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James Hibberd

Seating Silverman

September 16, 2007 5:12 PM

There was some discussion last night at the NBC Universal party at Spago about Co-Chair Ben Silverman’s enviable array of Emmy seating choices. Silverman could (and some say should) sit with the rest of his NBC executive brethren. Or he could sit with the camera-ready nominees for “The Office” or “Ugly Betty” (both of which he executive produces and are nominated for outstanding comedy series).

The verdict was a compromise: Silverman sits with the nominees, but in the NBC “Office” camp.

Should “Betty” win, there’s the tricky etiquette question of whether the NBC executive should join the flock of “Betty” producers accepting an award for an ABC show. The consensus: Yes. Definitely. In fact, given recent jousting in the press, some at NBC relish the prospect of their programming leader taking the stage to represent their competitor’s hit.


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