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James Hibberd

ABC Conquers Monday; NBC Hits New Lows

October 9, 2007 12:31 PM

Dancing With the StarsLot of ground to cover regarding Monday night’s shows: ABC conquered. The CW and CBS made some gains. NBC’s heroic dramas fell. And, most crucially, the “Heroes” Nissan Rogue has returned.

First, ABC won the night with “Dancing With the Stars” (a 4.9 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49) and “The Bachelor” (3.3), both down slightly.

CBS was a close second, with all of its comedies (except an on-par “Two and a Half Men”) up slightly from the prior week. It aired “How I Met Your Mother” (3.2), “The Big Bang Theory” (3.4), “Men” (4.4) and “Rules of Engagement” (3.8). At 10 p.m., “CSI: Miami” had a series low (4.3).

Then there’s NBC, whose first Monday of the season nearly toppled ABC, but this week is in third with all three of its dramas showing weekly declines.

Three weeks of drops is not unusual at the start of a season, since shows tend to settle from their premiere in their third week. But in the case of NBC’s Monday block, the recent succession of falls is sharp enough to cause some concern: “Chuck” is in last place among the major networks at 8 p.m. (2.6, down 19 percent from last week). “Heroes,” while still the highest-rated show of the night, hit a series low (5.0, down 9 percent). “Journeyman” came in last in its hour (3.0, down 9 percent).

Nissan RogueAs for Claire’s stolen Nissan Rogue, the product placement-mobile has returned. Now a Rogue—which may or may not be Claire’s—is in a Latin American country and owned by a young jailed American, setting up a possible “Where In the World Is Claire’s Rogue?” global adventure game for the rest of the season.

Fox came in fourth with “Prison Break” (steady with a 3.0) and “K-Ville” (up a notch to a 2.0).

The CW got a slight breeze of good ratings news last night, with its comedy block improving on some of the network’s key demos. It aired “Everybody Hates Chris” (1.1), “Aliens in America” (0.8), “Girlfriends” (1.2) and “The Game” (1.4).


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Comments (8)

Okay, I want credit.

I wrote at this blog recently that the Nissan Rogue would be picking up the Dominican Twins and bringing them to the US.


I demand my props. Why? Because I'm never right about stuff like this. Gotta get your victories where you can.


While I don't exactly "get" "Dancing with the Stars," it's demographic is wide enough that it's going to pull in ratings almost by default. Is it a better show than "Heroes?" Oh hell no.

The drop from "Chuck" was higher from the 2nd episode than it was from the first and I liked the 2nd episode better. "How I Met Your Mother" is an established show and that makes it harder for a show like "Chuck" to stand out. "Chuck" is widely considered a better show than "Journeyman" and yet that now has better ratings. At least "Chuck" is a vastly superior lead in than "Deal, or No Deal" was.

I kind of wished NBC switched "Friday Night Lights" to Mondays. I think it and "Heroes" would be a nice 1-2 punch for the night. I mean, why show a TV show when the exact demographic for it is going to be out living what the show is about?

I don't know if can call these ratings for the CW "good", particularly that 0.8 for "Aliens in America".


I agree that the CW ratings are nothing to write home about. When a new show on the CW draws a 0.8, and some of the shows on the recently rebranded Nick at Nite clone Ion Television (formerly PAX) gets ratings in the .5-.6 range. For reruns like Mama's Family and Who's the Boss, that's pretty good. For new programming on the CW, it's pretty bad.

Dave L:

Don't have to tell you that NBC was going to go down I said it least 10 times now that they are going to buy (O) it won't belong before they take it down the tubes thay lost it about 5 years ago and won't get it back trust me I called this one!! thanks, Dave


how could they do such an offensively plot centric product placement like this on one of their prize shows. wonder what the writers/producers are really saying about this development in the writer's room?


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