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James Hibberd

ABC Picks Up 'Pushing Daisies'

October 23, 2007 11:20 AM

Pushing DaisiesABC has picked up a full season order of "Pushing Daisies," the network confirmed.

Although the whimsical Bryan Fuller-created drama has dropped off a bit from its impressive premiere rating, the series continues to dominate its Wednesday 8 p.m. time period and to provide a strong lead-in for ABC’s top-rated “Private Practice” (which ABC picked up last week). The most recent episode of “Daisies” earned a 3.7 among adults 18 to 49.

Also, some have noted the show has managed to maintain the high standards set by its acclaimed pilot episode in a fall season where other series have creatively fumbled in subsequent weeks.


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Comments (17)

the show has managed to maintain the high standards set by its acclaimed pilot episode

I must have missed that one; the only Pushing Daisies pilot I saw was a convoluted mishmash that thought it was, "too clever by half." While it attempted to be "charming" and "smart" it rapidly devolved into "creepy," and wasted an extraordinary cast in a pseudo-camp train-wreck. To be fair, I watched the second episode, and found it was even less coherent and more annoying than the pilot - I found myself rooting for the car.

(*sigh*) I said in my review last summer, "but mostly it’s a silly mish-mash with plot threads knotted so badly that no one is going to bother to try to unravel them," and clearly I was wrong. Now that this is picked up, can Cavemen be far behind? At least that show is intentionally insulting to its audience...

Bob Davidson:

Best new show of the season. Very creative using the entire pallet of colors and the stories are wonderful. ABC has pulled off a real winner.

Josh Davenport:

This is the best new show of the season, in what may be one of the strongest crop of new shows in a long time. This show's production and art departments deserve any and all accolades that can be heaped on them.


both this show and "Samantha Who" are the best new shows this season, especially in terms of keeping up the standard set in their pilots (same cannot be said about other new favorites.)
Now ABC just have to order up "Dirty Sexy Money" and their Wednesday night of newbies would be completed.

Paul Montgomery:

"Pushing Daisies" is great, very original and entertaining! (And it looks fantastic in HD!)


Come on..........while far from perfect (what is?) this is an incredibly inventive, creative, and smartly written show. Incoherent? Only if you're not paying attention. Rock on Pie Maker!!!!


Paul is right...............a KILLER show in HD (plus, it doesn't hurt that the women in the show are quite sexy)


The show is a visual feast, with charming and lyrical storylines to go with it. I adore it! Hip-hip hooray for ABC!

To C. Summers, the original poster: Stop eating tarts; it's making you a sourpuss! ;) Have some pie instead!


Wow Charlie Summers. Luckily not everyone has the same taste so most of us can continue enjoying PUSHING DAISIES and you can go back to WALKER TEXAS RANGER or whatever bland "safe" entertainment you do enjoy (assuming you do enjoy something).


The show does look fantastic in HD and is a fun show I enjoy greatly.


I absolutely love this show and was so afraid to get too attached, thinking it was way too clever and smart not to be instantly cancelled. I'm so glad I was wrong.


Finally, a show that's clever and off the beaten path! Thank you ABC! This one is wonderful from beginning to end. I can't wait until next week.

I LOVE this show and yelped in glee when they started singing "Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants. Not everyone is going to get this - their loss.


I love this show. This and Samantha Who, are the seasons best. Thank you for creative television once again!!

A terrific show, one our family all enjoys, and the fix I've been looking for ever since "Dead Like Me" was canceled after only two wonderful seasons.



Dead like me was awesome too!! Same it didn't last more than two season. They should bring it back to life! (Same characters too)

And I will have to say that this IS one of the best new shows out there today. Even though there is plenty of sexual tentsion around it doesn't need sex and lots of violence to be interesting.

I can't wait for the new season!


Awesome post, Love the read! And i wud have to answer them all with YES!!:P

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