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HBO: ‘Deadwood’ Not Quite Dead; Milch Cop Drama Update

October 10, 2007 1:22 PM

Deadwood (HBO)“Deadwood” fans: It’s not quite over. But, once again, it’s not looking good.

HBO broke its silence on recent reports that the “Deadwood” sets have been dismantled with a statement that gives a slim ray of hope for fans of the acclaimed series, while shedding some new light on showrunner David Milch’s next project.

“There are no current plans to make the movies,” an HBO representative told TelevisionWeek, adding that Milch says the dismantling of the sets makes little difference to the fate of the project. The pair of two-hour movies take place after the town of Deadwood is destroyed by fire and floods, thus the sets are unnecessary.

However: Milch is developing a new drama for HBO set in the New York Police Department (a reunion of sorts for the showrunner, who got his start working on "Hill Street Blues").

HBO gave some fresh detail about the project: The drama is set in the 1970s and involves the Knapp Commission investigations. The Knapp-era gave rise to the story of patrolman Frank Serpico, whose revelations about corruption within the department were made into a popular book and film.

As with the short-lived “John From Cincinnati,” HBO expects Milch to focus on one project at a time. So if the NYPD drama gets a series order, there’s very little chance the “Deadwood” films will be made. Even if the NYPD drama fizzles out, Milch could, as he did after “Cincinnati,” turn his attention to a new project.

So: Very little chance either way, but neither HBO nor Milch will rule out the movies.


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Comments (53)

Thanks for the update but a slight correction: Milch got his start on HILL STREET BLUES as a writer then producer. His first-ever script famously won both an Emmy and a Humanitas award.

Mr. Wu:

Well this is a depressing development.

Mr Hamptons:

just ordered the movie "Deadwood" from 1976 - looking forward to comparing to series which I am confident HBO will renew - the writing is excellent ditto the entire cast. cheers

I am not sure what is going on over at HBO. They have a great history of letting their series run their course until Carnivale came along. It still needs at least one 'movie' to tie everything up. Then came Deadwood. This show has a very rabid following. It's as good or better than the Sopranos yet was allowed to just go away for reasons I can't not figure out. Then Rome. Now I understand that the BBC (A go-producer) was losing money and this show was hugely expensive... but with the cancellation written on the wall the producers of that show could at least write to an ending of storylines. John From Cinncy was a nobel failure. Now I love HBO... they are giving The Wire (Best written show ever on TV) a chance and it scores anemic ratings.

I look forward to John's new NYPD Series... however... let him do the Deadwood flicks first. There is a HUGE audience for Deadwood.


HBO is running itself into the ground. With the conclusion of the Sopranos, it has no great shows to stand on. Unfortunatly its only stellar shows right now are half hour comedies. Curb and FOTC. It has cancelled all the interesting shows it has greenlit over the past decade leading myself and many others to question why invest time and money in content that is not allowed to mature and run its course. First Carnivale, then Deadwood, Rome, and now JFC. Did HBO envision a Sopranos like audience for these shows? If they did they are dumber than even I thought. They are niche shows with much smaller potetial audiences than a show about a mobster who works in a strip club. However, by greenlighting these the brass at HBO showed a willingness to cater to a smalledr more sophisticated TV watcher. Then they crushed said viewer by stopping all these shows without conclusions and pretending they stories were over. The press release on the ending of Carnivale was pure comedy. In the end, I don't think there is any way to change this trend as HBO only seems to care about getting new subscriptions and not retaining loyal viewers. After this past year I am dropping HBO and will rent any shows that are given a chance to develop. The trust in HBO to see a series to its conclusion is shattered. I've wasted so much time watching meanless episodes of shows that don't get to end that I just can't do it anymore. Imagine if publishers got away with this stuff. Harry Potter sells 200 million books and then instead of writing the last book JK Rowling just decides its too expensive or not enough people are reading to make it worth her while, so she writes a different book, then cancels it after 1 show and then moves on again. Its ridiculous.


I've cancelled HBO. Told them I'll be back when the Deadwood movies are on the air. I don't think they should let him move on to another series until he finishes what he started.

If Milch wants "fans" to watch his shows, he needs to respect us and the actors and his own characters enough to give us closure.

Ipso that.

