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James Hibberd

Burn Off: Strike News, Grudgingly Added

December 11, 2007 4:38 PM

The war of words resumes: “They lie. And then they lie again. And then they lie some more” …

… The must-read AMPTP.com parody Web site. As TVBarn.com rightly points out, “An AMPTP parody site isn’t surprising, but the fact that ‘AMPTP.com’ was available to register sure is.” Truly, it must be heartening for the WGA to know they’re negotiating new-media rights with an organization that didn’t have the foresight to fork over $10 to godaddy.com to protect its online identity. And hey, www.amptp.tv is still up for grabs …

… Meanwhile, the actual AMPTP site has added a cost clock showing a real-time calculation of what the strike is costing Hollywood writers. Doubtless the WGA soon will issue a lengthy statement taking issue with the cost-clock math …

… Finally, a video from Fox Business Network: Yet another know-it-all blowhard talking about the writers strike. Didn’t this guy say he was going to boycott this topic or something?

Plus: This just in, ratings for MTV’s “The Hills” season-three finale: The show was seen by a whopping 3.8 million viewers, up a steep 49% from last season’s closer and the most-watched episode ever. Margaritas at Don Antonio’s for everyone (just be sure to write down all your conversations, so you can repeat them for the cameras next season) … ABC pulls “Big Shots,” but says the show will return in January … Essay question: Is FX’s new marketing tagline “There Is No Box” an example of outside-the-box or inside-the-box thinking? … ABC Family’s “Holiday in Handcuffs” breaks ratings records … Angry MTV freelancers—presumably not invited to Don Antonio’s.


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