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James Hibberd

‘Bachelor’ Finale Hits Ratings High

November 20, 2007 12:12 PM

The BachelorAfter earning a narrow Monday night ratings victory last week, ABC shot ahead to take last night by a clear margin.

“Dancing With the Stars” (a 5.2 preliminary Nielsen rating among adults 18 to 49) had its highest rating since its premiere, dominating its time period. “Samantha Who?” (4.8) had its highest rating ever and “The Bachelor” finale (4.3) had its highest rating of the season.

CBS was second, with its comedy originals performing well: “How I Met Your Mother” (3.4), a “Big Bang” repeat (3.0), “Two and a Half Men” (5.1) and “Rules of Engagement” (4.3). At 10 p.m., “CSI: Miami” matched its highest rating of the season (4.9) and won its hour.

NBC’s “Chuck” (3.1) was up a tick, but “Heroes” (5.0) and “Journeyman” (2.3) were down slightly.

Fox was a distant fourth, with a “House” repeat (2.6) not helping “K-Ville” (1.3).

The CW’s comedy block was on the low side, averaging a 0.8 for the night.


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Comments (22)




It is just a show, for entertainment, no women who knows herself takes this for real. You don't fall in love on a TV show. They knew what could happen.


What a classy comment by the lady that had to be bleep. The bachelor sure make the right choice with that lady.

connie hagen:

that was a waste of time last night mommys boy


i'm very disappointed with the bachelor's episode, or maybe is just a Show? is really stupid he showed up like gentleman, i thought he was gentleman no one does what he did to those ladies jenny is too much for him....

Linda Carpenter:

Get Real People! At least he had sense enough to end it.........Now he can get on with life and find a real woman.


IDK what went wrong with the bachelor..he had 25 women to choose from..he might be gay!! i still cant believe he dindt pick one!

It's become a bi-annual tradition with this show - the letdown ending.


I do not agree when they call him sexiest bachelor. I think he dumbest bachelor of all.


You should all be watching Journeyman anyway....

it's a spark of fun and creativity that TV needs.


Leave the poor guy alone! He is the first one to actually not be run by what "tv entertainment" wants. Good for him. I think he is the most sincere bachelor they have had. Yes the women have questions, but they have no idea how hard of a situation he was put in to. Give the guy a break.


I think Brad has major issues that he needs to over come! He led both women on and couldn't give a real reason why he couldn't chose either one! I'm sure both young women will move on and will find someone who deserves their love. He really wasted everyone's time...


I think Brad has major issues that he needs to over come! He led both women on and couldn't give a real reason why he couldn't chose either one! I'm sure both young women will move on and will find someone who deserves their love. He really wasted everyone's time...


wat was wrong i thought is when brad led deanna on by saying "oh i let jenni go" so she thought o its me but he was a jerk and told her goodbye. Im not saying it wasnt ok for him to express his feelings and leave both but to lead them on is just plain wrong...

roseanna :

I was so stunned! He did an award winning performance to the very end. I was so convinced
by his love and involvement for both women, I had
no idea whom he would pick? However, it helped me
realize that what you see isn't what you get in the
end. I just think he was more confused with lust
throughout and woke up with reason. It takes a long
time to find true unconditional love. He had to
really be honest with his feelings, and obviously
when it came down to the two women only his heart
knows the truth, and in following his heart neither
women captured it! I think in the long run he has
saved all three of them more pain and damage especially with the commitment of marriage. He was
just REALISTIC with himself and the women and the
viewers. Although we were disappointed because we
all want a happy ending, and the womens hearts were torn ( always a lesson in pain) You can't
be negative towards Brad, but appreciate / respect his decision ! Its easy to judge, but until you
are walking or wearing that persons shoes, we have no idea.

Nadira ramdass:

He just want to be famous, I'm sure both young women will move on with their live,

Nadira ramdass:

He just want to be famous, I'm sure both young women will move on with their live,

Richard :

Give the guy a break will ya? Asking a guy to make a life-long commitment in front of a gazillion viewers is a bit of a stretch. Yes he had a dozen sexy gals to choose from but being a beautiful woman or drop dead gorgeous hunk doesn't true love make.

I respect the guy and he bucked the networks expectation that he had to make a lifelong decision based on an artificial television courtship. Choosing a life's partner under those conditions is a recipe for disaster...what happens when the TV cameras are gone and he's there with a woman he made a promise to marry but barely knows.

What about sex, intimacy and chemistry? Who can make a promise to marry in this day and age without coming to terms with yours and your partners sexual compatibility... sex isn't just for baby making as the prudish Network suits would have you believe ...did he have sex with any some or all of them?? Possible but somehow I kinda doubt it.

Maybe the promise to marry is best made away from the pressure of the television cameras...in real life and once you really know the woman your interssted in.

Me? I'f probably would do what he did...but I'd be keepin some phone numbers handy in my back pocket so I could contact a gal if I was really interested to find out what she is truly like in a non artificial environment.

Apres Ski:

The guys on this show aren't ready for marriage or a relationship. They just want to get a wider access to a larger pool of women. They're interested in that 1%-5% of Victoria Secret models, the Heidi Klum type. (Where does that leave the rest of us who are, 5'6" & brunette?)

Do you think if they were really interested, they'd ask any of the women a network chose for them? Of course not!!!!

Only Tristan & Ryan were deadly serious about each other. They not only got married, but they had the cutest baby.


Premise: Take one "great looking" bachelor hunk who's seeking love (on TV for the world to see).Then add 25 "beautiful" girls searching(oops, er I mean competing for his attentions and his love that equals a "reality" TV show.
Why would a "great catch" (male or female) go on TV to find his or her mate, or even a possible dating mate? Dating in the real world is complex enough and very personal, but doing so on TV, which is a fantasy world unto itself makes one wonder what the ulterior motives "really" are...TV exposure, hopes to be discovered, self promotion for a business, 15 minutes of fame...etc. I think the producers thought Brad would be a good choice because he had a twin brother (a shocking twist -HA), albeit a married one to add to the mystery. Brad owns bars and is surrounded with more than 25 women at any given time. He even had a long term relationship that he managed to find on his own. Hmmmm, and as far as the women are concerned, looking for the fairy tale ending only works in books, fiction of course and I wonder how many were discovered?However when the woman was in charge, like Krista on the Bachelorette, she found true love. There are exceptions to every rule! What I learned about Brad was that there's something strange about him, he is inarticulate, not very bright, and does have issues, and playing them out on the Bachelor isn't the right venue for him. Dr. Phil, I've found your next guest for your show!


Was that Brad, or his married twin brother, giving out that final rose?

Brad should have listened to his twin brother's advice--to pick Shenna (who was able to tell the two brothers apart instantly.)

The only other time this happened (where no one received the final rose) was on the final installment of the "Bachelorette" in 2004, when Jen Sheft was the bachelorette. That show has been missing in action since then. Ironically, that was the only show to produce a wedding and baby up to now.

If there is another season of the Bachelor, I might record the entire season (to see if it's worth watching) before I start watching any of the episodes.

jimmy velman:

The worst and phoniest bachelor in this series
of bachelor show was the last one . I thing he was in the show for publicity. Did you all watch his eyes when he talked and talked about how he
was really looking for a wife?. Anyway, what good looking and edcuated woman would want to be a bartender tto that Phony on trick pony.
Great Women . One Phony faced man.

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