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James Hibberd

The Other ‘Knight Rider’ Project

October 12, 2007 10:08 AM

Knight RiderNBC’s “Knight Rider” revamp has some competition, sort of. As first reported by AintItCoolNews, NBC has the “Knight” series rights and creator Glen Larson has the film rights.

Larson has been trying to get his theatrical version off the ground for years, touting the idea at a fan convention called (and you must love this) KnightCon.

The network’s official stance on this issue: NBC is unconcerned that any potential theatrical version will impact its series brand, a representative says.

That said, NBC’s business affairs department is currently in talks with Larson about the show (cough-consulting producer credit-cough).

If they come to terms, this isn’t the first time NBC Universal and Larson have worked out a deal to cooperate on a reimagined version of one of his classic series. Larson is the creator of the original “Battlestar Galactica” and holds a credit on the Sci Fi Channel version.


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Comments (2)

Phil K:

As long as they do a real Knight Rider instead of that garbage Team Knight Rider 2000 of a few years ago, I'll be happy.
As for Galactica, I believe Glen Larson still has the rights to do his own BSG movie despite having consulting credit on the ScFi Channel series. Perhaps he has to wait until the series goes off the air.
I hope he does one and makes it more like the original. They could also do one based on the current series, as well. I would go to the theatre to see both.
This happened with 2 different versions of James Bond nearly simultaneously years ago, one with Roger Moore and one with Sean Connery. Both were successful.


I just read the plot IMDB has up for this proposed "series"
Everything about it reeks of KR 2000, TKR and 2010. >_ The car looks friggin' ugly as hell, whatever the heck it is.
C'mon folks, a 2001 Trans Am or Firebird woulda been better.
And what's this "Michael Knight's son" bs, god how lame.
I hope that William Daniels stays out of NBC's crapfest
and chooses to be in Glen's movie instead, jeeze.

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