Barney the Barber:

Where to begin? I guess if I were to speak in "headline" form, I would first say what a tragedy it is that the "individual decision makers" of the by-gone era, has given way to decisions by committee. It appears that the individuals that used to be willing to step up and make a decision, and stand by it, have been replaced by a new breed that are afraid of failure. Deadwood, in my opinion, is such an example. I would love to compare the cost of "Rome" and the total financial loss it created, as against the cost of "Deadwood" and what, if anything would have been saved by cutting the cost by a million dollars per episode, balanced against the number of viewers who would have kept their HBO accounts.


I keep wondering why I bother with HBO, then try to hold on until The Wire makes its final run. I'm enjoying "Five Days" right now, a Brit mystery show that is well acted. Other than that there's nothing I watch on HBO. They show the same movies until I could scream. I've finally grown a taste for Curb Your Enthuasism but it's not enough to keep me around. "Tell Me You Love Me" seemed like soft porn with good actors. John from Cincy struck me as pretentious. It's obvious Milch has moved on. I guess the rest of us have to but I resent that he dropped Deadwood for John, a far lesser project. As for his latest project, there are good cop shows on cable and the networks.


I agree with all your posts. Couldn't believe it when Carnivale ended up in the air. Loved Deadwood. It was one of the best shows ever. Better than Sopranos. No ending to either, I guess. Was so looking forward to the Deadwood movies and getting some closure on this show. Didn't watch JFC as I didn't want to become attached to another show which wouldn't be resolved.

Nassau Nell:

Milch is DEAD TO ME until he makes those DEADWOOD movies...well at least one movie to wrap it all up. If not he can suck cock by choice!


To me, this is that last baseball card in the collection. This is the missing piece to the puzzle. What good was all that work when you have nothing to show for it? This is sex with no orgasm. I'm dying for a end. Please finish what you started.


So Milch ditched Deadwood and is now going back to some stupid remake dream of a New York cop show get together.....oh how original. Lets see how many more shows can we squeeze into that beat a dead horse idea....boring. Oh wait, now Deadwood, there was an original series, EXCELLENT cast and look its fans are still in rabid pursuit of its revival after how many months gone by? Does Milch need his head examined? Where are you going to find anything like Deadwood on any TV channel that had such amazing potential?


Please keep in mind that it was not Milch's decision to cancel Deadwood. That was HBO's call. They thought it was too expensive, pure and simple.

Milch was furious and spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to line up private financing for it himself.

Tis I again... Shout out to Lowell33. Thanks for the insight. I had heard something about Deadwood being expensive (Because of it's large cast and extras). But this show still lives on in it's fan's minds.

Carnival supporters fell off after a few months. But Deadwood Fans are still thumping their chests loud and clear. What I want to know is how is HBO going to respond? Bring back Deadwood more than any other show right now would create major positive buzz for them at a time when they need it... Because HBO is getting pummeled by what they have wrought. This is mainly by the Network FX with The Shield, Rescue Me, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Nip/Tuck. Even Showtime has struck gold with WEEDS. For now yes Five Days is intriguing. Yes Curb is still funny and so is the 1-2 punch of Entourage and FOTC. But no dramas. I know they have a Vampire one coming from Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and I will give it a try. The Sex Drama running now is boring as is the 1/2 hr. one on Showtime. Opps silly me HBO still has the totally great The Wire. Almost forgot.

So HBO bring back Deadwood, make your customers happy. Shows like that are soooo Rare. Deadwood is event television.

Hillbilly Hellraiser:

What a rollercoaster ride it has been with Deadwood! I have had my hopes for the finale movies destroyed, resurrected, and destoyed again. Strangely though, I have a gut feeling that Deadwood will come back at some point. I have never seen an outcry over a cancelled show like I have with this one. HBO has seen its ratings slip ever since the cancellation. As hard as they have tried to ignore it, they know that the fans of Deadwood are unwavering. I couldn't agree more with Atticusrex's statement. Bringing Deadwood back (whether for another season or just the two finale movies) would only help HBO's ratings. HBO will realize that Deadwood is a masterpiece that nobody but themselves let die. I envision a statement being made by HBO sometime next summer confirming Deadwood's return! HUZZAH!!!

