before you speak next time, Gidget.


"you Republicans are just OLD FUCKERS that need to die. What Sally should have said is to kill the Republican so the US can live without war and oil that the fucking Republicans want."

(typical hate-filled comment by a liberal ASSHOLE)


d. - Bush won. Twice. Al Gore failed to steal the election. Get over it asshole.


I don't like her, I really , really, don't like her.


And the award for the Dumbest individual in an award show goes to-------------Sally Field.


“If [mothers] ruled the world we wouldn't be sending our children off to be slaughtered."

I wonder what position she holds on abortion? Women have demonstrated that they are just as capable, if not more so, of sending their offspring to death.


Another Hollywood liberal who lives in a cacoon and doesn't know what real people go through. She, as well as her comrades in H-wood, live behind their gates, in their mansions, tell us how we should live. I'm a two-time vet and I remember that people on her side of the aisle spat on our troops after Vietnam and called them baby-killers. NOW they care for the troops? I don't think so. They use the troops as pawns for their own political beliefs.

I, and my brothers, don't need your support.


liberals are such hypocritical aholes...al gore spouts crap about the enviroment while using the most resources to fuel his private jets and his 20 thousand sq ft mansion..he and people like sally fields are pathetic.

I love Kris:

Rock on, Kris! You nailed it.


An Emmy, how nice for Sally that she took time to bash her country while the other celebs take time to gush all over each other with yet another awards show.

We see these pampered elitist snobs enough don't we? Without having to have the airwaves jammed up with airtime devoted to how great they think they are?

Give me a break... the day I take political advice from the Flying Nun is the day I subscribe to The New York Slimes...


Eric Lintz:

Women start wars....men finish them...


"If mothers ruled the world, there would be no wars?" Well, Sally, what have you to say about those Mideast mothers who strap bombs on their children (and themselves, for that matter)to blow up infidels? Holy war is just fine with them, so your statement is wrong.


Sally Field was in a film once about Iran. Well acted. I so felt for her character. It was about an abused wife, trapped, with child in Iran. She is a fine, fine actress. Give this fine woman some cudos. Only imagine yourself in her situation (actress in this film). The film was set during the "Iranian Revolution" of the late 1970s to 1980s. As a man, I cried for her and child in this film. I'm a Christian, but can't stand to see suffering. It breaks my heart. Women are treated so badly in the Middle East. In America, as a man, if you don't have money, you are nothing. I don't have much money, but I am somebody who would like to love somebody from someplace that tells a good woman that she is not nobody. I'll let her know different. The woman who thinks she is nobody may be the woman of my dreams.

Didn't a mother named Hillary help send our men and women to war??

Doesn't a mother named Hillary now support extending the war in Iraq by pulling our troops out and giving Al Qaeda free reign to commit their terror upon Iraqi citizens?


This bring to mind all the Hollywood leftists that just love Fidel Castro. I believe it was Kevin Costner who spent a couple of days with Castro and swooned over Fidel Castro's intelligence. I wonder if Costner would give the same amount of time to all the Cuban refugees in Florida who have fled Castro's regime. Hollywood also was a big swooner of Communism. So many of them were bowled over by Stalin and Marxism.. Then Communisum, Stalin and Marx were exposed as failures - and contributed the murder of over 70 million people.

Hollywood is full of uneducated, (Sean Penn, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins - these people never graduated from college and I believe Cher never graduated from High school), egotistical, juvenile delinquents who are addicted to drugs and can't stay in a relationship more than 30 days.

Do they really believe that anyone with any sense even cares to listen to their rheotric.

Eddie Fontaine:

it's better to be liberal because a) liberal people have opened their mind to new ideas and better ideas and are willing to change for a better tomorrow b) liberal people share better with others. wasn't this something parents were always trying to teach their children, to share? c) liberal people tend to have better more well rounded educations, which is something that is valued in general in this country (one cannot say it's better to be stupid)

"conservative" people are selfish and dumb. and un-Christian (Jesus' values are liberal.....!)


If Mothers ran things there would be no Wars? Yet Mothers have had 60+ million abortions in the USA alone. MORE than ALL the wars by Men put together.


I'm so tired of the maniacal bantering of the left coast socialists. In stead of contributing to society they are forever attempting to destroy our representative republic. The very republic that affords them the opportunity to be the most successful entertainers in the world.

Ms Fields, it is the misguided actions of you, your socialist friends and the extreme left who have hijacked the party of the democrats and are putting our very existence in peril.

May G_d continue to Bless this nation.


hey sally,

shutup and get back into my tv.

i occasionally watch the emmys to see the pompous and out of touch as they pat themselves on the back. i used to watch you for your acting abilities, not your political views. if and when i want to hear your political views, i'll ask.

i promise not to stand up in front of my peers today at work and tell everyone who is listening what i think about G-D sally fields. how about promising not to go on about non-work issues at your work?

not get off your overused soapbox and get back into my tv.


1) Old? - Kid, I'm 43 and gaurantee that I could give you the beat down of your life.
2) Hang by what? Ha ha, don't bring a rope, I have enough to spare.
3) Oil? It's all oil? Next time you buy a cd or even your bottle of herbal shampoo remember that plastic comes from petroleum distillates, as do some phamaceuticals, and oil is used to make fuel that runs the ships that bring you products, the trains to get the produscts to the depots, and the trucks that deliver said products to your spoiled ill-informed pimpled pie-hole (and I bet you thought it was just for SUVs huh?)


There’s also the possibility that winners were allotted a certain amount of time for their speeches and she exceeded hers.

Who gets an award for being in an osteoporosis commercial?

So she has soft bones.
She proved last night that she's soft in the head as well.

Does anyone watch these shows anyway?


One more example why we give actors too much credit. We somehow seem to believe that if they function well in their craft....then they must be capable in other areas also. NO...No....NO!!

Most often actors have less schooling and understanding of world events than the average viewer!

Sad Sally...Sad!


There’s also the possibility that winners were allotted a certain amount of time for their speeches and she exceeded hers.

Who gets an award for being in an osteoporosis commercial?

So she has soft bones.
She proved last night that she's soft in the head as well.

Does anyone watch these shows anyway?