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James Hibberd

'Bachelor: After the Rose' Wins Hour

November 21, 2007 12:08 PM

The denial of a manufactured, reality storybook ending for ABC’s “The Bachelor” has fans enraged. The network likewise reportedly wasn’t pleased that Bachelor Brad choose “none of the above” for its finale. That the ending was a brilliant surprise now generating the most discussion in years about the veteran reality show seems to be getting overlooked.

Some viewers claim they’re going to boycott the show, but there was no evidence of channel flipping last night. “Bachelor: After the Rose” won the 10 p.m. hour and tied for being the highest-rated “After the Rose” ever.

Overall, Fox led the evening, but was down slightly week to week, with “Bones” (a 3.0 preliminary rating among adults 18 to 49) and “House” (6.8).

ABC was second with “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” (3.3) and “He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown” (3.5), both improving on last year’s performance. The “Dancing With the Stars” finale hit a season high (4.9), then “After the Rose” (4.1).

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” was on par (3.1) and “Law & Order: SVU” hit a season low (3.9) up against “Rose.”

Though in third place, CBS’s “NCIS” won the 8 p.m. hour (3.7), followed by an average “The Unit” (3.0) and “Cane” (2.0).
The CW had “Beauty and the Geek” (1.2) and a “Reaper” repeat (0.8).


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Comments (20)

After 12 of the 13 Bachelor's relationships ended in them NOT getting married and breaking up after the final episode, you don't think this was all done by design? I never watch the show, and this event got me to watch last night. I don't understand how America can still take this show seriously, when only 1 of the relationships have even worked. The Ryan/Trist union occurred via The Bachelorette, not The Bachelor.

Therefore, this to me was another well thought out PR stunt, that seems to have worked, and made the show the talk of the town, for today at least. Even though Brad is not the most articulate guy out there, you have to give him credit for either initiating this, or more likely agreeing to do it. He should grab a buddy and sign up to www.teamdating.com now that he is single again!

Ray Doustdar
TeamDating.com - Friends Don't Let Friends date Alone...

Barbara DeAngelis:

I would like to think that Brad decided that rather then hurt one of the girls again, on TV; by giving the audience a fairytale ending, he quietly continued a relationship with one of them after the airring. I would like to think that. This is real personal stuff and maybe, just maybe, we didn't need to know how it would really end. When I watched the last rose ceremony I thought that after Brad said good bye to Jenni he had a change of heart and realized he made a mistake. ie, not picking Deanna. How ever this ends I hope Brad finds what he's looking for. I enjoyed the show regardless of the outcome.


After watching this season of the bachelor, i was disappointed that Brad didnt chose one of the two girls, i really thought that he was going to chose Jenni because of the chemistry that they had throughtout the show. it seems as if when he send home Jenni he realized that he made the wrong decision, so he freaked out and send home Deanna as well. Im a fan of the show and i will continue watching it regardles of the outcome. I do hope that Brad find his true love.


watching the bachelor i was feeling so excited when it came down to the final rose ceremony i was anxious to see which one off the two girls Brad was going to choose.Both girls were amazing so i think that it was a very hard decision for Brad to make. He should'nt have made the two girls that he love the most came down to the final rose ceremony that was a big mistake he made and that is why he could'nt choose between the two girls i realy felt it for the girls, and i hope that Brad find someone who can realy give him true love.


I totally loved the final episode! Great move on ABC's side! Those people who claim they'd never watch the Bachelor again are liars. Just look how much discussion all this caused. I personally was shocked! That is great - whatever the reason for Brad's choice was - either what the producer told him to do, or his won decision. That added some much spice to the show that even those who were not following it before (like myself) will definitely watch the next season. It is now absolutely unpredictable what is going to happen. Prior to that you could be sure that something -at least something HAS to work out. Not anymore! Love it!



Your integrity is still very much in tact! Congrats for standing on your honesty when being bombarded by so much staging for the ratings.

Elvira Larrain:

Althought I was disappointed with the ending, hoping for a couple to find true love, as a lot of people who watched, I support that Brad had to follow his heart. In love matters, your heart's feeling is the one that matters.


Arnold Fitzpatrick:

Reality at it's deepest level. Brad did not yield to the so called, (the way it is supposed to be) or (other peoples desires and realities). I was totally surprised at the outcome and had guessed that he would choose Deanna.
I cringed at the audiences reaction to what seemed to be a very honest and difficult decision on Brad's part. I applaud Brad for being able to resist public pressure to follow their wishes and go along with Life as they feel it is suppose to be.
I feel sad and emotionally drained at the outcome.
Good luck Brad, I admire you.

Marie Horton:

I am from Canada and "was" a true dedicated fan of the Bachelor series, but after this last fiasco I will "NEVER" waste my time again watching it. Maybe ABC never asked the bachelors trying to be "THE ONE",the right question.. "are you seriously looking for a relationship"?
If this guy can go through 25 girls (and other ones before that) and still not find the "right" girl for him, then he better GIVE UP and become Gay or something. Obviously he thinks wayyyy too highly of himself to ever be with anyone that is just "normal" and loves him. Maybe he just likes to play the field and have a different girl every night.... I hope he has shares in a condom factory !!!!! Maybe he will make some more millions from his own sales !!


