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James Hibberd

'Battlestar Galactica' Ratings Adrift

November 28, 2007 8:06 PM

Battlestar Galactica: RazorLast Saturday’s much-anticipated “Battlestar Galactica” two-hour movie “Razor” had an unspectacular debut. The stand-alone entry in Sci Fi Channel’s Peabody-winning series garnered a 0.8 rating among adults 18 to 49 and was seen by 1.7 million viewers.

That’s almost exactly what the entire third “Battlestar” season averaged, but well below its season premiere last fall.

Tricky to tea-leaf what exactly this might mean for the upcoming fourth (and final) season, since “Razor” wasn’t a continuation of last season’s cliffhanger. Also, Sci Fi aired “Razor” on Thanksgiving weekend, which couldn’t have helped.

For those who missed the airing, the “Razor” DVD will be released Dec. 4.


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Also doesn't help that they aired it on a Saturday night at 9PM... The number to watch will be the DVD sales and if there were accurate time-shifted/dvr recording numbers.

Even most geeks have things to do on Saturday night...


Battlestar Galactica is, without a doubt, the worst stewarded show of any series I have ever seen. Has any show ever been self-sabotaged the way this show has been? The first two seasons were spectacular. Last season was abysmal with uninteresting and, more so, ANNOYING, story lines that went nowhere. The last half of the season had almost no cylon content. Now this movie, which, again, is very unimportant to the story and has almost NO cylon activity. HELLO! The cylons are the thing! It's why we watch!
PS- If Helo gets any significant airtime during the season 4 premiere I'm out.


I cant believe they wont rebroadcast this ??
My Tivo missed it for whatever reason, and there is not another shot ?

Even put it on during the day, so it can be recorded. Oh.. wait.. I can just buy it Dec 4th... yeh right

Philip Kerler:

Thye need to rebroadcast this at a time when more people are likely to watch. I'm sure they will.
They also need to do a movie based on the "original" Galactica continuity. The "original Cylons" here look like the ones from the old series, and they had similar-appearing baseships and raiders.
What if there is some connection between the two?
Maybe a Cylon baseship crossed over from another universe (where they were built by the aliens mentioned in the original series) and was captured by Adama's people-they reverse-engineered the Cylon technology and it evolved into the destructive Cylons of this series.
The Lords of Kobol know this-that's why we keep hearing the phrase "This has all happened before, and it will happen again."
In each universe, though, it happens slightly differently, as we have seen.


I think the DVD will be a true mark of success, I think alot of fans want to an unedited version, and it will probably be included in the final season DVD set.

And airing it on Thanksgiving weekend and not re-airing any episodes prior to showing the Razor movie hurt.

I didn't watch it because I no longer watch Sci-Fi after they started putting up those large and ugly sprits. I want to see the program, not crap that is constantly covering up a third, or more, or my screen. I can't watch them anymore anyway, since they left C-band. Makes no diff because of their sprites.

Besides, I saw it before it aired (sorry, won't say how). Even if I hadn't seen it before it officially aired, I'm planned on getting the expanded DVD version, which has no damn sprites and real closing credits. My ordered has been placed and I will be getting it soon after it is released.

With Sci-Fi screwing their viewers with those damn sprites, and the release of the expanded version on DVD so soon after airing, who needs to see the screwed over version on Sci-Fi.

For the record, sprites are not only a problem with Sci-Fi, it is a problem with practically everyone. With "hour" programs barely 41-42 minutes long and sprites covering one third, or more, of the screen, it is no wonder viewers are chosing other forms of entertainment.


The numbers are interesting, but we might have a chicken-and-egg situation here. IIRC, the current BSG producers wanted to do a direct-to-DVD movie, but they couldn't do it directly because of how creator Glen Larson hold the franchise's movie rights.

Barred from doing direct-to-DVD, they opted for a roundabout approach by airing the film on TV on Saturday and then selling the DVD.

So, it's interesting to see how the movie performed on TV, but the key factor will be how it performs on DVD.

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