Jeff Creighton:

Oh great! Another cop show waiting in the wings at HBO instead of the continuation of the proven three seasons of a masterpiece like Deadwood. Milch already bombed with the ridiculous, sophomoric metaphysical disaster in John From Cinci. The majority of the characters over-acted, or could not act at all (with the possible exception of Bruce Greenwood, and those Deadwood refugees such as Jim Beaver, et al). Thank God it was cancelled; we could have been watching season 4 of Deadwood.

HBO, I'm sorry to say, is becoming more and more like those tired old formula driven mamby-pamby networks (ABC, NBC, etc.); changing their programming like most of us change our underwear. I am simply disgusted with the mentality of these so-called "gurus" in the "entertainment" industry, who are begining to look like those same one dimensional know-it-alls in the music industry, a metaphor of the Spears-Lohan-Hilton disaster-like mentality that for the most part, don't know whether they are coming or going, and we the viewer has to sit here and take it. Forget about the crumb-throwing come-ons concerning winding things up with a couple of movies; why not get some gonads (you hand-wringing HBO execs) and give us a season 4!! Hands down, Deadwood has been the best mining/western/late-victorian era drama to hit the small screen period, and you just don't get it

I don't usually post on websites, however as someone with a graduate degree in American history, I'm usually reading or writing instead of watching; when it comes to the Deadwood series, well that's a different story. HBO has no clue as the the width and breadth of their audience, and that's really a shame

Fans of Deadwood can get a glimpse of the outstanding cast off the set during their visit to the real Deadwood in the video clips at The Real Deadwood Podcast website (http://www.realdeadwoodpodcast.com). We in the real Deadwood, probably more than anyone else, were devastated at the untimely and puzzling demise of HBO Deadwood. Our tourism numbers, which had been through the roof during the run of the show, took a huge hit. After meeting the cast members and many of the crew members (Emmy-award winning head of makeup John Rizzo et al) we know from personal experience how devastated they all are at having the crowning achievement of their careers pulled out from under them.

Fans of Deadwood can get a glimpse of the outstanding cast off the set during their visit to the real Deadwood in the video clips at The Real Deadwood Podcast website. We in the real Deadwood, probably more than anyone else, were devastated at the untimely and puzzling demise of HBO Deadwood. Our tourism numbers, which had been through the roof during the run of the show, took a huge hit. After meeting the cast members and many of the crew members (Emmy-award winning head of makeup John Rizzo et al) we know from personal experience how devastated they all are at having the crowning achievement of their careers pulled out from under them. Most of them would drop what they are doing and return to the show in a heartbeat.


atticusrex said:

"Carnival supporters fell off after a few months"

Think again. Go to http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/CarnivaleHBO/. Hope is still alive.

And it's "Carnivàle"! (Don't forget the "à"!) >:)


hbo has made me more angry for shows that it SHOULD have kept/aired than anything else.

a show like desperate housewives might actually have been interesting if it wasnt dumbed down to the stupidity it is now. mad men? would have been great for hbo. and on and on. they were more interested in pretentous crap.

as for deadwood, it is a an absolute crime that that show was cancelled. it should come back as a series. period. whoever cancelled it and passed up other monster hits (there are a bunch more not mentioned) should be fired or sent to nbc.


Thank god hbo had the sense to can that idiotic John From Cinncy turd but now he's working on a Serpico era police show set in New York City? How fresh and original I just can't get enough of the 70's, cop shows or New York City sets. If he won't bring us the Deadwood movies as promised I don't care what he's working on but quit insulting my intelligence with "after the fire" no set needed garbage.


Deadwood was one of the finest shows to come out of HBO in years (and I include The Sopranos in this, because at it's best Sopranos was mind-numblingly brilliant; at it's worst, it was inconsistent and mind-achingly dull.) Deadwood was strong and consistent all the way around. It wasn't the critics that killed Deadwood, it was the audiences. It just was not bring in big audiences. And that's a shame, too because folks just don't know what they were missing. Years from now, we'll still be talking about Deadwood; oh we may be talking about John from Cincy as well. . .it just won't be a pleasant talk. . .


I believed Milch and HBO were lying all along, so while it might be interesting to watch this new police drama, a David Milch production just isn't a 'must see' for me any more, not after that disaster from Cincinnati.

For 3 years I sat and transcribed every single word and move that the actors made. For over a year now I've been waiting, laptop at the ready, to do it all over again for the movies. To hear that I may not get that opportunity to provide the fans with the last chapter of this amazing series really saddens my heart.


