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Marianne Paskowski

I’ll Tell You the Reason

August 23, 2006 7:47 PM

A rather breathless report came out late this afternoon that Adelphia Communications president and COO Ron Cooper told AP that he was stepping down for “good reason.”

Of course he is. After all, Adelphia, a troubled MSO in bankruptcy, just got swallowed by Time Warner Cable and Comcast Communications. The “good reason,” according to one of his pals, was that part of his deal all along was that if he saw Adelphia through the transition, he could stand to make anywhere between $8 million and $16 million. Not chump change.

Cooper, who was COO at AT&T Broadband, (formerly Media One, formerly Tele-Communications Inc.) joined Adelphia in 2003 to upgrade facilities to get the sordid mess ready for sale.

Now the big question is will Cooper, a Type-A workaholic, enjoy his new-found earnings or soon wind up elsewhere in the biz? Plenty of cable ops could benefit from his expertise. He’s like the Red Adair of cable. Call him if you need to drown out a blazing fire.


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