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Marianne Paskowski

A&E’s Outrageous ‘Dog’ Stunt

September 18, 2006 7:36 PM

I’ve seen stunts in my life. But nothing surpasses the hype surrounding A&E’s highly rated “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”
There was a lot of huzzah last week about the possibility that Dog, a real bounty hunter with his own show on that network, will be extradited to Mexico to stand trial in connection with his 2003 capture there of fugitive Max Factor heir Andrew Luster.

Dog faces charges by Mexican authorities related to his chase and was jailed last week in Honolulu. Now he’s free, having posted bail, and A&E is airing a special report of his latest trials tomorrow night. Does anyone believe this tripe? There is no way on the planet that A&E could have produced this special without earlier knowledge about his state of affairs. I know they knew. And I predict Dog fans everywhere will glom on to this hoked-up special episode.

I suppose this is reality TV at its most real. But I sense a lot of manipulation behind the scenes. Don’t you?


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You think A&E manipulated the Mexican government and a federal frigging court?

Uhh...O.K., I guess.

Marianne Paskowski:

Yeah, sort of. A&E knew about Dog's problems with Mexico awhile ago. I'm not saying A&E manipulated the Mexican government, but the net might have paved the way to get Dog out on bail to do a special, apparently some time in the makingm, for tomorrow nite. Do you agree?


OK, now I've watched the special. It was almost ALL old footage and voiceover. No, I don't agree. I think you're trying to make something out of nothing. I could have personally edited this special in no more than a day on my laptop.

Marianne Paskowski:

There was a lot of old footage in the middle, but the beginning and ending were new. That's starting with the arrest, and the ankle bracelet. Thought they turned it around pretty fast.


Jim - coudn't disagree more. There was a ton of new footage! They turned it around in a weekend and gave the fans what they wanted. Thats real reallity tv - which is rare these days.

Marianne Paskowski:

b, I agree. NBC News and MSNBC's Rita Cosby were on the case documenting all of this, with the A&E team to provide new footage. Last night's special was the number one rated show on ad supported cable nets. And they pulled it off through a lot of viral marketing. Beyond their own website, 70 othe sebites, including MySpace, carried this story of national interest. But Dog remains in production, with an ankle bracelet and some curfew restrictions. Go Dog!


I live in Hawaii. The news here did cover some of the dog being in jail and then out on bond. Beth was on T.V. here saying they had a deal wtih A&E and were told not to give any information out, I am assuming if a lot of information leaked out A&E would not be pleased. My daughter's school is less than 1/2 a block from Dog's office and we are always on the lookout for the "Dog".

Marianne Paskowski:

I love you, you're as jaded as I am! Dog was spotted in A&E's offices in New York last week, on "unofficial business." Come on. They don't want to see this series go away, and although they have told me they are playing no part in his legal problems, I sense somehow they are. He was allowed to travel to New York, minus the ankle monitor. Let's not forget bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.

Meanwhile, I'm sure your daughter will be fine. Thanks for sharing via your posting.

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