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James Hibberd

‘Chuck’ Up; ‘Journeyman’ Dips

November 6, 2007 3:39 PM

JourneymanThe start of the writers strike failed to send viewers rushing to watch endangered scripted programming last night, with network ratings roughly on par.

Among the more notable shifts week-to-week: NBC’s “Chuck” was up 14 percent (to a 3.2 preliminary average rating among adults 18 to 49) and CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” saw a 12 percent bounce (3.8), while NBC’s “Journeyman” hit a new low (2.1).

Overall, ABC topped the night in the demo and among total viewers, but its ratings are approximate due to quirky start times. Its lineup was “Dancing With the Stars” (5.0), “Samantha Who?” (4.2) and “The Bachelor” (3.7).

CBS came in second with “How I Met Your Mother” (up 10 percent to match a season-high 3.4), “Big Bang” (3.8), “Two and a Half Men” (5.0), “Rules of Engagement” (4.0) and “CSI: Miami” (4.4).

NBC and Fox tied for third, with NBC airing “Chuck” (3.2), “Heroes” (4.9) and “Journeyman” (a series-low 2.1).

Fox’s “Prison Break” returned up slightly with back-to-back episodes (3.3 and 3.4).

The CW had “Everybody Hates Chris” (1.0), “Aliens in America” (0.7, hitting a new low), “Girlfriends” (0.9) and “The Game” (1.1).


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Comments (14)

It's really a shame that Journeyman hasn't found an audience. The show is excellent and the writing superb. NBC ought to shift it over to Friday Night on SCI-FI in place of the six year old and tragically bad Odessey 5.

Journeyman really deserves a chance to succeed.


I agree with the above post.

Journeyman is a good show but needs a better, earlier time slot.


Journeyman would be a better fit on the SCI-FI network. It's an interesting show and premise but up against the current competition it will continue to struggle.

SCI-FI needs some good shows. They had a really good one in "The Dresden Files" but did not promote it and then dropped it. Then the stupid superhero reality show the network is so in love with gets all kinds of promo. I have to wonder at the thought processes in play there.


Reality shows are dirt cheap to make. It takes very little revenue to justify putting them on the air.

Chuck is also highly underrated. If you're looking for a blow-you-away-with-action spy show, you'll be disappointed. But if you're looking for a light show with fun characters (people keep calling it "action comedy"), you'll get hooked.


Journeyman's actors and crew have to be really happy the WGA strike is going on right now. The show has hit lower numbers consistently than Studio 60, Black Donnelleys or The Real Wedding Crashers (yeah--remember that one?) ever did.

I predict it to be quickly cancelled at the end of the strike or when they run out of pre-written episodes.


Heroes had one of it's best episodes, and Tim Kring admits why season 2 started so freaking slow. Looks like it's all up from here.


I think journeyman is one of the best new shows. If it gets canceled we will have one less quality show. A time slot for some crapy reality ( want to be stars) show. NBC keep this one for a while you might find you have a hit on your hands and don't even know it.


Journey Man is such a great show. It is intresting and keeps the audience looking foward to the nexts weeks show. It should be put on at 8pm before Heroes and then ratings should pick up.I think viewers and NBC really ought to give it a chance and think about cancelling one of the no brainer reality shows and give the people who really enjoy watching tv something to enjoy.


I love Journeyman but I hate to see it go too SCI-FI..they don't broadcast in HD. I hate to watch shows that aren't in HD> I think it could work in a different time slot. I have only watched it live once, DVR the other 3 times. However, keep in mind people actually watch shows like bachelor, not promising.


Journeyman is a rehashed Quantam Leap which I feel was vastly superior. Are the writers & producers that hard up for show ideas that they just keep looking at 10-15-20 yr old TV guides for ideas?

Whats next, Love Boat 08? Manimal the re-incarnation?


Journeyman is a great show with a lot of potential. And it just keeps getting better. I really hope its viewership picks up, or the network has the good sense to wake up and give it a decent time slot. And it is no more a *rehash* of anything than the hundred boring reality shows that look like eachother or the other hundred boring murder shows that all look the same. Besides, Quantum Leap was hardly *original* itself. Grow up.


Unfortunately it's a sad fact of television...the programs of quality usually always get cancelled...Journeyman is clever and riviting television, absolutely exceptional...rarely do I watch regular television programming because the commercials lack intelligence.(I am not looking forward to having to endure an entire month of Hyundai (sp?) with their singing "DUH" ads...already so tiring and so inane and so overplayed and before Thanksgiving too!) Regular televison is all about the masses and commercials and must appeal to a broad, non-discriminating audience. I wish Journeyman had been made by HBO or SHOWTIME. I have really enjoyed watching this program, however, I must admit I've watched most episodes in their entirety online-because it is on so late and I could not stay awake and on-line there are only a few commercial breaks! How refreshing!


I think journeyman is a well written show and is far better than most other shows on network tv. I will be very disappointed to see it get cancelled.


We really need Journey man back!!!

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