I think this show was just rigged. They have never had a bachelor to do this to the show, just walk off, and take neither woman. This was the first and ABC got ALOT of viewers to watch, I'm not a person to sit down and watch alot of TV but I really got interested in The Bachelor, and wow, to see it end like it did, no way, not again! I think he was in love and this is what ABC wanted him to do so they could get more viewers to watch.

linda cornwall:

I was flabergasted at the ending of the show, But
i feel that every show does not have to have a happy fairytale ending. Brad woke up when he purchase the ring, I wonder if he truley still had feelings for another female whom is not a part of the show and when he purchase the ring it hit him. If Brad is not in love fully and not ready for commitment with either of jenni or deanna then he did the right thing by getting the pain over sooner then later. I was rooting for jenni. I wish the best to Jenni and Deanna and Brad. Brad his a Very Handsom and a Truly gentleman but he does have issues and he needs to deal with them. Thanks for having such a hot bathelor and entertaining us for the past few weeks. I wish all 25 girls and Brad the best. All parties new what they were getting there selfs into and new what the out come could be. This was
totally shocking. Brad was very hot and worth watching through out this season. Its to bad that so many people were so hurt in the process. Brad stated during girls speak out episode that he was happy with his chooes and they were doing find, this was a little confussing when he states he has not dated since the show. Go with your heart make sure you have mr or mrs right especially if marriage is a one time thing. Thank you Brad for being so hot and entertaing for all of us.

Lisa LaFleur:


You may not remember me but I went to your brother's (Wesley) wedding with your childhood buddy Cliff Slater. (By the way he says Hello).I have the upmost respect for you for standing your ground and not being pressured to pick a girl. I have to be honest and tell you I did not watch all the episodes but what people don't understand is with you "What you see is what you get". Your genuine and honest from what I know of meeting you and from what Cliff has told me in the childhood stories. Hold your head up high and be proud that you didn't settle. Just think there are many BACHLOR'S out there that LOVE being bachlors. Who says you have to settle down?
Best of luck to you and I am sure I will meet you again some day.

Lisa LaFleur:

Yes I know I left out the "E" out in Bachelor.....That was for the "ENTERTAINMENT" you gave everyone when you DIDN'T pick a girl..

Lisa LaFleur:

Yes I know I left out the "E" out in Bachelor.....That was for the "ENTERTAINMENT" (good or bad) you gave everyone when you DIDN'T pick a girl..I think it is GREAT {LOL}that ABC plays matchmaker using a show to bring people together that would of probley never met and have them spend very little time to get to know each other, make someone make a decision with very little information and expect someone to make a critical decision about their life after six weeks (or however long it actually is.) As long as everyone knows what they are getting themselves into, I don't see where the harm is because without the show, these girls wouldn't of gotten to have the time of their lives and actually meet one of the few GREAT guys left in this world. Honestly, I wouldn't of wanted you to pick me either if I thought you felt you were settling.


The fact that the viewers are so upset about the bachelor not choosing one of the participants is a reflection of the viewers obsession with fantasy. It speaks to the lack of insight and the superficiality of the masses. These are the people who vote in elections without any thought about substance and are seduced by visual images. The bachelor had ever right to reject these women, not one had a depth of character. Whether the network manipulated the results or not, no viewer with a descerning mind would have become so invested in the outcome that he or she would be upset about what happened. People get LIVES an substative thought processes.

I. Hull:

I am stunned at the number of commenters who take this show seriously and who apparently really believe that a person can find true love under the glare of the hot cameras on a thoroughly-staged, glossy, heavily-produced "reality" TV program. That's not love; it's the worst kind of ineffective speed dating. You can't get a real relationship out of such a fake environment. The success of such a TV program should be considered an enormous embarrassment in modern society. It cheapens and coarsens the concept of love. I'm OK with profanity or depictions of explicit lovemaking on TV, or even violence in many cases, but not this.


I only watched "After the Final Rose" to see if Brad would offer the rose to one of the other 23 women.

There were certainly a few women that stood out, like the one that had a meltdown during the rose ceremony, and Shenna (who his twin brother picked for him) since she was one of the few women able to tell the twins apart.

It would have been even more of an interesting twist, to offer the final rose to one of the womenhe previously eliminated.

At least one of the previous bachelors, said they are finally planning a November wedding (with someone they met on the show).


The two planning a wedding are Byron (who the 25 women voted to be the bachelor from a choice of two men) and Mary. They said a November wedding is planned.


For those who are upset about Brad not picking one of the ladies, “Get over it.” This outcome didn’t surprise me at all. If you think about it, this is the same result of all previous ‘Bachelor’ seasons. The only difference is that the previous bachelors broke up with the ladies after the show. Brad just decided not to go along with this fairytale ending that fans wanted to see.

Pat snow:

I missed it, darn it! Do you suppose you could rerun it sometime? I would LOVE to see it!!! pat

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