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Marianne Paskowski

A Midsummer’s Night Win for A&E

August 8, 2006 6:50 PM

When I read polarizing reviews about a new A&E reality series premiere, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” which was telecast last night at 10 p.m. (ET), I knew I had to watch it.

The cable net had commissioned the show for 13 weeks, not the usual six. In fact, the show was A&E’s highest-ranking season premiere since 2004, attracting a total of 1.9 million viewers in Nielsen overnight markets, according to a company spokesman.

This reality show is about the life of Gene Simmons, a member of the rock band KISS, and his life partner, Shannon Tweed, a former Playmate of the Year, actress and model. The most interesting thing about this show is that they have been together for 23 years but have never married and have two of the most normal children any of us would ever pray to conceive.

The demos were interesting. The show did best in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Birmingham, Ala., of all places.

The show did its worst in Washington D.C., getting mere hash marks. How interesting, given that many of the folks in Washington who rule our lives and are so out of touch with what goes on in the heartland, where this show actually exploded. Food for thought.


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Why should it be a surprise that Washington doesn't reflect what the people want?

Lynn McReynolds:

For once, I'm actually glad we're out of touch with the heartland in Washington .

Marianne Paskowski:

So Lynn,
Is it safe to say you don't like the concept of the show?

Marianne Paskowski:

I know you're not in Washington, and in New York. How do you think this resonated with New Yorkers, the major TV market? Didn't score at the bottom or top of the show's overnights in Nielsen measured markets?

Frankly, I'm not a KISS fan and I don't read Playboy. Your thoughts, my new best friend?


m..I'm so disappointed you're not a KISS fan. Think of you as a hard rocker, c

Marianne Paskowski:

You know my heart belongs to David Bowie.


M - Not sure how this resonated with New York and other major markets...but I just like to take a stab at Washington when possible...even its directed at the residents of our capital and not our more deserving leaders.

That being said, a David Bowie reality show would be a smash success with all major cities! Guaranteed.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well, unfortunately Bowie had a stroke on stage last year while performing in Norway, I believe. I hope he's alive and I hope MTV, which has always carried, pushed and promoted him, will continue to do so. But it's up to him.

I will share a secret with the world: Bowie and I once smoked a cigarette together at the now-gone ACE awards. I named two dogs Ziggy Stardust and Zoey Bowie, in his honor, after his popular rock opera, Ziggy Stardust.

I digress. But this show should have done better in New York, where rockers rule.

Dave Sanders:

hello again...traveliing all over the US of A
waiting to hear from your brother...listening to talk radio all over the country and in Canada...most is either extreme conservative or extreme liberal....America needs to wake up and not be so complacent.....made it into 3 Stat Capitols so far with NO security..
would have been real real easy to knock the Governor of Arkansas out of the sky in his state chopper but who would care????/ poor poor State
NY a madhouse as bad as LA...
adios DWS & wifey of 37 yrs now

Marianne Paskowski:

Well, New York learned a lot about security after 9/ll. I'm still amazed when I go back every 8 weeks too see again how big businesses, entertainment companies, actually take it so seriously, ID's required and they take your picture, too, before you go up an elevator. Frankly, I worry more about our ports, places like Savannah. Sounds like you're having a great trip. Took a long car trip back in Feb. and couldn't believe how little news wason the radio, just those crazy talk show extremists.

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