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Hulk Hogan Finalizing Deal to Host NBC’s 'American Gladiators'

October 2, 2007 12:40 PM

Hulk HoganProfessional wrestler and VH1 reality show star Hulk Hogan has signed on to host NBC’s upcoming remake of “American Gladiators,” sources say.

Hogan made the rounds at NBC’s Burbank offices last week and has accepted the job. The deal is still being finalized, but sources say both parties are committed.

NBC sees Hogan as “the perfect fit” for the “Gladiators” revival, sources say. In addition to his experience as a physical performer during his years with the World Wrestling Federation, Hogan has proved he can draw viewers with sheer force of personality in his successful VH1 reality series “Hogan Knows Best.”

The network plans to showcase “Gladiators” sometime in midseason.

Like the early-1990s original, the new “Gladiators” will have everyday weekend warriors competing against the show’s cast of athletes. The remake will add special effects, water skills and high-tech stunts.

Also, the show will chronicle the backstory of each competitor as they train for their match.

Producers are still in talks with professional and retired athletes from various disciplines, particularly ultimate fighting, to play the show's brigade of Gladiators.

The network is partnering with MGM Television and Reveille on the project, and sources say that Reveille partner Howard Owens and his team were instrumental in landing Hogan.

NBC had no comment.

UPDATE: NBC announces The Hulk. From the press release:

Craig Plestis, NBC's executive VP, alternative programming, development and specials: "Hulk Hogan is an American icon. For over twenty years he has been a symbol of strength and toughness in all facets of entertainment. His electrifying personality will no doubt inspire Herculean efforts from our everyday challengers. There is no one more qualified to host this program."

"American Gladiators" executive producer and Reveille Managing Director Howard T. Owens: "Hulk Hogan is going to rock the American viewing public as the host of 'American Gladiators. This is the ultimate television vehicle for the ultimate action television star, The Hulk!"

Hogan: "Gladiator-mania is gonna be running wild, brother."

The Hogan deal was brokered by newly formed Sovereign Talent Group.

Updated at 11:02 a.m.


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Comments (39)

Robert Keil:

As long as they have Dan Clark aka Nitro as either co-host or sideline reporter, I'll be watching.


I'm sure Nitro is more than willing to come back, he has been hosting the marathons on ESPN Classic recently. I wonder if they'll try to bring back some of the Gladiators from the final few seasons as some of them are still in shape too.


Sure Hogan makes sense with the wrestling/sports tie, but you're right on about his personality. He's a real fun, engaging guy and I'll watch just because of him.

They're gonna need to pair Hogan with a TV pro in the booth (or whatever structure they are housed in).

Frankly I could think of a few people who would be a better fit, but Hogan is a good choice, too. At least this should keep him off all those rickety joints that connect his parts. Maybe he'll live longer.

It would be nice to see some professional wrestlers living longer lives.

ashoke aggrwal:

I hope THE GREAT KHALI is there as he is superb and will watch because of him

Ian Carter:

I can see problems with The Great Khali already, besides him being under WWE contract. On the old AG series there was a Glad named Tower who was so tall that he couldn't compete in several events because they didn't have a safety harness big enough for him. Khali would face similar problems. Imagine him on The Wall. All he has to do is reach up and he'd be half way up the freaking thing.

As for people to bring back, I want one old Glad in the booth (Dan "Nitro" Clark of Zap would be nice) and I want them to get referee John Anderson from "Gladiators" (The UK version). Anderson's thick Scottish accent made him distinctive and his regular call of, "Contender RRREADY?! Gladiator RRREADY?! 3! 2! 1!" became a t-shirt worthy catchphrase.


They will put Terry "Hulk Hogan" with a female personality. Hmmm... him and Pam Anderson, how about the buff girl from the Biggest Loser or my favorite Carmen Electra.

I am ready to watch this one....


What's going on here then?!

wheres malibu:

I'm not watching till they announce that malibu will be on screen 98.6 percent of the time.

bronco is the man.:

malibu has been lost in the mists of time. deal with it.

bronco, on the other hand...he needs to be on 100% of the time.


I think Hogan is a great choice. He has the voice and the style they need to have a great host. Just the energy he gives people when he is around is to make the people have a great time and make it a great show. He is one person that I would love to meet.


I actually liked the original and hope the new version is entertaining.


This is above awesome. The only way to make it better would be to have Chuck Norris as his co-host.


IMO, I think that Hulk Hogan would be a great addition to AG.



I'd like to see 2 Scoops make a guest appearance as some sort of guru/coach for the contestants. Anyone have any information on what he's been up to since his epic AG run through multiple American and International Championships?

Jason Curry:

The last time I was this fired up was April 1, 1990 when Hulkamania battled the Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania VI. He may have lost on that fateful day, but he was always a winner in my book. When you combine Hogan with sports legends Nitro, Ice, Gemini, Lace, Turbo and Zap; you've hit the jackpot.. and if George Bush would have gotten off of his ass and sent those 7, under the command of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, over to Iraq when I told him to, we wouldn't be in this mess.
If I had any advice for Terry Hulk, it would be to follow his own Three Demandments; 1. Train, 2. Say Your Prayers, 3. Eat Your Vitamins. He added a fourth a few years later, and it certainly rings true in my life.. Believe in Yourself, Brother.
God bless and God speed.. Terrence Gene Bollea.

