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James Hibberd

AMPTP: Writers Using ‘Fear and Intimidation’

November 13, 2007 3:58 PM

After running relatively quiet this past week, the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers has issued a new dispatch accusing the Writers Guild of America of using “fear and intimidation to control its membership.”

“Asking members to inform on each other and creating a blacklist of those who question the tactics of the WGA leadership is as unacceptable today as it was when the WGA opposed these tactics in the 1950s,” said AMPTP President Nick Counter.

The AMPTP points to a story in today’s Daily Variety citing an e-mail from Dan Wilcox, chair of the newly formed (and admittedly Orwellian-sounding) WGA West Strike Rules Compliance Committee.

"The mission of the SRCC is to ensure that the strike rules are strictly enforced,” the e-mail stated. “The SRCC will primarily concentrate its efforts on unearthing and discouraging scab writing. There is no more fundamental working rule than the prohibition against a WGA member performing struck work. … If you have suspicions about a particular writer or project, the best way to report them will be to call our hotline.”


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Busty Congress:

Does this really suprise anyone? These are similar tactics that unions have used in the past. Maybe it's a because of the mafia influence from years ago, but I doubt it. Unions have been trying to get rid of the secret ballot for years and intimidating non-union workers for decades.

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