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James Hibberd

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Wins Thursday

January 4, 2008 11:56 AM

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)Thursday night’s premiere of “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC garnered the show’s highest rating in more than two years.

The seventh season of the “Apprentice” franchise was shifted back to its former Thursday night time period after a low-rated run last year on Sunday. This edition—staffed by lower-tier celebrity personalities such as Trace Adkins, Marilu Henner, Vincent Pastore and Stephen Baldwin playing for charity—scored a 4.5 rating among adults 18 to 49 in preliminary Nielsen ratings, winning the night.

NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” (3.7) at 8 p.m. and lead-out “ER” (3.6) came in second in their respective hours, behind college football on Fox.

NBC managed to tie Fox overall to win in the preliminary ratings, with Fox’s Orange Bowl, Kansas vs. Virginia Tech (4.1), up slightly over last year’s match.

In second place, CBS aired a rerun of “CSI” (3.3) bracketed by repeats of “Without a Trace” (1.8 and 2.6).

Third-place ABC had repeats of “Ugly Betty” (1.5), “Grey’s Anatomy” (2.0) and “Desperate Housewives” (1.8).

The CW had repeats of “Smallville” (0.9) and “Supernatural” (0.8).

Also: NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (4.3 household rating) continued to best CBS's "The Late Show With David Letterman" (3.8) during their second night back in originals, though overall viewing levels dropped after Wednesday's initial bump.


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Comments (15)

Is there room for a lawsuit here? It's called the "Celebrity" Apprentice, but all I saw was a bunch of has-beens and never was types.

Where are the celebrities?


Trace Adkins is hardly a "has been" or never was - just because you dont know him or dont like country music possibly doesnt make it not so. But I will say that Omarasa has no business being called anything other than a --- oh never mind - this is a public board


I'm a big Trace fan, but I understand if he isn't a 5-star celebrity... most of these aren't except for Baldwin. haha

anyways I think Omarosa will win! who do you think will win? http://www.makefive.com/categories/entertainment/television/who-will-last-the-longest-in-celebrity-apprentice


Gene Simmons... not a celebrity, come on, who doesn't know him? Those of you knocking the show already, how about giving it a chance first. It was great entertainment, and giving the earnigs to charity, how can you complain? The idea of giving back is fantastic celebrity or not. Opinion of a celebrity is in the eye of the beholder. To my ten year old, Olympic Gold Medal softball pitcher Jenny Finch is the top of the line!

T Dog:

The Apprentice draws a 4.5 rating. The dumbing down of America continues...

Dave L:

NBC Might start off ok but wait until this week when all other shows are back!! they will go back where thy belong in the gutter blah blah to the nobody cares network!!!! Dave L (Detroit)

This all doesn't matter. When Grey's returns, Donald will fail.

Trace who?

I can trace my hand on a piece of paper and make it look like a turkey.

Wise Up:

Grey's Anatomy?! Perhaps some of you girly men and women need to know a little bit about men stuff like sports.

Lennox Lewis and Nadia Comenich are what you call legends (The woman defected from the freaking Soviet Union to come to America for Christ's sake!)
Watch some ESPN!

As for your other girly shows,
This one episode of the Apprentice is better than Hollywood squares, and more class than the Sureal Life.

And remember Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect show? He didn't always get A-list celebrities..yet I don't see you girly people complaining. Trace Adkins, Lennox Lewis, Marilu Henner, Carol Alt and some of the other Apprentice participants have all appeared on Bill Maher's shows; yet I don't see you whinning "but these aren't A-list, Mr. Maher!"

You will never get A-List celebrities in controversial shows like PI or the Apprentice because the A-List people are protecting their image and their brand. They try to stay away from political controversy. The apprentice is even harder than PI because you have to do it for 12 episodes.

So stop it with this "but, but these aren't A-list celebrities" crap. This is the Apprentice, not Hollywood Squares. NO SCRIPTS ALLOWED (that's a scary thought for A-list actors).

bet on it:

I stopped watching the show after seeing Omaroacha not getting kicked off. Kick her to the curb! You can bet on it that Donald will just keep her around for the drama.

Get Real:

I think Apprentice fans were looking forward to the celeb version and that's why the ratings were high. When I saw that skank Omarosa I was gravely disappointed. Does NBC think we want to see her! Give America credit. Come on!! She's a poor excuse for a human and I won't be watching her. One hour was more than enough. The ratings will most certainly go down as the overall show was stupid.


Wow, WiseUp. Aside from the fact that Nadia Comaneci (whose name you misspelled) is a native of Romania (not the USSR), you've proven yourself a fount of knowledge.



Gene Simmioms is the best person ever on this show and as far as I'm concerned Omerosa belongs on a ponderosa!!! No body likes her and she is sooo two faced it's not even funny! Gene Rocks and Omerosa needs to be rocked!


I think Donald Trump is impatient , in this case impulsive, and has lost the whole objective of the "Apprentice". Every "go-getter" in America wanted to be on his show. Lawyers, college students, entrepreneurs, etc. I appreciated the fact that his showed left people with dignity and that it wasn't trashy like other reality shows. Now it seems that he's forfeited that original prestige that went along with being associated with Donald Trump.....to just a glorified "Real-World/Road Rules". He keeps trying to fix something that wasn't really broken. Each season, he adds a different unnecessary twist. Why doesn't he just go back to the original idea that normal intelligent people could relate to. By the way, I really don't like his kids on the show. Where are George and Carol?????

Eve :

If Piers becomes the chosen one, I will never
watch The Apprentice again.


I will never watch The Apprentice again. Piers winning was a shame to the show.

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