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James Hibberd

Burn Off: Strike Chants Edition

November 8, 2007 1:24 PM

Still attending BlogWorld Expo.

Meantime, here’s a collection of WGA strike chants: “We write the fiction, we want jurisdiction”; “No more scripts, no more pages, soon we’ll empty all your stages”; “Webcasts, DVDs, we won’t write them, not for free”; “We write the story-a for Eva Longoria”; “I am walking at this gate ’cause I got screwed in ’88”; “How much you earnin’, Peter Chernin?”; “Who’s got more money than they can count? Pa-ra-mount”; “Pencils down! All around! Hollywood’s a union town”; “They tried to make me do a rewrite, but I said, No! No! No!” (culled from WGA members, the Los Angeles Times strike blog and DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com).

Your Burn Off: Nooo, not press tour! … “The Office” originals end next week, the staff on YouTube… “Law & Order” could be next … Could Bill Clinton help? … Tim Kring apologizes for “Heroes,” but won’t promise to kill off Maya and Alejandro … Everybody is talking about this.


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Comments (3)

Frank Uslan Charlie Kartler:

Is it just me or are those strike chants really really really annoying?


Isn't that the point?

dj shiva:

“They tried to make me do a rewrite, but I said, No! No! No!”


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