Miss Lindsie:

You relized he is a World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer? This is going through the record books. By the way, I think I heard that Hulk Hogan used to host Saturday Night's Main Event when he still work for the WWE. By the way, I recall a former American Gladiators competer gone became a WWE Superstar.


Chuck Norris should not be co-host. He should be a gladiator.


Rico Constantino went on to become a WWE superstar.

Anyway, they need him to come in as a cohost/trainer/sideline reporter/or even Gladiator(maybe not). Oh, and we need Viper on screen 100% of the time. Roid rage FTW.


Terrific! Another professional vehicle for Hulk Hogan that wont be too physically taxing! I'm sure his family and all of the Hulkamaniacs are thrilled about this! As for me, you can bet your 24" pythons, I'll be watching AG with Double-H hosting, brother!

OK, gotta go get my vitamins and say my prayers!


jeffery farley:

now watching tv will be cool again broyher. i stoped watching nbc long time ago. but now that hulkamania is back u can bet my tv will be tuned in brother.


Chuck Norris is neither a co-host or a gladiator.......Chuck Norris is the Eliminator

Jim Corcoran:

Whatcha gonna do, brutha??

Whatcha gonna do when the 24" pythons run wild on you!!!!

Randy Savage:

Hogan, I see the lust in your eye for Miss Elizabeth!!


#1 Hulkamaniac:

Brother, since this announcement was made I've been hangin and bangin down at Venice Beach with my main man Sylvester Stallone, dude!

And as the 14-inch pythons started to swell and bust right through the sleeves of my Hulkamania t-shirt, I had to stop and ask all of the Hulkamaniacs that stopped by one question:

Whatcha' gonna do When the Hulkster and all of his American Gladiators run wild on YOU, Brother?!!


Recently I have been watching reruns of the old American Gladiators and there is definitly a need to update the show. I hope they add a female to compliment Hulk. They need to keep alot of the same competitions that make the show so money! I will be watching this one just because HULK is the host. Just do me one favor keep his lame &*@ daughter out of the show, I dont need to see her or the rest of his family in this one. Watcha Gonna Do Brother!

Just sent in my video to audition. GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO TRIED OUT!!! I made it at age 24 on the Live Tour in Cleveland and am trying again at 39. I am a DRUG FREE athlete and hope to inspire others to always believe in themselves and never give up; at any age or under any circumstance. Hope you can check out my website at BRIANCHULIK.COM Best of luck to you all and best of health!!!


Does anyone know when the show is to debut?


Laila Ali was named to co-host with Hulk.

Malibu's Son:

I will be attending the first taping this Saturday and it's gonna be crazy. I wish they wouldn't have kicked my dad off the first season, because the camera caught him smoking a cig in the backroom when they were interviewing a contender. Regardless, he's a successful trainer now, so no worries.

can you smell what the...What???:

Yes Hulkamania still lives! I will be watching. Is Brutus the Butcher Beefcake still alive? Maybe he could be involved?


Ohhhhh Yeah!!!! Bonesaw's got your ass for 2 minutes!!! Bring in "Nacho Man" Randy Savage as a gladiator, and how about Bo Jackson & Lawrence Taylor. Throw in Chuck Norris and that's an all-start cast of gladiators!!


what chanial is nbc on i keep looking at the tv Guide but i cant find it please e-male me back

thank you for your time



please e-male me back please im your #1 Hulkamaniac i'v caught 3 of your bandanas


Hulk Hogan is a good man and with his co host Ali,
and the players the show will be great.

Deloris Thomas:

Hello my name is Deloris Thomas, manager for Camp Pendleton's CA Youth/Teen Programs. We recently enjoyed a taping of the American Gladiators with Mr. Hulk Hogan and Laya Ali in Los Angles. Our Youth/Teens really enjoyed the showing. This year they have voted to host a boys night out with an American Gladiator's theme.The purpose of this event is to give our young men an opportunity to bond with their peers who many have parents that are currently deployed or in the process of deploying. This event is scheduled for May 23, 2008 from 8:00pm until May 24,2008 8am. We are hoping that you or one of your Gladiator friends could make an appearance or send the Youth/Teen Center some autographs. We are expecting between 75-100 Youth/Teens. Our girls night out is also scheduled for May 30, 2008 8pm until May 31, 2008 8am.
Any assistance you can offer us would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me or my Director (Ms. Jackie Patterson) at (760) 725-2102/2570.

Thanking you in advance



where american gladiators came from they feuded with wcw

i am a certified diver...I was wondering if you need divers on the american gladiators show?

jade thomson :

hi, im a first timer would you please be able to give me the address of gladiator headquarters or will i just ask my bro from auckland cheers

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