In Australia Deadwood was only on pay tv. I had seen maybe five minutes at my mates place and was completely blown away. Being poor I had to wait for it to arrive on DVD. The first season finished, i wanted more. The second, more again, the third jumping out of my skin for the next. So I jumped on the net to see when the next season would be arriving. Canceled. Deadwood was given the ass. It's kinda strange/weird/creepy I guess. Never have I been so intrigued in a show. Since I found out that it ended and at the point it did, I am pissed the feck off!! Up HBO's ass I say. I don't give a shit what they do in the future, I ain't buying it.


I will not watch any new HBO series. I tried to watch John From Cincinnati, but could not get into it. So, HBO kills Deadwood, and greenlights the now dead JFC, then, instead of getting back to Deadwood's built in audience they greenlight Hill Street NYPD Blues season 4005? I am going to stay with HBO for the Wire, when it is done, I am gone. I will miss Bill Maher and Boxing, but not enough to continue subscribing.

John H.:

I just heard this yesterday.....been waiting months for the show to air. HBO...you suck! Consider yourself cancelled. At least Showtime has some great programming to watch this season.


i actually liked JFC. i thought it was great. that doesnt mean that i dont want deadwood back because i DO!


So many voices and many more opinions. It goes to show how dedicated and loyal viewers are when it comes down to intelligent, engaging and challenging TV series such as Deadwood and Carnivale. After watching just 2 episodes of Deadwood and even 1 of Carnivale I personally was hooked. It's not the genre, the characters or the dialogue in itself. Its the cobination of all three, bound together by the excellent quality and dedication of everyone involved. And then it is much more sad to see the cancelation of such experience-expanding shows over yet another comedy or profession drama. I was 100% ready to subscribe to HBO when I moved back to the US in a few months, but now I'd rather invest in Showtime with their dedication to equally rich fair such as the L-Word, Weeds, Californication and Dexter. Such a pity still: HBO had the market cornered on a powerfully realistic and high-brow western...


Well fool me twice and uhhh... yeah. I loved Deadwood, so did my husband, so did many of our friends - several of whom we "turned on" to Deadwood, loaning them our DVDs of first and second season to catch up. Now HBO shits on our heads AGAIN (as they did with Carnivale) and not only am I pissed and frustrated for my own sake, but have a small posse of friends also pissed at ME for getting them hooked on a show that HBO simply rode to Emmy and Accolade town and then shot it in the head as a way of saying thanks.

HBO, almost got me hooked again, waiting for season four of Deadwood, with Big Love... but they have pulled out before I came one too many times already and I know their tricks. So I didn't let myself really get interested in Big Love, although it was done well, because sure as hell I'd end up in the same frickin boat: waiting for 18 months for a series completion that simply never happens.

It simply KILLS me that HBO continued Sopranos long after anyone gave shit anymore, and Sex in the City had those silly bitches giving us the unique perspective of living with one's head up one's arse for a DECADE, long after the show or any of them were cute, interesting, or appealing. My husband started calling it Hags in the City by 2005. But it seems that when HBO stumbles on something good, really unique, or mind and intellect expanding (Deadwood, Carnivale) it poops out before the plot has even completely thickened, let alone grown cold and stale. With the sole exception of Six Feet Under, HBO has done this repeatedly and I for one of many are sick and tired of it!

Now HBO is focusing their eefforts to a frickin COP SHOW? A COP SHOW? Woweee! That's simply brilliant, because lawsamercy there's only about 157 OTHER new cop shows, old cops shows in re-runs, reality cop shows, comedy cop shows, CSI cop shows, and psychic cop shows ALREADY on the fickin' TV for FREE.

I cancelled my subscription to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax ALL the various pies the HBO assholes may or may not have fingers twirling around in (same copr owns several of them you know) last fall when I found out HBO was doing the job on Deadwood. We have been watching basic cable, renting movies from Blockbuster for 6 bucks a month, and otherwise FINDING BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH OUR TIME THAN LET HBO YANK OUR DICKS.

We don't miss HBO one damned bit - other than for Deadwood, which is not being brought back anyway. And at this point, even if they did bring it back, all I would do is wait for the season to come out on DVD and buy it because that's only one month of our old premium tier cable bill. Think about it folks! Why pay for what only pisses you off and wastes your time?

