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James Hibberd

Fox’s ‘Band’ Strikes Out

October 22, 2007 10:48 AM

The Next Great American BandThe two-hour premiere of “The Next Great American Band” debuted in fourth place Friday night, becoming the second Fox musical reality series (after “Nashville”) to struggle in the time period this season.

“Band” opened to a preliminary 1.5 rating among adults 18 to 49, according to Nielsen, about on par with Fox’s previous efforts “Nanny 911” and “Trading Spouses” in the slot. Like “Nashville,” network expectations were never all that high for the show (which anybody could have figured given its time period).

That left CBS to once again win the night, with “Ghost Whisperer” (down slightly to a 2.4), “Moonlight” (sagging in the lineup, though it was up a tick from last week to a 2.1) and “Numb3rs” (building on last week to a 2.7).

NBC came in third with “Deal or No Deal” (2.0), “Friday Night Lights” (up two ticks to a 1.9) and “Las Vegas” (2.1).

Fourth-place ABC had “20/20” (1.7), “Women’s Murder Club” (2.0, down 20 percent from its premiere) and “Men in Trees” (1.7, down 10 percent from its premiere). ABC may be struggling on Fridays, but with “Murder” providing a tentpole for an otherwise difficult night, the network has been considering giving the show a shot earlier in the week.

The CW had “Friday Night Smackdown” (1.4).


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Moonlight is an awesome show! It is a great detective story that is refreshingly different from the typical detective shows on TV now and it has an added bonus of the main character, Mick St. John (played by very good-looking Alex O'Loughlin), being a vampire. He uses his enhanced vampire abilities to try to help humans and in some way to make up for what he is. Mick St. John doesn't fully embrace being a vampire and gets his blood for the most part from a "dealer."

In addition to the detective storyline, you have the intriguing relationship he is building with a lovely human reporter named Beth Turner (played by Sophia Myles), who just recently learned he was a vampire. This is complicated by the fact that she also has a boyfriend. Mick also has a best friend named Josef, who is an old vampire, that has very different views on humans.

This show is a definite winner and I believe that once the word gets out, and it is getting out, the audience for this show will grow. The show really keeps your attention and keeps you coming back for more! Once you give it a chance and start watching, then you are hooked!

Mark Jeffries:

And this has something to do with "Next Great American Band?"

How much is CBS paying you to post, Becky?


Different from other detective shows? Have you never heard of Forever Knight, or to some extent Angel? Mark's right, let's get back to the NGAB subject.

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