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Marianne Paskowski

Who’s In Charge?

August 21, 2006 5:15 PM

Well, tonight, I am. At least in terms of the remote control, because my husband is on a business trip. And I’m going to watch “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” A&E’s 2-year-old reality series that reached 4.5 million viewers for an episode that aired Aug. 8. It was the net’s highest-rated series event in its history.

Of course I missed that episode because Bob thinks the series is moronic. And it’s true that lately I have won the battle of the remote, making him watch a bunch of cable’s new summer debuts. That evening I decided my own marital bliss was more important than watching Dog and Beth’s wedding.

Yes, it’s nice to do things as a couple, but if he were home tonight he would be flipping through all of the cable news nets, C-SPAN and the History Channel, hitting the remote every time a commercial pod appears. Last night I actually saw Lifetime’s new documentary “The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale,” in real time and in its entirety.

But home alone, even I was torn. I also wanted to see HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” and several other shows. And I don’t pre-record anything anymore because I never watch any of it later.

And that’s the boon and bane of watching cable during the summer: There are so, so many good things to sample, all vying for the same eyeballs in the same time period, truly making a cable programming scheduler’s job a nightmare.


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Rob Sharenow:

We'll win your husband over yet!

Marianne Paskowski:

One show we would agree on is another A&E'er, "The New Skinheads" which is the lead in to "Dog The Bounty Hunter" tonight.

Janet Stilson:

The battle of the TV set certainly is something that won't go away in our household anytime soon -- although my man and I are total DVR nuts and can usually negotiate something mutually entertaining ... But as for your Verizon posting the other day: Did you get a load of how V. and Bell South are replacing a government fee that's going away with a new fee all their own -- so consumers end up spending the same amount of money and they pocket the change?


They have their stated reasons. But I found the fancy footwork -- and the timing -- very shrewd.

Marianne Paskowski:

Well cable ops are no saints. Today most MSO's are trying to renege, also change the rules and get out of local origination altogether.

Verizon is nimble, for a telco. Totally muddying up the waters: going after state wide franchise approval in some states, which they won several ; others pending. In other states like Mass, Verizon is seeking shortened franchise approval lengths.Thanks for the link on the latest telco moves for our readers.

Meanwhile, just back from a cable/telecom town meeting on the Cape. Oy. BTW, still in charge of the remote control. Need a little New York levity now. And that will be back to back episodes of Seinfeld on TBS.

Are you back from Costa Rica? Enquiring minds wanna know.

Char Beales:

Hey you can always get 2 TVs and 2 DVRs and then you are 100% set!

Great blog ... so far.

Marianne Paskowski:

Then I'd have to clone myself to watch all the stuff. Welcome back from vacation and glad you like the blog


one thing my girlfriend and i agree on re the remote - when fashion house comes on sept 5th, no one changes channels. we both want to see morgan and bo in a catfight! hot.

Marianne Paskowski:

Key operative word here: "girlfriend." Marriage makes the remote an issue.

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