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Marianne Paskowski

Aspiring Fatty Arbuckles

September 29, 2006 1:57 PM

Here we go again. Several days ago the FCC formed a joint task force with Congress to find the link between TV and online advertising and childhood obesity. Spare us the platitudes.

The facts are real: One out of three kids today is obese, but the solution is not. Don’t you find it more than ironic that the very government that continues to cut aid to schools -- which led to the demise of physical ed courses and updated playground equipment -- is again wasting taxpayers’ money on yet another study?

I say a better step would be to find the funding for physical ed courses, at the least. But that’s only part of the solution. The real onus rests with parents, who, by the way, are just as pudgy as their offspring as the nation’s obsetity levels soar.

So pry those aspring Fatty Arbuckles away from their TVs and computers (the newest electronic babysitter) and remind them why they have legs. Not only is their health at stake, so is their self-esteem.


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You're right on about this. We really don't need another study. Kids, and parents, need to get out and exercise more. Period. End of story.

Marianne Paskowski:

Sadly the cow is out of the barn and this study is in the works. Our tax dollars at work.

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