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James Hibberd

The CW Shakes Up Schedule

January 4, 2008 5:07 PM

Gossip GirlAfter watching the major networks plot their strike schedules, The CW is making some moves of its own. Significant shifts include moving its comedy block back to Sunday nights, trying out supernatural dramedy “Reaper” with “Smallville” on Thursdays and teaming “Gossip Girl” repeats with the return of the “Pussycat Dolls” reality series on Mondays.

Some notes on this: Low-performing family drama “Life Is Wild” is gone, but the network continues to insist the show is not canceled. “Supernatural” also isn’t listed, but assurances that the series is still alive are more convincing here; the network mainly wants to try the similarly supernatural "Reaper" in its slot (unfortunately for "Reaper," that time period is also shared by ABC's "Lost"). On Mondays, “Gossip” will restart from its premiere episode to repeat its first season.

Although the CW took a ratings hit moving its comedy block to Sundays last year, the time period was a bit different. This time the shows run from 8 to 10 p.m. rather than 7 to 9. Among the comedy block, “Everybody Hates Chris” and several episodes of “Aliens in America” are originals, while the rest are repeats.

8-9 p.m.: “Gossip Girl” (Jan. 28)
9-10 p.m.: “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious” (Feb. 18)

8-9 p.m.: “Reaper” (Jan. 15)/“Beauty and the Geek” (March 11)
9-10 p.m.: “One Tree Hill” (Jan. 8)

Wednesday (Feb. 20)
8-10 p.m.: “America’s Next Top Model”
9-10 p.m.: “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious” encores

8-9 p.m.: “Smallville”
9-10 p.m.: “Reaper” (Feb. 28)

Sunday (Feb. 10)
7-7:30 p.m.: “CW Now”
7:30-8 p.m.: “Everybody Hates Chris” encores
8-8:30 p.m.: “Everybody Hates Chris”
8:30-9 p.m.: “Aliens in America”
9-9:30 p.m.: “Girlfriends”
9:30-10 p.m.: “The Game”


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Comments (15)


WHERE IS SUPERNATURAL?!?! They've got those two hours on Sunday before primetime! Why not Supernatural: Beginnings and One Tree Hill: Beginnings?


I agree with Adaline. WHERE'S SUPERNATURAL? The CW has an awesome thing going on Thursday nights with the Smallville/Supernatural block. Now I know that Supernatural isn't the most popular show on network tv during the 9pm Thursday hour, but the show has a HUGE fan base. It's one of the most unique shows out right now, and the fact that the show doesn't follow "traditional" guidelines for a "dramedy" (drama/comedy) just proves how wonderful it really is. I think I speak for all Supernatural fans when I say, "GIVE US MORE SUPERNATURAL!!"


If Supernatural doesn't come back to the schedule STAT, I am going to protest - and that means something. I am a media buyer. The CW will see none of my money!!!

Mark Jeffries:

Could it possibly be that "Supernatural" has run out of episodes, fanboi geeks? You have heard about this WGA strike, have you? It's been in all of the papers and on the Internets--or have you been more busy wacking off to nude pictures of Katee Sackoff?

Hmmm...Is Friday night left off just because it stays the same. I'm assuming Smackdown is still television that changing Friday nights? :)


I understand the idea behind moving Reaper to try it out with Smallville, but why not move Supernatural to the early slot and put Smallville on hiatus? Smallville is on the way out, while Supernatural is the CW's new signature show. Give Supernatural a chance to air in a more fairable time slot.

Supernatural needs to be on the schedule and airing the early episodes could be a way to generate more viewers. It constantly amazes me how many people have never even heard of the show and then once they watch, they are amazed with the quality and depth. Unfortunately, many of them have this silly notion that they need to see if from the start. I am wearing out my DVDs lending them to people to get caught up. Give us all a break CW and air the early episodes. Once veiwers see what they've been missing they'll tune in for the rest of S3.

Advertisers will pay to air commercials on Supernatural whatever night the CW decides to slot them in. The CW needs to realize that there is tremendous interest and support for Supernatural and get behind this phenomenal show.

FYI to "Supernatural" fans: "Supernatural" is finishing off its original episodes, then "Reaper" is filling the slot. So it's not like The CW is taking original episodes off their schedule, just repeats.

Mel (LoveJeter):

To those who keep stating about the strike and that only a few new episodes of Supernatural are left.....Supernatural fans are very much well aware that there are only 4 new episodes left due to the strike. We aren't blind and we aren't stupid.

