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World Series Sweeps Weekend; ‘Moonlight’ Shines on Friday

October 29, 2007 12:17 PM

MoonlightThe World Series wrapped up Sunday, with the Red Sox’ sweep giving Fox a ratings victory.

Sunday’s Game 4 tied the highest-rated Series game in three years, since the Red Sox beat St. Louis in 2004. The game earned a 6.6 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49, according to Nielsen.

Over on ABC, the lineup was pretty much on par: “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (2.7), “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (5.1), “Desperate Housewives” (7.1) and “Brothers & Sisters” (5.1).

Third-place CBS ran “60 Minutes” (2.7), a repeat of “CSI” (2.2) while biding its time for next week’s “The Amazing Race” debut, “Cold Case” (3.0) and “Shark” (2.3).

In fourth place, NBC demonstrated why the networks don’t run movies anymore: The box office hit “The Bourne Supremacy” posted a 1.9 rating.

The CW had “CW Now” and “Aliens in America” (both a 0.3, and both down slightly from last week), “Life Is Wild” (down a notch to a 0.4) and an “America’s Next Top Model” repeat (0.6).
But hold on, Friday night was arguably more interesting.

On Friday:

CBS’ “Moonlight” grew 20 percent to a 2.4 to firmly win the 9 p.m. hour, helping CBS conquer the night along with “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numb3rs” (both 2.7). With “Moonlight” winning its hour and the ratings going in the right direction, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a pickup on the vampire detective drama soon.

NBC was second, with “Deal or No Deal” (2.2), “Friday Night Lights” (1.9) and “Las Vegas” (2.4) hanging steady.

ABC was third with a “Grey’s Anatomy” repeat (1.3), “Women’s Murder Club” (dropping a tick to a 2.0) and “Men in Trees” (steady with a 1.7).

Fox’s “The Next Great American Band” fell 20 percent from its week-ago debut to a 1.2 (a rating now called “the ‘Laughlin’”). Even though the show is from the producers of “American Idol,” it’s tough to see Fox being comfortable getting beat by The CW’s “Friday Night Smackdown” (1.4) week after week. Then again, “Nashville” fell to a 0.8 on Fridays before it got the hook.


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Comments (52)

Teresa Long:

Love Moonlight!!! Hope it makes a full season. Watch it over and over on CBS and my DVR. Can't get enough.


Yay for 'Moonlight'!! Thank you for the positive article and the report of Friday night's viewings. I turn on my iTunes versions of the episodes on a daily basis. Try out the show and you won't be sorry. :)


This is great news for Moonlight. It is must-tv in house! I too watching the episodes over and over again on my ipod and DVR.


Moonlight is so addictive -- watch it again and again! It's the bomb


Yaaaaaaa let Moonlight "Shine" on in it's spot!!
Great news, absolutley love the show!!!!


Oh, a gal could only be so lucky as to be blessed with a full season of Moonlight. It's the BEST show in years, it's got a glorious cast, great writing, fantastic little touches ... it's completely, wonderfully addictive!!! Go CBS!!!


Thanks for highlighting Moonlight! What a fantastic show! There's something for everyone: Drama, Action, Humor, Vampire lore, and Romance! Can't say enough good things about this treasure!


I just want to commend you on taking notice of the "little show that could..." Like many of the critics in September, I was wary of this series. I didn't think I'd grow to appreciate it very much. Yet after accidentally catching the pilot and getting drawn in by the charismatic Alex O'Loughlin, I have found myself addicted to the series. Often there are comparisons to previous genre series Angel and Dark Knight. Despite the cult status and quality of the previous series, Moonlight on its own re-defines the genre. In previous articles written online, there has been discussion about these anti-hero type vamps. UNLIKE Angel the Nick Knight character from Dark Knight, Mick St.John isn't attempting to correct all the evils from his past. In fact, St.John is very much more of a noir/hardboiled character. Sure, Mick has done some badboy things but his need to provide justice for humans is to...as he puts it "make up for what I am..." St.John didn't have a choice to be a vampire and the perfect way for him to control the life he has been given is help humans because it continues to provide him contact with his former life.

There remains a lot be explored and yes the dialogue can be cheesy at some points. Yet the direction of the series has progressively gotten better.

I firmly believe with the proper attention, support, and faith invested from CBS on Moonlight, it will become a success across the boards.

Oh...speaking of boards. Honestly, CBS should talk to their techies. With the great strides in its success, you'd THINK the network would have provided the series with its own message board on its official site by now.