PEOPLE - just unsubscribe to ALL of the paid cable bullshit. If cable companies lose enough subscribers, MAYBE they will start listening to what the people want to see instead of what their advertisers want to sell! If we don't have a voice in what we get to SEE, WHY KEEP PAYING PREMIUM PRICES FOR IT?

In the words of Swearengen: Fuck you HBO you fucking motherfuckers. We are onto you HBO sonsabitches!


Yet another show set in a NYPD.....seriously - have you people totally lost all your creativity???? There is more to the world than a police department...or for that matter a hospital....Mr. Milch - i would have expected a little better from you!
I know - why dont you create a show about the investigation of a crime scene...we could call it CSI!!!!!.....
HBO has a history of developing shows which stem a little from the same old stories...I guess they to have fallen by the way side...

Ed Snow:

I don't have cable and wait for the DVDs to get to the library, so I don't give the now Evil HBO any revenue. But waiting a year and blocking out any news of Deadwood was painful and difficult. So it was a great surprise to me last week when listening to Season 3 commentary that Deadwood was cancelled.

I was certain that Trixie had been killed off because of Paula's death on Lost and ER. It is a relief that she's still alive in Deadwood but sad that we may never see her.

My hope was after Deadwood was completed Milch's next project would be a series on Hammett's "Red Harvest". The rights for it are difficult but he would be perfect for it. It'll probably never happen.

dennis Hughie-Williams:

I would just like to express my outrage and disappointment with HBO for canceling the Deadwood series. Motherfuckers!

James :

All I have to say is I will not watch ONE more Milch project for doing this to Deadwood. For the first time in a long time HBO brings a great series that wins countless awards and now its killed? WTF is that??? Give me a break, we don't need another Hill Street Blues...another cop show? Hahaha!!!! Man, whoever is Milch's handlers need to give him a reality check! LOL


SHO is the new HBO

they are kickin HBO's sorry ass

diego london:

i just like to summarized everyones feelings about hbo's cancellation of deadwood by saying: "Milch sir , you're without a doubt the biggest COCKSUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! "


I am extremely disappointed with HBO first Carnivale, than Rome and now Deadwood. Not to mention the big difference in cost we are charged when we add HBO to our basic cable bill. Now, they don't even include the viewer's in their decisions anymore. When you get so big that you forget what side your bread is buttered on it's time for a reality check. TIME TO BOYCOTT THEIR A**ES AND HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS........IN THEIR POCKETS. Before HBO, there were more video sales, time to take a step back for a just cause!!!!!!!!!


Visit http://www.savedeadwood.net for the whole sorry story about the end of "Deadwood."


Yep. 'Looks like Deadwood is (sadly) D.O.A.
But, i don't blame Milch or HBO.
Who do I blame? - Fucking Yankton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*This sux. I'm canceling Aged-BO.


I've spoke with the top brass at HBO. Fans, expect season four to start production in July 2008.


Whaaa..? Was that last post a joke or the real?

Must must have confirmation. Am planning to cancel HBO this week; there's just no there there. Absolutely hate Tell Me You Blah Blah Blah, Curb is so over, the movies generally missing the mark. Will miss Politically Incorrect, but it has been getting a little dull, a little inconsistent, a little too much of an egotistical platform for the mighty battler; the podcasts will do.

However, the day Deadwood returns in any format, I am there. Mr. Milch, I don't question that the cop show will be great. I believe anything you choose to do will be miles ahead of 99% of everything else out there; but truly, it feels like being offered tuna casserole after a fast. It must be daunting to consider a return to Deadwood and the expectation of the hordes; but you can do it. I believe!


HBO is sad...Deadwood was a great show and to stop without reason is ridiculous. John from Cincy was a mess and I can't fathom how HBO let that crap get on TV...not like anyone actually watches HBO for movies and Bill Maher is unbearable to watch...even if you agree with him.

HBO should start drug testing...this Milch guy has to be on crack if he came up with JFC.

Switch to Showtime...Dexter and Weeds are great shows.


Anderw...you are sad, I agree Deadwood was a fantastic show. But Bill Maher is by far and away the best show on the network right now, positively hilarious. My only criticism is I wish he would have more retardlicans on but im sure most are too afraid to appear.