Like bjxmas said "Supernatural needs to be on the schedule and airing the early episodes could be a way to generate more viewers."

Supernatural fans are very dedicated and we love and want our Supernatural every week....rerun or not. Doesn't matter what day they move it to or what time we will follow. We just want the CW to recognize this show instead of throwing it on a shelf for the next month or two after the new episodes are aired.

And what is up with putting PCD on two times a week??? One of those nights Supernatural could be added into the schedule!!! Or another idea would be to put it on Sunday nights at 7pm and air some earlier episodes that may draw in new viewers.


Where is my beloved Supernatural???

Why does the CW continue to ignore this program? First, they do not promote it enough. Now they do not air any episode - not even reruns - after February!

Once you watch, you're hooked! The CW is passing up the chance to garner more viewers by not airing reruns.

I agree with Mel and Lindsay. I'm tempted to DVR ANYTHING against Reaper to protest taking Supernatural off. I would rather watch 100 reruns of Supernatural then ONE new show of ANYTHING else on the CW!


I can't believe it! Are they nuts?

I can't believe they want to help Reaper?
What about Supernatural? They haven't done anything to help promote Supernatural. All of us have said it needs more promotion.

Taking it off the schedule is just a dumb, dumb idea.
Switch to a different day or time perhaps, but don't take it off.
Out of sight, out of mind for some.

But not for us die hard Supernatural fans!

Camera Operator Jones:

Note to Die Hard Fans of Supernatural,
a.k.a. Dolts, it is likely your beloved
show will return once the
WGA STRIKE is over and NEW episodes
are written and produced.
If you can manage to look beyond the
end of your TV remote controls,
you might realize that this season
is greatly affected by the STRIKE and
that your little personal preferences
are not the most important thing in
CW is smart to mix their schedule up
to expose rerun material to a wider
audience until it can provide
new content, post STRIKE!
GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!


idk, i think this whole thing is just wierd, supernatural is a great show, i dont even get the CW, i buy each episode the day it comes out on amazon unbox lol. i just want the show to come back, 4 new episodes starting on the 31st sounds great, but what after that? the show will "eventually" come back on, that blows, some sort of timeframe would be nice, at least a guestamite. idk, i'l check back on this site from time to time... maybe you guys will keep updates on whats goin on in the supernatural world. take it ez. and stop getting so heated at one another people, were all supernatural fans, thats what matters.


to Mark Jeffries and Camera Operator Jones:

Your insults are as childish and boring as the rest of your post.

We who love supernatural happen to enjoy the quality of this show, and yes we have been more informed regarding the remaining episodes, for which scripts are completed, than yourselves apparently. We are speaking of the time frame between the airings of the new episodes. 4 new episodes.

CW execs are losing out on creating an additional fanbase for a show that is far superior to "any" other show the CW has ever produced. But instead they try to promote lesser quality, and less interesting stories that cannot begin to compare to Supernatural.

It's the same mentality that FOX had when they canceled Firefly.

Contrary to your assumptions, executives are not the brightest lights in the room. They do not have a finger on the heartbeat of America, nor the world for that matter. They are hoping to get lucky and win the lottery, but in their greed and arrogance, are neglecting the winning lottery ticket sitting in the palm of their hand.

We would prefer they do not continue to do so, and we put this in writing as often as possible...throughout the internet blogosphere. By doing so, we might be able to make a noise that they could possibly hear. My case in point, I found this page by googling "where is Supernatural."

If we make enough noise...who knows.


I happen to agree with siylencedogood.

Supernatural doesn't get the advertising and recognition it deserves. It's by far one of the best show on the CW... they either don't realize it, or don't want to(Because let's be honest, Dwan Ostroff has been against the show ever since she had a word to say about it).

Reruns would have help Supernatural by adding new fans to the fanbase. Yes, Supernatural has a LOT of great and devoted fans. But because Supernatural is so overlooked by the CW, the show needs *more* fans. More fans to make the CW realise that they've got something wonderful in Supernatural. More fans to make them realise that we are NOT going to let them kill our show.

So go sign every petition available. Participation in every poll, forum, etc is required, fellas!

Here's a great site where you can find the latest petition and the various campaigns going on to save Supernatural :


If you're a fan, then act like one! Think about what that show brings to you every week. Doesn't it deserve ten to twenty minutes of you time?

I'm off to google now... I'll try that "Where is Supernatural" thing, siylencedogood ;)

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