Moonlight is the best new show to come around in a long time. Long live Moonlight!

I guess the Red Sox 'curse' is now history. All we have to worry about is their usual "Annual Fold" before the usually advancing Yankees.


Thanks for spotlighting Moonlight. It's an amazing show! It's definitely the best new show of the season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a full season pickup, and hopefully many more seasons after that.


Moonlight is my favorite show EVER!!! Someone on one of the MANY comments I have read said that "she has been waiting for a show like Moonlight for her entire life". It was like she read my mind. Moonlight is awesome! Please CBS, pick Moonlight for a full season. Also, please give Moonlight it's own message board on the CBS website.






Is it any wonder why Moonlight has a huge following?? Really, what more can you ask?
Great chemistry between the two main characters, witty dialogues and a solid story line plus a whole lot more! It's really addictive! So to all the fans out there....United We Stand for Moonlight!! Woof! Woof! :)


Moonlight is fantastic!! Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles have mucho chemistry!! This show has a great cast and lots of potential storylines. Long Live MOONLIGHT!!


It is the best new show of the fall season and the only one that I am sure not to miss!!! I haven't been this excited about a show in a long time!

After watching each episode, I am downloading the show off of iTunes as soon as it is available so I can watch it again and again! I just cannot get enough of this show! This show has it all. You have absolutely handsome Alex O'Loughlin (love the hair, the eyes and that grin), the lovely Sophia Myles as well as the intriguing Jason Dohring heading up the cast. With this show you get drama, mystery, fantasy, romance, witty dialogue, and a cast that really clicks with the on-screen chemistry.

Thanks for the positive comments on Moonlight. Hopefully CBS will take notice and commit to a full season AND give us our own message board!


I can't add anything to the positive comments above, only repeat them. Moonlight is GREAT, Alex O'Loughlin & Sophia Myles are beautiful, and we will all be very lucky if this show continues on for a LONG, LONG time! I, too, am downloading the episodes from iTunes and watching them over..and over...and over.


Whoo Hoo for Moonlight! Best show in years and Alex O Loughlin is one sexy man.


I love Moonlight- I haven't enjoyed a show this much in a very long time. It's great to see something besides autopsies and reality shows. I love the chemistry, mystery and romance. The characters are lovable and believable. Keep this show CBS!!!!


I absolutely LOVE Moonlight! We've been watching it right from the beginning and I won't miss an episode. Alex O'Loughlin is enthralling. So far, my favorite scene is from "Fever" when Beth feeds Mick. Beth kissing Mick is a really close second. Please CBS, keep this show on the air!!!


Great news for Moonlight fans! It such a fun show. It has everything, drama, action, humor, and lots of sex appeal thanks to the uber hunk Alex and lovely Sophia. I look forward to my weekly treat every Friday night!


I have a very very stressful job so the only thing that gets me through the week now is the thought of Moonlight on Fridays. I am addicted and kina obsessed.


YAY for Moonlight! Love the show, love the lead, Alex is terrific. Settle down on Friday night, grab a snack and forget about your crazy week by watching Moonlight. It's a fun, romantic, interesting show. Glad it's gaining more viewers.


Moonlight is a great show....The whole cast are awesome actors and actresses. Puts a whole new light on Vamps.....


Moonlight ain't no Angel, Joss where are you?


moonlight is the best show on tv....period


Just to agree with the many comments above. Moonlight is possibly the most addictive show I've ever seen. I watch episodes again and again on my ipod. The series is literate, romantic, sexy, funny, heartbreaking, and goes far beyond any previous vampire show on television to embody the deathless appeal of the vampire.


i think moonlight is awesome i've been trying to keep track of the positive posts and ratings-so far so good, apparently every week it gets a lil more popular-woohoo!!!reading some of the msgs from ppl makes me feel less silly esp.when i read i wasn't the only one who kept on thinking how giddy and excited i got/was even LONG after the show ended about that kiss and omg that smile...don't get me started!!!i'm literally counting the days and hours(which can't go fast enough)til friday's epi.!!!

Pat in Virginia:

Kudos to CBS for moonlight. I was prepared to dismiss it, now its my favorite new show and my favorite show period! The only show I won't miss!

Amy Sloan:

Great news! I love Moonlight! I cannot miss this show and have rewatched the episodes so much that I have memorized a lot of the lines. I would rather watch this show over and over rather than watch anything else on TV. I love everything about this show - the story, the chemistry between Beth and Mick (Mick - don't even get me started - Wow!) It is absolutely intoxicating and addicting.


love love love this show. i watch it over and over on my dvr! please commit for the season cbs!!!!

