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James Hibberd

‘Big Bang,’ ‘K-Ville’ and ‘Journeyman’ Make Ratings Moves

November 13, 2007 12:26 PM

Big Bang TheoryABC topped the Monday ratings yet again with “Dancing With the Stars,” but CBS narrowed the gap this week with its comedy block and “CSI: Miami.”

Also, there was some motion among the freshman shows: CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” hit a ratings high in the 18-49 demo in the preliminary Nielsens, Fox’s “K-Ville” dropped to a new low and NBC’s “Journeyman” showed its first week-to-week gain.

ABC’s slate held fairly steady, with “Dancing” (5.2) and “Samantha Who?” (4.4) up slightly and “Bachelor” on par (3.4).

CBS made some gains and finished in second place. “How I Met Your Mother” was on par (3.3). “Big Bang” was up a tick to hit a series high (3.8). “Two and a Half Men” was average (5.0). “Rules of Engagement” had the best number since its premiere (4.2) and “CSI: Miami” was up slightly (4.6).

In third place, NBC’s fallen heroes of Monday night gained some relief after recent ratings drops. “Chuck” (3.2) and “Heroes” (5.1) were up slightly, with “Journeyman” (2.5) getting the biggest bounce—up 19 percent. The gain marks the first time after six episodes that “Journeyman” ratings have increased, but the show is still coming in a distant third place for the 10 p.m. hour.

Fox’s fall finale of “Prison Break” was average (3.1) and “K-Ville” sunk several rungs on the ladder to a new low (1.6).

The CW’s comedy block was on par, averaging a 1.1 rating for the night.


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Comments (5)


Glad to see Journeyman finally picking up. The show deserves bigger ratings.


I agree AAnon... I've really been enjoying Journeyman. Especially the last few episodes. Too bad the writer's strike will probably kill it just as it starts to gain a little momentum.


Glad Journeyman is picking up! It's a fabulous show and wasn't given the same promotion as Chuck or Bionic Woman. Hope NBC gives the show a chance and renews it!


OMG!! Yay Journeyman!!!! It's by far the best show on tv right now!!!


With the time slot Journeyman is in, DVR #s would show how popular the show really is!

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