I was a late-comer to the Deadwood pheom. My friends had been trying to get me interested in the show over the past year. They finally succeeded. I Just finished watching all three seasons on DVD over the last two weeks. (I have no life, just killing time 'till the spring seminster starts). Deadwood was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. And yeah, it pisses me off that HBO cancelled it. Typical. WE cancelled HBO this week. HBO can keep David Milch. I am sick to death of getting hooked on a great series and having it yanked out from under me. I am still pissed off at how Twin Peaks ended; and Millennium; and Dark Angel. I guess I should be used to this shit by now, but I am not. I have read that David Milch got pissed off at the recurring questions concerning the return of Deadwood. Well too-fucking-bad. David Milch and HBO can KISS MY ASS, because it will be a cold day in hell before I subscribe to HBO or knowingly watch another Milch production.

HBO and David Milch together... I guess this tells us what they value and it ain't us, the viewers.

My wife and I are getting cable for the first time and were going to get HBO, but if this is normal for them, then we ain't gon' do it.

best damn thing on the idiot box and HBO takes it off because that arrogant f*ck Milch decides he's bored.

oh well. In the name of Schadenfreude I shall watch John From Cinc. AND his "gritty" cop show fall by the wayside while knowing that Deadwood would have cemented his abilities for all to see.


I have been a long time HBO supporter. I (like everyone) loved The Sopranos, and I put Carnivale and Deadwood above HBO's flagship mob drama. The writing and acting were on a level unseen on television. Now with HBO's premature cancellation of both gems I have decided that my hard earned money should go towards stories that actually develop into fruition. I have cancelled my HBO supscription and have no intention of bringing the channel back until they can prove commitment to their audiences. Bring back Deadwood. Or everyone could just jump ship to Showtime with shows like Dexter, Weeds, Brotherhood, and Californication there seems to have been a shift in outstanding shows.


I watch Showtime now and am considering canceling HBO. It is painfully obvious TimeWarner execs don't recognize that people who pay for premium programing don't do it for recycled movies.

Also, if they had done an ounce of market research, they would know their target market is.


"Tell me you love me" really sucks. However, I enjoy thoughtful shows with intricate plots. Violence is not necessary but thoroughly enjoyed!


I want Deadwood back! We need to see our roots, and like it or not, Deadwood is one of the threads from which we sprang. Bring it back! I don't know whether Milch is a genius or the actors brought the story to life. It doesn't matter...the story is alive on it's own. Bring it back!!!


I, like everyone else, am completely baffled and frustrated with HBO. Complete disappointment. the cancellations Deadwood and Rome were to much to bear! Why could they at least have the decency to end them with dignity like 6 ft Under! THe best ending I have ever seen on any show! Rome could have went on forever with all of the fanatics in their history! I have been introduced to Weeds and Dexter and couldn't believe that HBO would let Showtime take the lead. However, all respect to Showtime, you are doing what HBO use to do, entertain us! HBO, you really should reflect on your managerial decisions, WHO puts money in your pocket. If you have read ANY blog, opinions or feedback ftom your loyal fans, you MUST see that people are completely disappointed in your decisions. As much as I love Curb, Bill Maher and Big Love, after the WIRE, I am switching to Showtime!

HBO WAKE THE FUKKKKKKK UP!!! Hire me, I will get your shit together!!


Was thinking about switching my movie channels back to HBO, but now I think NOT. The only thing good on HBO is Real Time with Bill Maher (if thats even on anymore) I cancelled HBO initially when Deadwood did not come back on. Guess its permanant. Bone headed move HBO.


Bah, 2 movies sounds stupid. I want a closing season. Art over money HBO. :sigh: - don't screw your fans, and ALWAYS finish what you started.




I am disgusted to know that Mr. Milch is taking on a new endeavor as opposed to satisfying his faithful followers and finishing what he began. Deadwood was a show of substance and truly unparalleled genius. The lack of loyalty that both HBO and Mr. Milch have demonstrated to their subscribers and fans deserves to be honored with their original promise of, at the very least, two movies. So as Al might say "just shut the f*** up and suck my d***." "I'm no f***in quitter." So do the right thing and give your camp closure!

Yours in Disappointment,
Chris Kalna

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