Marilyn Meriweather:

I really love Moonlight too. Alex's smile is to die for. I love the acting, writing and even the music. The chemistry between Beth and Mick's characters is incredible. CBS would be foolish to cancel this show. I can't wait to see the next episode either. Long live Moonlight.

Marilyn Meriweather:

I really love Moonlight too. Alex's smile is to die for. I love the acting, writing and even the music. The chemistry between Beth and Mick's characters is incredible. CBS would be foolish to cancel this show. I can't wait to see the next episode either. Long live Moonlight.


I can only say "WOW!" This show is the best and I sure hope it sticks around for a LONG time. I have multipile copies of my taped shows so I'll be able to view them over and over until they come out on dvd. lol Yes! I'm already anticipating the Moonlight DVD. :-) CBS, keep this show running! It has something for everyone. Comedy, action, romance... I can't wait for Friday nights! Who wants to go out when you can stay in and watch Mick and Beth??!


Beth better watch her back...if I have anything to say about it...Mick is still MINE!

Fay Cafferty:

Cheers to CBS's Moonlight. The chemistry between Mick St. John ( Alex O'Loughlin) and Beth Turner ( Sophia Myles) is electrifying ! Each show just keeps getting better. Can't get enough of the show.


I too love this show. I have never looked forward to a show like I do with this one. I hope CBS realizes what they have on their hands!!


Great Show! My favorite on. Has great chemistry and so much potential!


This show is my drug, can't get enough of it. Friday can't come soon enough.I have been bitten,
I am a true moonlight addict


I just can't say enough about it - great acting, chemistry, dialogue, and they couldn't have picked a better cast. I was hooked after the first episode.

Keep 'em coming, CBS!

Oh, and when is the DVD coming out?! : P


I love this show. Initially out of all the new shows being debuted I did not expect to like this one much. I thought, 'yeah, another vamp detective show', but this one grabs you - it's different than the ones that have preceded it with its charismatic star and cast. You feel Ron Koslow's stamp all over it. Great romance to end the week; CBS keep "Moonlight" and give it a fan forum on the website!


Love the show. I agree it is a nice break from medical drama and reality. Love the chemistry and ya Alex.........wow. I hope it sticks around a long time as I can not wait for the next show.


I think I'm going crazy! My life is falling apart because all I want to do is watch episodes downloaded from iTunes! I'm completely helpless and my daydreams have invaded everyday activities. MickBeth are awesome and Josef needs more air time as well. What tales do we viewers have to look forward to!


Moonlight has died over the last few weeks....Can't even hold its lead-in.
Cbs will cancel this dog.......

tam tam:

r u kidding mclovin? i love this show, its my fave, its getting hotter and hotter, we're all hooked. what a bunch of foxie actors.. prrrrrrr..


Moonlight is so awesome. It's addictive! It's the best new show on TV. Period. So good that the hour flies by, keeps you hanging and wanting more. It gets better and better every week. My Friday nights haven't been this exciting since high school! :0) It reminds me so much of the TV series, "Highlander".

I heard CBS ordered all episodes including the pilot to be redone with different actors. Think they replaced everybody except for Alex. I did some digging and found a preview clip on AOL with the original actors. It was not good, not even close! That was the best move CBS could've made for this show! The new cast rocks and the chemistry in undeniable. Just the difference in chemistry among the new actors alone changed the course of this show. Hope CBS realizes the gem they have with this and will keep it for many, many years. Hey CBS, please, please pick this show up for a full season 1 and bring it back next year too! Keep those new episodes coming. You've got a mega hit on your hands so don't screw it up!


Moonlight is great. I can't wait to watch it every Friday night. The chemistry between Mick and Beth is fantastic. It's exciting. I tell everyone that they need to be watching this new show.

Love it,



I'm another Moonlight fan!!! Was disappointed it wasn't on tonight. Came online to make sure it wasn't cancelled and came across this site.

I really LOVE this show. I hope CBS won't cancel it. It needs more advertising/publicity. So many people don't know what they're missing!!!


keep moonlight mick is so hot i just can't wait for fridays please keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just stumbled onto Moonlight about a month before it went on hiatus. What a find. I immediately became addicted. Friday nights took on a whole new light. Mick is the sexiest man I(vampire) I have ever set my eyes on. The on screen chemistry between him and the female lead forgot her name) is unbelieveably sexy!! Please keep the episodes coming!!



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