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James Hibberd

ABC and CBS Post Monday Gains

October 23, 2007 12:04 PM

ChuckWithout any competition from baseball this week, ABC and CBS showed some week-to-week gains on Monday night while NBC’s heroic dramas like “Chuck” and “Heroes” continue to take ratings body blows.

ABC topped the night and “Dancing With the Stars” was the highest-rated show (a 5.3 rating, up slightly from last week among adults 18 to 49 in the preliminary Nielsens). After, the second episode of “Samantha Who” was up a notch from last week’s already high-rated premiere (4.6), which should help earn the series a pickup. At 10 p.m. “The Bachelor” was even (3.4).

CBS came in second place, with most of its comedies gaining from last week, particularly the recently picked up freshman effort “Big Bang Theory.” There’s “How I Met Your Mother” (3.4, up 10 percent), “Big Bang” (3.5, up 13 percent), “Two and a Half Men” (up a notch to a 4.8) and “Rules of Engagement” (down a tenth to a 3.9). At 10 p.m., “CSI: Miami” was on par (4.5).

NBC’s drama lineup continues to fall. There’s “Chuck” (down 15 percent to a 2.8), “Heroes” (a series low 4.9) and “Journeyman” (down 7 percent to a 2.5).

On Fox, “Prison Break” (3.0) and “K-Ville” (2.0) returned to their time periods and were flat from their previous performance.

The CW’s lineup was mostly stable, with “Everybody Hates Chris” (1.0), “Aliens in America” (0.9), “Girlfriends” (0.9) and “The Game” (1.2).


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Comments (9)

Dave L:

Isaid 1000 times NBC is done keep getting worse big boyctt of any thing to do with anything nbc here in Detroit

Dave L:

Isaid 1000 times NBC is done keep getting worse big boyctt of any thing to do with anything nbc here in Detroit


As a nutcase fan of Heroes, season two can be summed up in having too many characters, too many plotlines and thus them getting rid of people viewers liked(D.L. and Candice) and adding people viewers hate(the wonder twins and Wes). Peter and Sylar have been on hold and with Sylar going to be off filming for the Star Trek movie, he's going to be a side plotline this whole season.

There's a a bunch more, but that's the basics. The season so far has been running in neutral and the ratings are starting to show it. "I must go to Montreal" doesn't have the same ring to it as "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Both came at the end of episode five from their respective seasons. Season one officially kicked in at 5. Still waiting on season 2.

*sigh* After looking at pilots and such how many people figured Chuck would be looking at Cavemen numbers as the season wore on? The show really needs a new time slot because it's one of the better new shows.

Steve J.:

I really like Heroes, but it turned south with the season one finale, which was a big disappointment and it still hasn't recovered. It seems a narrative mess right now. I like Chuck a lot, maybe it would do better if it followed Heroes instead of Journeyman, which is a bore...


Journeyman is a good show,
it just needs a better time slot.


Better than after "Heroes"!?!??

It's hard to beat "Dancing w/the Stars" since it was already weeks underway when "Chuck" opened. I switched from "Dancing" after I had Tivo'd "Chuck" to check it out. It is a great show. Haven't seen the quality of a "dramedy" quite like this in a long while. Above par cast, writing and look.

Really bummed to hear Chuck is dropping in the ratings. As inane as the premise of the show is, the actual show really entertains me.

I've already fallen 2 weeks behind on Heroes, and I'm not in a big rush to catch up. I'll eventually watch the full season, I'm sure, but it's lower on my list than it was last season. I was glad when they killed Sylar in the Season 1 finale, and really bummed to see him back on the show in Season 2. I believe I'm not representative of the average Heroes fan, but I wish they would get rid of him and move on to a new antagonist.

fuck amreica

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