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Ratings for 'Heroes,' 'Dancing' Settle In Second Week

October 2, 2007 11:36 AM

Dancing With the StarsAfter last week’s season premiere dust-up, ratings for most shows settled during the second Monday night of the season, with NBC’s “Heroes” and ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” continuing to lead the night. The premiere of The CW’s “Aliens in America” continued the network’s run of rough-start debuts.

ABC finished first with a two-hour “Dancing” posting a 5.2 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49, down 10 percent from last week. At 10 p.m., “The Bachelor” held steady with a 3.6.

CBS’ comedy block and NBC’s hero-driven dramas tied for second place. CBS’ comedies were all down slightly from last week, with freshman effort “The Big Bang Theory” continuing to provide a ratings bridge between its lowest-rated effort, “How I Met Your Mother,” and top-rated “Two and a Half Men.” “Mother” did a 3.0, “Bang” had a 3.4, “Men” a 4.6 and “Rules of Engagement” a 3.9. At 10 p.m., “CSI: Miami” held even with last week’s series-low-rated premiere of 4.6.

NBC’s lineup unevenly sagged, though not necessarily where one might expect. “Heroes” dropped the most, falling 15 percent from last week to a 5.5 (one competitor, gamely taking up NBC’s insistence on issuing a combined rating for last week’s “Heroes” premiere based on two airings, noted the show fell 25 percent from its cume). At 8 p.m., "Chuck" declined 14 percent from last week to a 3.1. At 10 p.m., "Journeyman" saw the smallest decline of the NBC pack - 6 percent - to a 3.3, but came in last place for the hour.

In third place, Fox’s “Prison Break” held at a 3.0, but “K-Ville” took another hit at 9 p.m., falling 13 percent to a 2.0 after falling 30 percent from its premiere two weeks ago.

On The CW, another critically well-received new show stumbled out of the gate, with “Aliens in America” posting a 0.8 rating, the lowest-ranked program of the night. Returning comedies “Everybody Hates Chris” (1.0) and “Girlfriends” (1.2) were on par, with “The Game” spiking 20 percent from last year’s debut to a 1.4.


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Comments (6)

Well I'm glad to see that the tv audiance saw what K- Ville really was, a no talent,no script attempt at a tv series.

Dave L:

I told everyone the nobody cares network (NBC)would fall well it's still falling will keep going down just watch like I said they only wish they could have football 7 day's a week well I don't want to say to bad becouse I'm glad be more happy when they are finnished if I was GE I would sell the sinking ship


Journeyman deserves a chance to survive...different enough to keep me tuned in....Chuck too...Bionic is good, hopefully will get better....there's still hope for NBC if they have patience.


Dave, what is your deal dude? Every post, every time bashing NBC? Were you downsized by Zucker or what?


I love The Big Bang Theory. Funniest new sitcom to come around in a long time.

Dave L:

WELL I must say I bash NBC becouse here in Detroit Area at the local front they are 1-2 day's behind in the news, after people work for a year or 2 they are replaced with lower cost employee's after a few years and people getting older they just toss them out so I gave up on them,they are peoples parents,family people who need to put food on the table,I just think they are WRONG!! will not give them any suport at all can't wait to they go down Dave L Detroit

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