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Marianne Paskowski

The Return of the Yuppies

August 15, 2006 2:08 PM

Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal totally gets it in his piece, “Networks use older actors to seek new audiences,” which appeared in today’s Seattle Times. He quotes Ken Dychtwald, an expert on the baby-boom generation, who says something we all know: That the boomers have the money, but advertisers and TV nets largely still cater to a younger audience.

Rosenthal provides a snappy recap of the return of baby boomer stars who are coming back to the small screen this fall. Take James Woods, 59, who will appear in CBS’s “Shark.” Then there’s the 58-year old Ted Danson, who will appear in ABC’s “Help Me Help You.” And there are more, but they are men.

TV entertainment, by and large, is still not showcasing boomer babes. The women Rosenthal cites are Katie Couric, 49, who will anchor “The CBS Evening News,” and Meredith Vieira, 52, who will take Couric’s place on the “Today" show.

It’s the reverse of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” when you think about it. Or maybe it just means that women really are smarter than men. After all, Couric and Viera are going to be making a heck of a lot more money than Woods or Danson.


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If we're lucky, eventually, TV's going to catch up with reality. Shows will have more diversity of age, with more older men AND more older women in starring roles. And, if we're really lucky, one day we'll see more diversity period with actors of all ethnicities, races and ages on screen in starring roles.

Marianne Paskowski:

Hi Nancy,
Yppies are the gis in the phython, the largest demo. And we are so poorly being served. I was really happy to read this piece today and opine on it.

Marianne Paskowski:

Oy. Typos, on my part. Hate when this happens. Sorry.

But yuppies,which I meant to say, the so called pigs in the phython are, underserved. But I liked your comment about diversity on screen.I Not just age, but gender and race.


It's always better to be in show biz than the news biz. Couric and Vieira have fat contracts, but their take will pale against those of Woods and Danson if their shows are big hits. They could easily command $1 million per episodes, not to mention the residuals.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well, that's a big if, considering 8 out of 10 TV shows fail, but your point is well taken.


someone at mynetwork probably read the article in the seattle times, because bo derek and morgan fairchilds are both on "fashion house". aren't they boomer babes? i haven't seen morgan lately, but damn bo still looks hot. i heard tatum o'neal is also joining the cast of a mynetworktv show, don't remember if it was "fashion house" or "desire". i thought tatum looked great on "sex and the city".

Marianne Paskowski:

Hmm. I believe Morgan is a boomer. Tatum could be on the cusp between boomer and gen x

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