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James Hibberd

Yes, the Academy Really Does Like ‘Boston Legal’

September 16, 2007 8:16 PM

A gasp in the press room as James Spader wins best actor in a drama series, beating Hugh Lauire and James Gandolfini.

“I feel like I just stole a pile of money from the mob,” Spader says.


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Good for James.
He does a fine job on a fine show.


BL is one of the best shows on TV in a LONG time...and James Spader, who won his SECOND EMMY FOR THIS ROLE last night, btw, is part of the reason why! For anyone actively questioning James Spader's Emmy win, it's clear they obviously just don't watch Boston Legal. Because it is NOT POSSIBLE for someone who watches him every single week, delivering those smart, pompous, heartbreaking, multilayered monologues -- to question the incredible depth of this guy's talent. I'm getting really sick of hearing how everyone is SO shocked. Why? Because James Gandolfini didn't win again for the most overrated show in television? And sure, Hugh Laurie is great, too...they all are, or they wouldn't be nominated. But hey, I don't hear anyone bellyaching about how Denis Leary didn't win. Another AMAZING actor. Why? Simple. PEOPLE AREN'T WATCHING HIM ON RESCUE ME, otherwise they would know how deserving HE is, as well.

I think that instead of trying to steal the glory from a talented actor that people clearly know nothing about, what people should be taking away from this is the revelation that two of the BEST programs on the air right now -- BL and Rescue Me -- are not getting their fair share of viewers. (Hello, people...maybe you're MISSING something great???) But then again, it's American viewers' great taste that explains why shows like Jerry Springer have enjoyed such long runs. Way to go, America! Thank God for once, the Emmy voters have voted over the heads of the viewing public. Score one for good taste...finally.

H. Levor:

James Spader and Boston Legal are great and they concern themselves with what is going on in our country now and that is important and does it in great style. Enough of the Sopranos and the mafia.

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